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Meri, Sarah, and the coach are rescued - or so they hope.

"Why can't you just claim me, if you are so sure she is leaving?" Alex turned on him.

"Because I gave her my vow," he said with a deep, exhausted sigh. "Would you want me to go back on my vow if it was you?"

Alex looked to the table embarrassed. No she wouldn't, but she also knew it didn't need to be said.

"I promise you, here and now, once Elizabeth makes her decision to leave, and it's her decision, I will claim you," Gavin said taking her hand. "You and only you, by that time, I hope you have fully formed a knowledge based decision. Not an emotional one."

"What's so wrong with an emotional decision?" Alex asked him with a nod that she understood his stand.

"It can override the brain, the heart is flawed, it can make you do things that aren't good for you," Gavin told her without a doubt in his words.

"It can do wondrous things as well," Alex pointed out to him. "Keep that in mind! Your brain is also flawed, it can make decisions that aren't good too!"

Gavin nodded as he pulled her hand to his lips.

"Agreed," he laughed to her hand.

"So we leave things as they are for now," Alex summed up. "You won't go back to your original absolutes, will you?"


"Only playing with pets, only fucking your sub," Alex said softly. Hoping he would continue to fuck her.

"I think we are beyond that...aren't we?" Gavin laughed. "You destroyed that absolute!"

"Agreed," she snickered. "But you didn't fight all that hard."

"Trust me," Gavin said losing his smile slightly. "I fought as hard as I could...you just made that impossible. I had to have you. I had to touch you. I had to taste you fully and that's the part I'm afraid of!"

"What part?" she asked.

"The part that I can't control," he smiled. "I can't control the feelings I have for you!"

"I'd apologize, but again, it wouldn't be sincere!"

"So we are agreed then?" Gavin asked her. "We continue like last weekend, with the exception that I will fuck you?"

"Agreed," Alex said. It wasn't exactly what she wanted, but it was what he was willing to give her and she couldn't push him or she would push him away. That much she knew for certain.
"Are you agreeing to my conditions?" Gavin asked her.

"I am," she nodded.

"Say it out loud," he said firmly. "Be careful...commitment."

"I will be your sub when I'm with you," she said firmly. "I can come and go as I please but when I'm with you, I will submit completely."

"And I commit to you," Gavin said. "I will protect and provide for you and I will guide you to making an informed decision when the time comes."

"Agreed," She smiled.

"Good," Gavin smiled as the food arrived. "I'm taking you shopping."

"I don't need to go shopping," Alex shook her head with a laugh. When he didn't respond she looked up from her food. The sharp anger in his eyes caused her to swallow hard.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"Not enough, evidently," he said getting up. He had tolerated it for long enough. Time to push her a bit he decided. "Wait two minutes, then come to the men's restroom. I won't put up with it for one second longer." He briskly walked away before she could protest.

At exactly two minutes she got up from the table and made her way to the restrooms. She looked up and down the hallway, but right before she was about to go in a waiter came out from the kitchen area.

"Can I help you miss?" he asked her as she looked to the door.

"Sorry I'm a space cadet," she laughed embarrassedly. She went to the women's door and was about to enter when the waiter disappeared around the corner. She went back to the door and with one last look entered the men's restroom apprehensively.

Gavin leaned against the wall waiting.

"You're late," he admonished.

He didn't let her respond before moving to the handicapped stall and opened the door.

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