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A family plan and a trip to the nude resort with a friend.

I cleared our books and papers from the table, out of the way, refilled our sodas, and returned to sit across from her.

"Hey - so - it looks like this lab write up is going to be pretty easy. I was thinking maybe we could - - um - I don't know, say - um - finish it up at the beach. What do you think?" Of course, I waited to do so until she was taking a sip from her soda.

"What do you mean, finish it up at the beach?" she coughed and sputtered, catching me - and the table - with the spray of carbonated liquid.

"Well, you've commented a couple times on how my car simply 'screams' to be taken on a road trip, so I figured that it was about time. Myrtle Beach is only about a three-hour drive, from here, and it'll still be really nice weather, there, for another three weeks. I was thinking that we might go this weekend, if you're at all interested.

"I love the beach! That'd be great!" she chortled with glee. "But, can we get any kind of decent hotel reservations, on such short notice? It'd be a real bummer, to plan a trip and have no place to stay."

"That's why I already made the reservations," I told her quickly, as felt my smile trying to break through. "Seventh floor, perfect view of the ocean. We could leave tomorrow night, right after the lab and be there by about 11:00 PM."

"Sunrise at the beach? Hmm, I'm SO glad you told me after we saw how easy this lab was going to be. I might have turned you down, otherwise," she said, as she tried to conceal her glee.

"Yeah, I can tell!" I couldn't hold back any more and I laughed. "You would've had zero interest."

"Yep, you sure do know me - all study - all the time."

Her giggling was suddenly unrestrained, and then she burst out laughing. It was contagious and I loved to hear her laugh. We were both in knots for the next couple of minutes.

When we regained our senses, I said, "We should leave right from the university. I could pick you up, in the morning, so you don't have to leave your car on campus."

It was all agreed. After I saw her off, I came back into the apartment, got on the phone, and confirmed the deal I'd booked on a condo rental right on the beach. Room rates for the second weekend in October were pretty low. The ocean-facing room was on the seventh floor, so we would have a great view. I spent another hour or so, loading up a thumb drive with tunes I knew we would both like. Finally, I packed a duffel bag with swim trunks, underwear, socks, shorts, a couple polo shirts, and then a decent pair of pants and dressier shirt.

The next day flew past. I met her at her apartment, early enough to get her to her ethics class. She had a small suitcase, which I put in the trunk. She was nearly giddy with anticipation, when I dropped her off, and a few of her fellow ethics students got a good chuckle out of the passionate, extra-long lip-lock she laid on me before sliding out of the passenger seat. We met back at the BIO class, and then went to do our lab. We stayed a little later than we usually did, and actually turned in our lab books at the end of the lab, we had been so prepared. The great thing about that was that there would be no pressure to work on anything, over the weekend. We were free.

We started out for Myrtle Beach at just after six-thirty.

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