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He leads his in-laws in an orgy.

He then pushed back in, this time feeling less resistance. Before long, he was all the way in and slowly working up a nice back and forth rhythm.

"Yea, fuck that tight little pussy hole. Make it fit." Professor Chen screamed in between moans and cries of passion and ecstasy.

Her pussy was now sopping wet and stretched to its limits as Marcus began to pick up speed. With each thrust she moaned and screamed. Each time Marcus slid the shaft of his cock out of her pussy, a thick white coat of pussy juice was left on his thick black cock. After several grunts and thrusts, Marcus was in perfect rhythm. In and out. In and out. Her pussy was at the perfect level and he was able to line his cock up in a comfortable standing position. His body was in a complete relaxed state, which allowed him to pound into her pussy with ease and maximum force. His hands clenched around each hip as he slammed his body hard and fast into his sexy professor. Marcus hit every nerve. Touched every spot. Professor Chen felt him so deep inside of her, that she buried her face in the hard wooden table and held on for dear life, "Oh yea, just like that. Just like that. Yea...yea...fuck my pussy. Ooohhh....uuhhhh....oh my god...yea....yea...yea....oh fuck...ooohhhh ffffuuuccckkkkk yea...."

With the constant encouragement from her sexy professor's voice, Marcus continued on determined to make her cum. Professor Chen screamed again, "Yea, fucking do it. Fuck that pussy...yea...yea...uuhhh..uhhh. Oohhh Fuck!"

Her screams became louder and louder. She urged him to fuck her harder and harder. She demanded that he make her scream so loud, Coach Rockwood and Janet Chow could hear her wherever they were. Like a good pupil, Marcus obliged. He hammered into her until he felt Professor Chen's body start to tense up. Her pussy muscles squeezed his cock tight as she bellowed, "I'm gonna cum. You're gonna make me cum."

It was so intense that her left leg dropped off the table. She was plastered against the table as her high heel shoe found the floor. But Marcus didn't miss a he continued to pound her pussy over and over again until she came all over his cock.

When it was over, he removed his cock out of her soaking wet pussy as she panted and gasped heavily. Her body spread out on the table like a corpse.

Marcus gave her a few minutes to let her calm down from her orgasmic high. All the while, he gently teased her pussy with his cock..."You want me to put it back in there?"

Professor Chen begged, "Oh, I'm just a little girl. And you got a big dick."

Marcus quickly fell in love with her dirty little mouth. Underneath her elegant demeanor and style, was a cock hungry slut just waiting to get out. So he ordered her to clean his cock with her dirty mouth.

Professor Chen was more than happy to do so, as she jumped off the table hungrily, "Yea, you want me to swallow all my cum off your cock?" She didn't wait for an answer as she inhaled his cock and greedily sucked the sticky white goo off.

"That's it. Keep doing that shit...clean my cock and then spit on it." Marcus egged her on.

She took one final long slurp of his cock and then slid it out of her mouth. A long string of saliva ran from the tip of his cock to her lips. She double fisted his big cock as she reared back and worked up a mouth full of saliva and then spit it all over his cock. She massaged her spit into the skin of his cock like it was an ointment, "Yea, you want all that spit on your cock. You want a nasty blowjob." And she did just that. Working her hands, tongue, and mouth like the dirty slut she was fast becoming before Marcus' eyes.

Marcus liked a pair of hands around his cock as long as they weren't his own, but he wanted to see how much cock he could stuff down her throat.

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