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Cuming in the 'back door' after the surprising ride.

Damn, that looked intense, Sam thought. Might like something like that myself, but messing around with bondage here is a good way to end up becoming merchandise.

"Great, now pull back," Dan said, and she zoomed back out so that the upper bodies of the two guards could be seen, with Ana looking tiny between them. Dwayne clamped his hands on her breasts and froze, impaled inside her to the limit, and Alberto followed just afterwards, squashing the poor woman in the middle. As they stepped away, she lifted her head, giving a dazed look that was almost a smile around the gag.

"Okay, pull back to show the whole block," Dan said, and she zoomed out to show the entire auction block area. Two small raised platforms stood with two large poles protruding from each. Ana stood on one, and Diego stood on the other, both spread-eagled and naked. While the cameras had been busy with Ana, makeup had come and cleaned off Diego's face.

Catalina stepped up between them, and two guards followed. One carried two metal collars in his hands, while the other had a hand riveter.

"As the first losers, the Hernandezes are going to be sold into slavery. Time to get serious about this auction, folks. It's collar time," Catalina said. One guard removed Ana's leather collar and replaced it with a metal one, and the other fastened it closed with two rivets. Ana stared ahead stoically. The second collar went around Diego's neck, as tears ran down his cheeks.

"Follow Catalina," Dan said from her headset. "Camera four will stay on the block."

"We'll keep a camera on these folks as the auction runs, so you can see what you're bidding on. Meanwhile, let's go visit this contest's other losers." Catalina started walking toward the front of the stage, and Sam followed along, giving a lovely view of her bobbing ass as she went.

A kneeler and a restraint bench had been brought up in front of the stage, and Allison and Deirdre were each standing next to one. Catalina stepped next to Allison and turned to the camera, giving it her scintillating smile. "Allison, this is your first loss, so you get to give a blow job to..." She pulled a ball out of the bag she carried. "Louis!"

A swarthy guard stepped up, standing behind Allison with a giant grin on his face. Sam paused a moment to admire his hairy, muscular chest, before shaking her head and looking back at what Catalina was doing.

She'd moved over to Deirdre, who was looking down at the bench nervously. "Deirdre, this is your second loss, so you get it up the ass now. And the lucky guard is..." She pulled out another ball. "Stan!"

A lean Asian guard joined her on the stage, standing next to Deirdre.

"Strip 'em, boys," Catalina said, and Stan gave a quick yank that tore Deirdre's green lace panties off, revealing a trimmed auburn thatch of hair between her legs. Louis walked in front of Allison, and loosened the tie in the front of her yellow babydoll. He stepped back behind her and untied the knot on the halter top behind her neck, and it fell away to the floor. Her breasts were large and round, and the nipples, darker brown than the rest of her skin, stood out stiff and proud.

"Very nice," Catalina said. "Nice to see you're a natural redhead, there, Deirdre." Deirdre blushed and twitched as if she were trying to cover herself, but couldn't with her hands bound.

Louis pushed Allison down onto the kneeler, locking her ankles to it and then hooking the chain to her collar. Stan pushed Deirdre forward to the bench, chaining her ankles widely apart before bending her forwards, over the top of the bench. Her wrists were uncuffed from behind her back, then attached to the sides of the bench, pulling her down until her back was parallel to the floor.

"Because we've got somebody up for auction this round, there will be no disadvantage next round," Catalina said. "So, guys, go for it."


Deirdre tugged at the chains holding her wrist cuffs to the frame, seeing if she could find a more comfo

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