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The scheme climaxes as Trina meets Summer's husband.

"Of course I will, I'll tell you..." I almost said I'd tell her what I thought of anything she'd show me, but it truly seemed too crass. It would have changed the atmosphere. It lacked the innocence we were both feigning. She must have known. She didn't ask me to continue.

There was a pair of tire tracks worn into the weeds of a clearing in a cluster of trees. They were just dense enough to offer privacy. She turned into the clearing. I doubted my skills at being opportunistic. How quickly should I move from compliments and affirmation to letting her know that my mind had crossed into a primal state? Would she only leave the window of opportunity open for a few seconds? How long would my eyes need to confirm my belief that her breasts were enticingly delicious looking? She pulled to a stop and turned the key. She whipped her head toward me in the way a woman does when letting go of anger in favour of surrendering to sexual tension. Her hair spilled over her face. One eye shown through, and it seemed to be telling me that I was about to be granted a very special privilege.

She crossed her arms to grasp the bottom edges of her t-shirt, and pulled it suddenly over her head. In an instant, she looked truly insecure. Her eyes were begging for the words, searching for an affect on my physiology. It was there. I looked at her body. Her breasts curved perfectly in a gentle swell from the bottom of her nipples to her torso. Her nipples were light pink and puffy. I thought of cotton candy. Her abs were defined and her jeans were so thin that I felt her womanhood was being offered to me. I wanted to kiss her. I couldn't find my words. Her breathing had become extremely rapid. There weren't going to be any other signs.

I reached my hand across to her and lightly touched my palm to the nipple of her left breast. My head felt unstable on my neck as it swayed out of synchronicity with my breathing. She drew in a deep breath and locked her eyes with mine. I slid over to the edge of the seat and slid my palm down dragging the skin over her nipple. I closed my fingers as I pulled away, allowing them to all draw in to gently pinch it just as my hand pulled away. There were goosebumps all over her skin and her nipple had hardened. I moved my face in to meet with her other breast. I mimicked my previous finger motion with my lips. As my lips closed on her nipple, I pulled away, not letting her breast leave contact with my lips until the force of their pressure was no longer enough to pull.

I moved my face up to hers. I came close to touching her lips with my mouth, but raised my hand to pull her hair to my face. I closed my eyes and felt its softness on my lips and cheeks. I rubbed a lock of her hair over the lid of my closed eye. I wished to be able to experience her forever. I brushed her hair away and touched my lips to hers. Our mouths opened and we just stayed still for a moment. I felt her tongue reach out to touch my top lip. I kissed it, then pressed my lips back to hers and teased her tongue with the tip of mine. The kissing became more serious. I placed my right hand on the top of her thigh. My thumb almost reached between her legs as my fingers enjoyed the feeling of the flesh of her hip. I'd squeeze her hip as I kissed her deeply; shift my hand a bit more to the outside, just to feel the exquisite bone structure of her curves. Another change of facial position and I 'd slide my hand inward. I pressed my thumb to the seam of her jeans, pressing where I knew she was becoming sensitive. She pushed herself against my thumb, so I massaged her through her jeans as my other hand moved back to her breast.

I moved my hand back behind her head and grasped a large handful of hair.

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