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She turned the chair toward herself, turned and sat, and then turned back toward the desk. She had never lost hold of my shaft during the maneuver. We had basically traded places, and I was now standing beside the chair being stroked by her hand while she sat and watched the video on the computer screen.

She absently stroked me for a couple of minutes while she watched the action on the screen. She abruptly turned her head and looked up at me. "You really like to eat pussy?"

I nodded. She slouched down in the seat, pushing her hips forward so her pussy was right at the edge of the seat. She turned the seat toward me, finally letting go of my hard-on. I didn't even have to wait for the question. I was down on my knees as fast as I could go without hurting myself.

I licked my way up each of her legs in turn, stopping before I got to her pussy both times. Her breathing was getting ragged, and I could see that her pussy was flushed bright red. A little sheen of moisture was forming at the center of it, and I guessed that she was getting extremely excited. I tormented her a little more, kissing her belly and running my mustache through her pubic hair. At last, I flattened my tongue and ran it up her pussy a couple of times.

She squealed a little and jerked her hips toward my face a little. I could taste the wonderful musky fluid of her excitement, and I began licking her up and down, concentrating on her clitoris. I would occasionally drop down a little and push my tongue as far into her hole as I could, then wiggle it up and down and in and out a little. She moaned and thrashed as I pleasured her with my mouth. I sucked her lips in with mine, then licked up and down them rapidly. I delicately flicked just the tip of my tongue over her clitty. I flattened my tongue and mashed it into her whole crotch, licking and sucking my way up to the top of it.

The girl's screaming had become pretty continuous, and I was glad that it was as late as it was. She would have awakened the dead with the intensity of her orgasm, I thought. I licked up as much of the sexy juices that flowed from her as I could, although a little puddle was forming under her, and the edge of my chair was definitely getting soaked through.

Her climax finally subsided, and she lay back in the chair, panting and gasping, as I kissed her thighs and stomach. I finally stood up straight and unfastened my pants. My cock was still sticking out the fly, and a few little drips of my pre-cum had landed on the fabric. That would be hard to explain to the wife, I thought to myself. Oh well.

I pulled down my pants and underwear, then pulled my shirt up over my head. The girl just sat in the chair, watching. She finally reached out and took my cock in her hand and began stroking it slowly. I stepped toward her, sort of poking my cock toward her mouth, but she didn't seem to be inclined to suck on it. Instead, she moved her head aside and stood up, still holding on to my shaft.

I turned to follow her as she stepped around me. I was now facing the computer screen, and she pushed me back into my chair. I sat down hard, my tailbone smacking against the metal frame of the chair through the padding. She had released my cock when she had pushed me down, and a little string of my pre-cum flicked onto my belly as my cock recoiled from the force of my landing.

She stood and looked at me for a moment, as I sat unmoving, startled, my cock bobbing up and down in my lap. Then she turned to face away from me and pushed her ass out toward me. I took her waist in my hands and lowered her toward my cock. She reached down between her legs and took my shaft in her hand, guiding me into her hot, wet pussy.

She gasped as I entered her.

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