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A sorceress spies on her lover.


"Men." Laura shook her head in playful annoyance as she moved the crystal decanter slightly to the left.

The young wolf shrugged his shoulders and moved closer to Adam and Kristine. "I saw a meat market just down the street from Crook's Creek. How about Laura and I take a walk and pick up some steaks for tonight?"

Adam nodded his head in agreement, as a smile caressed his masculine face. "Sounds great! Getting out of the castle for a bit will do you both some good."

Kevin turned to look at his beautiful wife. "Feel like taking a walk, buttercup?"

"Oh I'd love to, my little chocolate drop. Just let me get a coat."

Adam's smile vanished as he leaned forward and pretended to vomit. "I think I'm gonna be ill."

When Laura turned to leave, he sidled over to the decanter. Just before he touched it, a stern female voice rang out through the room. "Move that crystal, Dvorska, and you'll be in the dog house -- literally."

Once the two of them were ready to leave for the town of Predjama, Adam accompanied them to the large front door of the castle. He held Kevin's arm for just a moment and reached into his pocket. "Listen, if you happen to go into the pub, give this to Alina. The CIA guys found this in the discarded clothing." Adam placed two fifty dollar bills and a larger wad of tip money into his friend's hand.

Kevin laughed and placed the money in his pocket. "I'll make sure it gets to the real Alina, Skipper."

Adam watched the two of them walk away from the castle arm in arm. Out of habit, he quickly studied the small group of tourists by the gates. With no visible threat, he shut the door and walked back to the lower study to rejoin his wife.

When he walked in, he froze at the vision before him. His wife, Kristine, was just stepping out of her jeans. Her panty clad lower half and shapely legs caused his cock to twitch and fill with blood. "Um -- got something on your mind, dear?"

Kristine placed her jeans on the antique sofa and then sat down on them. She ran her uninjured hand across the inside of her thigh as she smiled seductively at him. "I've always wanted to do this. Come here you sexy Navy SEAL."

"It's about time you got back to normal. It's been over a week." Adam slowly released the catch on his own jeans and moved slowly toward his aroused wife. After dropping to his knees, he pulled Kristine forward and kissed her deeply. He felt her quiver as he ran his fingertips along the inside of her thigh.

Kristine broke the kiss and placed her lips next to his ear. "Kevin won't be gone long so if you could just take care of me, I'll make sure I repay you tonight."

Adam chuckled as he lowered his mouth to her covered breasts. As he nibbled her concealed bud, he felt her hand pull his head closer. Her lover knew it wouldn't take much to accomplish his task, not in her aroused state.

His fingers ran over the soft panty covered lips of her sex, as his mouth worked its magic on her breast. She moaned in approval as he moved lower down her lithe body. As he neared her slightly thrusting pelvis, he slid his fingers under the silky material of her panties and ran the back of his digits slowly across the now slick lips.

Adam was a little startled when he felt her hand move to the top of his head and push him lower. He took the hint that she was in no mood for foreplay. Her take-charge demeanor was now coming through in her sexual need. "I think someone is a tad bit on the horny side today."

Kristine resisted using her injured hand, as she didn't want to hurt her husband with the cast. "Less talking, more mouth," she moaned as she pushed harder.

"So it's going to be like that is it? Okay, have it your way." Adam's fingers wrapped around the cotton liner of her panties and pulled them roughly to the side. Now that her leaking sex was exposed, he planted his open mouth against it.

When the taste of her female fluid hit his tongue, he moaned in pleasure.

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