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I lost my mind.


"Did you ever kinda hump him?"

"No, gross. He was my teddy bear. But I did hug him... I did sorta push him against my kootchie."

"Did it feel good?"

"I would do it at night when I couldn't sleep, especially if I felt tense, and after a while I could relax ... OMG! I was masturbating on Mr. BigBear! I was a high school perv, and I still am. I'm even more ruined!" Tears fell like melting snow down the marble cliffs of my face and stained the fields of my breasts.

"No, Silky, you're not a perv. This is my fault, I'm afraid," said George. "Masturbation is a very normal activity. Yes, people do it a lot, and enjoy it. A hundred years ago doctors thought it caused insanity; that's why circumcision got popular, to try to stop boys from the evils of self abuse." George had the serious face he uses when he is really telling the truth. He tries to pull my leg a lot, but at times like this I know he is not kidding.

"So if I want to touch myself, I can?"

"Sure. I'd like to be there, but if I'm not, you don't have to wait for me. Jess masturbates."

"What!" I said, very curious.

"What!" Jess said, face aflame.

"Sure, I've seen you at night when you thought we were all asleep. It's ok. After all, I didn't stop you." He shrugged.

"But that's like invasion of privacy!" Jess was upset.

"You're naked in bed with me and Silky, we've all fucked and gone to sleep, and you decide to finger yourself in the bed by my side, but you think that's 'private'?"

"Well, it was in the dark." She pulled her lower lip through her teeth. She does that when she's upset.

"Jess, you're my sister; I love you. I will get you off anytime you want, or I will turn my back if you want to do yourself. Maybe we could play with ourselves in front of each other?" I offered.

"I like that idea!" interjected George.

We both turned mean eyes on him and he shrank back.

"Well, I don't think it makes you crazy, Silk, so that's not the issue. It's ok to do it if you want to. I guess it is stupid for me to be all up in the bed with ya'll and think I've got privacy; I just felt like doing myself, is all."

"Jessie, if you want me to leave the room next time I will," said George.

"I don't want to wake ya'll up and say 'please leave I want to assuage my needs'." Jess continued to look disturbed.

"I would be happy to hold you and not interfere."

"Yeah, me too!" I added, though that assuage stuff might hurt.

"I'll jerk off in front of ya'll if you want to watch me." George sounded a little too eager. Then he asked, "Silky, have you ever used a vibrator?"

"I've never used anything except lips, hands and cocks. Well, those and that toe thing you did last week."

"Perhaps we should purchase Silky her first vibe?"

Jess smiled and nodded agreement. Shopping, Yea!

I didn't know they even HAD stores that sold things like these. My eyes were so big. Rows of plastic penises, and peculiar phallic probes. Miles of porn DVDs and actual crotches molded from porn stars, with assholes and everything! I wanted to get one of those to compare to myself, but George wouldn't let me, he can be so mean. He has enough money! I thought about stripping in the store to look, but then thought about whippings, and decided to assuage my curiosity at a later date. (See how I enhance my vocabulary?)

Jessica and George kept looking at me and holding up various devices. They thought one monstrous black cock was so very funny, ha ha. They said something to the clerk, and then she cachinnated. She stuck two fingers in her mouth and stretched her lips open, acting like she was dying. Ha ha double ha. I would shove it down her throat and choke her to death!

Finally, the two oh-so-sophisticated shoppers found spears and spindles to their liking, and we went home.

"Silky, vibrators were put on the market in 1902." Serious face again. "Lots of women have masturbated lots of times since then, even if it is against the law in Alabama."

"Against the law? I'm gonna be like a criminal?"

"No, it's against the law to sell a product for female sexual arousal, a

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