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A naughty walk in an English park.

Her palm rubbed lightly on her clit, as she watched Sample pop the keepers on his duty belt, unbuckle it and slip it off. It dropped heavily to the floor.

Marcia gasped, as Sample removed his shirt. He was wearing a skin-tight black t-shirt underneath. It clung to his body. As he peeled it away, she saw that his chest and stomach were muscular and well defined. It was the first time she was about to see her roadside lover naked, she remembered. The memory of that night both embarrassed Monica and aroused her.

He kicked off his boots and removed his socks quickly, and his uniform trousers dropped to the floor. His body was exquisitely sculpted. Clad only in dark boxers before her, for an instant Marcia thought that David Sample might have been a god. When he removed them, Marcia saw that he indeed was.

Sample knelt on the bed watching Marcia, as her hands moved upon her sex. Her hand paused and she was about to remove it from her pussy, when Sample whispered, "Please, don't stop. I want you to cum for me. Cum for me while I watch, baby."

Marcia looked into Sample's steely gray eyes and did as he asked. His hands touched her, as she pleasured herself. His large hands lightly, ever so softly, stroked her inner thighs, as he watched. His breathing was heavy, becoming just as heavy as hers.

Sample's fingertips pressed gently along the muscles of her inner thighs. No one had ever touched her like that. No one had ever really explored her. Then, she felt the softness of his lips on her flesh on her left inner thigh, just above her bent knee. Marcia wanted to grab his head and force his face to her drenched cunt, but she didn't dare. She was going to cum for him. Just like he had requested. And, it would not be long before she complied completely.

Sample alternated between left and right. Slowly, his lips moved closer to where her hand had begun moving more swiftly. Now Marcia's thumb had started circling her clit, as her other hand pinched and rubbed one nipple, then the other through the tight mesh at the top of the gown. Marcia felt her juices flowing in streams down the crack of her ass. The sound of her fingers moving in and out of her sex made an obscenely wet sound, but instead of being embarrassed by the sloshing, she was spurred on by it.

Marcia's eyes had fluttered closed. It was the instant of her compliance. Her back arched, as her tremors came shuddering into her. Waves of delicious pleasure crashed over her and engulfed her. As she came, she felt Sample's lips at her folds, and she removed her hand. With both hands in his short, dark hair, Marcia pulled his face hard to her flowing cunt. As she ground her cunt into his mouth, she rasped, "Oh yes, fucking drink, baby. Drink all you want."

Marcia felt his hands slide under her ass, as he held her in place. He licked and sucked at her juices voraciously. His tongue slathered over her and into her. Curling, flicking and twirling, it caused her to arch and cum quickly three more times in succession. Marcia had never been multiply orgasmic, yet here she was experiencing what she thought as only the stuff of exaggeration.

Tears were streaming down the sides of Marcia's face, as the feelings of pleasure wracked her. Her thighs tightened around Sample's face. Ankles crossed over his muscular back. Then, in an instant, Marcia's pussy became so tender it hurt.

Pushing Sample away in almost a frenetic gesture, Marcia shuddered as she spoke, "Holy shit, what the hell just happened to me?" She was trying and just barely managing to catch her breath.

Sample lifted up, back onto his knees, his cock bouncing and slapping against his belly, as he did. "I think you came," he replied with lips glistening brightly from Marcia's generously supplied nectar.

Laughing, Marcia offered, "Four times.

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