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Just like that, I was completely naked in front of this guy. His eyes almost burst out of their sockets, and he stared up and down all over my naked body, taking in my boobs and tummy and bush. I slowly and calmly changed back into my bikini, very aware of how my tits jiggled and wobbled as I moved. I felt a brief satisfaction over Christy, who thought she had been so naughty with just showing him her tits. I could naughtier than her, I was happy to show.

After I put back my bikini, the photographer thanked us again and let us get back to the game. We put our tanktops and shorts back on and went to join our team.

When we reached the base, the captain split us up and assigned me with Barry, one of the guys in the fraternity. I sighed. Barry was cute but he was a real horndog, and the kind of guy who always thought he was flirting when he was just being annoying. But I wanted to win the game, so I kept a stiff upper lip and walked over to him.

"Hey, Barry, let's go," I said.

"Ooh la la, April! Alright, this is gonna be fun!" he said. I groaned.

Barry and I started down the our assigned path to try to find the enemy flag. Within a few minutes, Barry started talking about how hot and cute I was. I just ignored it as best as I could.

Finally he went too far. "Hey, April, when can I see your tits?"

"What?!" I sputtered. "Never, you pervert! I'm dating one of your frat brothers!"

"Aw, come on! I heard you gave some of the guys a peek at your butt," Barry said.

"You heard wrong," I said. I guess word got out fast. If only he knew that I not only did that, but also showed another guy my whole front, he would have flipped out.

I hoped that would be the end of it, but Barry kept pleading as we talked through the woods. I kept ignoring it until he suddenly said:

"Aw, come on, April, let me just see your tits for a second. You gave Bill Tyron a handjob last year, I'm not asking for that!"

My face reddened. "Who told you THAT?" I said, trying to keep a cool face.

"He told me!" he said. "He told everybody in the dorm!"

I sighed. I was hoping Bill wouldn't talk about that, but I guess boys are going to brag. Freshman year, I was walking back to the dorm from a party and saw Bill in the lounge. He was reading a philosophy book that I was also reading for a class. I stopped to talk to him about it, and it ended up with us having a long talk about life and knowledge that lasted for several hours. Things got a little flirtatious and I ended up giving him a handjob right there in the lounge. It was probably a stupid idea to jerk him off where anybody could walk in and see, but it was so late at night that I wasn't very worried about it. I didn't think he'd go telling people about it, though.

"Just show me your tits and I won't ask for anything else," he said. At this point, I started to consider it, just to shut him up. But I knew boys, and I knew it wasn't going to stop with seeing my boobs. He was just going to get hornier and keep hassling me unless I put a stop to the whole thing right there. If I wanted to win this game, i knew what I had to do.

I stopped suddenly and turned to him. "Barry, are you better at keeping your mouth shut than Bill?"

His eyes lit up. "Of course! If you show me your tits, I won't tell anyone!"

"I'm NOT showing you my tits," I said, and reached down for his belt. "I just want to shut you up."

Before he could realize what was going on, I had unsnapped his shorts and pulled them down. Like I suspected, his cock was rock hard and bulging through his boxers. I reached into the fly and pulled it out. It was nice and a good size, although nothing I would write home about.

"Whoa, wait, April, are you serious?" he said, and then gasped as I wrapped my mouth around his member.

I wanted to get him satisfied and done as fast as possible, so I started sucking as fast and hard as I could. Barry moaned as I pumped his shaft with my hand. "Oh my God, April, this is incredible," he said. "You're so hot, you're so fucking hot."

I just rolled my eyes and kept sucking.

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