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Their playful joking turns into much more.

This was thirsty work he decided so he left her and went back downstairs to get another drink He took his time after all she wasn't exactly going anywhere. By the time he got back there was a shiny film of sweat over her whole body he could see it and smell it and it showed that despite her considerable struggles she had not loosened her bonds in the slightest.

He climbed onto the bed and lay back evaluating his new possession so firmly roped to the left hand post at the bottom of the bed. Because she was so tightly welded in place she had to poke her head to one side of the post and this meant that the sweat which was actually dripping off the end of her nose was mingling with the line of drool from her ball gagged mouth and was cascading down on to her naked left breast.

She stamped her foot in anger when she heard the ice chink in his glass no doubt the gag and struggling had made her thirsty. 'Thank you for reminding me to tie those legs of yours' he called out to her as he put his unfinished drink on the bedside table and got back off the bed.

It took less than five minutes to finish tying her up. Ropes clamped her ankles together and also her upper thighs. Ankles and thighs tight together and tight up against the post. Tight ropes replaced the handcuffs at her wrists and the cinching rope from her wrists was fed forward between her thighs bisecting her pussy and rising up over her belly where it was tied in front to the rope around her waist. From there the rope led up between her breasts cinching the ropes over and under boobs and fixing them to the post and giving her a rope bra.

It was easy and he chuckled as he took out his new table tennis bat. The first she knew of his intentions was when the pimply side of the bat swatted her bare bottom. The noise was like a rifle shot in the quiet of the room and was quickly followed by a squeal of alarmingly loud proportions from his defenceless slave. 48 times the bat rose and fell and at the finish her bottom cheeks actually glowed a bright red and were hot as fire to his gentle touch.

Alice had struggled and pleaded for mercy as best she could with the gag seeming to make the protests and pleading non coherent rather than actually reducing the noise. He reached between her thighs and felt her pussy which was almost as hot as her backside and, with a wail of pure shame and despair, she flooded his hand as the hopelessness of her situation and cruelty of her punishment combined to send her into yet another mind shattering orgasm.

He heard her sobbing as he strolled into the en suite and found the skin cream that he was sure she would have in plentiful supply. 'NNNNNGGG!!!' she shrieked as she felt him casually rub the cream into her most private and virgin opening.He gripped her glowing bottom cheeks and separated them spreading them as far apart as the bonds would allow and then positioned the tip of his very stiff prick against the puckered opening.

'I want you to push that bright pink ass of yours back onto my prick' he whispered into her ear.

'If you don't it's 96 spanks, I'm sure you appreciate that you really have no choice...do it now slave'.

As Alice Green impaled her virgin bottom on her masters cock any reserve or resolve she had left simply disappeared and despite the pain she rode him like a wanton whore . She truly was his slave and dear God what was he going to do to her this weekend.

There would be no hero with a last minute rescue, no knight on a white charger. She was as much a slave in her own home as any slave in the deepest darkest dungeon and as the reality sunk home, to her eternal shame, she came again.

Whilst Alice was trying to come to terms with the situation she had invited upon herself, David was exploring his new home. The first thing he had planned to do once his slave was safely tied up was to go through her wardrobe and choose which clothes he would let her keep and which would go to needy causes.

With his drink in hand he started to sor

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