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Mom got the lube and smeared some on her asshole. I loved watching it contract as the cold lube hit it. My dick jumped at the sight. Next mom put some on her hand and began to masturbate me, till my dick was slick with it. It was time to have my fantasy. I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her shithole, and just teased her with it making lazy circles. She started pleading for me to put it in. I told her she had to beg. She did. "Oh please Arthur put your big dick in my tight ass, please Arthur I need you inside me." My dad fucked up at her and she gasped. "Fuck my ass please, use my butt to make your big dick happy. Please Arthur, fuck me like a whore." I asked her if she was worthy of my magnificent tool and she said yes. I slapped that butt hard. She jumped and wiggled her pussy on my dad. I slapped her again and she told me she wasn't worthy, but she needed me so bad. Well, I of the magnificent dick, decided it was time to feel her butt wrapped around my rod. I put my tip at her sweet bud and pushed. I slapped her ass again and told her to relax. I pushed again and felt my cockhead enveloped by her tight ass ring. I sat there a moment and savored the feeling. Dad fucked up in her again and she was fucking back on him, trying to get more in of me inside her, too. I decided I liked this feeling of being dominant and I was gonna fuck her ass good.

I plunged my body forward and sank in about 3 inches. She howled and I slapped her ass again. I could feel her ass contract around me when I did that. I pulled back out with just my head in and shoved forward again. Hard. She screamed and I had all but one inch in. I backed out again and shoved forward completely burying my dick up her ass. I just held there and my dad started moving up in her pussy. I realized I could feel him rubbing my dick thru her too. What a feeling. I pulled back and began to rock in and out of her tight butt. Dad and I set up a rhythm between us and Sammi was loving it. She was crying out and fucking back at us, keeping up a stream of dirty talk. I had forgotten about mom. Well she had been busy. I felt her reach under me and start massaging my balls as I worked in and out of Sammi's asshole. I was in heaven. Dads cock rubbing mine, my dick up ass and my balls being fondled. But there was more. I felt a coldness on my own asshole. Mom then stuck her finger up. It was great.

Fucking into Sammi's shittube, and fucking back on her finger. She then worked to insert another one. I was still a sec as she got both in, then started fucking with renewed vigor. My ass was singing, my cock was thrusting and my balls were still getting attention from my mom. Mom took her fingers out and I felt the cold wet again. She rubbed it around and then I felt more pressing at my ass hole. No finger this time. Something big was trying to get in. Mom pushed the thing up tight against me and as I fucked out of Sammi it tried to stretch my ass and get in. I wanted it in. I knew it would probably hurt, but I wanted it in. I shoved deep into Sammi and stayed there. I laid against her back hoping my hole was wide open for whatever mom was shoving in.

There it was at my hole again. I tried to relax and let it in. Man it was big feeling. Ahhhhgghh... it was in. God the feeling. Now back a bit and she was pushing back up in me. A coupla inches I thought. She just sat there gently fucking me in and out for a minute. My dad started to move up in Sammi's cunt again and the feel of him sliding against my dick with this thing sliding up in my guts was awesome. I began to slowly fuck in and out of Sammi now and mom kept up a good rhythm with the intruder in my butt. I was getting close now. I needed to get release. I began to plow in her ass again, and mom let loose with the thing. Shoving it hard up my butt every time I thrust out of Sammi and then just as I went forward buried to the hilt, that thing would be slammed to the hilt in me.

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