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Her mother would simply roll her eyes as she picked three baskets, enough for her baking and school lunches.

His home looked intriguing. It had a low ceiling and a dark, midnight colored plush carpet covered the floor. The furniture matched the red and black walls. The front window, covered in a thick curtain, overlooked the street. On the far side were two doors. Katie assumed that one led to the bedroom and the other to the bathroom.

Mesmerized by his movements, Katie gazed as he walked to the fridge and removed a small package. He did not walk so much as glide and Katie noticed that he wore black and red, almost identical to her outfit. Sebastian placed the cold package on her ankle that stopped her whimpering. He then sat down on the chair across from her.

Katie felt no fear. She had followed this unfamiliar person with the promise of ice for her ankle and a pair of shoes. His offer had slipped her mind and now that her ankle was feeling better, instead of worry, arousal consumed her body. He stared at her. The room was silent. Katie stared back at him. His voice filled the silence in the room.

"Come here."

Katie took a deep breath and the combination of apples, cologne, and a familiar smell of soap made Katie react in a very different way. Her body was almost detaching itself from her mind. The internal struggle occurred until Katie was brought back to reality with Sebastian's harsh words.

"Come here!"

Listening to him, Katie moved into his lap, careful not to put pressure on her ankle.

'What am I doing? I barely know him.'

The internal dialogue was pressuring her to remove herself from the situation but the moment her bare skin touched his legs she felt wetness seep from her pussy. Katie had been completely aroused when she had first met him. She couldn't explain why but it was as if he had complete control over her body and mind. Sitting in his lap, Katie's body begged for the sexual gratification that it had been missing for months. That was it, Katie thought. He was completely different than any other guy she had ever even thought of being with. He was different. He was everything she hated about a guy and at the same time, exactly what she needed.

"My little red riding hood. So sweet. So beautiful."

Her eyes could not shift from his gaze. Her body, burning with desire, began to rock back and forth. Her dress glided up her smooth legs. He gazed into her eyes, whimpering as his aroma took effect. The aroma suggested that he was in charge. He was the dominant one. The rocking motion of her hips sped up and soon moans and whimpers were escaping from her lips.

"You are mine."

Katie ignored what he said as his fingers shifted under her dress and into her dripping wet pussy. She felt her lace panties slid to the side. Sounds of wetness filled the room as Sebastian slid two, then three, and then four fingers into her hole and began a rhythmic pumping. Katie dug her red fingernails into his back and struggled to control herself. He didn't even waste time removing her undergarments. He was impatient and demanding.

"You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. Every part of you is stunning."

Sebastian stroked her neck and arm with his free hand. Katie could not speak as her hands fumbled to undo his pants. Once she had succeeded, she reached in and began a steady stroking of his thick member. She continued to jerk his cock, feeling its heat and firmness in her small hand. She could smell his precum on her hand and that made her subconsciously lick her lips.

"Make love to me Kathryn."

Katie blinked and stopped for a moment.

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