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Scott merely grunted in agreement and began preparing the gun. His hand was soon returned to her backside and she felt a pricking sensation on the top of her bottom as the gun started up. At first she thought it wasn't so bad and was able to sit still and remain quiet, but the pain never stopped and kept getting more and more aggravating as the needle did its work. Before she knew soft groans of pain were escaping her throat, and Scott's free hand was putting more force on her to hold her in place.

After several minutes of this her moans were getting louder and she could sense her Master's growing agitation. "Quiet," he growled insistently. She knew she was embarrassing him. She should be able to handle the pain. She redoubled her efforts to keep her mouth closed but that only lasted a few minutes. Her upper bottom and low back felt as if they were fire, or being bitten by thousands of fire ants. The pain was never sharp, but it never went away and continued to grow and spread as he continued with the tattoo.

She couldn't hold back any longer, and a cry escaped her throat. She heard a tsk sound from Griff' and her Master was on his feet and by her side in a flash. He was unbuckling his belt and she thought he might strike her back with it, but instead of pulling it free from the loops he continued to undo his pants.

"Guess I'll have to keep you quiet myself," he said annoyed as he freed his hard cock from the confines of his pants. "I'll punish you for this later."

"Can you hold her too?" the tattoo artist asked. "It would make it a lot easier for me."

She felt her Master's hands grip her low back tightly as his prick was thrust into her face. Without hesitation she took the engorged member into her mouth and her Master snapped his hips forward and buried it down her throat. She almost gagged at the sudden intrusion but managed to control the reflex as she accepted the thick length. She was forced to breathe through her nose as he held it there with his pubic hair mashed against her face.

Thick saliva began to build in her mouth, and when he finally eased back a little his cock was covered in the shiny stuff. Cock Socket took a few deep breaths as she prepared herself for the next assault. She was better prepared this time and easily accommodated her Master as his hips snapped forward again. The pain from the tattoo was forgotten as she concentrated on letting her Master fuck her throat. Blood rushing to ears managed to drown out the sound of the tattoo gun too.

She lost track of time again, but this time because her entire being was occupied with keeping her throat relaxed. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was aware that her pussy and thighs were now extremely wet and she knew that it was from her own horniness. She thought the tattoo artist might have made some comment to her Master about it, but she was hardly paying attention.

By this time, Dan was fucking her mouth pretty fast like it was a pussy. She may have disappointed him by not remaining quiet while getting the tattoo, but he was definitely pleased with the way she was throating his cock. Saliva dripped from her lips and his cock as he hammered his hips at her mouth again and again. The tattoo artist said something, and she noticed that her Master switched to long, slow, deep strokes, instead of fast, hard ones. He was probably bumping the table too much.

Her Master buried his cock down her throat and held it there again. She could feel it swell familiarly and then pulse as his cum rocketed straight to her stomach. He kept it there until the pulsing stopped, and she could feel it start to go limp. As he slowly eased his hips back, she twirled her tongue around the head to capture any last remnants of his tasty fluid.

"You're up Griff'," her Master said. "We're gonna have to take turns until this is done."

Griff' made a mock look of annoyance before walking over to her and unbuckling his own pants.

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