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Between their spread thighs, Fenrohir saw the same fine, blond hair, neatly trimmed to reveal sweet tender pussies of identical shape.

Although Fenrohir knew it not, the three girls were indeed sisters, identical triplets born to an elf queen in the land of the Galadrim. They wore tiny silver circlets in their hair and simple silver bracelets about their slim wrists. Most beautiful of all living creatures were they, and perfect in every way, if a keen sexual appetite is considered perfect.

Fenrohir felt his cock grow as he watched the ladies make love to one another. The blonde lay down upon the grass and spread her pale arms wide; her sisters came and lay within the crook of each arm. They took one tiny nipple between their full lips and suckled her large breasts while their long, slim fingers caressed the tender flesh between her thighs.

Near them, one of the males had knelt down on all fours, his ass high in the air, while the other came up behind him and began to lap at his asshole. Their lovely female companion straddled his back and bent over him, rutting her clit against his spine while she bathed his own exposed asshole with her kitten-like tongue.

Fenrohir observed that some elves lay scattered throughout the clearing and did not participate, but were content to strip naked and pleasure themselves however they wished. One male watched the three elven princesses while he slowly jacked his long, ridgid cock. Another did the same, though he looked back and forth between the trio and the two males beside them, finding each equally arousing. A woman had managed to contort herself and lay with her head between her thighs where she lapped hungrily at her own pussy.

Although the elves pleasured one another with tongues and fingers, Fenrohir had not yet observed any penetration. Suddenly, at the center of the clearing where a single white birch tree grew, two elves rose: a man and a woman, both tall and naked and beautiful. They each raised a glass, and at once cups were brought round, filled with fragrant liquor, and the entire company emptied them together. Then, casting her cup aside, the lady bent over at her hip, steadying herself against the trunk of the tree, while the male annointed his long, hard cock with what was left of the strange drink. It seemed to lubricate his shaft, so that when he plunged deep into his lover's pussy, he felt no resistance. Her small hanging tits hung beneath her and swayed rhythmically as he began to fuck her, the hard, long nipples pointing downward towards the ground.

This seemed to be the sign for which the others had waited. All at once, cocks began to plunge into pussies, assholes, and mouths. Moans and cries filled the clearing, as did the sound of skin slapping against wet skin. If the elves had seemed gentle and loving before, they now appeared merely lustful. They stopped kissing and began fucking, harder and faster as their desire grew.

One of the lone females knelt on all fours, sliding three fingers into her tight asshole. A male approached her and, without asking permission, indeed without speaking a word, plunged his cock into her vacant pussy. She did not look pleased, but nevertheless let out a moan as he pounded pleasurably into her. Moments later he pulled the girl's fingers out of her ass and replaced them with his own.

Fenrohir's glance shifted once more. The tiny elf who had been stroking her companions' cocks was now swallowing their them one at a time, looking up into their faces as knelt before them. First one, then the second, then the first again, back and forth, again and again. At last she pulled them both to her at once and stuffed the two hard shafts as far into her mouth as she could. They rubbed against one another in her warm, wet mouth, lubricated by copious amounts of saliva that dripped from the corners of her lips.

Fenrohir fixed his gaze once more on the trio of sisters.

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