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Noella meets new friends & learns to dress for sex.

He was definitely not wearing underwear, I so desperately wanted to reach over and play with it but I didn't know how he would react, and so I decided to sit still and be patient. Trying to strike up conversation, I asked if we were heading back to his place. We had already planned to go back to his house and so I knew the answer would be 'yes', but anything was better than sitting in silence.

He paused for a while before saying, 'No, I have people staying there, but I've got something better'.

His answer caught me by surprise, I had no clue what this meant, but I kept my eyes glued to my phone, swiping between apps to act busy in between observing my surrounding and making sure I knew where I was.

'Um, you're 18, right?' - He could tell I was nervous and by the way I was glued to my phone, he probably got nervous too. I don't blame him, I was 18 and looked nowhere near old enough to drink a beer, let alone take a cock. I assured him of my age and felt safe knowing that he had no bad intentions.

After around 20 minutes of driving he pulled up on the side of a road in a quiet housing area. "Alright, get out". I was confused. He said that we were not going back to his house? Maybe this is his friends house? Maybe he's got more guys lined up to fuck me?

I stepped out and studied my surroundings. I waited still as he walked around to my side and slid open the side door to the van. I was taken aback.

I had never imagined getting fucked for the first time in the back of a van on the side of the street. I was shocked, but I was also turned on by the thought. I looked inside for a while, before realising that he was waiting for me to go first.

I stepped up inside. It was dark, cold and a bit damp inside. There was just enough space to move around but the floor was scattered with boxes and some old furniture. I moved to the back corner to make space for him as he joined me inside.

He had now taken a more assertive tone - "Take your clothes off". I began undressing, whilst he moved things around to make some more space, revealing a single mattress on the floor. He wasn't kidding, I'm really getting fucked on the floor.

By the time he had turned around, I was standing there in my underwear. "I said everything" he repeated sternly. I felt uncomfortable being completely naked in front of a fully clothed man but I didn't want to anger him. I removed my underwear and without a word, he walked over to me. He came behind me, towering over me and began rubbing his cock through his shorts onto my naked ass, he was feeling all over my body. I could hardly stop myself and began massaging his cock over his shorts from behind my back.

After a few minutes of touching, he instructed me to sit down on the mattress that was laid across the floor. I watched as he dropped his shorts to his ankles and pulled off his shirt. He still had his boxers on and he positioned himself right in front of my face. "Suck it" he demanded.

I slowly pulled down his underwear and his cock flung out. I was in awe. I was instantly turned on by the sight of his big heavy balls, his thick, white shaft and red, swollen head. It was already oozing out a glistening speckle of precum. Not to mention the smell. It wasn't dirty on unpleasant, but more of the musky scent of a real man that had been working all day.

I instantly took the head into my mouth and began working away at it, it was so thick that I couldn't get past the head but I was trying my best to please him as my spit was beginning to bubble all around the seal between my mouth and his cock.

It was of course my first time and so my gag-reflex was going crazy. "Any deeper?" he questioned. I felt like I was failing him and so I forced my mouth as far down as I could until I gagged. He knew this was my first time and had the respect to be gentle but in the back of my mind I wanted him to fuck my mouth and pleasure himself. However, I kept going, forcing myself to take his cock deep into my throat and suffocate myself in his pubes.

Eventually he had enough and told me to stand

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