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"And what's more, who in the fuck do you think you are?"

"No, Eve, it's not like that, I swear."

"How could you disrespect me like that? Our home...Just tell me who she is. I want to know who she is, just tell me!" Evelyn was seeing red now. She had never been this out of control and she hated every second of it but yet she couldn't bring herself to stop. They continued the back and forth as it escalated, spiraling out of control until Will, who was never one for confrontation, finally spelled it out for her.

"She is me, Evelyn. The other woman is me. The panties are mine. I wear them."

"You...wear them?" Her expression was priceless and for a moment she wondered if she actually preferred the idea of him cheating on her. At least that was something she could process. "So are you telling me that you're gay?"

"No, no, no. It's nothing like that and I am very much attracted to you. I just like the way they feel and you know how stressful my job is. Wearing panties and stockings kind of helps me."

"They help you?" She parroted his words, still a bit bewildered. No wonder he was always dressed from the bottom down after his morning ritual. She felt like an absolute fool.

"I'm just going to go now." He grabbed his case and walked out of the room. There was no need to bother grabbing a shirt. He already had a spare in the car.

"They...help...you." She continued her mimic, hoping that by somehow repeating the words they would become more real and hopefully more acceptable. Evelyn spent the rest of the day lost in a haze that managed to extend throughout the rest of the week. She really tried to make him believe that it was okay but how could she when she couldn't even convince herself? They had known each other for decades and yet even though such a small fact had come to light, she felt betrayed.

Sick of moping , she decided what she needed was to hit a few balls on the court alone, but Shayda wouldn't have it. She literally raced up the stairs and back down again in record time, fully changed into a skimpy tennis top and skirt much like her mother's. There were days Evelyn swore that her daughter was not her own, but some strange alien spy placed in her home to observe human life in all its lacklusteredness.

The girl was indeed a beauty. It could not be denied. She was tall and graceful and full of life. She was also a good student with some A's, though mostly B's which Evelyn had suspected because the B was for ballet, the center of her universe. On some level she was almost afraid to take too much joy in her daughter's successes for fear she would wake up and it would all be over.

They quickly settled into their first match and at first she was glad of the company. With every serve and hit, Evelyn felt a little more energized and exuberant. It wasn't until a few of the younger male club members stopped to watch their game that she started to feel somewhat uneasy. It was obvious all their attention was focused on Shayda. And it should be, she tought to herself. That's the real reason he wears them. He's not attracted to me anymore. I'm just old and useless and that's the way of it now so get over it, Evelyn! Just let it go.

At night she laid awake, still trying to piece together the logic of why it bothered her so. I wear panties. He loves me. It's no big deal. So he can't wear them? No! It's wrong. It's weird. It's just not right. She tossed and turned until finally the draw of the moonlight overcame her. She slipped into one of her bathing suits and glided downstairs for a dip in their much underutilized hot tub. She and Will had bought it with plans to entertain their many guests, but what time could be had for parties when it was all spent acquiring the funds to pay for such luxuries?

Once she leaned against the padded seat amidst the warm churning water, it no longer mattered that she had to be up in four hours.

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