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Former straight guy goes orally bi.

His black hands sliding up her white legs, was making me wet.

I noticed a sizable bulge in Tyrone's pants as he watched the movie. I made the comment, that it was hard to believe that a guy could have a cock that size. The other three laughed and Tyrone said, "You never had a black cock then. You have never really had sex, unless it is with a black man".

Tyrone stood up and unzipped his pants and out came his cock. I just looked at it in disbelief. He said, "Touch it Julie, it won't bite". As I touched it and stroked it, my hand would not fit completely around. It felt really nice, and seemed to get thicker with every stroke. Tyrone grabbed the back of my head and pulled it closer to him. "Suck it Julie, and Tyrone will give you some nice lovin", he said. I opened my mouth, and started to lick his large black head. Slowly I started to take more of him in my mouth. He was moaning and telling me how good it made him feel. I wanted to please him, and at the same time, very scared of the size of his cock.

Tyrone grabbed my long blonde hair and said, "Julie let Tyrone see your tits, you have some nice ones." I stood up and unbuttoned my blouse and let my shirt drop as he started to rub my tits thru my bra and kissing me. My bra being a front closure, made it easy for his fingers to pop the hooks and off it went springing my tits free. He cupped them telling me what a nice set of tits I had.

Glancing over at Pam and Billy, Pam was riding him. I watched his big black cock going in and out of her pussy as she moaned. Tyrone was working my 34D tits over pretty good as he unbuttoned my skirt letting it drop to the floor. While sucking on my tits, he was fingering my pussy. Telling me how wet I was, he slipped my panties off. Then he finished taking his clothes off. Damn did he look hot, and his cock was at full erection. In a strange way, I wanted it bad. As I got on my knees, and began sucking him again, he let out a moan, and grabbed my head. He began fucking my mouth, I thought I would choke as his cock slid down my throat.

Tyrone took his cock out of my mouth, and said, "Lets stretch that pussy, and show it how to really fuck". I laid back on the couch with my legs spread. Tyrone knelt down and began licking my cunt. I felt his tongue fucking my hole. I never had a guy tongue me that way before. Then the moment I was waiting for, he slid up and began kissing me. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and as we tongued each other, I felt his cock at my pussy. His head slipped in, and I felt my pussy stretching. Thank God I was as wet as Tyrone needed. I picked up my hips and wrapped my legs around his waist. More of his cock slid in and out of me. His cock was deep in me a little more that half if his nine inch cock and more to come. I felt a tingle deep in my pussy and knew I was about to cum. I tightened down on his cock as he tried to fuck me harder. I soon started to spasm and held him tight as I moaned and started to scream at teh intensity of my orgasm. Tyrone just held his cock in me, then I relaxed. He started to fuck me again then the intensity started to come again and this time he was picking up the pace more. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts. I started to cum again and he was about to let loose. As I came, he was squirting his love juice deep in me. I could feel him squirting my insides with his warm cum.

We held each other tight and kissed, then he withdrew his cock. He then wanted me on all fours and I gladly did it. He fingered my pussy as he slid his cock into it again. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back as he fucked me hard. This time I felt him go thru my cervix and into my womb. It hurt a little at first but it soon turned to pleasure. No one had fucked me that deep before. As my orgasm was building, he slipped his finger in my ass. It felt strange but s he fucked my ass with his finger. My orgasm grew, and I exploded, bathing his cock with cum. He then came again and I felt his cum deep inside. We collapsed on the couch and watched Pam and Billy fuck.

Tyrone an

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