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Spanked in the office and at home.

" Up and down. "I can still feel your cum in my pussy." Pulling down my foreskin to expose my aching head. "Mmmmm, big head." She kissed it.

"D'you like big dicks?" I asked.

"Nice and big and hard," she said. "It's all I seem to think about....mmmmm." She was loving my hard cock, loving having it in her hands. "It's so strong and beautiful.....mmmm.....I want it in me all the time. Right up deep inside me."

"You'll have to share it with Mommy...otherwise, it's all for you"

"So long as I get some, too. Was I nice and tight for you."

"So tight, sweetie, really. You've got a beautiful, tight little pussy."

"Mmmmm," she hummed, wanking me so slowly. "Do you, y'know, jack-off thinking about me?"

"Of course I do. Three, four times a day....I'm always thinking about you, always."

"I think about us fucking all the time, too.....we should have started this a long time ago."

"I wanted to, sweetie, but you were too young."

"You should have, Daddy...I would have let you."

I brushed her hair from her face and said, "Sit on your hands." Lisa lifted her golden thighs and slid her flat palms under. "Don't be afraid...I'm going to fuck your mouth."

I saw a flash of fear cross her face and she said, "Am I a good girl, Daddy?"

"Yes, sweetheart."

"I wanna be," she said, "just tell me what to do, Daddy."

"Open your mouth," I said.

I shuddered as I said it. I was dizzy with the notion, high on gorgeous incest, telling my eighteen year old daughter to open her mouth so I can fill it with my yearning prick. "Oh, sweetie," I said as my head bumped her lips. She looked up at me as my slick cockhead slid along her pout.

Her young virgin mouth opened and as I held the back of her head, her eyes closed in concentration. I pushed the head of my cock in and out of her soft pout - watching my daughter take just the head, just the head, just the big swollen head of my cock, all sticky, all wet - in and out, in and out of her never-been-kissed mouth. I'd never felt so alive, so passionate.

"Uh-um," she hummed as I put an inch of my stiff prick in her mouth.

"Oh, Lisa,' I crooned, "I've waited so long to put my dick in your mouth." Her mouth was wet and warm. Her nostrils flared and I fed a few short strokes in and out of her mouth.

"That's a good girl," I said.

I pulled my dick out and she smiled and took a deep breath and the second I told her, her mouth was open again. "Open." I held my cock and fed her as she looked up into my eyes, and as they closed she made delicious sounds with each stroke - "uhm-uhm-uhm-uhm...."

"That's my girl," I said. "Oh, that's it, Lisa, suck Daddy's cock. You look so pretty....with a mouth full of cock....so pretty."

Hearing my words seemed to make my cock all the more delicious to her. Her nostrils flared and I pulled my cock out. She barely had time to take a needed breath before I was back inside. "uhm-uhm-uhm-uhm," she sang for me.

"Open your mouth a little wider," I said. I could sense that I wanted to lose control.

I just wanted to feel my cock in her mouth, but the urge to push deeper was too much. I recalled the countless times when watching TV with her - getting hard as I discretely look at every bit of her young body. Watching her watch TV as I imagine myself pushing my cock deep into my daughter's throat. Sometimes when I'm raging, her discomfort when she deepthroats excites me further - and I was raging right then, right there.

"Oh, sweetheart," I moaned. "Take it..."

My cockhead bumped the back of her throat and her body wet rigid and her hands drew up to my thighs.

"It's alright," I said.

I held her head tightly and she gripped my thighs and I pushed my cock in as I pulled her head toward. "Oh, God," I cried as I felt the head of my cock in her throat. I felt her choke and her body buck and her hands push my thighs. Her mouth gaped and she gasped and her spit drooled off my shiny prick as I pulled it out.

"Sorry," she spluttered.

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