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A silly little stroker.

Once the tingling in my spine ended, I left, moving swiftly through the night. One other bonus of our being bonded, I could sense Ethan from miles and miles away.

I didn't see anything that I walked through. Not the forest. Not the dead soldiers lying in the field. Every sense in my body was tuned to Ethan. I drifted through the night, searching for him. Before long, I knew he was near his camp, standing amongst the trees. I walked up behind him, whether I said his name aloud or in my mind, I couldn't say, but he turned to me.

We came together in a flash of raw need. Arms entwined, I buried my lips against his pulse, letting my hands wander over him, making sure he was unharmed. My fingers felt irritated skin against his wrist and burnt skin at the nape of his neck. As we sank to the ground with our hands skimming over each other's bodies, unbeknownst to me, my powers reached out and healed the chemical burns on Ethan's body.

As I plunged myself into Ethan's body, the bond between us opened, and I could feel all that he was feeling. I was given double the sensations of our coupling: what I always felt during sex, and now what Ethan was experiencing as well. It was the most erotic feeling I had ever known. His body surrounded me, fisting me in pleasure, but I also could feel Ethan and his pleasure; his absolute pleasure.

After it was over, we lay on the ground, holding each other, staring at the moon. I lost count of the number of times I found release inside him that night. Each time seemed to bind us together stronger and deeper. When we parted just before dawn, it was with a promise to return the next night. We met every night, just outside of his camp, over and over again.

As April faded into May, there was a large battle. Many men lay wounded and dying on the battlefield. Their pain and suffering called to me. All I could do was dream of Ethan, but their torment overrode my desire for my man. Pulled between my two halves, I waited for sunset, and then I set out for the battlefield intent on stopping their pleas.

It took hours as I went from man to man, German, French, British, and American, it didn't matter. I ended their torment, draining their pain as I took their life force. I was kneeling over the last one, letting my powers calm the scared boy, when I felt his presence. I wanted to hurry, I didn't wish for Ethan to see what I was. In my haste, the young French boy felt my fangs sink into his neck. His panic overwhelmed me and I worked harder to calm him. I had taken his last heartbeat into me when Ethan came across us.

The bond between us roared to life, throwing me into the maelstrom of his emotions. Fear; gut wrenching, confusing fear rippled between us. I watched in extreme sadness as he turned from me and fled into the night. My seldom-used heart was breaking in two as I sat, trying to decide to go after him or return to my lair. All I had to do was remember the two of us together, and I was on my feet and using my superhuman strength to run after him, overtaking him quickly.

I didn't temper my strength as I grabbed his shoulder, spinning him around. "Ethan, wait."

The look of raw fear in his eyes could have ripped me in two. But my man was always courageous. His voice may have trembled, but he found the courage to talk to me. "What are you?"

I swallowed around the lump in my throat, blinking back the unfamiliar and unwelcome moisture in my eyes. "Does it matter?"

Incredulity sparked in his eyes. "Hell yes it matters!" He kept blinking his eyes rapidly and his face was flushed. "I worried about you when you didn't come to the camp." He swallowed. "I've fallen..." His voice trailed off.

Frustration filled me, and I did the only thing I could think of.

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