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She guessed that Mike was packing at least eight or nine inches, thick and beautiful. Taking a moment to notice Susan's equally startled face, Meredith turned her attention back to the cock that was now in her face. She opened her mouth and poked her tongue out to tease the bulbous end.

Squirming out of his clothes, Mike allowed Meredith to continue her exploration of his member. He now looked over at Susan, seeing her for the first time in the nude. Still harboring reservations about the familial ties, Mike's attention was quickly diverted back to Meredith and her wonderful mouth. Although she had obviously never handled a cock like his, Meredith's enthusiasm to her task was having a pleasant effect on Mike. "I think that was a nice introduction, my little cocksucker," Mike sneered as he pulled away from Meredith. Turning to Susan, "should we make her uncomfortable?" Mike turned and gestured for the women to follow him to the bedroom, and the trunk.

Pulling a few items out, Mike motioned to Meredith and held the hood that she had just discovered so recently. Susan smiled and took the hood. "This one we know all about," she cooed as she helped Meredith into it.

Satisfied that she couldn't see, Mike then held out what looked to be a leather sleeve. "Pull her arms behind her," he instructed as he moved around the room. Cooperating with Mike's instructions, Susan helped as the leather sleeve soon bound Meredith's arms tightly behind her, thrusting her bountiful bosom even further forward.

"So pretty," Susan mumbled as she admired Meredith's exaggerated chest. Susan leaned forward and took a nipple into her mouth. Sucking and pulling back, Susan elicited a gasp from Meredith as she cracked into a smile, Meredith's sensitive nub caught between Susan's teeth. Biting a little harder, Susan pulled further away from Meredith's body, stretching the breast until she let it drop. Meredith gasped as Susan chuckled and repeated the performance on the other breast.

Still digging in the trunk, Mike brought forth a few more items and said "let's take her downstairs."

Intrigued, Susan guided the somewhat helpless Meredith down the hall to the basement stairs. Carefully, she helped the blindfolded Susan navigate the stairs and into the open room where she found a large gym mat. Several chairs and benches were scattered throughout, although none looked particularly intriguing. Mike was in the exact middle, fiddling with something coming out of the ceiling. After a moment, he revealed what had been a carefully hidden rope and pulley system. Instinctively, Susan pushed Meredith forward until she was standing just below the contraption.

It only took a few more moments before Meredith was now bound helplessly in the center of the room. Her arms were still pinned behind her back, but Mike had now attached the rope from the ceiling and she was now held effectively in the same place. Her legs were spread apart with cuffs attached to her ankles. Ropes that spanned from her legs to the sides of the room now turned Meredith's sensitive lower half into a wide open canvas. Checking her bonds one final time, Mike gave Meredith's ass an appreciative slap before he concluded aloud that she wasn't going anywhere.

Still intrigued by the way the armbinders pushed her already ample breasts forward, Susan advanced on the now helpless Meredith. Well, thought Susan, these breasts that had always gained Merdith extra attention in the past were about to do the same thing again. She glanced around the room and now saw a smiling Mike.

"Perhaps you could place these in some interesting areas," he offered, giving Susan a handful of wooden clothespins. Understanding, Susan sidled up next to a lightly quivering Meredith and started to coo into her ear.

"Oh baby, you're so hot like this," her empty hand tracing circles around Meredith's quivering belly.

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