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With this information he called the local barracks of the state police. The trooper who found Lewis had transferred to the other side of the state. Detective Paul Shields just happened to hear a conversation about how to contact the trooper when facts were repeated that sounded like his John Doe case. He asked if it was about the John Doe a few years back. After speaking with the PI he is certain of who he has been investigating.

The two suspects had been released from the county jail the morning before. They had been serving ninety days for vagrancy, shoplifting and petty theft, etc. The prison took them to the county line and put them out with instructions to never return.

The phone lines were busy for the next few days with information sharing between the various parties.

Paul stopped to meet Nancy and show her the picture. The man was quite handsome; he did not look a lot like her friend Mark. She decided it was worth looking into since the changes could have been due to the attack and subsequent surgeries to make his face look normal. Without a photo to match maybe they just took a good guess.

Paul pulled the fingerprints they had in the file to compare to the ones from back east. They looked like a match to him. He sent them to the main print lab at the state police headquarters. Despite damage from some cuts and abrasions they concluded that they were from the same person.

Marie was asked to come in for a progress report Saturday morning, the last three weeks she had only called on Friday evening to be told they were still working on it. When she called on Friday this week the PI asked if she had time to stop in this morning. Thinking he wanted more information she reluctantly agreed. Her life was too busy with little time to waste on trivial things. He insisted that his man was to pick her up and bring her in to the office. She tried to protest. He explained that " would be better this way."

After sitting she was handed a sheet of paper. After turning it over her heart skipped a beat. On the page were two sets of fingerprints; one was labeled Insurance Agent Application, the other was labeled John Doe number 362. Stamped across the top of the page was the official stamp of her state police. She saw big letters close to the size of Chicago, she read the words "IDENTICAL MATCH".

She looked up to see the smile on his face as it slowly disappeared.

"Is he dead she suddenly blurted out? She stopped breathing for only a second before he responded "No".

Why the bad look then? She started to cry, not sure why at the time.

"I'll tell you the basics as we know them now, details may change with time." he stated. "Please understand as I give you the details that he is alive and doing well, he was taken in to live with a friend. She is aware of the developments. He, however, is not.

She? He is living with a woman? Her heart sank.

The night he disappeared he drove overnight to get to a small town that I will tell you about at later date. He stopped at a rest area where he was beaten and robbed. Using the statements from his credit cards and cell phone the assailants were tracked to another town and ultimately to Miami, Florida. We know who they are and are trying to find them as we speak. I can't tell you any more on that subject until they have been arrested."

The state police found him shortly later. He died twice on the way to the hospital. Each time he was revived. The hospital placed him in a coma to allow his body to heal without his pain causing problems. After ten days he was allowed to wake. He had, and still has, little memory of his past life before the assault. Over time he has regained what he thinks are some memories, unfortunately they are some very bad ones."

He paused to allow Marie to absorb the information.

She spoke up and asked, "What does he believe he remembers?"

"Remember he was badly beaten before he was found....He believes he walked in to find you having sex with a large black man."

"We expected that was

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