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Was she a spirit, a ghost, or his imagination?

Sarah wished the floor would swallow her up. Still unable to move or say anything, Jerry took hold of her d-ring, and dragged her to the counter. "Really, this lady is more that willing to help. The least you can do be is polite."

Sarah went into auto pilot. With shaking hands, she opened up the paper. She gave Jerry a look of anxiousness as she began to read the list. Sarah began to hand the clerk the paper, but Jerry stopped her. "No, read it out loud. There is no shame in buying sex toys. Is there - - Miss?"

The clerk, whose name tag said J.B, and who was quick to pick up on a sub/dom relationship, openly leered at Sarah. "Nope. That's what we are here for. Some people just need more gratification. Judging by your outfit and collar, I would put you in the category of intense need. Now read me the list like a good sub."

Sarah was taken aback at her boldness, even though she knew it was obvious what she was. There were only two customers in the small store, and they were taking more notice. She could feel them watching her. It seemed everyone, including herself, enjoyed her discomfort. Sarah took a deep breath. Something shifted in her. Her pussy just seemed to drip, she was so turned on.

"I need." She began. "I need alligator nipple clamps, blunt clothes pin type nipple clamps with attaching chain, vibrating nipple clamps, remote control vibrators (2), butt plugs, vibrators, ankle and wrist restraints, paddles of varying types, nipple nooses, a flogger, leash, gag, small padlocks. . ." This list went on and on.

"Wow." The clerk stared at her. "You are really into some kinky stuff. You must really like it."

Sarah stared at her.

"Answer her, she is being polite." Jerry prompted.

"Yes." Sarah said quietly, eyes downcast. She could offer no further explanations.

"I'll be over here looking at the videos. Could you help her out?" Jerry moved away, leaving Sarah alone with the nosey clerk, and the very curious customers.

Up and down the aisles they went. Sarah listening as the clerk explained this and that. She took a lot of time by the butt plugs. "What size to you need?"

"I don't know. Medium, I think." The clerk settled on two different sizes and styles. One had a flare, and narrow neck. She explained that this was less likely to fall out. The other was a cock look alike. Sarah just followed her around the store, like a lost puppy, too confused to do much of anything else. Finally they got to the counter, and Jerry appeared with a couple of videos.

After everything was rung up, and Sarah paid for the items, Jerry said, "My slut would like to wear some of these items out of the store, do you mind?"

The clerk just smiled, and said "No, go ahead, which ones would your slut like?"

Sarah wished they would stop referring to her as a slut. She needed to get out of here. Jerry answered for her. "She would like to wear the nipple nooses, the ankle and wrist restraints, and leash."

"Jerry, please, don't." Sarah began. The clerk began sorting out the items. She came around the counter to hand the items to Sarah

"Some sluts just need it, I guess. Here you go. The bathroom in is the back of the store. You can't be naked in here, or I could get shut down. If you need any help, just let me know." She ran her hand over Sarah's ass. Sarah was ashamed at how she wished the woman would keep touching her.

Jerry watched with amusement and pride. He could see how turned on Sarah was. "I think she should put on the items she can out here. Look at how turned on she is."

His cock was hard as Sarah began to protest. "You are turned on aren't you?" He watched Sarah hang her head and just nod. "I thought so, you like this. Let's start with the restraints. We will need the padlocks too."

Sarah could do nothing as Jerry began opening packages. The other customers had stopped to stare at the slut in the store. It was a good day to go shopping. This was better than some of their porn movies. This was happening in real time. They whipped out their cell phones.

Sarah just stood there in a mix of emoti

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