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Mandy goes all the way.

. ."

"Sure, it's not serious--none of us are in love with each other--but it'll help us understand how we feel. Horace, you were chanting Matter in the ritual, right? They say Matter goes with Shadow, and you're enough of a guy for me to give you one date, even if you look like a girl now. I'll even be a girl for you. Astra, you can work it out with Perrin which of you is the girl."

"And what will we do on this . . . date?" Horace pronounced the word like it was the name of an exotic poison.

"We're already having a nice romantic dinner, even if it is a little greasy," Merritt explained "When we leave, we can go for a walk under the stars--maybe share a kiss or two--and by the end of the night, we'll know whether we really want to bless each other. If it doesn't feel right, we'll forget all about it, and we'll try to figure out how to get back to normal."

"I'm for it," Perrin said, to Merritt's surprise. "I feel very strange right now, and I'd like to figure out if it's the good kind of strange or the bad kind."

"I'll do it too," Astra added.

"I guess I've got nothing to lose," Horace said.

"All right!" Merritt told them. "Let's begin the date!" She adopted the most seductive voice she could manage. "Horace, you're uh, looking quite handsome today . . ."

-- -- -- --

"You know, I'm genuinely curious whether I can do this," Perrin said.

"It's strange," Astra replied, "but I think it's what the Divine wants. "

Astra had led them back to the clearing where they'd performed the ritual. They all knew they couldn't spend the night in the school dorms. What they hadn't discussed, but were all thinking of, was what they'd spend the night doing.

"I don't really care one way or the other about the Divine," Perrin told him. "I'm just thinking about me. I never thought about . . . you know . . . before. Not even with a girl. It just wasn't something that occurred to me. Now I'm trying not to talk about whether I'm about to do it with a guy, and . . ." Out with it. They'd seen him naked in the literal sense; why not the metaphorical? "I think part of me actually wants it. In the ritual, I felt something new to me, and I'd like to feel it again."

"Perrin . . ." Astra began, then trailed off, at a loss for words.

Perrin turned his gaze. "Merritt, I'd like to ask you to go first, and let me watch. I think it'll help me understand."

Merritt was already removing her robes, no longer bothered by the cold. "Hey, Horace, you know the picture on page twelve of Corrupted Crystal? Let's do that with Astra in place of the hermaphrodite. I'll be the girl in the middle."

Apparently, the picture in Corrupted Crystal involved a girl sucking cock while having her cunt licked. Much more apparently, the exact position was only possible in fiction. Whatever Perrin was looking for, he couldn't find it in this swirl of tongues and other parts, nor in the struggling mass of arms and legs the three collapsed into as they lost their balance.

No, he found it in Merritt's laugh as she emerged from the heap. "Okay, maybe page twelve was a bit much," she said. "How about sixteen?"

In retrospect, Perrin couldn't have found a better group of people to have his first orgy with. Astra looked appropriately beatific as he lay on his back with his robe hitched up, unashamed to do anything for the Divine. Horace was embarrassed at first to sit on Astra's face and let herself be licked, but no doubt she was rationalizing it as some manner of girl-on-girl. Merritt simply smiled as she took Astra's cock in hand, and it was because of her smile that Perrin moved closer when she gestured to him with her free hand. "Sixteen is when the maid joins in on the fun," she told him. "She kneels at the hermaphrodite's side, and he squeezes her breast."

Perrin said nothing as he knelt and lifted Astra's hand, placing it against the front of his robe. For tonight, at least, there were worse things he could be than a she. At least she wasn't the one who had to bear Horace's weight on her head!

The time passed quic

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