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The woman guided her with movements and instructions.

Richard was enthralled with the impromptu entertainment. At first his slave was hesitant. As a slave, giving pleasure had become her sole aim in life, so she soon became enthusiastic. He could tell it wasn't just to get the task completed as quickly as possible. His slave was licking and sucking with enthusiasm.

Watching Sheila in the throws of an orgasm was interesting too. She was an important member of the circuit with good contacts. He courted her approval for his own ends, and she mentored him for the same reason.

Sheila put a hand between her legs and cupped her sex hard. "I needed that," Sheila laughed.

"There's a private function this evening. I'd like to enter your slave, Richard," Sheila casually asked.

Lee Ann was sent away to fetch drinks. She was worried what they had in store for her, but by the time she returned they had completed the arrangements. As a slave she no longer had a say in how or where, or who she was to serve.


Lee Ann didn't like the idea of a wrestling match. It was ladies night at the health club and Sheila had entered her as a slave. Some of the mistresses were wrestling too.

After drawing lots, she was thankfully matched against an older woman, someone she would have a chance of beating. The opponent, May, was an important business woman she knew of, but hadn't met before.

The woman was bigger, though everyone was, for she was only five-four. Lee Ann had been working out at the gym for a few months, and was confident. Although she had a slight build it might be to her advantage, as she hoped to be quicker and more agile than the older woman.

There was a forfeit to be paid by the loser. It was worrying enough to have her trying hard to win. Her Mistress hadn't warned her about the price to be paid for losing. The forfeit was unknown as it would be pulled from a bag after the match. All she knew was that it could be highly embarrassing, humiliating, or just silly.

One slave had to clean a mistress's house at the weekend. A slave told her the girl Judy, would make a thorough job of it. She was so house-proud cleaning was more of an obsession than a duty. Everyone looked at Judy knowing it was an amusing and fitting forfeit.

The drinks flowed, loosening the mistresses up. They became more boisterous and demanding of their slaves.

After the next bout, slave Miranda had to run naked around the block. It was in the dark, but there were still a few people around to stop and stare. It was the fastest half mile she had ever run. Her large breasts bounced around as she stumbled in, out of breath. Everyone cheered and clapped, encouraging her like a champion runner.

Slave Nelly had to strip naked and stand in the gym's window, for passers by to ogle. There were few people around at that time of night; hurrying home, or on their way out to a bar. She stood absolutely still, hoping no one would notice she was a real person. It worked, until a bunch of young guys walked passed. Of course they had to notice her. They made rude gestures and comments through the window.

Having consumed enough wine to fire her courage she played up to them. She started to pose from their suggestions. She bent over, holding her ankles. She was enjoying the exhibition too much, so her mistress grabbed hold of her. She put Nelly over her knee and spanked her. It was in the window, right in front of the guys, who laughed and yelled with delight. The other mistress's pulled them in before the police were called. Eventually the guys got bored and moved on.

After that, Lee Ann felt obliged to carry out the dare, whatever it would be. She too was a little turned on by the exhibition. Not from looking at the naked slaves, but from the humiliating situations they had been placed in. The thought of displaying her naked body so blatantly to strangers, was heating her up.

Like everyone else, she wore a bikini for the wrestling bout.

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