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"Oh, this is lovely," I commented, touching a blue cotton top with a slightly scooped neckline and small ornate buttons running down the front. The neckline and bottom edge of the blouse were trimmed with a touch of matching blue lace.

"Oh, yes," she encouraged, "I think that would look quite nice on you. I'm pretty sure there's a matching skirt over here." She led me to a rack of tiered style skirts that were about knee length. The blue lace trim from the blouse also adorned the bottom edge of the coordinating skirt. "Try this on with the top."

So, I chose a couple size options in each piece, and headed to the dressing room. The outfit was really great, both cute and a little sexy, but still casual rather than formal looking.

When I exited the room with my outfit, the researcher next led me to an area with bras and panties. "Of course you can wear the undergarments that you brought with you, but you are also free to choose something new, if you'd like."

I hesitated a bit. It was no secret that a man would be seeing these items on me, and I recalled that the bra and panties I had packed were pretty plain. "Maybe I should look a little."

After trying on a number of bras, I chose a white one that was both pretty, and relatively comfortable. The bra I picked did have panties that matched, so I picked those up, too. "OK, let's add these."

As it turned out, shoes were no problem. I was informed that my partner and I would both be barefoot for the day.

Finally, it was time for dinner. Afterwards, I was taken to my room for the evening, bringing my notes from earlier and the list they had given me. Rick walked me to my room, explaining that there would be a packet in the room with sleep medication, if I thought it might help me rest better.

After getting settled in my room, I decided that I would "study" for a while, then take the sleeping pill. Otherwise, I knew that I would be tossing and turning all night.

I woke once at about 2AM, moaning a bit as I slowly exited my dream state and became conscious. I had been dreaming about Rick and Sue. Rick and Sue and me, to be exact.

I'd dreamt that we were all together at some kind of party. The music was loud, and the lights were sort of throbbing and irregular.

I was sitting on a small couch, with some type of drink in my hand, moving my shoulders and head a bit in time to the music. Everyone at the party seemed to be laughing and smiling and just generally having a good time.

"Hi, Shea," I heard, and looked up to see Rick and Sue approaching me. Rick sat down on my left side, and Sue on my right.

"Hey! Good to see you two," I said, turning to kiss each of them on the cheek in turn.

"You, too, sweetie," Rick replied. He then leaned close and whispered in my ear, "You look hot tonight!" He eyed my skimpy halter top and tight jeans appreciatively.

I smiled at him and winked. "Wanna dance?" I offered.

Rick and I headed for the dance floor. The song that was playing had a fast beat. I raised my arms, moving my hips and body in time to the beat. Rick danced near me, occasionally coming close enough to briefly grind his hips against my hip or ass.

I could feel his stiff erection as he rocked against me. I responded suggestively, matching his moves at times and prolonging the contact a few extra seconds.

When the song finished, we moved back to the couch. The three of us chatted for several minutes about the party, the hostess, and some of the guests that we knew. Rick's hand was at the small of my back, and Sue had her hands kind of wrapped around my right arm, leaning close and brushing her breasts against me repeatedly.

"Let's get out of here," Sue suggested. "We can go back to my place."

"Sure, that sounds good," I agreed, standing up and grabbing Rick's hand, pulling him up off the couch. The three of us wove our way through the crowd, stopping briefly to say good bye to a few people and thank the hostess.

"We can take my car," Rick suggested.

"You can drive," Sue agree

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