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"Thank you, doctor. I am, in many ways. May I give you a hug?"

"Of course." He accepts her one arm hug. When he straightens, he looks at Caitlin. "She knows I'm still going to bill her, right?" At the look on everyone's faces, excepting Caitlin and Gloria, he begins to laugh.

"Dr. Molina, you and I are going to get along just fine," Gloria tells him with a smile. "Are you married?"

"Si, madam."

"Just as well, I'm awfully fond of my husband over there."

Dr. Molina smiles at her before turning to her family. "I know you've been worried about your mother but she really needs her rest. I'd very much prefer you tell her you love her and then let her sleep."

"May I spend the night?" James asks.

Dr. Molina nods. "I will ask the staff to find you, how do you say, a fold-out bed. I'm afraid that's the best I can do."

"That will be more than sufficient, doctor. Thank you." The men exchange nods and Dr. Molina leaves them alone.

"Can we see it?" Jess asks stepping closer to her mom's bed.

"Always the curious one, eh? Fine by me but don't throw up on the bed," Gloria tells her daughter with a roll of her eyes.

"Here, let me, if you insist." Caitlin steps forward and eases the tape up on one corner of the bandage. James has seen it and neither Jon or Travis care to. Jess hisses. The skin around the tattoo is red and stretched to the point of appearing shiny. In a few places, thick yellow pus oozes from cracks in the skin. "That dark area is the spot that worries me, worries Molina," Caitlin tells her pointing. "They may need to remove that area."

"Don't worry mother, the spot she's pointing to is below the bird. You might have a big hole on the back of your shoulder but your bird will be fine."

"Oh, how nice. And how about this bird, dear?" Gloria flips her daughter off and Jess begins to laugh, then cry again. "I was so scared, mommy," she whispers.

"Well, fortunately for me and my family, I'm an excellent judge of people, which is why I immediately warmed to Dr. Schmidt over there." Gloria is smiling but her face grows serious. "Caitlin, honey, I kid too much. Thank you, honey, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you."

"Mrs. Vandermach, you are quite welcome. Like I said, I can't have one of my newest favorite people out of commission, now can I?"


"I was so afraid today," Jess whispers into Jon's hair. He's lying along her side, head on her chest.

"So, was I. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there to help me."

"I do. You'd have been fine. You're tougher than you think, Jon."

"I don't want to be tough, Jess. I don't want to have to be tough; I hate it."

She answers by kissing the top of his head. He tilts his face to her. Her lips are soft, yet he draws strength from them. She urges him on top of her. He cups her face and she untangles his mop of hair as they kiss. He kisses his way to her breasts and she sighs as his lips find one of her nipples. She wiggles, moving her legs apart. He pulls his hips back. Her hand finds him; she guides him home.

In the suite's other bedroom, separated by the sitting area and small kitchen, Caitlin sits astride her husband, feeling him soften inside her as she tells him again, how much she loves him.


Gloria is sitting up eating breakfast when they arrive. Her arm is still propped on pillows. Caitlin washes her hands and then peels back the dressing.

"How is it looking?"

They turn as Dr. Molina enters the room.

"Sorry, I shouldn't be involving myself," Caitlin tells him, stepping back.

"No harm, Dr. Schmidt, it's hard to let go of a case." He completely removes the bandage. Jess steps closer, to her it looks a hundred times better already. The skin is still red but not as tight and not as shiny. The dark place has a tinge of pink to it. "Nice," he says nodding. "Much better, much. How's the pain?"

"That's better as well," Gloria replies. "I only needed Advil once since last night."


"So, can I go?"

Molina looks at her shaking his head.

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