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Max realizes how hot his mom is.

But she could not end it. It was as if those eyes and that voice had hypnotised her.

" Yes motivation. If they displease me or do not learn well, then they are spanked. If they are intentionally naughty they are caned. If they do not obey me, then they are made to understand that once is enough." He turned to her again with a large smile. "I am very strict. My rules are my rules. It is my house and any girl who joins me will have to accept that."

Stella laughed, she was so nervous, excited and turned on. She looked out over the living room. There were at least two women with cocks in their mouths and their pussies, there was one man with a cock at each end, several more groupings in various combinations and yet none of that was having as much an effect on her as the words of the fully dressed stranger beside her.

"Sex looks ridiculous from the outside, don't you think? It is only when you are part of it that it is wonderful. When did you last orgasm so hard that you screamed? Was it with a partner or alone thinking of Daddy?"

Stella shook her head. He was asking the most intimate of questions as if they were discussing the weather.

He stood up and handed her a business card: "My card, when you stop denying and realise that this is really something you want to know about, call me, all my numbers are on there. But now, I have not had sex in over a week and I am horny, so you will have to excuse me."

Stella was staring at the card. Stuart Bingham Esq.

He put a finger under her chin and raised her eyes to his "I will be waiting, please don't make me wait too long."

He leaned over and kissed her very gently on the lips before turning to walk away.

"But you don't even know my name!"

"I know all I need to know about you Stella."

She watched as he took off his shirt, his chest was broad and he was in good shape, a man who took care of himself but was not obsessive about it.

He turned as if he knew she was watching and looking directly at her, opened the belt of is jeans and then pushed them down his legs. He was not wearing underwear and his cock sprang free. His gaze dared her to look closely at him. She couldn't and dropped her eyes and began to gather her things. She could hear his laughter across the room.

When she trusted her legs enough she stood and went to the door. She could not resist looking back into the sea of people, looking for him. He was standing feeding his cock to a woman but watching her. When their eyes connected, he grabbed the head of the woman and began to face fuck her roughly. Stella got the message: he would do that to her. She watched fascinated, she could not tear her eyes away. A second woman joined the first on her knees in front of him and letting go of the first, he allowed the two women to share his cock, a hand on the back of each of their heads.

Stella got a momentary picture of it being her on the floor in front of him. She was so tempted by the image that she took a step back into the room, towards him.

She was stopped by Tony approaching her: "Isn't this the most wonderful party? I told you it would be great babe. You just gotta relax and go with the flow. And you ain't gonna get fucked will all those clothes on."

He reached out to open her shirt but Stella smacked his hand away.

Stuart had been watching and stepped through the ladies at his feet and was coming over. That was enough to give Stella the impetus to get out the door. She was annoyed that it felt like running away.

When she got home Stella opened a bottle of wine and sat at the kitchen table looking at the card in her hand. She twisted it and turned it, felt the sharp corners. It felt like a connection to him. He had held this so by holding it she was holding him. The thought of holding him brought back images of his cock disappearing into the mouth of that woman.

Stella was a good girl. She had always done what she had been told. In school she did her homework, in university she studied. She helped her Mother keeping the house neat and tidy.

After university

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