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In a contagion, sex and milk define survival.

By the time Amira took the oath of citizenship at the age of nineteen, the young woman was as Canadian as maple syrup...if not more so.

Amira enrolled at the University of Montreal, where she decided to study civil engineering. While studying at the prestigious school, the young woman opted to stay at the dorms on campus instead of living at home. Over the objections of her overprotective parents, Amira chose to get a part-time job so she could pay for her rented spot on the University of Montreal campus. The time had come for Amira to assert her independence...and explore her sexuality.

Finally on her own, Amira began to spread her wings, as they say. There were plenty of gorgeous girls and hunky guys on campus, and Amira knew that she could have her pick of cuties to play with. One of Amira's first experiments involved seducing her roommate Beatrice, a tall, tomboyish, blonde-haired and blue-eyed gal from Prince Edward Island, who had a major crush on her.

Amira had her fun with Beatrice, and for a while, she was thrilled by their budding relationship. Beatrice was kinky, and she was the one who introduced Amira to the world of BDSM. The two young women incorporated a lot of kink into their lovemaking, and Amira's world would never be the same. Everything was wonderful between them, until it wasn't. Amira then dumped her when the butch gal started to get clingy.

Amira's next target was a fine hunk of a man, Hank Everton, a newcomer to the University of Montreal by way of Boston, Massachusetts. Six feet three inches tall, with a muscular build and mahogany-hued skin, Hank was sexy and confident in a way that Canadian men simply weren't. The brother from Boston had that uniquely American charm and swagger. A lot of women on campus wanted Hank. Amira went out and got him.

For a while now, Amira had been fascinated with the world of BDSM. Deep down inside, she'd known she was a dominant all her life, BDSM only served to bring it forth. That's why Amira found it so easy to dominate her former girlfriend and roommate Beatrice, who liked to get spanked and totally thrashed and fucked in spite of her tough butch exterior. Now the time had come for her dominate the male of the species. That's where Hank Everton came in...

"Shut the fuck up and eat my ass," Amira Fattah said, and the tall, curvaceous young Afro-Egyptian woman sat on Hank's face, smothering him with her thick ass. They were on the living room carpet, getting their freak on. As the brother's face got squished under her prodigious posterior, Amira began rocking back and forth, loving the feel of Hank's tongue in her nether regions. Now that's what I like, Amira thought, licking her lips.

"Yes ma'am," Hank managed to squeak, and then he wormed his tongue deep inside Amira's asshole, giving her butt hole a tongue bath. Amira quivered with excitement, pinching her nipple with one hand and rubbing her clitoris with the other. Dominating Hank was turning out to be a lot easier and more fun than Amira could have anticipated. The fine brother from Boston apparently meant it when he told Amira he was down for whatever...

"Hmm, I think I had a bad burrito, Hank, get ready to suck down those mommy farts of mine," Amira cackled, and the next thing Hank knew, she squeezed her thick ass cheeks and cut one loose. As in she farted, right in the brother's face. Hank nearly choked, for Amira's fart was this potent, but he held his own and swallowed it dutifully, pushing himself to please his mistress like a good submissive should.

"Hmm, ma'am, I love your wonderfully toxic fumes," Hank managed to croak, and he coughed a bit. Smiling, Amira rose from her sub's face, and stood up, hands on her hips. Hank looked at her, tantalized by the towering, voluptuous beauty standing above him. She's so high above me and got me so horny, Hank thought, stroking his manhood as Amira flashed him. He noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties in her dominatrix gear, which consisted of a black tank top and black leather miniskirt...

"You want some of this pussy, huh?" Amira de

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