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Jiri and Helen agree to become Euryale's sculptures.

I went to his house one night for a party and we ended up being the only two up at the end of the night. We went outside and sat on his porch for a while. I had a shirt that was low cut on and I could tell he had been admiring my voluptuous mounds all night. He and I had both been drinking that night and it was cold out. He had grabbed a blanket and we were both under it. He reached around and started playing with my right nipple and then my left at the same time. After about 5 minutes he started sucking on the left one at the same time. Oh my, it felt so good. The sexual tension had been building up between us for so long. I couldn't take it anymore so I reached down and slipped my hand down my pants and inside my panties and started playing with my clit. It didn't take long for me to come. Too bad I had to be quiet because people were sleeping on the couch just inside the door.

After that at work we started talking about things happening between us but knew that logistics would get in the way. We both had a bunch of roommates that were always home so it wasn't happening at either of our places. I really wanted to suck his cock and he really wanted to see me masturbate. The tension was getting thicker and thicker every day. It didn't help that because I have roommates I get no alone time, and if I do I don't feel like I can scream like I want to. I love to scream when I come.

Somehow the two of us got stuck on a project together for the day that Friday. It was a ways away so he offered to drive so we could carpool. How convenient! I told him how much I really wanted to be able to let it all out when I came, and he graciously offered his car as my outlet. He said that I could get off while he drove and I could scream all I wanted. That's hot. That day I made sure that I wore a red shirt that he would like and some red lace undies and bra. The excitement building up to Friday was incredible. We talked about it every day that week. On the way to our job site I began running my hand up and down his stick shift. He was jealous, me stroking it up and down and him not getting any. He did like my style, though.

On the way home the tension was thick. I didn't know if I should start things or not...if he was all talk or if he really wanted to see me get off or if he would chicken out. I needed him to make the first move. He mentioned the stick shift and I knew it was on. We got on the freeway and I unzipped my pants. I pulled my bra down below my tits so my nipples were sticking out, and then pulled my shirt down over them. I slipped my right hand down my pants and started playing with my clit. Ohhhhh....it felt so good! I was playing with my nipples at the same time, licking my left one so he could see. It was daylight and there was traffic. Good thing he has tinted windows to block the sun (and potential onlookers!) It was exciting knowing that there were people around me that could possibly see that I was playing with my nipples and my clit. He reached over and started playing with my left nipple and I ran my hand up his leg to his balls and then his shaft through his pants. He started breathing heavy with me. It wasn't long before I came....and LOUD!

He was REALLY horny. I could see the bulge in his pants. He pulled off at the next exit and onto the side street. He pulled his big cock out and I started to stroke it. We pulled into an alley so he could get off. He started stroking it and then looked at me with desire and I knew what he wanted. "Suck it?" I asked. He said "uh huh" and my mouth was on it in seconds. Giving head is one of my favorite things to go so I was really into it. I looked up at him with my big brown eyes so I can see his face while he watched me licking his shaft. It didn't take him long to come. I sucked it all in and swallowed it.

I found out that he is a big ass man as well -- not to look at but to do.

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