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Some new blood is added to the fun.

Now this is happening, and I have no clue what to do. Part of me is glad over the discovery; I am not alone in this supernatural business. But will we be able to handle this? I hope to God that we will.

Gabriel closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Maybe when things cool down, I can try again. I can't imagine my life with any other woman. I want Gracie as my wife, now and forever.

Yukio cleared his throat, and Gabriel opened his eyes. He saw that the corners of the old man's mouth were turned upward. Whether he was smiling or smirking, Gabriel wasn't sure which. They heard light footsteps approaching the living room, and Yukio gave him a quick wink. "We'll discuss this later. Privately."

Gabriel nodded to Yukio just before Grace entered the living room. She walked over to where Yukio was sitting and he held his hand out to her. She took it without hesitation, and Yukio pulled her to the couch to sit next to him.

Gabriel sat in an armchair across from Grace and Yukio, anticipation racing through his veins. Grace felt the same way. She felt as if she was standing on the edge of a cliff; her senses were heightened, her body tense. Release me, Grandfather. Tell me.

The old man looked directly at Grace and began. "It has been said that the Dragons of Light have been on this earth since the beginning of time, forged by fire..."

Grace's eyes widened as she listened to her grandfather's words, breathlessly waiting for him to continue. Gabriel's eyes flicked between Grace and Yukio. Grace had inched closer to her grandfather, and Gabriel noted that Yukio's fingers were clutching one of the pillows on the sofa tightly.

"Warriors who fought for many centuries in defense of everything that was fine and just, scholars who used their minds as effectively and sharply as any sword to defeat their adversaries and those of God, human beings who used their supernatural gifts to help others in need as well as to aid in their quests. These were the Dragons of Light... and they were all women."

Grace felt a surge of pride at her grandfather's statement. Well I'll be damned. It's nice to know that women had at least some power in Japan back then. And they were my ancestors, she reflected in awe.

Yukio cleared his throat, and Grace gave her attention back to him.

"The Dragons were very powerful and influential, yet very secret. They concealed the fact that they were female in order to safeguard their reputations, their possessions, and to prevent any unwarranted trouble from outsiders. They fought admirably in the face of fierce foes, whether feuding clans of Japan or dangerous otherworldly beings, and they never gave up on their principles..."

Yukio trailed off, remembering that there was a case where the Dragon's code was forsaken. Ignored completely. Wasted.

He looked at Grace and he saw the wonder in her eyes. That incident was the origin of this whole twisted game in which we are now pawns. God help us, the ones that must pay for the actions of long ago. Yukio's eyes remained fixed on his granddaughter. God help her.

Grace tilted her head to the side when she realized that Yukio had stopped. She glanced at Gabriel. He appeared to be as eager to hear more as she was. Grace touched her grandfather on the shoulder.

"Grandfather, how is the role of Dragon passed from generation to generation? In societies such as this, I thought that..."

She broke off her sentence, wondering what she should share. She remembered that Takeo had leaked the information on the ride to the house without Yukio's knowledge.

I wouldn't want Grandfather to be angry with Uncle Takeo for his giving us a "sneak peek" of what I was going to be told. I also don't think that it would be a good idea to say anything to suggest that I've encountered anything like this before, at least not yet.

Grace looked around the living room. What should I say? Think carefully, girl... got it!

Grace started again.

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