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Sydney sees the landlady, gets kidnapped, and meets a god.

I swam the full length of the pool underwater, and when I broke the surface on the far end, she had arrived.

I knew her name was Kara from a conversation in the laundry room once when I was fortunate enough to bump into her. I knew she lived in my building, and I knew she attended the same university classes as me, but on different days. Today, I knew was her pool day. Some might call it stalking; I like to think of it as careful planning.

She spread her towel out on the lounger next to mine that would afford her the most sun, and quickly stripped out of her shorts and t-shirt. Kara had quite the bikini collection. I had seen her before in a white with blue pinstripes bikini, and last week she wore a metallic gold one. I remember how it shimmered in the sun every time she moved. Today was a stunning deep green two piece that offset her auburn hair. The triangular top held up her ample breasts (but still allowed plenty of play) and the bottoms were cut high on her hips and plunged low in the front. She turned away, and I could see just the hint of her butt peeking out above the elastic. When she looked back around, she noticed me in the water, and gave a smile and a wave, which I returned. Then she settled in to sun worship.

I made a few laps of the pool, making sure to draw attention to myself whenever I was on her end. Finally, when I could wait no longer, I hoisted myself up out of the pool via the ladder, and began the slow walk around the deck toward my chair. The ladder was farther away than the steps, but I wanted to give her the opportunity to see.

I know this sounds vain, but damn I was impressive. I slicked my hair back and water streamed down off my body, over my chest and down across my stomach, drawing attention to the bulge in my thong. It beaded up on my bare ass and reflected the sun in the droplets as I padded my way slowly across the deck. She watched me approach, and even behind her sunglasses I knew her eyes were following me every step of the way.

"Hello." I said.

"Hi. Nice suit."

"Thanks. I like yours too."

"Oh, well, mine's not quite as revealing."

I became instantly aware I was not displaying a bulge up front, but a raging hard on. My cock was standing up and out from my body, and the form fitting Lycra suit pouch had molded itself to me. Every throbbing vein was visible. I was so hard; the thong was actually pulling away from my body. If she had been standing instead of sitting, she easily would have seen all of me just by looking down.

I was about to stammer something, when the tie string sides betrayed me. Wet, then loosed by my vigorous lap swimming, the knots were pulled to the breaking point by my erection. I felt the right one slip and give way, but couldn't move fast enough to prevent the thong from falling off. There I stood, with my dick out, my thong half on and half off.

Kara, without missing a beat or acting surprised or shocked, said, "Wow. You better put some lotion on that thing before it burns in the sun." Humiliated, I stammered an apology and tried to string back up. "You don't have to put it away." She said, sitting up. "But I was serious about the lotion." She held out her bottle to my right hand, offering a squirt. I had no choice but to let go of the strings I was trying to re-tie in vain and accept her offering. "Now," she said, sitting back in her chair again, her full attention on me, "rub that in nice and good."

My dick was burning from the attention, and the first touch of the cool lotion caused a twitch of pleasure to run between my legs. I started to dab the lotion on. "No, rub it in." She repeated. "Nice and good. I'm sure you know how."

I reversed my hand and began smearing the white lotion all over my dick, then cupped my hand to rub it in, effectively masturbating in front of her.

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