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" A moment later, I told the computer to re-establish the gravity field. "Not bad, Tank. That might come in handy some day."

"So... what else are we gonna do for the next two-and-a-half days?" Leviathan asked. "I mean, watching Tank walk around in zero-g is cool an' all, but that'll get boring real fast."

"You can always study your duty station," Aventine said evenly. "If you're going to be running Operations, which includes operating the transporters, I'd feel a hell of a lot safer if you actually knew what the hell you were doing."

"I could do that," Leviathan agreed readily, "or I could go to the Holosuite and check that out for a few hours. Marie, we've got two days to get ready to take on The Horde. Do you really want to spend all of that time studying? I mean, yeah, I'm not the Trek fan that NightShade is, but dude, check it out! We're in outer space!"

"Which reminds me," I said seriously. "We are in space. Using certain abilities is proscribed, especially on this ship. Flying is out. So is playing with gravity, Tank. And, Tommy, I'm sorry, but you can not phase your body out here. It'd mean certain death if you do."

"Whoa," Leviathan countered. "Don't you think death is a pretty serious punishment, Boss?"

I scowled at him. "Death is the quickest, surest punishment for stupidity and it keeps leaders from getting their hands dirty. No, you moron, I wouldn't be punishing you. The laws of men get broken all the time, but we all are beholden to the laws of physics. Phasing while aboard a starship will get you killed, Tommy."

"How in the hell can you know that?" he asked. "It's not like history's riddled with incidents where people were killed by phasing in space."

I closed my eyes, counted to ten and took a deep breath. "Listen very carefully, Tommy, because telling you that phasing will get you killed isn't making a big enough impression on you, so I'm gonna have to spell it out for you. All four of us would be flat as pancakes right now if it wasn't for three very important components of this ship. The Structural Integrity Field, the Inertial Dampening Field and the Anti-Gravity Field are the only things that are keeping us from getting squashed like bugs."

"What does that have to do with my ability to phase?"

I reached into my bag of spheres and withdrew two. The first one I morphed into an egg-like object that was filled with simple motor oil. The second one I turned into a transparent box which formed around the "egg." Using my telekinesis, I positioned both in mid-air, with the egg floating freely inside the box. "The spherical object is like an egg. That's represents a human body. The clear box represents the ship. Right now, both the egg and the box are moving at the same speed. Tracking?" Tommy nodded that he understood so far. "Okay, so the holy trinity of space-travel, the SIF, IDF and AGF, keep the egg moving right along with the box. Each component is calibrated so that it keeps track of any object with more than 10 microns per million, meaning every segment of matter that could contain a million microns, or atoms if you prefer, but has only ten measurable microns. Think of it like measuring atoms in a square-inch scale, but it's actually a lot smaller than that. Anyway... the holy trinity keeps anything with ten microns or more per million moving at the same consistent speed as the ship. Now, let's say that the holy trinity, for some reason, fails catastrophically." I then telekinetically moved the box very quickly to my left while leaving the egg alone. The egg exploded against the wall of the box, making a very ugly mess. "Goodbye, egg."

"Okay," Leviathan said, "but what does that have to do with me?"

Tank chuckled.

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