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Brad and Val continue their incest adventures, wife watching.

She was wearing a short skirt (as usual) that day, so it wouldn't be difficult for him. As he looked up, he got a clear view of her ass. Almost involuntarily, his hands slid up her thigh and felt the brown crack between her ass cheeks.

"Mmm, darling! Why are you doing this to me?"

"But isn't that what you want? I saw you looking at us the other day.", She replied.

"But baby, I am your dad."

"So? I love you. And you love me. Isn't that what matters finally?", she shot back.

He moaned and pulled down his shorts. His penis had already made a big tent in the front. Sapna took hold of his penis and pulled it inside her soft wet mouth. He groaned even more now.

His lovely daughter cupped his balls and began to lick the entire length of his penis. Slowly as he reached the peak, she would squeeze his balls gently and he would come down to earth. Then she would take him back to heaven by sucking on his penis shamelessly.

Then she did something almost unthinkable. She took a bottle of chilled Moet and Chandon and McDonald's Hot chocolate fudge from the freezer. First she opened the bottle of wine and popped it all over daddy's stomach. Then in small circles, my sister slowly licked it off him while her breasts rubbed against his hairy stomach.

Then my sister smeared her dad's penis with dark chocolate.

Sapna deliberately made this process long and slow. She wanted him in agony, I could see that. And she liked the power she had over him. Then she repeated the process till his shaft was dripping with ice cream, champagne and pre-cum. When he was almost on the verge, Sapna plunged his knob into the tub full of ice cream and made him make love to it till he begged for mercy. Then she sat on top of dad and slid her pussy on his shaft. Up and down she went as his back arched to meet her vagina. His balls slapped against Sapna's back in a dull tattoo while his hands kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples.

"Harder! Harder.", he begged. She bent down and bit him hard leaving trails of teeth marks on his torso. Then she emptied the rest of champagne on her breasts, as he leaned forward to lick it off. Then when he couldn't bear it anymore, he let himself go, and emptied his come inside my darling sister.

He came in gallons. When the come started dribbling outside her, she leapt off him, and took him in his mouth. He shot the rest of the load inside my sister's mouth. She took all of it calmly, and then walked to where I was standing. Slowly, we French kissed as she passed on dear daddy's come to me. It was sour-salty and the first time I tasted daddy's come.

When I first tasted Daddy's cum, it felt nice. And from that day, I knew I would be a cum drinker for life. Sounds funny, doesn't it? But from that day onwards, I have never wasted a drop of my daddy's precious cum.

As you all will realise lots of things happened then between dad, Sapna and I. I am 22 now. And we began our relationship when I was just over 18 and Sapna was 22. So all that I narrate has happened in these four years. I am just telling you the salient features of our relationship.

By this time, we were comfortable enough in each other's naked presence. So, when were using the loo, we wouldn't bother to lock the door. Or if Sapna was taking a bath, dad would go in and soap her back. Usually it ended in them having sex. Dad was quite circumspect with me though. Maybe it was because I wasn't too forthcoming in responding to his advances.

But then one evening, dad really surprised me.

I was sitting on the pot, when he burst into the loo. To be honest, he did look embarrassed. He said, "Angel, I need to take a leak quickly."

I answered back calmly, "So why don't you use the other loo?"

"That one isn't working. There's something wrong with the flush there." he answered impatiently.

"Well," I answered archly, "you'll have to adjust yourself in here then.

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