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Conclusion; the Iron Crowbar takes on The Slender Man.

I had never had a lesbian or bi-sexual encounter, but the thought didn't gross me out. I actually was wanting to experience it. Her eyes met mine and somehow she seemed to understand and began swaying more provocatively as she ran her hands over her breasts and down her sides. Her eyes seemed to invite me over and slowly and I began to make my way over to the other side of the dance floor. As I made my way over to her, the world seemed to fade away. It was just me and her and the music. We began dancing with each other, our bodies pressed close to each other and our breasts rubbing each others. Her hands covered my ass as our bodies were grinding to the beat of the music. She whispered in my ear that her apartment was nearby and asked if I wanted to go and I immediately said yes. She then led me off of the dance floor and we quickly made our way to her apartment that was just a few blocks from the bar.

After we entered her apartment, we had some wine and sat down on the couch. We began to kiss each other and I could feel the passion and lust building up. Her hands moved to my tits and fondled them roughly. I moaned as my nipples became hard. I could start to feel my pussy becoming juicy as our kisses became deeper. Her hands roamed all over my body and we then laid down on the couch and our bodies became entwined with each other. We began grinding our pussies together as our tongues battled with each other. She began kissing my neck and began moving down to my pussy that was pulsing and dripping with anticipation.

She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off and onto the floor next to us. She massaged my breasts through my bra, teasing my nipples into hard peaks. She then began sucking my nipples through my bra, flicking my nipples with her tongue, alternating one breast and then the other. My body arched against her wanting more. She reached around me and unhooked my bra, letting my tits fall free and smiled at me, taking each tit in her mouth before she began kissing down my stomach, stopping at the hemline of my skirt. She looked up at me as she lifted my skirt up, drawing it up over my knees, up past my thighs exposing my black lace boy short panties. She started out by rubbing her hand over my pussy and slowly pulling my panties down and tossing them onto the floor by my shirt and bra.

I shivered as I felt her soft hands exploring my shaved pussy. Her fingers slid up and down my slit and rubbed my hard clit and slowly dipped into my tight sheath. She moved down the couch and lowered her head to my dripping sex and slowly began to lick me. She started out at my clit, swirling her tongue in tight circles, flicking my hard nub making me moan with pleasure. She then licked me up and down my slit, my juices running down all over her face and the couch. I involuntarily ground my hips into her face and she wrapped her arms around me, holding me still as she ate my pussy. She then slid 2 fingers into me as she licked and sucked my clit. I was close to cumming. I could feel my orgasm building as she fingered me. My body began tightening up and my hips rocked against her hand and her face as I started to cum. My orgasm burst through my body with the force of ten thousand lightening bolts sending electric shocks racing through my veins. My pussy twitched and I slowly began to regain my breath as my orgasm subsided.

The sexy girl whose name I didn't even know then came back up and we began to kiss passionately as I tasted the muskiness of my pussy juice all over her sexy lips.

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