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Janet and Victoria talk while they work.

The fact that I would be sucking two nipples that I had never seen nearly made me come, just imagining it.

"But to make it a bit more challenging, we'll need to distract you a little. We'll stroke your horse until you are near orgasm, then tickle it with a feather during the contest. That way you'll need to discipline your mind to focus on the test, and not think about your aching cock." Judy was a master teaser!

I felt Judy nestle between my legs, forcing them wide apart. One hand grasped my balls and pulled them firmly down and away from my body. The other gripped my cock at mid-shaft and slowly stroked up and down. I heard Judy coaching Bonnie about how to tell when orgasm was about to begin by feeling my balls draw up, the base of my cock hardening, and watching the swelling and reddening of the helmet. She demonstrated how to grip balls while hooking a finger over the base of the cock with one hand, gripping tightly, while stroking with the other hand.

Judy demonstrated first, gripping almost hard enough to hurt while stroking slowly. After less than a minute of this treatment I felt I would come soon - I didn't want to get stopped on the edge, so voiced my warning.

"Ah, you're trying to escape too quickly! I think you've got a few more pumps in you before you come," said Judy, slowing her stroke and tightening her grip. Just as I felt semen begin to move, she stopped stroking abruptly, but kept her firm grip on my balls.

"Aaarrggh," I groaned, stifling my voice as much as possible. My back arched with tension. My helpless engorged cock felt like it would explode.

"See?" Judy asked Bonnie. "You can get him just on the edge of orgasm and stop just in time. Now, THAT'S power! Wanna try?"

"Oh, yes!" I heard Bonnie agree, eagerly.

Now Bonnie nestled between my legs and assumed the position that Judy had demonstrated. I took a deep breath and resigned myself to suffer the velvet torture being administered by these women with as much dignity as I could muster. I visualized them, topless, although I hadn't yet been able to see their breasts.

Bonnie proceeded to bring me close to orgasm, just as Judy had. I heard Judy coaching her in the finer points of this tease-torture. Again, just as I felt my semen beginning to enter my cock, she stopped, took her hand away from my pulsing cock but firmly gripping my balls with the other.

"This is amazing," exclaimed Bonnie. "I've never imagined having such total control over a man's orgasm." Her voice sounded wistful, and I wondered how dominated she felt in her marriage.

"OK, I think he's ready for the next contest," Judy said. "Again, which nipple matches nipple number one? You are permitted to lick and suck them this time."

For the next couple of minutes my mouth enjoyed four nipples, one after the other. I licked, sucked, and lightly bit each one, taking them deeply into my mouth, feeling the texture and firmness of their breasts, trying to gather evidence about which two belonged to the same woman. But my concentration was interrupted by a feather being lightly brushed up and down the underside of my throbbing cock, which had twice been halted on the very brink of spurting. When the feather brushed over the super-sensitive spot just beneath the underside of my helmet, my straining cock twitched uncontrollably. I tried to ignore it and concentrate on the nipple contest, but had great difficulty. If I failed this test by guessing wrong, and was not permitted to see the nipples I had been sucking, I would be severely disappointed. But I was pretty sure I had the right answer.

"OK, Ben, what is your answer?" Judy asked after the last nipple was removed from my mouth.

"Number four matches number one," I replied confidently.

"Oh, too bad, Ben," Judy replied, feigning sympathy. I guess you won't get to see our breasts. I'll take off your blindfold as soon as we put our tops back on.

I was crushed.

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