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I didn't really want to, but here was the stark choice before me: was I going to accept her revenge as my due, and save our marriage, or was I going to get pissed off and throw away whatever we had left. In the end, I stepped into the shower with her.

Gail and I normally slept naked anyway, so there was nothing different when we slipped between the sheets. In a king-sized bed, two people can easily sleep without touching each other, but Gail slid over to put her head on my shoulder, her left hand on my chest, and cuddle. Normally, this was her hint that she wanted to make love, but I wasn't taking it. Finally, she whispered, "Rob, make love to me."

"What's the point?" I asked her.

"The point is that we still love each other, and I need you to make love to me. And you need it, too."

Well, Gail was insistent, and I succumbed to her advances. I thought that I could get over what had happened earlier, and this was a part of that.

Making love with Gail was as wonderful as ever. She was soft and sweet and responsive, in the way only long term lovers, who know each other so well, can be. After it was over, I wanted to raise the issue of her 'scheduled' trysts with the other three guys, but wasn't sure how to do it. Technically, yeah, she was right: I had screwed their wives, so I couldn't say anything about them screwing mine.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

I had tossed and turned for half the night, before finally passing out from sheer exhaustion. Gail, on the other hand fell asleep quickly after we'd made love. She had been as responsive as ever, despite the earlier events of yesterday, and seemed to be sleeping as peacefully as anyone ever can. When I woke up, it was to Gail, back in that shortie robe, bringing me breakfast in bed.

What the fuck? Was she feeling guilty, feeling remorseful, about yesterday? I had a zillion questions, but didn't know how to bring up any of them. As far as I could tell, she still wanted to stay married to me, and had said as much, but the knife-edge in her voice yesterday had let me know that she wasn't going to put up with any more of my shit.

Of course, the other side of that was, was I going to put up with her shit in this? She had fucked two guys, in front of me, with me shackled in, and had promised to screw three others before her revenge was done. Then, after all of that, she expected us to go right back to faithful married life, like nothing had ever happened.
No, not like nothing had ever happened. This was both punishment and a warning for me: if I strayed again, she'd have me by the balls, and with 19__ years in the service, I couldn't do anything to fuck up now.

After breakfast, I got up and took my shower; Gail had taken hers before she'd made breakfast. While she cleaned up in the kitchen, I went outside to assess the lawn. With spring just around the corner, here in southeastern Virginia, the grass was already starting to grow. It was only growing in patches so far, and that made the yard look shabbier than it should. I'd have to cut the grass soon, but it was still too wet from dew to do now. I picked up a couple of sticks that had dropped from the red sunset maple tree, and a beer can that some asshole had thrown into my yard.

"I've got to go to the BX and get groceries this morning," Gail announced as I walked back inside. She was still all sweetness and light, but it was clear, without any direct words being said, that she expected me to go with her.

We took her car, a 2012 Buick Verano, which is a really decent car for a GM, and has a large trunk, good for groceries, better than my F-150, really.

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