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Is she only wearing the towel? Charlotte's member twitched in response. "I suppose."

"What's it like?"

"What's what like?"

"You know." Kate gestured to her crotch. The thing.

Oh that. Did she come her just so she could watch 3Cs? "Having a dick?"

Kate blushed, "Yeah."

Charlotte sat up suddenly interested in this conversation. "It's no different then anything else. (Sorta) I could ask you what it's like to have just a pussy... Do you want to see it?"

"No, that's okay, I just won...dered..." It was already too late. Charlotte had stood up and dropped her towel. Her cock bulged proudly out of her swimsuit. The semi flaccid length curving down over her large balls. Her entire package barely contained by the bottoms. "...Oh."

Charlotte was standing before Kate now, her unit just inches from the stunned blonde. "Touch it."

It was not a request, but Kate complied nonetheless. Her hands tentatively reached out towards the bound gonads. Her fingers delicately poked the fabric bound cock. It was as if such a thing couldn't exist, and her mind was trying to decide if the dick was real. Charlotte let out a soft moan as Kate continued to prod her member. "Let me get out of this."

A few tugs later her swimsuit, a blue monokini, fell onto the floor, revealing Charlotte in her naked glory. She was a stunning example of beauty, in fact her figure closely rivaled that of Kate, yet Kate didn't take in any of that. Instead her eyes were firmly fixated on the shaft in front of her. Semi flaccid, it barely reached past Charlotte's balls; thick veins crisscrossed the length. They pulsed with the beating of her heart; pumping blood and engorging it to full erection.

Kate's hands leapt to the cock; thoroughly inspecting it with her digits. Not a single detail was missed, and she went forwards to the balls. Charlotte wasn't the biggest 3C out there, she had heard that Molly Quinn was currently the largest at over 2 feet long, yet her 13 inch shaft had no problem pleasing the ladies she bed. Moreover, her testicles came in around the size of plums; no issues there regarding her output either. Charlotte grinned as Kate fondled her sack. Kate was a shaft girl. That much was obvious.

There were two categories of women in her mind. Shaft girls and sack girls. Shaft girls were about the pussy pleasing powers of a penis. Sack girls were fans of the baby making potential of the unit. Based on Kate's focus, it was obvious she wanted a good fuck. She has to earn it though. "Suck it."

Tentatively, Kate leaned forward and licked the dick. Her tongue scraped along the smooth head, shooting sparks of pleasure into Charlotte. Yet, the 3C was not content with just a blow job; she wanted the entire package. Charlotte pushed Kate back, turning her as she went until the blonde was flat on the bench. With but a tug, the towel fell away leaving Kate in her nude glory. The 3C was seeing every teen boys' fantasy in the nude, and she was every bit as spectacular as expected.

Charlotte mounted Kate, her butt resting on Kate's stomach as her cock whacked into her rival's chest with a thud. Kate didn't need to be told what to do. She pressed those double Ds together creating a cavern of cleavage. Charlotte began rocking herself back and forth, titfucking the model. Her cock easily punched through her tits; the thick rod practically clubbing Kate on the chin with every stroke. "Lick it."

Kate managed to tilt her head around so the massive member was as her lips.

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