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A woman, her lover, and her lover's daughter.

Since you haven't had much to eat, and it's almost 3:30, why don't we have our main meal now? It won't take long. Everything is ready to put on the grill and it will only take me a few minutes to put together a salad. Let's get out of our wet things"

"I am famished", said Karen, "great idea". They both quickly changed. He into some shorts and a T-shirt, she also into shorts, and a T w. no bra. Her nipples clearly showed, having become slightly swollen and erect by her wet and cold swim top.

"I'll do the salad while you crank up grill. I'll also open the wine. Doing wine is my specialty"

Dinner was a feast. Kebabs w. lamb, chicken, onions etc. Nan was also served.

"It will be sunset in 45 minutes. I want to take you to my favorite spot in Newport Beach where we can buy a drink and watch the sunset. You'd better take a sweater or jacket since it gets cool in the evening." They both changed. G into slacks and a sport shirt, Karen into a moderately short skirt, revealing blouse - and while she did wear a bra, left her panties behind.

They held hands as they walked along the beach. As the sun touched the water, he gave her a passionate kiss. "Let's go to that seafood bar up on the highway near where we parked. Altho it's too early for the live music they have, they will be serving the best margaritas in town." He put his arm around her shoulders as protection against the cool breeze that suddenly came up w. the sun's disappearance.

They each had a drink. Before they knew it they had had another round of drinks and it was now after 8PM. "I forgot, they only have music on the weekends. We can go back to my place and make some of our own." Karen was mildly surprised at G's sense of humor. She somehow had thought him of almost being too serious.

When they got back to G's place he put on some jazz, the type you can dance to. As G turned around after programming his i-pod to play the music he wanted thru the sound system, Karen said "Time to boogie!"

"I'm not a good dancer", G protested. "It will come naturally. Put your right arm around my waist and just imitate my movements." G had obviously underestimated his abilities. His body melded into hers as though they were one unit. Before the end of the first cut she could feel the outline of his penis pressing against her pelvic bone. As that song ended, she wriggled her hips and did a twirl, her airborne skirt exposing much of her bare ass.

"I'm going to slip into something more comfortable", G said. "Pour us a glass of something while I change. Meantime, you can take off those leather boots and make yourself at home."

G had put on a great looking silk robe and was laying on his back on the sofa when Karen returned with some drinks. She sat on the floor in front of him. He sat up and began massaging her neck and shoulders. After a few minutes she turned and commanded "Lay on your back. I'm going to rub your tummy the way I do my dog. He likes it and you will as well." As G began to lay back, his robe parted enough to give her access to his chest and tummy. . Using circular motions she began to sensuously rub his chest and then his tummy. The lack of body hair in these areas almost immediately began to arouse her sexual urges. G simply closed his eyes as she worked her magic. Karen was on her knees. She then pulled over a cushioned foot stool to sit on, which gave her both a better view and more leverage. As she reached the lower part of his tummy, she saw he was wearing matching silk boxers. Like most boxers, these had a large fly opening. She could see his penis was quite erect, having easily found its way thru the fly. She could also see some of his jet black pubic hair that also protruded through the fly.

G's cock was pointed almost straight up, perpendicular to his body.

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