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Charles and Charlene cut a wide swath through the crowd.

It was obvious from the stains on the wall and floor that it was an active place. I took a seat and waited to see if anything happened. After about five minutes I heard a car pull up. The driver got out and opened door to the stall next to mine. He hesitated at the hole a bit. I didn't know if he was getting ready to bolt or just checking to see if someone were on the other side.

I heard his belt and zipper opening and soon he sat on the stool next to mine. I had my semi-hard cock hidden just in case he was not here to play. I watched him through the small hole. When he finished peeing it looked as if he were shaking off the excess but it was taking quite a few more shakes than normal.

I realized that he was working on getting his dick hard but trying not to show his dick yet just in case.

I didn't really know what to do so I pulled up my semi-hard dick and started to openly stroke it. It was soon fully hard and 6.5 inches long. I was jacking off in slow, deliberate stokes. I knew he was watching me. I could see his hand moving between his legs but couldn't see his dick. In a moment he put his hand to the hole and indicated I should put my hard cock through.

I stood up and let my shorts fall to the ground. I move my dick to the little window and put it through. I thought for a moment that I have no idea what will happen next. Will he suck me, jack me off or cut off my cock?

Within a second I felt his hand wrap around my penis. He was lightly rubbing my shaft with one hand and lifting my balls with the other. It felt incredible. I knew between the horniness I was feeling and the fact that this was so forbidden, I wouldn't last long.

He stopped rubbing my cock and pushed his own through the hole. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The fact that it was a live, hard cock presented for me to pleasure was one thing but this dick was so small; much smaller than I expected. It was about the size of my thumb in both length and girth.

I was a bit disappointed at first. I had expected a big, cut cock; at least the same size as mine and here I have a rather small dick to play with instead. I began to rub it between my fingers. I loved the feel of the soft skin surrounding the hard shaft. I reached down and took his balls in my left hand. They were rather large; Much larger than mine in fact.

As I played with this dick my disappointment melted away. I realized that with the smaller size I can try some things I have read about on the web and see how they feel.

I put my dick next to his and wrapped my hand around both. I began to jack up both off. I was leaning back so that I could see clearly what was happening. The visual stimulation was as great as the physical. Soon I had picked up the pace and was jacking us off at full speed.

In a moment he pulled back through the hole. I feared I had done something wrong but when his hand reached back to my cock I knew I had not. He pulled me closer to the hole and I saw part of his face and mouth for the first time.

He was clean shaven and kind of chubby in the face. He opened his mouth and I put my dick inside. I leaded forward so that my tummy was against the wall and my whole cock was at his disposal. Damn! He was a great cock sucker! He had done this before I knew. He took my whole dick in his mouth and sucked hard. At the same time he was rubbing the space between my balls and asshole. MMm I was in heaven.

I knew I would be cumming soon if he kept it up. I pulled back and said "I am going to cum baby." He said "Good. Cum in my mouth." And he opened his mouth fully.

I began to fuck that face and felt the sensation of cum shooting up from the balls he was rubbing, through the shaft he was sucking and into his warm wet mouth. Mmmmm I loved it! I shot cum for a very long time it felt.

When I finished shooting I knew I needed him to cum in my mouth too. I dropped to my knees and said "Please cum in my mouth too!"

He must have liked hearing that.

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