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The Invitation.

Amy jumped off the bed, screaming. She grabbed my hair and pulled - it hurt like hell. I went for her hair, bunching it in my fist, making her squeal. With my other hand I tried to twist her fingers out of my hair, and she did the same. I don't know how long we struggled in this position, arms locked, snarling, cursing, faces inches from each other. She kept pushing against me, her bare breasts rubbing against mine. I could smell sex in the room, the smell was coming off her body. Maybe I went a little crazy. Maybe I was getting excited. Maybe. But she was the one who started the kiss. She was the one who stuck her tongue in my mouth.

It was a shock. One moment she was pulling my hair, the next her lips were melting against mine, and I was still angry with her, even as our tongues slid together. What the hell was going on? I had never kissed a girl before. Now I was kissing my sister. My sister! This was deeply, deeply perverted.

I had never been more excited in my life.

God, I think I was coming as we kissed, my knees were shaking, I couldn't get enough breath. I felt out of control, I couldn't believe what was happening. She pushed her hands up my shirt, I ran my hands over her body. A twisted desire was building inside me, it was unstoppable. I was frantic. I was out of my mind. I pushed her back onto the bed, she opened her legs, and I put my mouth to her pussy.

I attacked her with my tongue. She screamed, I wanted her to scream, I wanted to drive her insane, like she drove me insane. I wrapped my arms around her legs, she pushed my face into her pussy. I couldn't believe how she tasted. She bucked on the bed, gasping, pleading; I kept licking, I don't know how long, I couldn't stop. I learned how to drive her wild. She screamed, I licked faster. She screamed louder, I went faster, deeper. Suddenly she was silent, thrashing, shaking on the bed; I held on, slowed down, ran my tongue over her pussy as she came. I thought she would never stop, hips thrusting, pussy gushing, it was dripping off my chin. She caught her breath, body twitching, my tongue inside her. She moaned as I licked her clean.

I couldn't stand it, I needed her to lick me. I sat up and lifted off my shirt, Amy tore off my jeans. My panties were soaked, I threw them to the floor. I leaned back on the bed and my sister was between my legs. Oh God, her mouth on my pussy. Her tongue found my clit. She slipped in her fingers. How could it be so good? How could we do this? Oh God, I was coming. She kept licking, the orgasms wouldn't stop. She pushed her fingers deeper, I couldn't breath. My body shook, wave after wave. She didn't let up, her tongue faster and faster. I lost control of my body. I lost my mind. My sister! I screamed, exploded. I hate her! Oh God! I love her. My sister. Her mouth on my pussy. Lapping me up. It was so good. I couldn't believe it. Oh God, I couldn't believe it.

Afterwards we were two soaked bodies, a tangle of arms and legs, her face against my neck. I couldn't move. Thoughts came slowly. What just happened? It was like a dream. Did it make sense? No, it didn't make any sense. She was my sister. Sex with my sister. Unbelievable sex with my sister. How sick was that? They'd lock us away if they found out. But it was amazing. Sick and amazing. What were we going to do? How was this going to work? How do we live the rest of our lives?

"What do we do now?" I whispered.

She nuzzled my ear. "We can do it again," she said.

"That's not what I meant," I said. But I wanted to do it again too; I wanted to feel her tongue on my pussy, I wanted to taste her again. I wanted to think about things first. "We have to figure out what to do," I told her. "And we have to make sure nobody finds out."

"Well, duh. Do you think I want everyone to know I'm fucking my sister?"

"I can just imagine you telling your friends, some night when you're drunk."

She sat up. "How stupid do you think I am?" she said, sounding angry. I thought we were going to start another fight - and then we were kissing again.

Now I unders

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