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I make my wife's fantasy come true.

Torrie had a tanned complexion and brown hair and was an inch shorter than Kerry, but about the same weight and was perhaps a C cup. They were a very attractive couple. And in fact the four of us looked good together and anyone walking in would have thought, from the level of banter, that we were long standing neighbours.

The conversation flowed and it was decided at the end of the night that we should get together again next weekend at our place and see what happens. They had agreed to our rules that there would be no swapping of partners for intercourse. We guys would get to watch and touch a little but that was all. This was a fantasy both women wanted and we were lucky to be even in the room as spectators.

Each day ticked by slowly. My anticipation was building. Kerry seemed nervous so we talked little about it as if it wasn't even happening. Finally Saturday came and as if in a dream I heard the doorbell and there was Fred and Torrie, a nice bottle of red in hand, big smiles on their faces. The nervousness was there and inescapable, yet it was fighting a losing battle with the chemistry crackling between us. Conversation took up where we left off last week and the night was proceeding as planned. Kerry had prepared a lovely meal and we all sat around the table discussing anything but the stated reason of this get together.

After dinner Kerry said, "How about a game of cards as an icebreaker."

We all agreed and moved into our family room and gathered around the coffee table. Fred and I were sitting on the couch and Kerry and Torrie sat down cross legged on the other side of the couch. Before dealing, Kerry, with that smile I know so well, a smile that means she is up to no good, said, "What should we play and what should we play for."

I jumped in and said, "How about strip euchre, girls against the guys. Everytime you lose a game you lose clothing. Everytime you get a loner hand the other team loses clothing or you can put something back on, your option. Everytime you euchre the other team you can make them lose an article or put one back on." Everyone laughed at how fast I had come up with rules, but it was agreed upon.

Well two games in the girls had lost there tops and socks. It was at this point that I noticed neither of them was really trying that hard to win. Torrie seemed to not care at all. In the third game the girls had to remove their bras or pants. Both removed their jeans and now were sitting in front of Fred and I in panties and bras only. Meanwhile he and I still had shirts and jeans on. Torrie's terrible play, which Kerry didn't seem to mind, continued. Next think you know we euchred the girls and won the game. With that we could claim two articles of clothing. Kerry and Torrie stood up and removed their panties and then unhooked their bras and let them fall to the carpet. Both of them had hard nipples. We all looked at each other with our "Now what" look, but Torrie took charge and said, "Guys move off the couch. Kerry would you like to join me there."

Kerry just nodded and the girls sat on the couch. Fred and I had moved to the other side of the room, our eyes never leaving the sight before us. Torrie moved over and kissed Kerry on the lips. Slowly at first they gingerly kissed, but then lust and anticipation took over and you could see tongues entwined and fighting for space in each other's mouth. Hands roamed up and down their bodies. Torrie got off the couch and kneeled down in front of Kerry and spread her legs. Leaning forward Torrie started kissing Kerry on the neck and then lowered herself down and sucked on her nipples. Her hands were gliding up and down Kerry's legs. I looked over at Fred and he had loosened his pants and had his hand tucked inside, massaging his cock. My own was bursting so I shed my clothes and sat back in my chair, stroking my cock and watching the show.

A show which was now getting hotter and hotter.

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