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She starts with just touching 'him'.

I headed straight for the living room and made myself comfortable on the couch. Olivia followed me into the room and sat down on a chair opposite me and in a voice clearly meant to put me in my place said, "All right Steve, what is this all about?"

"What it is all about mother in law dear is payback for all the years you have been fucking over me. You have been shitting on me since the day Julie brought me home to meet you, but I have suffered it in silence because you are Julie's mother.

"Two weeks ago I happened to be in Colorado Springs on business and I just happened to see you and Mark holding hands, hugging and kissing and I got curious. I got so curious that I did some investigating. You have been a bad girl Olivia, a very, very bad girl and now I am in a position to get back at you for all those years of abuse."

"What do you want?"

"I've given it a lot of thought Olivia and what I came up with is something that I'm absolutely sure you will hate. You may even hate it so much that you will refuse to do it, but that's okay because then I will see to it that these get out to everybody including your husband and Julia"

I walked over to her and handed her an envelope that contained a copy of the detective's report and copies of all the photos he had managed to take. When she saw them her face lost all of it's color and I saw her hands shake as she looked through them.

"I don't know how the detective managed to get those pictures, but you have to admit that they are very clear and explicit. I especially like the one where Mark is buried in your ass. The expression on your face says it all, doesn't it? What I have come up with Olivia is something so degrading that you will hate doing it. If you do it I get to enjoy seeing you degrading yourself. If you don't do it I get the pleasure of seeing your life destroyed when I go public with the information you have there in your hands."


"You are going to be a high priced call girl Olivia, and I'm going to be your pimp."

Olivia's face went red as she said, "You're mad, stark raving mad. I'll do no such thing."

"Good. That's what I was hoping you would say" and I got up and headed for the door.

My hand was on the knob when Olivia said, "Where are you going? What are you going to do?"

I turned back toward her, "Well, let's see now. First I am going to hand carry a copy of what you have in your hand to Mrs. Willard. Then I'm going to send a copy to everyone that you know. Next, since the photos are all ready loaded onto my computer I'm going to set you up with your very own porn site.

"I'm assuming that your hubby took his laptop with him on his trip so I'll drop him an email, something along the lines of, "Dear Dad, I'm sorry as hell to have to be the one to tell you, but I really thought that you ought to know" and I'll send what you have in your hands as attachments. I can't just go to Julie and say, "Look what I have" but I will leave them someplace where she will manage to find them. I'm sure that some other things will occur to me. Maybe I can leave a copy in all your neighbor's mail boxes."

I turned and reached for the doorknob.

"Wait Steve. You aren't serious, are you? I mean, even you couldn't be that despicable."

"Why mommy dear, how can you say that? For years you have been telling everyone how bad I am and now you are going to act shocked because suddenly it is true?"

I turned again to go and again she stopped me. "Okay, I apologize and I'll never do it again, isn't that enough?"

"Too little, too late Olivia. I gave you your two choices. You turned down the one that would have kept things quiet."

"Please Steve. This will ruin my life."

"Not my problem Olivia. I will enjoy the hell out of doing it."

Her face got hard, "All right god damn you, what do I have to do to stop you?"

"Just what I said mother in law dear.

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