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Mom doesn't suspect forbidden desires are awakening.

The new guy then began to fuck her sucking mouth harder and deeper than her boyfriend ever had!

"You're boyfriend's a lucky guy to have a dirty little cum slut like you for a girlfriend," the new guy said as he pumped his cock into the girl's mouth. "He must love fucking you after you get home from the movies."

"Mmm Hmm," Suzy agreed.

The cute girl had wet a finger in Suzy's cunt, and was now working into her tight little ass hole while she sucked and even chewed on the soaked pussy lips being ground into her face.

Around the cock that was fucking her mouth, Suzy moaned, and then her body stiffened as she began to cum, gushing her pussy juices all over the cute girl's face.

The new guy was just feeling his orgasm building, and was looking forward to pulling out and jerking off, giving the little slut a facial of cum, when all three of them were startled by a voice from the family room doorway.

"Is this a private screening?" Jay asked, "Or can anyone buy a ticket?"

The three kids leapt apart, covering their private parts with their hands, and stared in shock at the four parents standing there.

Their initial reaction, of course, was that they were busted and in serious trouble. But when it sunk in that all four of the adults were completely naked, and that Jay and Ron both had serious hard-ons, the shock of getting caught turned to wondering what the hell was going on.

And the four naked bodies they were looking at were more like characters that might show up in Ryan's porn stash than typical parents.

None of them had hit the 40 mark, yet, and all took great care of themselves. Jay and Sally were actually "ripped," having a good size gym right in the house, and Ron and Ginger were both runners without a pound of extra fat.

"What the hell ...?" Ryan finally managed.

"Sorry to startle you like this," Jay said, "But when we saw how open-minded the three of you appear to be about sex-just like we are-we hoped that maybe we could join you for even more fun."

"Like you are?" Suzy said.

"The four of us have been swinging since before you likely knew that that word even had a sexual meaning," her father, Ron, said.

"You wife-swap?" Penny said.

Her mother, Sally, nodded with a smile, and said, "And we're all bi-sexual, too."

"Then ... you're not mad?" Suzy asked her mother.

Ginger walked over to her daughter, embraced their naked bodies together, and kissed her. "No, not at all, sweetheart," she said. "In fact, it's very exciting. Like Jay said, we hope you'll let us join you. That you'll join us."

"We're all adults," Sally said. "If you three are game-if you're as open-minded about sex as we hope you are-as open-minded as we are-we'd love to share ourselves with you, like we have with each other."

With that, Ginger separated from Suzy, and stepped over in front of Ryan. She hugged her naked body to his, and kissed him passionately. When she broke the kiss, she lowered herself to her knees, and with her face right in front of Ryan's shock-softened dick, she looked up at Suzy, and said, "Do you mind, sweetheart?"

"Um ... I guess not," Suzy said, still a bit in shock, but with her sexual curiosity beginning to bring her out of it.

She then watched as her mother took all of her boyfriend's soft cock into her mouth, and buried her nose in his pubic hair.

She sucked on it as she withdrew, stretching it to its full length, and by the time she had only the head still in her mouth, he was already half-hard.

Another few sucks, and the addition of some hand stroking, had Ryan fully erect, again, and then Ginger surprised him-and Suzy-by burying her nose into his pubic hair, again, taking his hard cock down her throat, and then rocking her head back and forth.

"Oh man, Mrs. G! Wow!" Ryan said at the fantastic new feeling of throat-fucking.

After ten seconds or so, Ginger slowly pulled back, releasing Ryan's now fully-hard and spit-wet cock from her mouth.

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