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I dress as a girl and meet a guy from Craigslist.


"Me, too."

"What are we going to do about it?" Rach scoots up and slips her skirt off: red pubic hair highlighted against wet panties.

"Hey, how come you have panties on?"

I slipped on a spare in the car when Jasmine was talking to you.

"So prim and proper," Janie says. "Why do you carry an extra one?"

"So I won't embarrass myself."


"Well, sometimes I'll be daydreaming and 'damn, wet again!'. I'd use a pad, but I'm always forgetting to wear one."

"Daydreaming about what?"



"You are my wet dream, as the boys say."

"That's why you were trying to get me to try on your fancy bras?"

"Yeah, pretty lame, huh?"

"From now on I'll be your favorite mannequin," Janie says and slips off her blouse, pausing at each breast, flipping the cloth with a little tease.

"Very nice, but I happen to know you do not have any panties on--show me the pussy!" Rachel laughs.

Janie reaches into her nearby dresser and gets a pair of ordinary cotton panties. She shimmies into them under her skirt. Rachel frowns.

Very slowly, button-by-button, she undoes the skirt. At each button, she licks her finger and slides it into the next dark gap in the fabric, staring all the while into Rachel's eyes.

You are so sexy, maybe I will call you Miss J in honor of you-know-who. I want to be the tongue that follows your horny finger, Janie."

"Funny, I was thinking the same thing."

The skirt is open now, splayed along her white legs, at the center of which is the white panty, a damp spot already spreading in the middle.

"So," says Rach, as she fingers the seem of her panties, first one side and then the other. Dipping a finger in the middle where it is very, very wet, she says, ''see what I mean? Imagine me thinking of you and your wet white panty while sitting in Bio 210. The only biology I would be thinking of is my own uncontrollable body--and, not to forget," she giggles "--your puss."

"Before this white panty, what else did you dream about?"

"Remember when we showered together with that girl from Singapore?"

"Yes! The one with all the hair--it was a forest down there. I tried not to look, but..."

"Well, while you were posturing around trying to be indifferent. I got to watch your slippery ass, especially when you crossed your legs, puffing it up, making it so inviting."

"It was a reflex, I was hiding myself just like I imagined she must have wanted to."

"I'm sure she would have appreciated the gesture, but Lena in 301 said she saw another girl on her knees buried to her ears in that pussy. There was too much hair to see who it was. Lena managed to slip away unnoticed from the shower."

"Was it a redhead?" Janie teases, and slips both fingers under the edges of her cotton panties, "these might be a little big for you, Miss Skimpy Panty, but they are so comfortable, if you didn't sleep in the nude, you might like them."

"How do you know I sleep in the nude?" Rach asks.

"OK, here is my true confession, don't make fun of me: After you go to sleep, sometimes I turn that light on like I have to study some more. The light is dim but it makes you restless, so you move around without waking up. I tug on the sheet here and there to look at you, naked, revealed to me like a ripe peach. Your smooth skin goes on for miles and I just stare, wondering about what I'm doing, nervous you might wake up. But I can't stop staring. You are so beautiful, Rach, asleep, innocent, your cute red-haired puss snuggled between your legs, peaking out."

"I touched you once, improperly." Rachel says suddenly, her turn to confess. "I couldn't help myself. Your sheet was twisted between your legs and you were rolled over on your stomach. Those white panties had slipped into the crack of your pale ass and your perky round butt was just there--wanting some attention. So I leaned over (my heart was beating like a drum) and pressed my trembling lips right on the center of your cheek, gently because I don't know what I would have done if you were to wake up. I really didn't want you to think your mentor was a perv."

"But now we know, w

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