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My hands against his arm and shoulder felt the ripple of hard muscles as he dipped me deeply at the end of our dance and I felt my body begin to awake to desires I had been attempting to bury and deny myself for eight long months.

"You dance beautifully Donna," he remarked as he pulled up a chair from a nearby table converting my table for one to a cozy table for two. "May I call you Donna and join you?" He spoke with just the slightest accent and it was disarmingly sexy.

There was no denying to myself the desire I felt to just have him near me and to enjoy not only his company but some interesting conversation.

"Yes, Stevan, that would be lovely, to spend the evening with you. Are you a native of Cancun?"

"Oh, no, Donna. I'm just here on vacation. I live in Tennessee and find that a week in Cancun a few times during the year is just what I need to unwind and get in touch with my heritage. Being an Newspaper Operations manager is stressful and when I come here I leave the cell phone and pager at home. And you, Lovely Lady, where are you from and do you have a profession?

"Oklahoma, and yes I'm a mother, homemaker and a writer. I understand stress very well."

"Then tonight we drink wine and dance and forget about everything but the two of us."

And that's just what we did; enjoyed dinner, a bottle of wine and many warm dances, our bodies moving together with near perfection. The feel of strong arms surrounding me was deliciously disturbing as I felt my flesh begin to awake like a sleeping tigress to her need for food. Tim and I were passionate soul mates, we made love often and it was never dull. Eight months seemed like an eternity to be deprived of the touch of a man's hands and lips.

Stevan was such a gentleman, a good conversationalist and dancer. He pulled my body maddeningly close to his, as though we had been lovers for years and the scent of his clean skin and cologne fueled my desire to lift my lips to his and taste the sweetness of his kiss. Foolishly I fought the urge, still in a state of confusion as to the differences of being a wife and a widow; my reserve weakening when he whispered in my ear, causing little shivers to pass through my whole being and the fever of desire to warm both my body and thoughts.

"You are so beautiful, Red Flower." He whispered. "I never expected to meet anyone like you in a lifetime. Would you like to go for a walk in the moonlight on the beach? I promise to try hard to be a good boy."

"I'm not sure Stevan, maybe not tonight. I've had a wonderful time but I think I'll just head back to the hotel now, it's late and we have danced the night away."

"May I walk with you and see that you arrive there safely?"

"No, I'll be fine and maybe we will see each other again before our vacations end."

A look of obvious disappointment crossed his face as he lightly kissed my cheek then watched as I slipped out the door into the night. I wanted to say yes, desperately, but the grief and old ties to my husband seemed to prevent my reaching out to Stevan.

The beach was lonely that night. By the light of a full moon I could see the white caps on the gently rolling tide as it caressed the sand. A feeling of being totally alone washed over my senses followed closely by a burning desire to once again lie in the arms of a lover. Tears began to flow freely down my face as sobs of grief welled up from my broken heart. I ached now to feel the touch of a lover's hands and lips on my fevered body. Soon I would have to chose to live again but tonight I longed for the nearness of my lover and best friend.

As I neared the hotel I recognized the deserted stretch of shore around me.

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