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Managing power in a dangerous new world.

"Nice to meet you, Rick. My name is Tina. My husband and I do indeed live on the building's west side. Would you like to come to 'my' apartment today on the 12th floor to see the sun set over the Harbour in a few hours?" Tina asked in an inviting, bold manner with a devious smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes, as she accepted Rick's hand and entered the bubbling water.

Rick stared at the earthy ~30 year old woman in front of him. His cock started to grow to its full nine inches when one of Tina's large 34DD breasts fell out of her bathing suit, if you could call a few strings a bathing suit, as she descended the steps.

Despite his overt lust for this woman, Rick could not comprehend the situation and what Tina had on her mind. It appeared to him that husband-wife/man-woman relationships were quite different in Sydney than Puritan Boston. Tina did not even bother to put her exposed breast back into her skimpy bathing suit. While it certainly looked like this spectacular woman was trying to seduce him, at the same time she mentioned she was attached.

"Why did she point out she was married if she is sexually attracted to me as it appears?" Rick said to himself. "In addition, why doesn't she have a wedding ring on her hand? Finally, why didn't she acknowledge her husband when she invited me to 'her' apartment? I guess I will have to play along with Tina and her husband, wherever he is, to find out where this peculiar situation leads. I am a new visitor to Australia, and who knows what the rules are here 10,000 miles from my home in Boston."

"Thank you for the offer. Maybe I will do that. I am looking for new friends in this building since I just arrived in your country," Rick countered.

"Is that your husband sitting in the chair across the room? Is there something wrong? He looks agitated. Why doesn't he join us in the hot tub?"

"Oh him - that is cuck-boy Ken. Don't worry about him. Ken always does what I tell him. Silly boy, why should Ken be in the hot tub with us? This is about you and me. Ken only wants me to be happy. He is a good husband, and he gives me pleasure in nonsexual ways that are difficult to explain.

"Despite our marriage, I don't think of Ken in a sexual manner as a normal wife would her husband. For example, I only let his tiny penis fuck my body once a year on his birthday as a good-will gesture. We have an unconventional marriage in which I do what I want, when I want, with who I want. Ken willingly accepts the situation and actually enjoys observing my affairs with other men because he is a submissive bisexual male who only wants to serve my bulls and me."

Rick was shocked by Tina's explicit assessment of her husband and their bizarre life style. What a wacky marriage they had, he concluded. Nevertheless, Rick was liberal by nature and was not the type of person to judge others.

Tina lay back in the hot tub. The hot water felt great, as Rick mentioned. She closed her eyes, imaging what it would be like to have her neighbor's hard cock in her aroused pussy after Ken told her a few minutes ago how big it was.

To increase her sexual stimulation and to better enjoy the hot-tub experience, Tina slid to the right where one of the water jets resided. She then turned its nozzle with her hand so that its intense jet stream was focused directly on her hairless pussy, which was only a couple inches away. The tremendous force of the pulsating water was getting her aroused as it always did in this wonderful hot tub which must have been designed by a highly sexed woman.

Rick saw Tina's eyes start to roll back into her head and a devious smile began to appear on her face.

"It is now or never," Rick said to himself as he slowly slid to the left so that his body lightly touched hers.

"You look incredible," Rick whispered into her ear.

Tina did not move away from him as he thought she might.

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