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Liz gets more than she bargains for.

All the black men were over six feet tall and at least two hundred pounds. They were all heavily-built. And so were their cocks. A rigid slab of black meat sprung toward Rosy's face as they began pulling their cocks out. She just stared at it in awe.

"That is a huge cock," gasped Rosy.

"That's right, and you gonna take care of it."

The three black cocks hung at twelve inches in length, ten inches thick. The rock-hard shaft was very dark and very black, with pulsating thick veins bulging along the length of it. The engorged cock head turned dark purple, lusting to explode its boiling hot seed.

Rosy made a mental note to herself. There are three cocks and she had three holes. She imagined three black cocks in all three of her holes at the same time. Rosy just couldn't believe she was going to be the host of a gangbang. She didn't know how she would manage a cock in every hole, but she was too weak to resist, and too scared to deny them. The black cock aroma intoxicated her; she couldn't think straight. Her position accentuated her beautiful body. Her round tits firm and taut, her butt cheeks already spread out, revealing her tight ass hole and shaven cunt. Rosy's tits were tender from the fondling, her nipples sticking out. Her pussy was sore but well lubricated from the fucking. Her anal sphincter glistened from the lubrication, dilating and contracting, as if inviting something to enter it.

The big black cocks pulsated with blood, thick veins running along the length of the shaft. The cocks twitched and jumped erratically, growing thicker and harder to an enormous size. The massive cock heads stared at each of Rosy's orifices, eagerly waiting to assault all three of her holes. Two of the black men lifted her up and then lowered her down onto the third black man's pulsating cock. The entire shaft vanished inside her cunt, filling her pussy completely. The bulbous cock head penetrated her cervix, sending a shriek pain through her body. The big black cock was so thick it stretched out the walls of her pussy, filling her completely. She collapsed on top of the black brute; the only thing holding her up was the rigid black meat inside her. The other two brutes positioned around her. Grabbing a handful of hair, the thug forces his cock into her mouth and proceeded to fuck her face. Rosy held onto the thug's powerful arms as she clamped down on his cock with her lips trying to slow down the forceful thrusts. But he just kept pushing in deeper, harder. In no time the entire black shaft clogged her throat, viciously pumping all twelve inches of man meat down her gullet. The big black cock expanded her throat, causing her to gag but prevented any passage of air. Rosy panicked; she was in shock. Her eyes and mouth were both wide open, one from the fear of choking and the other from trying to accommodate the pounding of his powerful organ. As if that wasn't enough, Rosy felt a big pressure pushing against her sphincter. Her eyes lit up even more and tried to protest with muffled screams and waving hands. She made a futile attempt at pushing away her intruder and tightening her ass hole, but to no avail. The enormous cock head broke through her anal hole, and started forcing its way into her rectum.

"Ungh! Ungh! Mmrph, ccrrkk. Uh, umph, oh gawd..." The big black cock slid out her throat as she gasped.

"Your cocks... are too big... please, Mmrph!" Rosy uttered before being having her throat stuffed again.

"Yeah, you like big black cock don't you, bitch," said one of the thugs.

"Damn, her ass is tight."

"Fuck yeah, look; I got my cock all up in her throat. Damn this bitch can suck!"

Rosy felt so degraded.

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