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Rich 1930s heiress seeks to end jazz movement.

Oh this had become a total mess. Why had he done all his thinking with his dick? Yes, Pi had said that it was technically okay if he slept around. However, this was apparently a woman that she had a lot of history with, bad history. He lifted a hand to still both of them. "No one's throttling anyone, okay. I just want to know what's going on. Pi?"

The succubus felt put on the spot as he leveled an expectant gaze at her. The two imps took up residence on Eddie's shoulders -a pair of devils instead of the usual angel and demon of warring conscience. Pi swallowed and was glad enough that Eddie trusted her to give a truthful explanation. The trouble was if she tried to cast this in a favorable light she might break that trust. Then again if she told the truth, she might break that trust. Her heart sank down into her stomach. "I... sort of... threw Belphegoria through the window."

"Through the wall!" Belle stomped her foot.

"Okay. So... who are you really then?" Eddie's gaze swung to the white woman as his expression soured. He hardly believed that Pi would be so violent out of petty jealously. After all this 'Belphegoria' had an imp as well. It figured she had some sort of agenda.

After staring back for a long stretch the prim hellion let her act drift away. It was then that her full royal bearing came out in full force. Belle's tiny wings fluttered and she looked her broken blue nail with a fresh pout. It was hard to be hoity-toity to Eddie though. She found she was craving his positive attention. While Belle did soften she still kept somewhat of an aloof air to her. A smile crept onto her demure lips. "Princess Belphegoria, daughter of the Prince of Sloth, Belphegor. Papa is the patron demon of Paris you know? Very sophisticated. I take after him in inspiring humanity to innovate and delight in the new distractions that they create. I even have a hard time keeping up with them now. Pi and I... we have known one another for a very long time."

Pi muttered under her breath and folded her arms. Her impressive bust line was pushed up, for Eddie's benefit even if she was angry with him too at the moment. How dare he fuck Belle! Still, it wasn't like he knew who she was. She tilted her head just right so he'd not notice her missing hair. She'd just die if he pointed it out.

"Nice to meet you... your highness." As he wasn't sure what to do Eddie bowed a bit, this dislodged both imps. They took to the air with a grumble and hiss - while Belle giggled with a fresh and sparkling sound. She couldn't help herself. The geek looked over to Pi then and popped up both of his eyebrows. The rain had spent its initial fury and had died down to a steady drizzle. He was far too wet to worry about it now though. Clean water glided over his handsome features. "Okay so... why did you throw her through a window?"

"I..." Pi fumbled at her words. "We have been rivals for centuries now, Eddie. You have to understand that. I do what I do for the sake of mathematics. As that usually leads to leaps ahead in technology Belle thinks, incorrectly, it should fall under her authority."

"Excuse me?!"

Both of them ignore Belle's outburst, though Tangent did buzz over and give her mistress a pat on the head. It earned the imp a scowl and a dismissive gesture. Eddie continued talking to Pi while eyeing the pair out of the corner of his eye. "Oh. So... okay I see, I think. So this has happened before?"

"She usually tries to seduce the people I am musing away from me, yes." The fire was gone from Pi's eyes and her posture softened. "I... I should not have started a fight though. Oh, I can imagine the trouble this is going to cause at the school for you. I am so sorry, Eddie."

"It's okay. We'll deal with what we have to deal with." He shrugged, though he had no idea on the 'how' of that statement. Right now she needed to be reassured. He stood his ground though. He didn't want to get caught in the middle of a knock-down drag-out fight between these two if it started off again.

"In her def

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