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Two girls lose their virginity on their first holiday.

If it be football, basketball or baseball season, sometimes the occasion hockey game, or they can talk about meaningless garbage for hours. Whatever. On the days I drive separate I leave early.

In January, I came home one night after he had been home from work for a while and he was apparently mad at me. I asked him what was wrong and he told me nothing and turned over and when to sleep. That weekend, I found out, I'd forgot his birthday. Oopsies. Well, we were celebrating it on that Sunday with his family, why did I have to tell him on his real birthday? Gee.

The following week he started classes so I didn't see him as much anymore, and when he was home he was buried nose deep in a book all the time. I couldn't get his attention to save my life. "Toby, I'm pregnant."

"Okay Jack that's great."

"We're having puppies, alien puppies."

"Jack please, I need to study."

That is all I heard. Jack I need to study. I even started going down on him and got his cock out and he didn't notice until he felt my mouth on the head of his penis. Then his tune changed, of course he will pay attention when it comes to sex, but when I just want to talk to him, NO. Or maybe I can swing this into my favor, get what I want out of it, like in the olden days. I could help him study, reward him and maybe get my bareback ride. MMmmm.

So in the evenings when I would get off work I would come home and read what he's supposed to have read. Toby is a slow reader, another one of his dumb jock traits. Like his father says, he may have gotten hit a tad too many times. He would come in and I would let him read for a little while when he didn't have class, and then I would test him.

I was pre prepared for him one day when he walked in. I had a plug in my ass, so I was well lubed and opened for him but he didn't come home right away. When he finally came in, he looked worn out so I just undressed him completely, and I mean completely and put him to bed.

I knew what I was doing, I was going to let him fall asleep and I'm going to ride him. I suck him off all the time and he wakes up loving it, why can't he wake up with me riding him. So I turned off all the lights and got undressed myself, crawled on top of him and was about to start rubbing him when he pushing me aside and runs to the bathroom. Then I hear him, disgusting he's throwing up. I got up and got dressed. "Babe, you know I don't handle sick people. Call me when you're better. Love you." I left.


I had to call my mom I could barely get out of bed, called off work for a few days. Thank God I'd finally started earning sick days and it was the end of my work week. My mom came over and took care of me.

"Jack always abandons you when you need him the most."

"Jack doesn't do sick Mom, you know that." Mom should know that, he never would stay around anytime I would get sick when I lived at home, Jack is a germaphobe.

"Well he needs to grow up because one of these days it's going to be him and he'll want you around." As she laid an ice pack on my forehead and wouldn't let me cover because I was running a temp. I was freezing.

I was down for a few days, mom made sure I had enough fluids in my apartment, she wanted me to come home for the few days, but I wouldn't. I can be sick, yeah I had to call her to come, but I can be sick in my own place. I'm going to have to be more prepare next time, maybe have a sick box, stocked with the essentials.
As soon as I was declared disease free by my mom, Jack show back up. It was like clockwork, I had to laugh. "Oh thank God Toby. I needed my black jeans, a group of us were going out and I wanted to look my best."

"You weren't going to ask me to go?" I knew I couldn't but he never seems to ask me anymore. I saw I look of fear on his face before he wiped it off.

"Honey, I thought you would be too busy and anyhow don't you have class?"

"Yeah Jack, I do.

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