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A littly cucky's tale of serving his lady and her lovers.

Adjusting these, she was making the throbbing sensations in his balls go to a faster pounding sensation deep inside them. They wouldn't be able to last much longer. Each male was different. After just one session with a TENS unit, Dr Lynn could judge each male by his body reaction and take him up or down in sexual intensity. She turned the power up another notch. The slave groaned, this time a little louder, his legs remaining stiff as the current pounded on the injured balls. "Anytime you're ready, you just let'em open up," she said as she watched in fascination. She knew that he was on the verge.

"Unnnggghhh," Ross moaned as his balls began to quiver in rapid pulsating spasms.

"That's it. Just relax and enjoy the release. You're doing so well. We're going to have that ring off in no time. I should have started out with this method," she said as she checked her TENS settings. Looking down, she could actually see his balls quivering; a fast throbbing look as they quivered inside the thin skinned sack. They were beginning to tighten up, a sure sign that he was about to ejaculate. She also noticed that his cock was still completely soft, but that there was now a large amount of pre cum in the tip of the condom. She turned the power setting up two notches, enjoying the sight of him suddenly tensing up hard, a long groan escaping his throat. He was there. Suddenly, he jerked hard as she watched a steady stream of sperm begin to pour from his soft cock. For several seconds the sperm poured out of him, the condom slowly filling as it began to sink down between his legs from its own weight.

"That's it, there you go. Keep going. The more that comes out the better," she said as she watched the condom getting heavier and heavier with its thick creamy contents. She held the TENS settings where they were at for several more moments, watching the condom and the slave's body motion. As he slowly slumped back down, indicating that he was through, she began to slowly bring the TENS settings down till she reached the Zero mark. She turned the TENS unit off and set it down on the platform. She carefully reached up and removed the lead lines from each ball and tossed the lines over to her bag.

"That's quite a bit," she said as she examined the sperm filled condom. Grasping it tightly around the base, she expertly removed it without spilling any of the contents. She quickly laid it down on a stack of paper towels and then went over to a nearby wash sink. She quickly soaked a small towel with hot water and then brought it back over to the still unconscious slave. Gently, she wrapped his cock and balls in the hot towel, keeping them warm and moist. She then turned her attention back to the used condom.
"Damn, that is a lot. I thought that they said that you had been 'used' while you were away. I know she said that they milked you twice, before I got here," she said curiously. She held the tip of the rubber, upside down and dumped the thick gooey contents onto the paper towels, squeezing the rubber till she had completely emptied it. She leaned down closer and looked carefully for any signs of blood or any irregularity with the creamy sample. She was relieved to see that there was no sign of blood and that the fresh specimen looked normal in color and consistency. She knew that with the forced mechanical release that she had just performed, that there should be a large amount of sperm, mixed with seminal fluid. If the sample had been mostly clear, that might indicate that the vas deferens or the epididymus was damaged. The specimen looked abundant and healthy. She wadded up the paper towel and dropped them into a trashcan.

"That was a lot more sperm than I was expecting, based on what Dr Sherry had told me," she said as if having a conversation with the unconscious slave.

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