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kitty makes a small infraction.

I found myself leaning against the stall door. In this tight space, she had to press her body against mine as she pulled down her panty hose and thong before situating herself on the seat. She looked up at me with a naughty little grin as she pulled back the front of her skirt until I could see her pretty pussy. My time seemed to freeze as watched the very private act of her water squirting into the bowl.

Again, I saw that naughty little smile. "Are you enjoying the show?" Her words were less of a question and more of a statement. She knew exactly how she was affecting me. She controlled my attention like a magician. My gaze following her hands where ever they went. Clearly she relished this control and used her sensuous body as a tool to implement her illicit power.

"Naughty boy!" She had noticed my glance at the crack in her blouse. "Do you want to see more?" I watched as her hand reached for the first button. As it released, the crack in her blouse became a gap that displayed the valley of soft skin between her breasts. The edge of her red, lacy bra peaked out under the edge of the red satin. Slowly her fingers began to play with the remaining buttons. Gradually the gap lengthened until it reached below her navel to the waist of her skirt. With deliberate drama, she grabbed the edges of her blouse and pulled them apart until I had a clear view of her thin bra straining to hold her perfect breasts. Then she reached between her breasts and unhooked her bra, displaying her perfect orbs for me. It was only when I heard the sound of the air rushing between my lips that I realized I had been holding my breath.

"I asked if you were enjoying the show." Rather than wait for an answer, her hand had strayed to the obvious bulge in the front of my pants. Then her fingers traced up one side and then down the other side of my stiff rod. "I see you are enjoying my little show." The expression on her face showed satisfaction, but the flush on her face showed her growing arousal. Boldly she pulled the zipper down on my pants. Suddenly free, my cock pointed straight toward her angelic face. To my surprise, she leaned forward and kissed it with her red, painted lips. Then she spread her lips just a bit and took the head of my cock inside her mouth. My body trembled as I felt her tongue playing with its tip. She seemed satisfied with the taste, because her head started rocking back and forth. I could feel the sensuous pleasure of her lips and the warm, wet caress of her tongue. But what really transfixed my attention was the sight of my cock disappearing between her luscious lips. Finally, my body jumped with pleasure as I felt the head of my cock slide down her throat. I could see the bright color of her lips contrasting against the color of my skin as they pressed against my body. I watched as her fiery lips slid back exposing my rock hard cock.

"Damn, you have a nice cock. I've got to have more of it!" Again, her body pressed against mine as she stood and turned. Slowly she bent over. Her fingers trembled as she pulled up her skirt. Then with very deliberate control she took hold of my cock she pressed her sensuous body back. I watched as my cock slide deep into her warm, wet cunt. I could see her firm, round ass pressed against my body. I watched her body tremble as she slowly pulled forward. When the tip of my cock was just barely inside her, she suddenly drove her body hard against me. Again I watched as my cock disappeared inside her. I listened to her gasp as she impaled her body on my cock.

It was as if I was two different people.

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