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Virgin Billy's caught peeping.

I took Trey's sausage, now covered in my ass juices, dripping, smelling like my insides, and I swallowed it to the hilt. I love the way my insides taste. Musky and metallic; the smell and taste make me so hot, like I'm some sick faggot who can't control himself. The only thing that makes that smell better is a hot load of cum to go with it, and I was about to get lots of that.

Franklin was doing a number on my asshole. He was going in at the wrong angle and hitting a wall, and it was painful to say the least. I shifted my ass a little and he found my colon with his head and slid inside me. The pleasure was back, and he seemed to enjoy the new arrangement more.

By now my favorite man was back in my mouth. His dick had gotten even bigger since it was now fully erect. I couldn't believe it. He had one of those dicks so big that it never gets fully hard, but it's rigid enough to stuff inside an asshole. Those are my favorite kind, and I was falling in love with his. I couldn't believe how perfect it was. The thing stretched from my elbow to the palm of my hand, and it was thicker than my wrist. Bulky, pulsing veins ran along the sides and bottom of it, with that big cum dispensing vein on the bottom sitting almost an inch wide. I remembered him saying he hadn't fucked in a long time. Hopefully that means he's got a quart of cum for me to gargle.

While Franklin pumped away I bobbed my head on Deyron's dick. I was getting a good six inches down my throat now, and he was enjoying himself more and more. I looked up at him with a cock in my mouth, one in each hand, and another in my asshole, and I winked at him. He smiled a little before grabbing my head and holding me down on his asshole. As I gagged my asshole tightened and I heard Franklin let out a nice loud grunt. I gagged some more and showed him what a trained asshole was capable of, latching on to every inch of his dick. Big Daddy Deyron loved my effort and treated me with a few heavy smacks of this dick on my lips. I laughed like a little slut and fought with him, trying to get his horsecock back in my mouth. Finally he gave it to me and fucked my throat some more.

"I want someone below me. We need to try a DP," I said to them. "William, if you would."

William listened immediately. I think he had been growing envious of Franklin's moans and groans. We shifted quickly, and William lay below me. It was so hot having such a big bulky black man lying underneath me. I straddled him well, and his cock slid in with ease.

"Holy fuck, that is better than any pussy I've ever had," he exclaimed.

"Just you wait until King Dong here chokes me again," I said. Before Franklin could get inside me I grabbed Deyron's cock and shoved it in my mouth. He fucked my throat, like he knew what I wanted, and I tightened around William as I bounced my bubble booty up and down on him. He threw his head back in ecstasy as Trey stood behind us getting a wonderful image for the camera. My bubble booty clapping on William's cock was definitely a sight to see.

Finally Franklin positioned himself behind me. His cock head came to my anus and rubbed on William's shaft. I told him to slow down and take it slow, and he did. He pushed slowly as my anus fought him for moment. He broke through the barrier in seconds, and my asshole was acclimated. I moaned on Deyron's dick and squealed like a little girl. I was in heaven being stretched apart by real cocks; real cocks with real cum to feed me at the end of it all.

William and Franklin didn't waste any time.

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