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Two erotic authors meet for a night of sex.

Blessed with the time to tan a little, work out and a high metabolism, I believed at thirty, I still looked pretty good in the tight, short dress and jacket I had worn to dinner. Now sans jacket, the thin, clingy, sliver-gray halter dress was doing its job. I could feel the ocean breeze slip beneath the bodice under my arms, since the outer surfaces of my breasts where they joined my torso were left bare. In a braless dress, this was a better look for me than any attempt to show cleavage, and my nipples had been misbehaving most of the night as a bonus.

I let the hem of the dress ride up, and my panties may have been visible when I occasionally parted my thighs for a few seconds, all part of my master plan. Soon we began to kiss. His tongue was overly cautious, but strong. I tried not to think of it between my legs, since I had a mission tonight. Tony, just over fifty and experienced at bedding women, was patient at first. Gradually his hands, fresh from their successful caresses and nipple-tugs under my dress, wandered up my thighs. I grabbed the bulge in his trousers and squeezed. It was the Rock of Gibraltar, nicely thick, in tubular form.

Suddenly, despite my instinct to escalate things, I pulled up and took several steps away from the couch and looked into his eyes.

"You really wanna fuck?" I asked, almost angrily.

"That's a stupid question." Tony said, smiling. He didn't realize how serious I was. "Now get your ass back over here."

"No." I shook my head slowly

"No what?" he asked. "You want some kinda commitment or somethin'?"

My heart pounded. I had to time myself. It had to be perfectly stated before he got angered and arose and dragged me into a bed, something he easily could have done. As if he read my mind he began to leave the sofa.

"You have to fuck her first." There it was, I said it. "Then you get me, all you want." The 'her' was the third adult in the house, Vanessa, my girlfriend, my best friend.

Tony sat back and just looked at me, as if he was surprised I knew about his daughter's perverted obsession. He was aware I was his daughter's lover on and off for nearly ten years, and yet he was surprised. Maybe he thought her urges had disappeared.

"Yeah right," He said skeptically.

"I'm serious Antonio," I looked into his eyes. "Only the three of us will ever know."

I began my sales pitch. "Haven't you wondered? Her tits?" - they were fuller and somewhat bouncy now, having never really retreated after her pregnancies - "Those big nipples...That beautiful ass...imagine her mouth on your cock...and...that slick, hot pussy...no condom ...it's all delicious..." I rolled my eyes to emphasize my comments. I could talk nasty with the best of them, and went on to tease Tony about what a good fuck she was. His daughter had wanted him to fuck her since puberty, she told me.

Since high school, Vanessa had flirted when alone with her father and flaunted herself undressed in front of him. She blatantly invited him into her bedroom on the first opportunity after her eighteenth birthday so he could give her 'the best present ever'. Angered that the Mustang convertible wasn't sufficient, Tony threatened to have her committed, but couldn't, since she was technically an adult then, and her mother would have been made aware of her daughter's incestuous craving and attempted adultery. Well played, Princess. But I think she has acceptance issues to say the least. An only child, she always talked about wishing she had brothers to fuck, and in her early twenties she did actually drive out and fuck a first cousin a few times while he was in college. They had played a little curious 'show and tell' years before, she reported. So here we were a dozen years later, with me assigned to get Tony's engine running in our bait-and-switch scheme, all a diabolical plan to get him to fuck his own daughter.

His expression quickly turned angry.

"What if I say no?"

"We'll both leave right now.

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