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Seducing the boss means problems, or unexpected pleasures.

I like watching this stuff. Now I know why Americans spend more on porn than they do on professional sports."

That got my attention. "How do you know that, and how do you know it's true?" I asked.

"I've been doing a little research. Americans spend more on porn than they do on the NBA, the NFL and Major League Baseball combined." She looked back at the TV. "This is American's favorite show." She kept her gaze on the fucking on the TV. "And I like it, too!"

"Well, I guess you're just a red-blooded American, Mom," I said, laughing. I was starting to feel better, but the video ended, and Mom got up and headed for her room. Again, she stopped at the door and turned around.

"My turn now," she said with that same coy smile.


The next day was the usual routine, a quick breakfast, off to lifeguard, then home to shower. That evening I went to the movies with some buddies and Mom went to her book club meeting. She beat me home and was waiting again in my bedroom when I got home.

"I've been waiting for you!" she exclaimed when I walked into my room. "What took you so long?" She was smiling, but I knew she was only half-kidding.

"Geeze, Mom. What is it with you and the porn? Seems like you can't get enough. What? Did I open some kind of Pandora's Box?"

"No," she replied with the hint of a scowl. "It's just new to me and I thought about it all day, and I want to see some more! I told you I like it, even though I never thought I would." She patted the bed beside her. "Come on, jump in and let's get started."

"Hold your horses," I answered. "Let me at least brush my teeth and get changed." I thought about that for a second and grabbed a pair of flannel pajama bottoms to take to the bathroom with me.

I went in, brushed my teeth, dropped my clothes on the floor, and put on the pajama pants. I walked back in to the bedroom and as I walked towards the bed, Mom said "Mmm, I'm not sure I need the porn with your body to look at. All that swimming is really paying off."

"Mom! What is up with you?" I exclaimed. "Fuck, I don't even know who you are anymore!"

"Language, Daniel, language! I'm your mother, that's who I am. The same as I've always been. I'm just a mother who really likes porn now. That's the only difference." She paused. "I think all those years in the repressive church and then all the years trying to please your father and be the perfect wife kind of kept me in sexual limbo. I never knew how sexy I could feel until I watched these videos. They make me feel really alive, maybe for the first time in my life."

Underneath it all, I really liked this new Mom. I saw her beauty now, I saw her humanity more than I ever had, and I saw her sexuality. I complained about it to mask that I was really into this, too, and had started to fantasize about her during the day while I was scanning the pool.

I got into bed and asked, "What tonight?"

"How about something a little racier. What would that be?" she answered.

"Well, there's bondage, S&M, fisting, interracial, peeing, group, gay male, oral, anal, and lots more. If you can imagine it, you can see it." I looked at her inquiringly.

"Oral," she said. "Let's start with that, and go from there." I think she was getting the hang of the whole porn thing.

I put on a Point-of-View video of a guy getting an incredible hand and blow job from his girlfriend. The camera was from is view. He started out flaccid, and she started working on him with her hand, getting him hard. When he was fully erect, Mom said, "That was really interesting, seeing him go from limp to hard. It didn't take very long." After a short moment she added, "I've never seen that in real life. Can you believe that?" I didn't feel the need to answer.

Speaking of not taking long, as I watched the girl expertly pleasure the guy's dick with her hand and mouth, my cock started to grow in my pajama pants. Mom scrunched down under the covers, and I saw her hand go right to her breasts.

We watched the girl tease the guy.

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