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'And all the men and women merely players.'


When they walked into Frederick's ten minutes later, they could both feel the buzz of sexual electricity in the air. Amanda stopped as she reached the center of the store and stared, looking around in utter shock and amazement at the assortment of lingerie that lined the walls around her. For her part, Tiffany just enjoyed watching Amanda.

Finally, after more than a solid minute, she gave her some encouragement.

"Come on, let's pick some stuff out."

They ripped through the store, pulling dozens of items off racks. Amanda's mouth hung open for most of the spree as she bounced between shocked and excited as more and more skimpy, kinky lingerie was pulled from the racks. When they'd finally collected about a dozen items of interest, they made their way to the dressing rooms.

"You want me to wait out here?" asked Tiffany, attempting to be sensitive to her friend's uneasiness.

But Amanda was taken aback at the gesture.

"Of course not," she said. "I need SOMEONE'S opinion on these things. Gotta know what the gents will think."

She smiled, and both girls headed into the hallway of dressing rooms.

For the next 30 minutes, Amanda put on a fashion show worthy of a late night Cinemax movie. She'd disappear behind the curtain only to emerge moments later in some new slutty attire.

The lingerie started simply enough, with push-up bras that Amanda's tiny, young breasts took full advantage of. The bras moved from satin to lace to animal prints, each one being paired with matching panties. Tiffany would look her over each time and give her opinion, marveling as the attire got smaller and smaller. Finally, Amanda emerged wearing a sheer white bra that her perky nipples poked directly into. Either it was really cold in that dressing room, or she was enjoying this. Tiffany eyes scanned down her firm, tight body and come to rest on the matching transparent micro panties that Amanda wore. Her first thought: "Who would've guessed that such an innocent girl would shave completely."

She was ripped away from her thought by Amanda's question:

"What do you think?"

"Mmm," said Tiffany, nearly moaning. "I like! Let's see a spin."

She turned 360 giving Tiffany her first view of Amanda's perfect ass, the little thong pulled up as tight as it could go.

"Definitely buy that!" said Tiffany. A shudder of electricity flowed through her body that she didn't quite understand. She was definitely feeling aroused, mesmerized by the sight of her friend. Amanda just continued to smile, though, as she made her way back through the curtain to change.

"There's one more thing I want to try," she called out. "I may need help getting it on, though."

She barely got the sentence out before Tiffany was on her feet.

"No problem."

"I just need you to tie this in the back for me."

Tiffany deftly slid the curtain over to enter the changing room. Inside, Amanda had one foot up on the dressing room bench as she put on one of the most odd, intricate teddies she'd ever seen.

It was pale blue and made entirely of lace with a belt that went around Amanda's waist. The front was a sort of a bustier that pushed up her breasts so they stood at attention, but the bottom of it ended near her belly button in just two thin strings that left her bare pussy completely exposed. She'd already run the strings between her legs and needed Tiffany to tie them to the belt in the back, a feat that was accomplished in no time.

She spun around to face Tiff.

"I don't think it's on right. These strings seems so weird."

After a moment of hesitation, Tiffany reached down to make an adjustment even though she knew Amanda was wearing the teddy correctly. As she did, her finger brushed across the perfect pussy held between the strings, and Amanda shuddered and moaned. Tiffany couldn't believe it, but her finger was wet - Amanda was dripping with excitement from this experience.

There was a long pause as the girls just stared at each other.

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