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It's Harriet's Birthday - does anyone remember?

And himself.


"Yes, I hear you, what are we talking about?"

"Up here Sam, my eyes, concentrate for goodness sake."

Sam stopped and looked up. "Ok I'm all ears, what's this deal?"

"The deal is this. I know that you are going to do unspeakable things to me and I don't want to, but looking at the state you're in right now, I can see that you won't, or can't, stop."

Sam's hand was starting from her knee again and slowly gliding up her thigh.

She shivered, she'd never felt that before it was so... NO..

"Listen to me Sam, up here...eyes Sam, look into my eyes and stop wasting time."

"Here's the deal. Do what you are going to do and I won't fight you. I won't bite you," she said and I won't hurt you."

Oops she thought, wrong choice of words "umm, even if I could."

" In return, you will do two things for me."

"First, you'll promise me truthfully that you will open these contraptions immediately you have had your own way."

"AND number two, that you'll lock the door before we start. That should keep the entourage of sightseers out. I don't want this to be a Circus."

Sam looked at her a minute and she thought she'd have to repeat it.

For a bright boy, Sam was acting very slow tonight.

He jumped to his feet, went over to the door and locked it. Then came back and sat next to Laura.

"Do I get a kiss without you biting me?" he said.

She knew it was a test of faith, to see if she would keep her word. If she didn't keep her word, he wouldn't keep his. She knew it.

"Ok. Kiss me."

He gave her a quick peck on her lips and they opened slightly. He looked at her to see if she was about to bite. Then he kissed her longer.

There wasn't much movement and it wasn't a good kiss. But it proved she'd keep her word.

There was a knock on the door. Wendy said "I'm going downstairs, seeya later."

"She's probably gone for another key," said Laura.

"Come on, finish it and let me go. Please."

He sat for a second. Thinking.

I'd love to let you go right now and do it without these stupid handcuff things but you might...

"I WILL, hurt you if you let me go right now."

"This is not consensual sex, Sam, what you are doing is Rape with a capital R."

If you let me go now, I'll punch you out before you get what you so badly want."

Sam jumped back in surprise.

"What we have Sam, is a deal. You rape me and you do it now, instead of wasting time till those idiots break in. Then, when it is over, you let me go and I don't do any harm to you. So, get on with it."

Sam got up and went for the keys to the cuffs.

"Now what're doing?" she asked .

"I'm letting you go, I don't want any part of this anymore."

Laura, looked at him with utter surprise. "What?" she said. "Its too late for that Sam, if I don't do it with you, your sister and your skinny girlfriend will have their revenge, with their photos."

"DAMMIT. Just do it, now and don't let me go until you've finished, or I can't help but hurt you."

"Women are strange" said Sam.

"Look who's talking."

"Now, Sam, I am new at this, so tell me, what do I have to do to get it over with as quickly as possible?" "Please, I am really losing my nerve here."

Sam, jumped up and took one of the pillows out from under her head.

He went down the other end of the bed and tapped her thigh, "Lift" he said.

She lifted her pelvis off the bed and Sam shoved the pillow under her bottom. He retrieved the bottle of lubricant from the sideboard.

"You won't need that" she said, "You've been slobbering all over me, it is very wet down there. What next?" her nerves were shattered and she knew she was babbling on to cover her abject fear. "Next," said Sam, "I do it to you."

"Ok." Laura gritted her teeth and tensed.

"Is that 'ok-I-want-you-to-do-me-Sam' ....or 'ok' get on with it, Sam?"

"GET IT OVER WITH." She pulled hard on the restraints. "Ok Ok, I'm nervous too you know?"

He sprang up and quickly climbed on to the bed and knelt between her open legs, his hand instinctively went down and felt her gently, she let o

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