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A trip of discovery

I continued to massage my clit as I brought a breast to my mouth tasting a nipple, making circles around it with my tongue, getting hotter as you told me you were about to cum, and seeing those words made me work harder only wanting to cum with you, then with a quiver of my body, a gush of juices started flowing, "I'm cummmin," I wrote. You began shooting cum out of your penis, as you continued to stroke that stiff cock, spitting wads of cum onto you chest and hands.

With that moment of computer fulfillment, we had to meet so we made plans for you to come here in a few months, but promised to continue our special moments at the computer. I loved you so much and couldn't wait to meet, but was so nervous to the point of throwing up the day you were to arrive. We met at the airport, and I brought you back to my place. Showing you my home, as we entered the bedroom, you turned me around to face you planting a kiss on my lips, only stopping briefly to remove my shirt. As I stood there in my bra, my nipples hardened from your hands brushing against them as you removed my shirt, my fingers fumble to unbutton your shirt, not wanting to take your lips from my.

I finally remove your shirt bringing my hands to your chest touching part of the body I have so longed to touch, your fingers unhooked my bra bringing your hands to my shoulders sliding it off, down my arms, and letting it drop to the floor between us, my nipples so hard from knowing you will soon touch them. With that thought still fresh in my mind that is when I feel your warm breath nearing them. As you kiss each one and then push them together taking what you can of my full breasts into your mouth, oh god feeling what I have yearned to feel for so long, has sent shivers throughout my body, my groin becoming warmer as I feel my juices trickling down my leg.

I push you away only to undo you pants and drop them to the floor as you step out of them, I remove your undies, revealing a beautiful naked man standing before me, my eyes drop to you semi-hard cock wanting to taste it. You quickly kneel before me removing my g-string so that I am also naked now. You lick up my juice that has run down my leg making me moan with pleasure wanting more, as you take in my aroma.

"Lay on the bed my love," you tell me. I obey, as you spread my legs bringing your face closer until you have reached my rose bud, teasing me first until I beg you to eat me, and only then do fulfill my request, burying your face into my snatch eating me like no man has ever done before, I moan in delight as I become wetter. To feel your tongue buried inside me, so hot and wet as your fingers rubbed my clit you brought me to my first climax, my body shaking as my knees squeezed your head, and my bottom pushed up, "Oh Chris," I moaned, wanting your manhood inside me but you refused, only to continue until I reached a second orgasm, this time as my love juices ran you licked me dry as I caressed my breasts.

As much as I enjoyed you eating my pussy, I had to introduce your cock to my tight slit, so I pulled at you until we were face to face, your thick, erect cock pushing to get inside my tight wet spot, My lips parting to allow you in, and with a few gentle thrusts you are in, "Oh Chris, your huge cock feels so good inside me."

"Make me cum hard darling," I begged.

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