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Janet and Victoria talk while they work.

This additional stimulation upon her nipples furthers heightens the sensory assault on her body. She is moaning more. Her breathing is quicker. Her body twitches uncontrollably.

My right hand begins by stroking the insides of her legs from mid thigh up to her pussy. I repeat several times this delicate light stroking up one leg and then up the other leg. This heightens her arousal from the anticipation of knowing where my fingers are going next. My tongue is still on her clit and my left hand is on a nipple.

The tip of my right index finger reaches the entrance to her love canal. I play some with her slippery wet lips and then slowly slip the finger inside of her. By the change in her breathing pattern, I sense her enjoyment. The feeling side of my finger tip runs up along the top of her canal, searching for her G-spot. I can feel the change in the texture of her slick wall when I hit the spot. She moans a low guttural moan.

I settle into a rhythm of my finger working inside her and my tongue licking her entrance from as far inside it can reach up to her clit. Slowly the pace increases. I twist and turn my finger inside her as I continue an in-and-out stroke. I mash my tongue against her labia and slurp up and down. Her breath quickens.

Without a hesitation, I slip a second finger inside. Another gasp as she clearly feels and enjoys this. I continue pumping these two fingers in and out, twisting as they move so as to cause different touching pressure to different points inside. I frequently stroke her G-spot. Sometimes I turn the fingers over, touch-pad side down and drive the fingers deep inside. This method allows me to touch and feel her cervix. It is a smooth round mound deep inside her love canal. My tongue continues its assault on her labia and clit. Fluids are flowing everywhere and we are already creating quite a wet spot on the pillows and bed sheets.

As I quicken my pace, she is moaning, gasping for air and her body is trembling uncontrollably. The build up to a climax is a long slow process for her. She does not have a quick trigger. But I have discovered that if I attempt to rush her to orgasm too quickly, the rush of intense stimulation can overtake her and actually prevent a climax. It is a strange paradox which I still do not understand, but have learned to accommodate. Like driving a car, there are skills necessary to reach the intended destination.

To extend the experience, I change the pace by slowing down a bit. My tongue backs off a bit so that I am just barely touching her sensitive spots with very light flicks on the tongue tip. I avoid direct contact with her clit and lick circles in the flesh around that spot. I slow the action of my two fingers to gentler long slides in and out.

On an out stroke, I switch fingers. Instead of using my index and middle fingers, I switch to my middle and ring fingers. I don't know if she notices the quick line-up change. My intents are to lubricate my ring finger as it will soon have a different destination.

The slower pace has allowed her to regain some composure. Her breathing becomes more normal. I can feel her body relax a bit. I continue a slower, measured pace of stimulation inside and outside her love canal. My hand on her breast is now slowly massaging her soft fleshy mound.

Once I have properly lubricated my ring finger, I once again switch back to index and middle finger inside her vagina. Now my slippery wet ring finger is at the entrance of her anus. Because of the flood of girl juice that had been flowing out of her, there is a stream of slippery juices from her vagina, down to her anus, and onto the pillows below. It is easy for me to begin sliding my finger into her ass. A gasp comes from her mouth.

With slow delicate motions, my ring finger slides in and out of her ass, a tiny bit deeper with each forward thrust.

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