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Caitlin sets her sights on her sexy new neighbor.

ng to do the same to you!"

Ray developed a rather large smile and then quickly moved in their direction. Reaching down she stroked their cocks on the outside of their jeans. As Ray moaned out loud at the size, Melanie moved behind her and pulled her mom into her chest. Reaching around the front of her mother, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off of her frame exposing her glorious tits. She then inched the zipper of her skirt down and watched as it hit the floor. Unhooking her mothers bra, it dropped to the floor. As Melanie stepped away, Ray was still stroking the fabric covered cocks in front of her with these two 6'5" black men standing over her 5'3" body enjoying the show.

Ray dropped to her knees clad only in her thigh high nylons and thong. Both men quickly unbuttoned their jeans allowing their huge black cocks to spring out in front of them. Dropping their jeans to the floor and pulling their t-shirts over their heads, they were quickly naked in front of my beautiful white wife. The contrast between my wife and black men is such a turn on for me. I love to watch her experience pure pleasure.

As Ray quickly took their semi-hard cocks into her mouth, alternating between them, Melanie grabbed my hand and led me to the Sofa. "There is no reason why we cannot enjoy ourselves," Mel said with a smile.

Still standing, I began to unbutton her skirt and pushed it to the floor. Her pink bra cam into view as I lifted her tank top over her head exposing her bare 36c tits. Pushing Mel onto the sofa, I quickly spread her legs. Her thong was wet from the prior assault she was sure of have had. Running my tongue up the inside of her thigh I worked my way to her cunt and then licked the fabric covering her pussy. She shook from the sensation as the heat from my mouth warmed her already hot pussy.

Ray had now worked both cocks to full staff. Both were as big as her fore arm and had to be at least 10" long. One of the guys pulled her up and walked her back to the coffee table. Laying her on her back, he knelt between her legs. Pulling her thong to the side, he wasted no time burying his tongue into her cunt. The other man quickly stood over her head and shoved his cock deep into her mouth and fucked her throat. Ray gagged from the assault on her face and shook from the pleasure overwhelming per pussy.

As Mel watched her mother enjoy her birthday present, she was herself content with me as I removed her thong and began eating her cum soaked pussy. The saltiness of the cum was wonderful. I have always enjoyed eating a freshly fucked pussy and today was no different. As I worked me tongue deep into her cunt, cum coated my tongue and lips. As I brought Mel to an orgasm, she began to shake. Not unlike her mother, her own juices began to flow and before I knew it she was squirting and covering my face. I drank it up and enjoyed the view from below as my daughter shook and her tits bounced as she squirmed from the excitement.

Pulling away from Mel's cunt, I turned and watched as Ray shook and also began to squirt from her own orgasm. The guy fucking her mouth pulled out and sprayed her face with his own cum covering her eyes and nose. The guy between her thighs rose up and quickly rammed his cock deep into Ray's pussy. She screamed out loud from the abrupt assault and then quickly relaxed into a series of long moans. The other guy was already stroking his big black cock back to life.

I stood up and pulled Mel to the edge of the sofa. She took my cock and began to suck it deep into her mouth. In a rather aggressive mood, I grabbed her hair and rammed my 8" cock down her throat. Fucking her mouth and causing her to gag, she dropped her hands down to her side and let me take control.

"You like it when Daddy fucks your mouth you little slut?" Mel looked up at me and moaned a positive response.

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