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Bob goes home to Jennifer.

Then I remembered why. Although we were still lying back to back we had moved together during the night and were touching from shoulder to bum. It felt good. I could smell Naamah too, a subtle aroma, possibly a hint of perfume, something floral with and underlying muskiness. The essence of a beautiful woman. I lay inhaling the scent for a couple of minutes, but my bladder was telling me to move.

I slipped quietly out of bed and off to the toilet, then a shower. When I went back into the bedroom to get dressed, Naamah had rolled onto her back. She smiled and said "Good morning, David."

"Morning," I replied. "Did you sleep well? I didn't know daemons slept."

"In daemon form I wouldn't," she said getting out of the bed and quickly stripping off her night clothes, "but in human form," and with that she twirled round on her heel doing a complete 360, "I need the same as a human. So, food, drink, sleep."

"I wish you wouldn't do that twirly thing. You look sensational but I can't touch!"

She twirled again. "What, this?" she asked.

I put my hand over my eyes dramatically, but with splayed fingers. "Yes, that!"

"Oh, Ok," she said and proceeded to turn her back on me and then bend from the waist, keeping those long, long legs straight, to slowly pick up her discarded clothes. While still bent over she looked at me over her shoulder with a cheeky grin, knowing she was fully exposing her sex to my view. Then slowly stood up, dropped the clothes on the bed and said "I'm going to get a shower if that's all right with you."

"Tease," I said, sticking out my tongue. "There's a clean towel on the towel rail for you. I put a fresh one out this morning."

She then pointed at the tent in the front of my towel. "I haven't lost my touch then?"

"It's got nothing to do with you being a succubus, everything to do with being a beautiful, sexy woman. Go get your shower, I'll make breakfast."

Naamah came down for breakfast in yesterdays clothes.

"What are your plans now?" I asked.

"Well, I need to know all about you and your life. I have to make you rich before I can return, and you have to learn how to send me back. So I thought I'd stay here with you as your girlfriend for the moment. Sound OK?"

"I don't know. I hadn't really thought it out. I suppose I'm Ok with it. But if you're staying we need to get you some clothes. That seems to be the only set you have."

"Yes, well I came in the red shorts and top but they were probably destroyed in the fire. I 'acquired these', say ....from a friend!"

"Naamah, did you kill this 'friend'?"

"Well, she seemed to be enjoying herself, and I may have got a bit carried away. I do remember what you asked though and I'm trying to reign in my impulses. It's not easy. I'm used to just letting myself go. And then, pouf," and with that she threw her hands up in the air, "they're gone."

"Well, we need to go shopping. We need some food for next week and if we go to the shopping centre we can go to some clothes shops for you. Then you won't have to 'borrow from friends', will you?"

She blew me a kiss.

"Oh, and we're meeting Alice, my sister, for lunch. You remember Alice, don't you? Your payment!"

"I remember her all right. You spoiled my fun, but in the circumstances I suppose I can forgive you."

"Well, she doesn't really remember you. She'd had quite a lot to drink, and with the stress and shock of a daemon summoning, her memory was quite hazy. Oh, and don't shake hands with Alice, or kiss her, when we meet. You should be Ok with a hug. In this weather you'll both be covered up quite well. I, sort of, tattooed her as well, with the same tattoos as I have on my wrists. But I did Alice here," I said pointing to my lower abdomen.

"Why did you do it there, over her sex organs? The most powerful place you could have put it on a woman for protection from a succubus, or incubus for that matter."

"Pure luck.

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