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True story detailing the dirtiest night of my life.

I lit several candles around the room in order to give us some more romantic glow to the room and then turned towards the steps as I heard the padding of your bare feet on the steps. My god! What I beheld was a vision of such loveliness that I couldn't breath and my throat went so dry, I dared not try to speak!

You were standing there sheathed in a gossamer thin white gown that fell from the thin spaghetti straps over your shoulders to a gathering under your bountiful breasts and then straight to the floor just barely touching the tops of your feet. It was almost sheer and I could easily see the outline of your slim curvy body through the material in the flickering fire and candlelight! The match I was using to light the candles burned my fingertip and I hastily blew it out and dropped it in the fireplace. Licking my burnt finger, I walked lowly towards you as you did to me; reaching out with my dampened finger tip,

I lightly moved it across one of your nipples that were already erect from the movement of the sheer silk against them as you came down the stairs. You shuddered slightly as you felt the jolt of electricity flow through you as I teased the nipple so exposed through the almost invisible fabric of your gown! I reached down and brought my lips to yours as I whispered in reverence "You are glorious, my darling!"

I walked around you while you stood there smiling (you had picked this up unbeknownst to me on your out of town trip the weekend before as a surprise); I gazed in wonderment at the back of the gown that plunged so low it showed just the hint of the cleavage between your ass cheeks! I leaned over and blew down your exposed spine and into the loose lower back of the gown into your crack causing you to hiss with delight! Standing, I reached under the loose sides of the gown with my soft hands and upped the weightiness of your full breasts in the palms of my hands as I pulled you gently back against me. You could feel the steel of my hard cock tenting in my silk boxers as it pressed between your legs.

When my fingers brushed your erect and throbbing nipples your legs almost gave out under you as you felt that first orgasmic tremor through your inner core. Supporting you under the arms, as you grew weak in the knees, I waited out the first wave and then pulled my hands from your sides and walked back in front of you. Pulling your barely concealed body into my arms, I rained hot, passionate kisses upon your lips, face and neck until you groaned "No more! Make love to me, my darling!"

I fell to my knees in front of you and placed your hands on my shoulders. Reaching to the hem of your gown, I first picked up one of your delicate feet and sucked in one toe after another as I savored the texture and taste of you. Repeating the action with the other foot, I also licked the bottom of each in turn paying special attention to the sensitive pads just behind the toes. Your fingers dug into my shoulders as you fought off the tingling that shot up to your already glistening pussy!

I slowly - ever so slowly - started to raise the hem of your almost weightless gown and while so doing, lightly ran my fingertips up your calves as I followed with my warm wet tongue. As I left a trail of dampness behind, I blew gently on it creating a coolness that sent shivers of anticipations up to your most private core! As I reached your knees, I paused for a few minutes to pay proper homage to the extra nerve endings secreted behind them and nipped and licked until I could smell the overwhelming scent of your arousal as your cum started to flow down your legs! Not wanting to miss a drop of this nectar, I continued up your inner thighs until my tongue met the stream of that enticing flow and I lapped it up eagerly!

I felt one of your hands leave my shoulder and, glancing up, saw that you had pushed one shoulder strap off to expose a heaving tit and your fingers were tugging and twisting the hard en

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