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What happens when a 2er shows up to the spa?

..it was so tiresome, after all.

I mean, he'd wait for me, and then I'd have him beg for the key to the belt, and finally, after pretending I'd lost it (This always reduced Apollo to bitter, tearful tantrums)

I'd finally give him the key, and he'd unlock his belt and masturbate onto a little dish and then lick it up, and kiss my feet and thank me for this awesome privilege!

But then, as I said in '02, I told Apollo that the good news was he would now be eligible for 18 orgasms a year, instead of just one a month...

And the bad news would be that he would have to earn them, and if he didn't impress me, he wouldn't even get ONE for the whole year!

There was a lot of jewelry buying, and I'd given Apollo his first thirteen orgasms in about ninety days, and then I decided he was wasting his money.

I had an idea, and so I made him deposit his salary (since he was working for me anyway) into my bank account, and gave him a small allowance, so he couldn't purchase any more.

Then I got Apollo to do household chores around the hotel....and of course after that I decided to have him service my lovers...earning an orgasm was tough!

Apollo had talked about how horrible it was to have his first wife dress him in drag and prostitute him, but he talked about it so fervently, that I then told him that if he could make money to buy me GOOD jewelry by servicing various men in the neighborhood of whatever city the circus was in, while dressed in drag...I'd go for it!

But you know, not many men are that attracted to middle aged tranny whores.

It would take Apollo MONTHS to get enough money to buy me a respectable piece of jewelry.

If you get ten to twenty bucks a blowjob, and you need fifteen hundred to buy the cheapest tennis bracelet...

So in 2003 Apollo earned enough to have four orgasms, in '04 I had mercy on him and he was able to earn money just for letting my lovers come on his face, and he got nine orgasms...and this year '10 he's had about seven since January.

But I'm probably going to have to be stricter with him. God knows I don't want to spoil him!

Apollo joined our circus in '83, and became its owner in '86, and married me that same year-and quietly signed the whole shebang over to me in 1991, though no one knows it...

Because long-term chastity can make a man negotiate!

Although Apollo was quite the cocksman with the different circus bimbos, screwing makeup girls, trapeze artists, and even our female Fire-Eater, I knew he wanted something different.

I'd found Apollo's S&M tapes in the garbage cans outside his trailer, and the first time I got alone with him, I went to town!

I took him over my knee, and then drilled his buttocks with a nice big strap-on! He could've put me in jail for this assault, but instead he gave me an engagement ring!

Even when I turn Apollo into "Polly" a cock sucking tranny whore, he loves me.

Apollo's college fraternity pal, Pindar is also a submissive I understand!

Pindar is enslaved by a Mistress, Miss Snaith, who also gave Apollo a few sessions years ago. Pindar, of course was also locked in chastity by Miss Snaith

The ladies, of course just thought that Pindar, who was one of Greensboro, N.C.'s most eligible bachelors was too much of a gentleman to take a girl's virtue before they hit the altar.

And then of course there were the long, lonely nights when poor Pindar was just at home in his bachelor's apartment, and couldn't even masturbate.

And how rough that must've been, because that was in the age before cable television, so he really had nothing else to do, either...

He'd call Ms. Snaith, and she'd tell him what a worm he was, and threaten not to let him cum when she DID see him.

Then when he showed up (every Thursday evening at seven) all bottled up with cum and horniness, Ms. Snaith, who looked, according to Pindar like a severe Audrey Hepburn, would order Pindar to get naked.

She was always sitting in a hot little black cocktail dress or something, and Pindar reported to Apollo that he actually never got to see Ms. Snaith in the nude.

Sometimes she

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