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..'let's put this vibrator up your anus or arse' were nowhere near as playful or sexy as 'naughty hole'. She carried on with her low, sexy commentary as she teased my cock-eye.

"Now, I push it down!"

There it was! I didn't know what to expect as she slowly and delicately pushed the Sounds down into my penis, my inner cock muscles trying to clasp around it as my excited cock hardened and lengthened around the rod.

"Down it goes!" she encouraged.

My penis had an inability to grip from within no matter how hard I tried, not that I could or wanted to stop her. The sensation was heavenly and I opened my eyes to see my quivering legs rattling the table with uncontrollable, rhythmic jerks and my back and neck stiffened against the unknown.

I watched as she buried the rod into me and I so wanted to ejaculate! 'Where is all of that rod going?' I asked myself as it disappeared and I breathed heavily at the sight of my Sounded cock and Mistress J's nails close to my hard purple helmet.

"Now, I'll pull it up!"

Mistress Jane started to slowly withdraw the Sounds. God I writhed, it was like being masturbated from the inside! My hips rose with the bulb end of the Sounds as it delicately caressed my cock's inner tube.

My hips flexed about three times as the bulb end emerged, popping out of my cock-eye and causing me to take short gasps of breath with excitement. I tried to regain some composure.

"And back down again!"

As she quickly inserted the Sounds, again, my bottom lowered as it dived down into my inner workings. That time, she let go of the rod completely, letting the Sounds delightfully worm its way down by gravity. My hips bucked at the amazing sensation and I watched, for as long as possible, before I jerked my head back in ecstasy as the stem slowly burrowed its way down into my cock.

In my mind, I imagined the end was stirring away inside of my testicles and giving my sperm a good mixing. Absurd, I know, but I didn't have a clue as to where it was going! Wherever it was, it was deep!

Again, Mistress J slowly started to pull the Sounds rod upward and my hips rose with the delicious caressing of my inner penis. My head swam and I longed for Mistress J to wank my cock around the rod, but I knew better than to ask.

"Out it pops!" she gleefully exclaimed as the bulb of the Sounds popped out of my penis-eye after its invigorating sexual plunder of unknown depths. She quickly took the rod away and brought forth a replacement!

That rod was exactly the same in diameter as the last Sounds, only it had two devilish angles on the stem. Immediately, I saw the attraction to Mistress J as she lubed it. Again, she kept my penis opened up by letting the Sounds rest on the eye.

After a little while, she held my cock so as to make sure to keep the bulb end of the Sounds barely within the spread eye of my penis.

"Now, we insert the end!" she said keeping up her commentary.

The bulb went down the eye of my penis easily as the inner pathway of my cock had already been spread and, once more, Mistress J let the Sounds go and, once more, it disappeared down deep into my cock.

Again, I lit up with a sensation as I tried, in vain, to grip the sliding tube. I wondered if I'd be able to grip the rod if it were not for it being covered with lube. I wondered, but only fleetingly, for I was feeling so giddy with a sensation I couldn't comprehend. My eyes went to the tip of my penis to watch the ever lowering rod and the fast approaching kink that would surely have some impact.

It dived in through my penis head, scraped the inner eye and made my hips jerk violently to ease the expected pain. Alas, that was in vain, a response made by my hips that could move although it was my inanimate penis I was trying to move.

"There we go," Mistress J mockingly soothed as the kink started to make its way into my eye, lightly scraping its way down.

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