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A slave needing her needs met.

God Bobby I'm so wet just watching this", she told him.

As Bonnie moved Jane around on the bed the DVD now showed Jane's thighs opened wide and Bonnie's hand and fingers stroking and rubbing between them as she now worked on Jane's pussy as she sucked her breasts.

Bobby broke his hold on his mother's nipples and they both watched as Bonnie's hands and finger began to work his mother's cunt. Again the camera zoomed in and Bobby and his mother could see very clearly how wet and open Jane's pussy was. They could also see Bonnie working Jane's pussy with her fingers.

Bonnie again sighed as she felt her son's fingers move down her flat belly and over her pelvis and then down between his mother's open legs. Bobby felt his mom spread her legs wider for him giving him full access to her heat.

"Yes baby! Touch me! See how Bonnie uses her finger tips to spread my pussy lips and rub the pink insides? Do that baby! Do what Bonnie is doing to my pussy."

Bobby moaned as he felt his mother slit part and her lips opened like a butterfly as he used his fingers just like Bonnie was doing, separating his mother out pussy lips. Then as Bonnie inserted a finger so did Bonnie. He inserted his fingers as deep as he could into his mom's wet hot cunt hole.

When Bonnie fingered his mother's hole fast Bobby did too. When Bonnie slowed down and gently fingered Jane's cunt so did her son. It was such a great learning session for Bobby. Watching another woman make love to his mother's body was wonderful and erotic. "Who knows better how to please a woman's body better than another woman. "No one", he said to himself.

Jane began to rock on his hand as they watched Bonnie doing that to her in the movie. Jane was cumming in the mo vie and now she was cumming in real life. Jane was in sort of a dream world as her son made her feel so good. "Muum baby! Your fingers feel wonderful! You make mommy love to be touched that way. Look, look how Bonnie uses two hands now", she moaned as she watched him play with her body

Bobby watched as Bonnie knelt between his mother's open thighs and the camera was now looking down between them. They could see Jane's pussy and Bonnie's hands and what she was doing with them.

Bonnie worked his mother's pussy with both hands now. One was working in her cunt hole and the other played with the clit and its hood. Bobby moved down his mother body licking and kissing her as he went. Then he spread his mother's legs even wider and began to work on her pussy just like Bonnie was doing!

His mother moaned and arched up and Bobby began to gently jerk her clit hood back and forth with his index and thumb. He rubbed it with one finger on each sides of the hood. He was masturbating the clit hood squeezing it very gently as he stoked it just like Bonnie was doing in the movie. Jane moaned and sighed from time to time as Bobby watched the DVD and then did what Bonnie was doing.

Meanwhile Bobby used his other hand now taking two fingers and inserting them into in his mother pussy hole. He pushed them deep and moved them in and out gently, very gently. He could hear his mother's appreciation in her sighs and moans. Again he began to masturbate her there too just like Bonnie was doing to her.

Again and again he could feel his mother jerk and lift and cry out as his work stimulated her until her clit was full exposed from under the hood. It was throbbing and she was humping and fucking his hands. Bobby looked at the movie and saw that his mom was doing the same thing in the movie from Bonnie working on her the same way. "Yes! God yes Bobby! You're so good. Better than Bonnie and she was fantastic. Now baby! Put you mouth on me please! Eat me! Eat me please! Lick me until I cum."

Bobby smiled and bent forward covering his mother's cunt with his mouth.

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