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The night's events after Alexis went home with Lanie.

any of this really necessary?"

"You gave us no choice son. We could have dealt with this quietly, but your antics have ensured otherwise," Loretta reprimanded.

"Let her go and I promise to stay. Forever," Samuel offered.

"You know that is not possible. But what happens to her beyond that will be your decision. She is to be turned or killed. What would you have?" There was no sympathy in Arthur's eyes as he gave this ultimatum; the outcome was of little consequence to him.

"No." Samuel's head shook wildly. "I will not do this."

"If you refuse then we will choose for you." There was no waver in his father's voice as he spoke.

Samuel wrapped his arms around me, burying his head into the crook of my neck. Doubt enveloped me. Did he not want me anymore? Why would he not choose to save me? If the choices were that I should die or to spend eternity with Samuel, then of course it would be the latter. How could he doubt that?

"Sam?" I pushed him away from me. Looking into his face to see if I could read what he was thinking. I saw only pain and indecision. "Don't you want me enough?"

"Of course I want you. After everything you would doubt that?"

I'm sure that doubt blanketed my face, and I saw no reason to hide it, I was facing death, I was owed the truth.

"You don't know what it involves. I don't want you to go through such a thing," he said.

"Is it better for me to die?" I trusted Samuel enough to believe that if he thought it was better to die than go through what the alternative, then I should believe him.

His eyes squeezed tight as he fought for the answer. "I would not only have to turn you, but prove that I intend to make you my eternal consort."

"How would you do that?" He opened his eyes and turned them on mine, he had made a decision.

"Do you trust me Helen? I mean really trust me?"

I swallowed hard and the sound was so loud that even I heard it. "Yes," and I meant it. I did not know what decision Samuel had made, but I trusted him to carry it through without knowing what it was.

He reached out and tucked my matted hair behind my ear. "I love you," he said. "I will always love you."

I tried to smile, but all that happened was that a tear streaked down my cheek. He caught it on the tip of his finger. Lifting the saline solution to his lips his tongue snaked out to taste it, his eyes drifting closed. When they opened again a fire burned within them.

His fingers swept my eyes clear of any lingering tears, before his lips pressed a soft kiss over one then the other. His lips dotted kisses that tracked to the corner of my mouth, his tongue flicking out seeking an invitation.

"I don't think this is the place for this," I said

"This is exactly the place for this," he murmured against me. "You said you trust me. Then prove it, yield to me. Here. Now."

Oh god! Fear had me trembling against him. I really didn't want to do this, but realised that what I wanted was not important anymore. Consciously softening my lips I let him in. His tongue snaked around mine and I did my best to ignore the crowd watching us. Squeezing my eyes closed I whimpered, wanting this reunion with Samuel, but abhorring the circumstances.

Hands pulled me against him, holding me tight, and his thigh weaving between both of mine pressing against me. As memories of me grinding against his thigh flooded me a soft groan escaped. His palm snaked from my lower back over my bottom settling in the juncture between my legs.

My hands took on a mind of their own and crept up his arms gripping his shoulders. Pulling him tight to me, my body screamed not to lose him again. Losing myself in the moment I thrust my tongue into his mouth, it was his turn to groan. But I was weak and my legs once more buckled unable to support my weight. Samuel supported me on the way down, catching us before we crashed onto the hard floor. Instead I settled atop the stone without any jarring, and he on top of me.

He gazed down at me with a sad expression as fatigue swamped me.

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