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A visit to a dominatrix leaves Julian in a naked predicament.

And let me be honest I had only seen a few bushes in person. She was talking to me but I was lost in a daze, looking at all that hair, and the way her panties were covering the rest of her bush, I could feel myself getting aroused, finally she said "Markus" in a loud tone, and I snapped out of it, I could feel my face blush as I looked up. She didn't seem to have noticed, or if she did, it didn't' seem to bother her at all, then she pulled the sweats back up and took off her tee-shirt, and took her right arm out of her bra, and then pulled the cup off of her right breast. There was a bandage centered above and off to the outside of her nipple, her nipple was covered up with tape. She slowly took off the tape and bandage, I was impressed at how firm her breasts were, I the one I was looking at sagged some but not nearly as much as I would have expected it to for a woman of 41 with two kids. She has fairly small breasts B cup, small but nice, at least I always thought so. When she took off the bandage I could see the bite mark, it looked very bad, and there were stitches all around it. It looked like he came close to taking a bit right out of her, she was cut deeply from both the top and bottom teeth. She could see I was shocked at how bad it looked, she sort of smiled and said, "it looks worse than it is" then put the bandage back on, then covered back up.

That night I masturbated thinking about her, truthfully it wasn't the first time I had done that, but it was the first time I felt real dirty for doing it.

Over the next few weeks I couldn't stop thinking about her, I know I should have felt sorry and bad about what happened, and I did, but I was also glad because it gave me a chance to see her, at least part of her. I couldn't get the image of her panties with all that hair sticking out of them out of my mind. After a couple of weeks things started to get back to normal for her, I got into a couple of discussions with her, I wanted to ask her more details about her attack but I never got up the nerve to do so, but some of our conversations did take some interesting twists. My father had left around six years ago, he had been having an affair with a younger woman, he left us to marry her when she got pregnant. I found out a few very interesting things, she had not had sex after the divorce, and that sex was the main reason for the divorce. I got up the nerve to ask her if she liked sex, she said she did, then I asked why she didn't date more, that caused her to get very embarrassed and it ended that conversation.

I was too intrigued to let this go, but I dropped it for the time being, and a few days later, brought up the subject again, she was still embarrassed but was more willing to go into details. She said that she didn't date because she worried that she was afraid that she would be expected to do things she hadn't done. After a lot of slow prodding, it came out that she had only been with one man my dad (not counting the rape) and that the sex had been almost exclusively missionary. I asked why, and she blushed and didn't really have an answer, she said that dad would ask her to do things and that while she was a bit interested, she was very shy about sex even with him, and her first response was always "no". He never pushed things and after a while gave up asking, and finally started looking for things elsewhere. I felt sorry for her, she seemed sort of sad talking about this, but even while I felt sorry for her I kept thinking about how hot she made me when I thought about her. Well nothing much happened for a week or so, other than me masturbating many times thinking about her.

On a Sunday afternoon she asked me if I could do her a favor, I said of course, then she explained that she was supposed to go back to the doctor to have he stitches removed but didn't' really want to go and asked if I could take them out for her.

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