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Part 4 of Gear series. Sorry for the Delay.

all their coffee drinks, so if you want to know how something is just ask!"

Jake picks up the menu and replies, "I sure will, do they make a good caramel mocha?"

"I'm sure they do, that's one I haven't tried," I add, "I prefer a sugar free vanilla latte myself, have to watch my figure you know." He glances at me strangely and goes back to his menu. "What?" I ask.

"Nothing, was gonna say your figure looks pretty good to me," he says with a smirk.

"Hey, none of that now!" I exclaim in mock outrage, "If you start being flirty or inappropriate I won't be able to talk to you!" For Jake that was his normal flirty self, but I want him to be clear on the ground rules.

"Sorry," he says with a wink, "I just can't help myself!"

"Well try," I reply, as the barista comes out to get our order.

We spent the next couple hours in pleasant conversation, catching up on what he's been up to over the years, and a bit about how I've been. We came to the conclusion that while I've stayed relatively steady in my beliefs and desires, his have changed dramatically. Gone is the irresponsible kid with the devil-may-care attitude, and in his place is an actual adult. We end the night and I agree to meet him for lunch the next day. He'll only be in town a couple more days so I figure it's probably the only time I'll see him anyway. It's not like he's someone I'd actively try to stay in contact with.

I arrive back home and immediately go check the house phone for missed calls. None. I sigh and pout a little, rechecking my cell phone to be sure I didn't miss hearing it ring. Still nothing. Oh well, he's probably asleep by now or busy at work. "I'm sure he'll call in the morning," I think out loud.

Saturday afternoon and still no call. At this point I'm a little worried, this is so unlike Alec. I'm sure there's a reason and everything's fine, I tell myself. 2:00 rolls around and I just finished getting ready to go out for lunch. I hear the doorbell ring, funny, I wasn't expecting anyone. I answer it and it's Jake. "What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Well I got your address when I got your phone number," he says, "and I thought we could take one car being as you know the area a lot better and know where we should go."

"Fine, let me grab my purse," I say with a little irritation in my voice, shutting the door in his face. I can't help but feel a little amused by the stunned look on his face that I caught a glimpse of as the door shut. Priceless. Grabbing my purse I head back to the door and walk out. "Hop in," I say, clicking the doors open on my car. I drive us over to a little sub shop thinking we can make it a quick bite. I'm a little uncomfortable with the fact that he just showed up at my house. What would Alec think?

Despite the rough beginning we have a good time at lunch, chatting and almost becoming friends again. He holds the door for me as we leave, something he never did when we were together, and asks if I'd like to do something later. "I really shouldn't," I respond.

"Why not?" He asks, "do you have other plans already?"

"No," I say, pausing to climb into the drivers seat of my car, "I just don't want to give you the wrong idea."

"Oh, I see, afraid I can't take rejection huh!" He says with mock sincerity.

I roll my eyes and reply, "No, I actually don't care if you can or not. I just don't like the way it looks. Especially when you just show up at my house unannounced."

He shrugs, "Can't a guy try? It's not like I'll get to see you again, and I've always wondered what would happen if we could try again." I sigh, this is exactly what I didn't want.

"Like I said," I reply slowly, "I'm very happy. I am not interested in bringing up the past or exploring what ifs."

"Ok," he replies dejectedly, "I'm sorry you feel that way."

We drive back to my place in silence, and as I pull into the driveway Jake asks if he can use the restroom before he leaves. I'm skeptical and tell him he could go down the street to the gas station. He looks at me with a mixture of hurt and disbelief on his face.

"I thought you were a frie

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