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Couple spends time together in the shower.

To reach the loops, she had to move her face close and directly in front of my fly. Before she pulled the pants down, it had been trapped along the inside of my leg and now, freed, it sprang forward and up to hit her lips.

Surprised, she giggled, pulled one arm forward to wrap a hand around it and then pulled it to the side and began to stroke it with her tongue. That tongue was soft, wet, apparently curious and extremely busy. It approached the hardest I could remember when she began kissing every part of it. Slowly she stopped, looked at it and then up at me. While looking up into my eyes she placed it on her tongue and then moved forward to thrust it into her mouth. Without taking her eyes from mine, she moaned and rocked back and forth. The suction was extreme and slowly she backed slightly away and whispered that it tasted good, giggled and began to really work on it. The, other hand came forward and cupped me softly. I began to thrust my hips and she backed away again and said quietly "Please do it". She giggled, sighed, and returned to work. I don't know how, but she almost swallowed it, and then she used her throat muscles and soft tongue to massage it. She had great looking teeth, but managed to keep them completely out of the way. I'd never felt this turned on and suddenly felt a climax coming. I started to pull it out, and she managed to make a noise that sounded like "unh-uh". She moved it deeper into her mouth and increased the suction. I exploded, both sides went off in unison. I don't think they'd ever both gone off together. It shot down her throat and she swallowed rapidly, several times, but it was too much. She pulled back and it filled her mouth. Now she was rocking back and forth on her knees and toes and emitting a continuous soft moaning. She finally finished swallowing, caressed me again with lips and tongue, and then cleaned me externally. I was amazed that her demeanor was so delicate after the occasion of that previous animal lust. There was a hand shower hanging from a fixture over her head. I turned on the warm water and rinsed her all over.

As she settled back on her knees, she whispered "That was even better than I've been imagining." I knelt, kissed her, and started to leave, again.

She caught her breath, lay back down, and asked me to pick her up. I slid my arms under her knees and shoulders and picked her up. When I was standing, she turned over in my arms, facing downward. Then she moved one leg up and over my head. She grasped me around the neck by bending the legs at the hip and interlocking her ankles behind. She ran through the full procedure so quickly that I stood there with my mouth open. Now, she asked me to let her go. As I let go, her thighs on my shoulders prevented her from falling. She was upside down and facing me. She took me in her mouth again, and I finally realized what she wanted. I was happy to oblige her. Her legs spread further as my head came forward and my tongue and lips went to work. She had quickly turned me back on, and as I placed both arms around her, her legs went straight up and I backed against the wall. Without the support of that wall, I wouldn't have been able to stand up under those sensations.

As I buried my face, she tasted so sweet that I could have drowned happily in there. The softness and wetness were incredible. She began that sexy moan again, and as my tongue began its serious work, she had to stop what she was doing. Soft convulsions seemed to ripple through her entire body. Violent spasms rocked her body and her hips rocked around my shoulders repeatedly. I placed my arms to wrap her thighs from the outside to the inside. Then I tightened my arms, held her legs open and prevented her hips from moving. The restraint only made her more passionate. At that moment I discovered that any physical restraint really turned her on.

Finally after more than ten minutes of such passion, I slowed to a stop.

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