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How an unexpected rainstorm brought unexpected passion.

With shrugs of shoulders, they all turned back to each other and began low conversations sprinkled with words like "whippersnapper", "fucking Goodhew", "bloody end of us for sure", and so on. I guess they were less than impressed with the importance of my arrival. Given their animosity, there was no chance I was going to let on that I was Benjamin's soon to be ex-son-in-law.

I turned back to the bar. "So - there's no accommodation to be had at all?"

"None," he paused, "that is unless somebody wants ta board ya. Maybe one of the widows. Maudie Biggs, how about you? I'm sure the young gentleman can pay well, ain't that right, mister, er, mister .....?"

"Derek, Derek Leigh-Mallory." That attracted some guffaws. While such a name was common where I came from, I guess there were few hyphens in this neck of the woods.

I had assumed that all the occupants were mail but in the corner of the room, a big bulky figure with white hair stood and made its way toward the bar. Ruddy faced, with a figure indistinguishable beneath bulky clothing but handsome in a way, she stood in front of me and barely came to my shoulder. "I'm Maude Biggs, and I do have a room that I can let you have." Enormously grateful, I grinned and I guess the pearly whites against my Gstaad ski slopes tan did the trick. She grinned too and her amazing blue eyes sparkled in the low light.

"I'd be most grateful, ma'am," I said.

"Finish your beer and we'll be off. You must be starving after that long trip." So saying she led me out of the now silent pub and down the street to one of the low slung houses about five up from the factory. Ducking my head, I entered the cottage and Maude turned on the light. A cosy sitting room with a fireplace set with a large electric faux coal appliance glowed and the room was warm. At the rear of the room was a kitchen area and two doors led off the main room. She showed me through the rear door and into a quite spacious room with a single bed and a wardrobe. Everything was neat and clean.

"Thank you, this is great. Um, where to I shave and shower?" I said, looking around.

Maude let out a huge bellow of a laugh. "Bless you young man. We have no luxuries like that. We wash at the sink in the kitchen and you can shave using the mirror on the window sill. We have electricity only because of the factory. It wasn't that long ago that we had oil lamps and coal fires. I'll fix you something to eat and then to bed with you. You'll want to start early in the morning."

So, after a really tasty stew, it was off to bed and immediate unconsciousness in the soft bed.

Next morning, I awoke to the smell of bacon and donned a t-shirt over my sleeping shorts and opened the door. I was taken aback by the sight that greeted me. Maude had her broad back to me, a slip down around her waist. She had one arm raised and was using a washcloth on her underarm. From side on I could see a very large zeppelin-like breast. She shifted to the other arm and then one by one, gathered up those immense, lily white breasts and washed under them. I had erected massively at the first sight and started to throb as she made each breast in turn point outward to wash under them. I gasped and she turned toward me dropping her hands as she did so. My eyes were riveted to the huge breasts with their burgeoning red nipples. My shorts were tented and uncomfortable. I licked my lips and looked up into her twinkling blue eyes.

"Now don't tell me a well set up young man like you has never seen a pair of tits before. You probably have but not on an old tart like me, eh?" She eyed the tent in my shorts. "Got you going though. It's probably just a piss hard on. The lavatory is just outside the back door."

A bit shame faced, I went through the door, completed my ablutions, urged my erection to subside and returned in time to see Maude place a huge plate of eggs and bacon on the kitchen table.

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