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The beginning of a saga, a trip into the darker side.

Her question was answered when its fingers began vibrating. As it sank its hands between her legs Amy let out a loud squeal. It was better than any vibrator she'd ever owned. It was as if Droid knew exactly where to touch. Droid didn't need a mouth, that much was for sure.

"Your so warm," Droid said, "I want to sink into that warmth and never come out."

"Fuck me," Amy yelled, "Please, just fuck me and never stop!"

The machine's other hand moved to her breasts. This time its entire palm was pulsating, sending waves of pleasure across Amy's body with just the slightest touch. Never had any woman experienced such a pleasure, Amy was certain of that. Finally the machine took its hands away, moving them to her thighs so that it could hold them apart. Her pussy dripping wet, Amy had never wanted a dick to enter her so bad. As Droid slid in its cock let out the same pulses as its hands had; causing the woman to groan and moan like a whore.

Droid fucked with machine precision, using a mixture of bucking, vibrating, and tickling to ensure optimal pleasure. Amy was in tears from pure pleasure. No sound came from Droid. It seemed content to let this moment be completely Amy's. Finally, Amy's whole body seemed to scream. Her eyes closed, and for the first time in her life she knew was absolute joy felt like. There was a warmth within her as if Droid was cumming and cumming, but certainly a machine couldn't do that. Amy had no time to think about it. She collapsed onto her body and laughed.

"Can I keep you," she asked, practically too breathless to speak.

"I hope so. I want to give you this everyday for the rest of your life, Amy."

Amy could only smile. She wanted that too, but she was too tired now to confess it.

Unfortunately after their sex Amy had been forced to put Droid away. She cleaned him off to leave no evidence, and instructed him to keep their whole experience secret. Chad seemed none the wiser. The nineteen-year-old didn't mention a thing through dinner. This was a relief for Amy. After all, she had plans for her son's new toy.

Day after day when her son left for school Amy would fetch her new partner. Droid would fuck her early before her shower, then in the shower, the after her shower, and of course again during lunch, and once more before it was time to be put away. The constant fuckings left Amy sore. She had trouble walking, and had to explain it off to Chad as soreness from her morning jogs. Amy also began to find that wearing clothes during the day was just pointless. Taking them off just wasted time that she and Droid could be fucking.

One afternoon, only a week after she'd discovered Droid, Amy was in the kitchen cooking up lunch. She had on a tight, pink apron to protect herself. Droid commented on how sexy she looked in it. The machine couldn't resist teasing her exposed ass a bit with some playful slapping. As Amy busied herself with mixing some vegetables into a pan she was suddenly surprised by Droid just pushing her down flat onto the stove, and then ramming his jumbo dick straight into her ass.

"Droid... I'm... I'm... Oh god!" Amy's lips quivered. She'd never had her ass fucked before. Droid held tight to her thighs as it buried its massive dick deep into her. This was a new pleasure for Amy. Instinctively she bucked back against the robot, aiding in the fuck. Her supple tits popped out of her apron as Droid pressed her harder and harder against the stove. Finally the usual warmth overcame her. "That was great," Amy cried out.

Droid wasn't done with her yet. Still holding to her legs, it spun her on the stove easily, and then yanked her legs back apart. Before Amy could regain her senses the machine plunged into her cunt. "Its ok," Droid said, "My cock is self-cleaning."

There was a bit of pain as Amy's bare cheeks rubbed against the stove's grate, but she hardly noticed that through the pleasure of the fuck.

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