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She was looking for a family. He needed to grow up.

"Didn't you like it when I ate your pussy?"

Mary opens her eyes to see Sister Denise standing near Sister Dorothy and is mesmerized by Sister Denise's naked light chocolate-brown body with her curly, long raven-black hair draping down to her lusciously round breasts.

"Oh, you two are so beautiful." Mary blurts. "I never stopped thinking about what you did to me at the church. I hoped you would both have me again."

"Isn't that sweet?" Sister Dorothy smiles.

Mary feels Sister Dorothy's fingers diddling her wet pussy pull away and watches as Sister Dorothy hold her fingers, wet from Mary's sex fluids, to Sister Denise. The chocolate-skinned naked nun begins to lick and suck the juices from the fingers.

"Mmmmm, very sweet." Sister Denise utters.

"But the thing is, Mary," Sister Dorothy continues. "You left me unfulfilled and disappointed when you failed to make me cum and I just don't have the patience right now for a girl who's as inexperience in pussy-eating as you." Sister Dorothy pulls Sister Denise close to her and plants a passionate, open-mouth kiss on her. "Now you, I can certainly count on you to get me off, and more than just once."

"I do have a talented tongue." Sister Denise grins. "And it's made a lot of girls happy."

Mary watches as the two nuns have another open-mouth kiss, lasting longer than the previous one. After the kissing temporarily stops, Sister Denise jumps on the bed next to Mary's. With a sinister look, Sister Dorothy turns her attention back to the restrained May, holding the final silk scarf. Mary gives no resistance as the nun forces Mary's head up as she wraps the scarf around Mary's eyes and ties it.

"Why the blindfold?" Mary asks. "Is it to help me sleep?"

"Not really." Answers Sister Dorothy as she dismounts Mary and the bed. "I just don't want you peeking while we fuck. I know I have nothing to stop you from hearing, so you're just going to have to ignore us."

Sister Dorothy turns off the lamp at the bedside table between the two beds, leaving darkness in the room. Mary hears Sister Dorothy mount the bed where Sister Denise eagerly awaits her, the sounds of kissing follows, along with moaning and heavy-breathing. Mary is unable to ignore the sounds of sex as they get louder and more intense, echoing throughout the room, causing her to imagine the sex acts and positions the two women having girl-on-girl sex in the bed three feet away her are engaging in.

As Mary's sexual-frustration grows, she pulls against the silk scarves restraining her, hoping to free a hand to alleviate her need for gratification, but is unable to. In desperation and frustration, Mary wildly rocks her hips to free herself. Even though the effort proves fruitless, Mary continues to struggle against her bonds in hope of freeing herself but eventually tires out.

Mary tries to be patient and wait for the nuns to fall asleep so she can sleep as well. She wonders if the sisters even noticed her trying to pull her free or were they too absorbed in each other. Or maybe they did notice. Mary takes several deep breathes to calm herself and the stir of desire from her sex, trying to ignore the wet spot on her panties. The softness of the bed reminds her of the last time she laid naked on a bed in a motel room.

Mary remembers that night her family priest, Father Daniel, when he went between her parted legs and plunged his hard cock in her virginal cunt, forever losing her virginity. Mary remembers the look on Father Daniel's face as he pumped his rod in her wet and breached pussy, and when it discharged its man seed. She remembered how much she looked forward having more sex with Father Daniel as he laid his hot and sweaty body on top of her as he rested.

Although the pleasant moments after the sex horridly halted with the heart attack that ended Father Daniel's life, Mary concentrates on the moment when she had sex with the priest and relives it over and over until she eventually falls asleep.


Feeling a tongue forcing its way in Mary's mouth abruptly w

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