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The game moves to Roxanne’s home.

Agin, she was seen and heard laughing about her poor, clueless hubby. She now displayed doubled hearts on her inner thigh, with added script above, stating 'our' to the existing 'slut' below.

Eventually, my prostitute-wife had to come home, where I angrily showed her the DVD and screen shots-full color-I'd made. Confronted, she made the usual excuses, rationalizations and justifications, including 'feminist' versions, getting more and more strident.

She started with the usual, "Oh, Honey, I'm so sorry. We have to talk. It was all a big mistake. I was being blackmailed. It was like a big, dark cloud came over me. You weren't ever supposed to find out."

This morphed into, "Oh, hell, it was just a few recreational fucks, you can understand that, can't you?"

Then she went on, becoming more aggressive and strident, saying, "You're just not big enough 'down there.' You don't 'measure-up.' I've got to have more cocks, younger than you, and with richer men."

Additional morphing into, "You don't own me. I'm not your slave. I can go out, dance, drink, do coke and have sex with whomever I want, whenever I want."

She climaxed by adding, "Now that I'm a truly liberated woman, I know that my body was evolved to please lots of men, not just your one little impotent penis. Now I'm getting rich, no thanks to you, and I'm doing it, getting fucked and pleasured by hordes of hot-sex pumping men, you looser!"

At last she screamed out that "no single man could ever satisfy her again, and that I had to accept her crumbs and leavings, or be stripped bare in a divorce court (run by women like her), to live in utter poverty for the rest of my life."

What else could be done? I left home, and, in a remarkable 30 days, was confronted by a Magistrate in Family Court. The judge, one Tatania Markova, though a feminist, was a no-nonsense woman, experienced in the legal thickets of divorce and lying spousal support demands.

Nadia reveled in the fact of having a woman judge, who, she assumed by gender, was 'on-her-side'. After the judge dealt with the 2 attorneys that Nadia brought from her company (at Carlo's expense), shunting them aside, my ex-wife-to-be settled into bragging as to the amounts of money she brought into her cheating life.

Under oath, she admitted making $100's for each $1 that I earned. Those monies, were given into her corporate checking account and stock options to her brokerage account, all in 'cash'. She finished her introduction, laughing about the relatively small paycheck for her data-analytic hubby, as opposed to her 'fabulous' wealth, just for using her woman's body with multiple men in hundreds of pleasurable ways, "just as would any fully-liberated woman".

Then, unexpectedly, the judge asked a series of specific, sharp 'yes/no' questions.

I replied to three questions, and revealed that I just wanted 'out,' only holding on to my savings and paychecks for myself, as I hadn't known I was marrying a prostitute. I stated that I didn't want the car or the condo or any portion of her 'earnings', as they had been 'sex-soiled' by my wife's whoring-for-payment in them.

The judge then demanded that Nadia reply, yes/no, to her next series of questions. Those questions became very specific, as my Nadia replied in an ever quieter tone of voice.

Then the judge said, still addressing Nadia, "There are no children involved, as your tubes are and were tied.

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