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There's only one first time.

He is further along than she is, and is just taking off his boxers as I enter. There's another chair in this room, the same as in the living room, but it is sitting in the middle of the floor. Obviously it has been put there for a reason, but I can't figure it out. A tripod sits next to the chair. She sees my curiosity.

"Sometimes I take a break from doing him in the other room, and just come in here to use my vibrator. But he still wants to watch!!"

She finally removes her panties, showing off her cleanly shaved pubic area. She must be a bit aroused, since her lips appear to open already, and I'm positive I see the tip of a clit stretching out to get some air. And he's clearly aroused. It's one of the largest penis's I've ever seen, and it just doesn't look like it should fit in her pussy, let alone in her mouth. She walks to the main room and picks up the video camera. She hands it to me.

"If it looks like sex, video tape it!" She says.

He sits down in the chair, and I focus on his member. As the autofocus kicks in, the TV screen is filled with an image of his penis. He looks at it proudly, and she has a look of anticipation. I turn on the record feature, and she drops to her knees.

She starts by gently tickling the sides of his shaft, moving up and down and rotating slowly around it. Every time her fingers reach the ridge, he lets out a small moan, and she reverses her motion to move back down the shaft. After a few minutes, she wraps both hands around the shaft, and begins slowly moving up and down. He lays his head deeply back in the chair, and with each stoke, the drop of precum at his tip becomes larger and larger, until it finally rolls slowly down the shaft.

"I need your mouth on it. I can't wait any longer," he gasps.

With a sudden and sharp movement, he grabs the back of her head and presses her mouth to his head. She doesn't open her mouth, and as soon as she gains her composure, she jumps to her feet.

"I've warned you about using your hands to interfere with my blowjobs. Now I'll have to restrain you," she yells.

As he nods in agreement, I suddenly realize that this is a bondage-play couple. This will be way more interesting than what I was expecting!! She goes to the bedroom, and comes back with a box. She sets it down, and opens it. It is filled with all sorts of ropes, restraints, and things I can't explain. She takes out several wide straps, and proceeds to secure his arms and legs to the chair, and then takes a larger band to secure his waist. I'm not an expert on restraint, but this looks pretty secure to me.

"OK, get the camera back on," she commands.

She goes back to work on his penis, but this time lets it slip right into her mouth. She licks and sucks his shaft, paying particular attention to the head and the little area at the base of the head. He's moaning deeply, and breathing with hard, uneven breaths. He looks about ready to pop. She continues on, and he groans a pained "don't stop". But she does. She immediately takes her mouth off his member.

"Noooo" he groans. I see his penis rock back and forth a little bit, and a little bit of semen flows uselessly out of his tip. "You bitch. Why did you stop??"

"I decide when you cum. You should never talk to me that way," she says with disdain. With that she reaches back into the box, and pulls out what must be a gag. She puts it in his mouth, and secures it behind his head. "Do you want me to finish your blowjob on not?"

He nods, and again she drops to her knees. But, she almost immediately stands up and turns around, spreading her legs wider than his. She slowly lowers her pussy toward his dick, grabbing it, and guiding it into the tight opening.

It's very muffled and soft, but he breaths "NO! I want a blowjob."

She continues to give a couple strokes, while he protests, and then stands up.

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