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Will Chris allow Lorelei to be Cindy's Surrogate?

I do believe in marriage vows but at the same time, I understand that people in a relationship sometimes have needs that aren't being filled. And maybe if what I saw had been an isolated incident or a one-time thing, I'd have been hurt and Lisa would have had a lot of work to do to keep us together. But what she did over the weekend blew any chance of that away.

The blow job in Ken's office had been done so casually that she must've done that before and probably for a while, because she was just so practiced at it. He didn't even have to tell her what to do or ask her. She just came in and got right down to business and then left. Neither of them got excited about it or acted like it was anything special. That too, meant that it had happened before and probably relatively often.

The visit to that island resort this weekend made me wonder what had happened on the other times they'd traveled together for work. Because from what I saw, Lisa pretty much fucked every guy she came in contact with who even hinted that he wanted some pussy. It was simply too much for me.

I know that the honest and forthright way of handling this would be to confront Lisa as soon as she walked in the door and tell her what I had seen and ask her for a divorce. But she hadn't been honest with me so she didn't deserve any honesty in return. Besides, my goal in this wasn't to end up supporting her for the rest of her life. My goal was to get the fuck away from her, hopefully with me having custody of my kids. I had experts working with me on this, so not to take their advice would be foolish.

I also wanted revenge against that bastard Ken. The asshole has been in my house. He's sat down at my table and eaten my food. We might not have been friends, but he owed me much better than to sneak around fucking my wife and peddling her ass to their coworkers. No matter how this played out, Ken would suffer for his part in all of it. I knew that Patti was divorcing him but I needed a measure of revenge of my own.

Even as I started to think about what I'd do to him, Lisa pulled into our driveway. Ordinarily, I'd have gotten up and gone to welcome her home, but it took an effort for me to even look in her direction.

She came over and hugged me and I halfheartedly hugged her back. She looked at me strangely. "Do you want to come in and watch me change?" she smiled, hinting that something else might be offered.

"I have to watch the kids," I said. "For some reason they seem to be playing a bit too aggressively today. We might have to cut down on the sugar. Why don't you go change and then come back out here and sit with me for a while?"

She smiled and headed for the house. I slapped myself on the head a couple of times. I realized that I needed to get my shit together if I was going to pull this off. I should have come up with an excuse before she got home. I'd had all of that time and all I'd done was waste it thinking and wondering why she had done what she'd done. I'd wallowed in self-pity wondering what I had done wrong or what I hadn't done right, when the truth was that she was the one who fucked up.

Then suddenly I felt bile rising up from my stomach as I considered the fact that she might want to have sex with me. That was off the table. I'd be better off sticking my dick directly into a bucket of bacteria. I hadn't known before, now I did. Shit, I wouldn't even have the results of my STD screening back for a couple of days, but I was no longer willing to risk it.

I counted my blessings that the night before, after I'd picked her up from the airport, she'd been in the mood to be massaged and pampered. I'd gone along with it because it had been a couple of days since we'd had sex and I'd wanted her. I'd actually been a little bit pissed, because after massaging her and stroking her, I'd noticed that she'd fallen asleep. It was actually, someone upstairs looking out for me, but at the time I'd really been angry. I'd even considered fucking her while she was asleep.

But now, less than twenty four hours

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