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She moaned as he pushed more of it inside her.

Miles grabbed her legs and pulled them back around her shoulders and held her there spread eagle for the Santa helper. He watched as Galen licked her and invaded her cunt with the toy, he could see her juices all over the vibrator as it went in and out of her soaked cunt. He released one of her legs and pulled the front of his thong down. He wanted to feel her softs hands grip his hard cock. He grabbed her hand and turned it around and lay his cock in it.

She felt the familiar tingling at her hole and exhaled, relaxing while she could feel him probing her love with the toy. Fuck she needed it deep inside her. If she wasn't tied down she would make him ram it inside her. She pushed towards the vibrator letting him know she wanted it, but he teased her going slow. Taking it out of her, rubbing her clit with it and then insider her again. She felt her hand being turned around, then a hard cock being placed in her palm.

"MMmmmm" she said as she squeezed his cock tightly making him yell out "Ahhhhhhhh", she thought me might cum right there. She squeezed it whiles stroking up and down gripping him tightly. He twitched his muscle in her hand. She moved up to his knob and could feel his cock secreting cream and wanted to taste it. "MMmmm" she said "I want to taste you". Miles did not need to be asked twice and moved directly to her head while holding one of her legs back.

He pulled her head closer to him by her hair, gently. She was blindfolded so he slapped her lips with the head of his cock. Her mouth opened and he fed her, she sucked the knob, twirling her tongue around it. He could feel the moan in her throat from her pussy licking while she sucked his knob, it tingled. He pushed more of his cock into her mouth as she swallowed more and more, has was moving his hips back and forth while she tongued his raging prick

Miles did not want to cum before she did so he pulled his cock out of her mouth and started pinching her nipples harder. He watched her body start to shake as Galen licked and sucked her clit moving the vibrator slowly around in her tight hole. Galen knew she was going to cum soon and started licking her faster, she was jerking and so close he slammed the vibrator deep into her cunt. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed and he could feel her convulsing, tightening around the vibrator as she started to cum. "GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD" her whole body arched up as Galen slammed the vibrator in and out of her, pushing his tongue harder on her clit as she tried to squirm away from him. He was fucking her hard, with all eight inches of it, as Miles held her legs she had no choice but to let them fuck her hard. She felt him slamming it into her, hitting the back of her tunnel. "Oh god fuck it hard, your makkkkkkkin me cummmmmmmmmmmmmm" she screamed and lost control of her body, everything jerked and shook on her and she couldn't move he was holding her legs, she kept cumming and cumming.
Galen was so fuckin' hard he couldn't take it any longer. He pulled the vibrator out of her flooded cunt, pulled down his costume and pulled out his throbbing cock. While Miles still had held her legs around her head he took advantage of it and slammed his cock deep into her, deeper and faster he fucked her. Slamming her back into the chair, god she had a pussy made of steel it was so tight he thought.

Melissa's head was reeling as her body took over in spasms. She felt him pull the vibrator out of her, she was still throbbing and her legs shaking, she felt something hot impale her pussy and screamed "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as she felt his hot cock ramming deep into her. One was still holding her legs back while the other pounded himself into her, grunting and moaning as he split her pussy with his hard rod.

"Yessssssssssssssssssss" she told them "fuck me harrrrrrrrrrrrrrd".

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