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Ben and Jen, friends for life.

We got right into a cab and headed towards my house. In the back seat Robin sat between the two of us, with a hand on each of our legs. She reached over and kissed me with lots of tongue. Mike reached over and started to kiss her neck, and fondle her left breast. She moaned into my mouth. Robin just loved being the centre of attention.

We arrived at my house, I paid the cabbie and we all proceeded inside. Mike went into the kitchen to make us all some more drinks and Robin and I sat on the couch. She reached over to me and started to rub my cock through my jeans, which was already as hard as a rock and we kissed again. "Uh-hum" Mike had returned with our drinks that we all quickly downed and he sat on the other side of Robin. We resumed the scene in the cab, only this time I had Robin's neck and she was kissing Mike. I slowly reached down and pulled Robin's shirt over her head to reveal her perfect tits in a black lace bra. I reached around to her back and undid the clasp and mike assisted me in removing her bra completely. I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked on it until it was good and hard, I then moved over to the left one. By this time, Mike had already shed his shirt and was rubbing Robin's inner thigh working his way up to her pussy. She reached over to me and pulled my shirt over my head without ever breaking away from Mike's lips.

I got on the floor in between Robin's legs and undid her belt, then her button, and finally her zipper. I then slowly pulled off her jeans knowing very well that she wasn't wearing any underwear. I grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy right into my face. Mike had moved his attention to her breasts now sucking on her very erect nipples. She moaned in appreciation. This went on for about ten minutes and then I got my reward, she flooded my mouth with her sweet nectar, and she screamed at the top of her lungs in a powerful orgasm. I was afraid that she was going to wake the neighbors. After she had calmed down a bit, "both of you get those dicks out here NOW!!!!" was all she could say. Mike and I looked at each other and smiled. We were both naked in no time.

I had seen Mike naked at least a thousand times over our years together on the team, but never had I seen him hard. He was 7 __ inches long, cut and very thick. My mouth watered just looking at it. I am no slouch in that department either, I am 8 __ inches long, but not quite as thick as Mike. I have never had any complaints though.

Robin reached out and grabbed a cock in each hand. She took my tool into her expert mouth first while she jacked Mike off. After a few minutes, she switched. Then she got up, grabbed hold of both cocks and led us both to my bedroom.

She jumped onto the bed and spread her legs giving us that 'come hither' look. Mike and I were standing side by side with our cocks sticking straight out and basically finding our present situation hard to realize. What happened next kind of shocked me, although I did enjoy it. Mike reached over, grabbed my cock, stroked it a couple of times and then said "go fuck her brains out", heh, who was I to argue. I positioned myself in between Robin's legs and inserted my schlong into her, she gasped as I entered her. Mike found his position at Robin's mouth where he proceeded to fuck her face. Watching my buddy, her ex-boyfriend, fucking my girlfriend's face was a little too much for me to handle and I started to fill her pussy with gallons of come. I think that Mike could tell that I was coming and he too started to come into Robin's mouth. When he was finished unloading into her mouth, she reached up and grabbed behind my neck and pulled me down to her lips and French kissed me. I got quite the surprise! Mike's come came flooding into my mouth, and to my surprise I didn't spit it out. I actually liked the taste. This night was really starting to get interesting.

I looked at Mike and he just smiled at me, "like that?" he said, "well there's plenty more where that came from", all I could do was smi

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