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Mother and son further their relationship.

He plated up the food and suggested they settle in the living room in front of the fireplace. She grabbed the wine and an additional glass for him and followed. They settled in on the large couch facing the fireplace, close but still not touching each other. "A toast," he proposed, raising his glass, "to us and our weekend of answer seeking."

"Here, here," she quietly responded. "And to making memories along the way."

"Here, here," he answered, noting the shy smile on her lips as she took a sip.

They ate their meal as they talked. Some of it was covering ground in person which had been covered in email. Some of it was new. All of it served to relax them both. As she finished telling a tale of her time spent studying abroad, he couldn't help but comment, "You amaze me." She stopped speaking, flustered, not really sure how to respond. He leaned in, gently took the empty plate from her hands and placed it on the end table behind him, and lifted her chin so that she was looking into his eyes.

"You amaze me." He said again, determined that she would see the truth in his statement. "You are amazing. And by the end of this weekend, I plan to earn your complete trust, to make you fully mine. If at any time anything gets overwhelming, you need to tell me and I promise, I will listen. I know this is new to you so we will go as slow as you need to go. OK?" She nodded, biting her lower lip and taking in a shaky breath. "Tell me what you're thinking," he gently commanded her.

She drew in another shaky breath, wanting to look away but being held in place by his gaze as much as by his hand gently holding her chin up. "It just seems like any moment I will wake up and this will all be a dream. That you won't really be here. That you took one look at me and decided to leave. I just don't understand, why me? Why in person?"

He sighed remembering one of their earliest conversations regarding her reluctance to exchange photos. He would love to get his hands on every guy who had made her less than beautiful because of her curves, her strength, and her brain. They were stupid and shortsighted and had missed out on truly knowing someone amazing. Then again, if they had realized what they had, he would never had had the chance to make her truly his. "My dear Amanda, this is real. I'm not going anywhere. All of me wants you here." To emphasize his point he took her hand and rested it against the growing bulge in his pants. "Trust me, one step at a time."

He leaned in to kiss her, enjoying the intake of breath as she gasped. "I.....I don't know how...."

"Don't worry, I'll teach you everything you need to know. Just relax and follow my lead. Let me show you, let me teach you, let me guide you." For all of her dirty thoughts and daring tasks, he knew she was almost painfully innocent when it came to actually being with someone else. It was part of what captivated him so completely. He had the chance to be not only her first, but her only. And teaching her would be such fun. No bad habits to break from previous relationships. No baggage from them to deal with either.

He gently leaned her back on the couch as he deepened the kiss, feeling her tentatively begin to respond to him as she let herself go. As he positioned himself over her, he leaned in to whisper, "My dear sweet girl, by the time I am through with you tonight, all you'll be able to think about is me and you will know that you are mine. And make no mistake, you will beg, and plead, and moan, and whimper, and I will cherish each and every sound you make." He emphasized each point with a kiss as his hand found its way under her blouse and up to her breasts, feeling them through the lace which held them in place for the moment.

As she relaxed and gained more confidence, he could feel her hands begin to explore as well.

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