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A waitress tries to hustle the wrong man at the wrong time.

She bucked her hips upward to try to engulf the intruder and Gary increased the rhythm and depth of this fruit fucking. He continued to suck her tits and could feel her pulse racing. He thrust harder and faster with the banana. It seemed that Laura could take the whole thing at once so removed the banana and inserted a dildo instead. This tool was thicker than the banana and Laura sensed that this thing inside of her might be a cock. Gary thrust it deeper than the banana had gone and fucked her for a few minutes with it.

She was about to explode when her removed it from her and stuck it to her lips. She could smell her juices on it and it had been warmed by her pussy. Laura thought that this was Gary's dick and she parted her lips. Gary pushed it through her lips and Laura opened her mouth up in welcome anticipation of giving her tormentor a blow job equal to the sexual torment she was enduring.

As Gary watched Laura swallow the steamy dildo, he reached down and began to pump his own dick. Laura felt the motion on the bed change. She gurgled as if she wanted to spit the object out of her mouth. Gary withdrew the dildo.

"What are doing now?" Laura quizzically asked. "Was that your cock in my mouth?" she asked again.

Gary replied "No, you were sucking on your own love juice".

"I want your cock and I want to suck you until your cum is dry. I don't want a damn toy and I'm not playing any damn game", Laura demanded.

Without saying anything, Gary moved forward and straddled Laura just below her now sweating breasts. He raised her head and barely touched the head of his dick to her mouth. She opened wide and welcomed his tool home. Gary plunged it deep into her mouth and partly down her throat. Laura sounded like she was choking but she was only adjusting to the size of his penis. She moved her head back and forth with her own free will and she licked the entire length of his tool. She circled the head of his dick with her tongue and Gary began to pant as his excitement grew towards explosion. She thrust her head forward causing his entire length to ram into her throat again and began sucking him harder than he had imaged a dick could be sucked. Laura seemed to be enjoying this as much as Gary. He reached back with a free hand and began to finger fuck Laura again. She was warm and wet and responding to his every stroke with a stroke of her own on his dick. After what seemed like an eternity, Gary unleashed his orgasm into her mouth and she swallowed it without breaking her stride causing him to involuntarily recoil with each movement as she sucked every ounce of cum inside of him. Immediately, Laura squealed and arched her back as she came to an overwhelming orgasm herself. Even the weight of Gary still on top of her could not stop her from her movements as she relished every second of this tremendous release.

Gary moved from on top of her and sat down in his chair to watch her. She lay motionless for a moment and Gary could only see the heaving of her breasts. Her looked at the exposed parts of her face and could see a satisfied smile on her lips as she began to circle her lips with her tongue catching any last drops of sexual fluid from her face. He let her lay there for a few minutes to catch her breath before he moved to the bed again.

Gary's erection remained because he knew what he was about to do to his sex slave. Laura heard him moving closer and began to shift in the bed in anticipation of the unknown of the next encounter. Gary reached beneath her hips and lifted them while placing a pillow underneath her pelvis. This caused her ass to lift from the bed about eight or ten inches. Gary reached to her pussy and wet his fingers with her love juices. He took his fingers and rubbed around her ass hole to lubricate it. Laura strained to close her legs but could not.

"She's never been fucked in the ass", he thought as he watched her slight struggle.

He didn't care as he moved between her open legs and reached with both hands to

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