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What can happen when browsing in a bookshop.

I check the time and say, "We better get on the road, it's a long trip back."

The drive back didn't have the same upbeat feeling as the trip down. I felt like I was slowly driving to my execution. My dick started thinking again, "Hey why don't we stop by the boat on the way back and check things out?" Knowing that was the perfect place to have a quiet fuck before I went to the gallows.

Barbara says, "Let's get something to eat first."

We stop by the local Denny's and grab dinner. Barbara looks just as beautiful as she did when we started the day. I just gaze into her eyes and think; 'maybe I do love her.'

As we walk down the dock at the yacht club, I can't think of anything except getting into that warm juicy pussy and sucking those tits. Barbara, just shed her clothes as soon as I closed the cabin hatch. She was just a sexy as the first time I saw her naked. She does aerobics and I can see its paying off, she has the body of a teenager. Those nipples were ready to be sucked again. We stretched out in the forward berth and just cuddled and kissed for a while, as I started sucking her nipple she held my head and said, "I love you Bob."

"I love you too." as I continued to play with her tits.

She said, "Let me have your cock, I want to suck it, I want to have your cum inside me."

Not one to pass up a blowjob, I happily complied and shot my hot sticky cum down her throat.

She just licked her lips and said, "I wish we could do this every day."

I liked the thought of that, but every day might be too much of a good thing. She continued to suck me until I got hard again so she could fuck me.

We almost fell asleep after this, I said, "We better get going or we will still be here in the morning."

"Would that be so bad?" she said.

"Well I think we might be missed if we didn't come back tonight."

I suddenly had a flash of her husband pointing a musket at me, which motivated me to get 'the show on the road.'

I followed her up the road until I was sure she was safely on the main road and I turned to go home.

Part 4

It's Thursday again and I am ready to set off for the Engineering Company where Barbara works. I get a page to call the office, Oh, that can't be good. My boss tells me I have to collect a check for $20, 000 when I arrive on site or don't do any maintenance. What? The company is behind in their payments apparently they are in serious financial trouble. After I finish the maintenance, bring the check to his office.

When I arrive on site, I go see the MIS manager to get a check. Fortunately, he has it and all seems well. As I look for Barbara, she is nowhere in sight. One of the other key punch girls, Karen, motions to me to come over, "Barbara got laid off yesterday." The first thing that comes to mind is someone discovered our extra-curricular activities.

I ask her, "Why did she get laid off?" fully expecting the answer to have something to do with our relationship.

"The company laid off about twenty people, we lost a major contract."

"Oh, that's not good news, I hope Barbara is Ok. She was very nice."

"She left in tears; she only works to keep her kids in private school. ... She doesn't know what she is going to do."

After finishing maintenance, I head off to the office to deliver the check. It's not every day I have a check for $20, 000 in my possession. As I hand the check to my boss, he says, "Bob, there are going to be some changes around here." first thing that come to mind, 'Oh, shit he found out about Barbara and he is going to fire me.'

"Changes, what changes?"

"We are going to reassign you to a different site; you are too valuable to leave down at the Engineering Company site. I am going to have Harry take over for you."

Dam, no more Thursdays at the Engineering Company, but Barbara's not there anymore.

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