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Two 'big girl' sisters have fun in barn with brother.

"There, that's different!" she breathed, her lips touching mine, "Makes a change to give you someone else's cum and not your own."

It was indeed different. Sure I'd had the taste of both Paul's and Dad's cum in my mouth as I'd cleaned the used, wet and sexy pussies of our three ladies but somehow this was different, perhaps because it had been Dave and I who'd made each other cum. But then again I'd always loved the taste of cum, doing my best to clean up and swallow everything that I'd wanked from my cock when alone. I'd never actually sucked off another man, not even Paul or Dad but now a certain desire seemed to be growing in me.

"Mmmm, it was, wasn't it?" I answered, feeling my penis starting to stiffen again against the sticky, slippery lips of Debbie's pussy, "I think I'd still prefer to fuck you or Mum though."

"Not right now," sighed Debbie, her pussy wriggling deliciously against me nevertheless, "You couldn't give me a really good ride, could you? You'd be worn out before you satisfied me I reckon."

"Probably true," I admitted as I enjoyed the soft comfort of her wonderful body as it lay upon me, "Hey, don't you think we ought to get back to being sociable with Mum and Dave?"

"Mmmm, guess you're right too," said Debbie as she started to lever herself off me, "Oh well, we can be all loving later, can't we. How about us getting together tonight?"

"Thought you'd be fucking Dad," I teased, "Or have you had enough of him already!"

"Shut up - you're just jealous!" she laughed as she stood up, "Dad did me last night - your turn today!"

"Only once? He's slacking!" I said with a laugh.

My cock managed to find some strength as she spoke but Debbie just chuckled and moved away, leaving me aroused but exhausted. Debbie and Mum immediately found something important to discuss and with them busy Dave came and squatted beside me.

"Sorry about earlier Chris," he said, his eyes bouncing between my penis and my face, "Suppose I should have asked first, but I just couldn't help myself."

"I didn't really mind," I answered, "I was just surprised, but it was fun, wasn't it?"

Dave nodded energetically and having cleared the air with me his hand moved and circled my semi-stiff cock, a cock that immediately stiffened a fair bit more.

"I've always been rather bi," he admitted, "I love the feel of a nice stiff cock in my hand or my mouth - I've even had one in my arse!"

"I've always wondered about that," I mused as his hand continued to keep my cock stiff, "I mean, one arsehole is much like another when you're on your knees behind someone, isn't it?"

"The girls tend to be less hairy!" he chuckled, "Well, most of the time!"

There was a lull in our conversation now as his hand continued to pleasure my penis and I was quite certain that he was about to lean over and take me in his mouth, when Dad's voice broke the silence and Dave and I parted.

"Excuse me everybody, but I think we ought to spare a few moments to remind ourselves that this is Tina's birthday - well, her birthday party isn't it, so let's all give her a nice present," he said, "How about that?"

"I've had loads of presents thanks," said Tina as she slid up beside Dad, her lithe body glistening here and there with sweat and other juices, "And I've been having a wonderful time too, thanks to you and Paul."

"Ah, but we really ought to make sure that everyone has given you something, shouldn't we?" said Dad with a mischievous grin, "I mean something like this!"

It hadn't passed our notice that Dad now had a very stiff cock, one that he now thrust forward pointedly. He held up his hand to quell the slight murmur of voices, then spoke again.

"I know that we've done some terrific fucking in the past hour or two but what we really should do is to all give her one - all together more or less!" he said with a final flourish.


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