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Rick teaches him the right way to please him.

Said weapon is currently recharging in the ethereal plane with an estimated time of twenty three minutes before potential retrieval. Faced with the tactically unstable mission, retreat was taken as the wisest course available. Current status is on route with beta target sedated, estimated time is ten hours before the drugs will dilute to a sufficient amount to allow for conscious thought with another five hours for motor function."

Well that doesn't sound very good. I wiggled my toes experimentally and they seemed to move without problem. That's a relief, although it's a little strange that the drugs didn't affect me the way she thought they would.

"Very good, Seven. Under no circumstances are you to engage a corruptor without a viable weapon. Acknowledge and respond?"

"Acknowledged. Will not engage with enemy force."

"Very well. May God's light keep you from sin."

"I'm humbled, your grace. I strive to serve our lord to the best of my meager abilities."

"As do we all," the rough voice intoned before ice bitch hung up the radio, slotting it home with a clatter.

Beginning to grow restless, I let my eyes crack open just a bit to get an idea of my surroundings. Bare boned, the back of the van had few remarkable features besides the plethora of scratches that were etched into the rubber padding and metal sides. Flashes of green passed by the windows let me know I was passing through some sort of forest environment. That, combined with my lack of shoes, had me nervous about my odds of escaping my current predicament unscathed.

At least she was overconfident enough to to keep my hands and feet unrestrained.

"Shoot!" she yelled as she slammed on the brakes. My shoulder slammed into the driver's seat as physics once again proved the universal truth present in the law of inertia. I couldn't quite stop the squeak that snuck out from the pain.

Goddamn objects in motion... I grumbled internally, in too much pain to worry over whether 'agent seven' had heard my outburst..

"What the heck?" she exclaimed annoyedly, getting out of the car and slamming the door behind her. She hadn't been gone for more than ten seconds before the air was filled with a cacophony of unholy screeches.

Wow. When Bel does distractions she goes big.

Wasting little time I eased open the trunk of the van as stealthily as I could. Wincing as my feet hit the rocky gravel road. I jog/hobbled as quietly as I could away from the van, making sure to position myself so that the nondescript white vehicle was between me and whatever was making that unholy racket. Curiosity got the best of me and I couldn't stop from sneaking a quick glance back to see the distraction.

I had to fight to keep from gawking. Spread around in an oblong, thirty foot oval, was a meadow of hopping bunnies. Painted in swathes of brown, grey, white and black, they moved in a strange approximation of a ripple strewn pond during a rainstorm. Each of them had their teeth bared and the weight of their combined voices was as loud as a semi truck air braking. Turning away, I made my way through the woods, rocks and twigs biting painfully into the fleshy undersides of my feet.

As the noise of the crazed bunnies faded into the distance I became more and more aware of each twig cracking as it snapped, obscured under the calf high grass. I made my way towards the setting sun, the orange red rays piercing through the trees like little holy rays from heaven. A scream of rage echoing in the distance triggered my flight response as I took off running through the grass, like a rabbit ironically enough.

For a distance I ran, for the first time since my transformation I found a rhythm of stride that didn't cause my breasts to punch me in the sternum with every step.

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