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As Rick Robertson started speaking, I realized that his voice was coming from speakers set into the ceiling. "Friends, thank you all for coming this evening. As some of you know, we try to do a little something to enliven our soirees, with your help. I hope that those of you who don't know will enjoy it in the spirit in which it is intended. Now, I'm going to ask Claire to pull the first number of the evening." Claire reached into the pouch, pulled out a slip of paper, and handed it to her husband. Rick announced, "Our first number this evening is 14."

Once the number was read, the guest began moving to the perimeter of the room, leaving a large open space in the center. After a moment, one of the 20-something couples walked to the center of the room. The girl had blonde hair pinned in some sort of arrangement on her head. Her backless lavender gown showed that she, too, had a splendid figure. Her face was, well, very nice. Her companion was a bit taller with close-cut black hair. Even in his tux, his broad shoulders and narrow hips made me think that he was a serious swimmer. I could feel Mala's hand squeezing mine.

The young couple looked at each other for a moment, smiling. Then the girl turned her back to the man. The man reached up and undid the hook which held the gown up behind her neck. After he did that, the girl reached into her hair, removed a few pins, and shook her golden hair loose so that it fell to her shoulders. The man then lowered the zipper where the gown covered her hips. When the zipper was fully down, the man pushed the top straps of the gown forward. His date took them and lowered the gown down her body to the floor. She was not wearing anything under the gown. She handed the gown to one of the servers who had stepped forward, then bent down and took off her spike heels. She handed her shoes to the server as well.

The girl looked absolutely stunning nude, and the eroticism was heightened by the fact that she was surrounded by formally dressed people. Stepping to her date, she removed his jacket and handed it to the server. The tie, cumber bund, and shirt followed. She then let her companion take off his own shoes before she unzipped his rousers and pulled them to the floor. Like his date, the man had eschewed underwear. The server walked away carrying both of their clothes. Standing in the center of the room, the couple turned slowly 360 degrees so that all of the other guests saw their nude fronts and backs. When they finished, two other servers brought a divan to the center of the floor.

The man was already semi-erect. Once the item of furniture was set, his date began stroking his penis. When he looked very hard, she led him to the divan. She lay down on her back and spread her legs. Her date mounted and entered her. There were no sounds in the room other than those made by the couple in their intercourse. They went on for an impressive length of time, and we could see perspiration glistening on the skins of each of them. Finally, the girl gave a shriek and obviously orgasmed. A few seconds later, the man moaned and thrust his hips violently two or three times. After a few seconds, the couple kissed, separated, and stood up from the divan. The other guests gave soft applause. Immediately the quartet resumed playing and the servers started circulating again.

Mala turned to me. "What I heard was true. Wasn't that great?"

I had to agree that it was very impressive and erotic. Looking around, I noticed that the couple who had performed was mingling like the other guests, but were both still nude.

Mala took a sip of champagne then handed me her flute.

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