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Beautiful Succubus finds his home in the country.

Within a few moments, she's surrounded by squirming fleshy appendages which end in either penis-like bulbs or sucking mouths.

The two men watch quietly as Lisa goes through a progression of thundering orgasms. Bubba finally comments, "I don't see how this is helping with the harp."

"No," the elf agrees, dryly.

"I need one of those," the giantess says with a sad sigh.

"I'm sure the demon could set you up," the paladin snaps.

The giantess pouts and comments, "You really are a dick."

"Currently," Bubba says. The elf glowers at him but he just shrugs and grins.

Finally, the mass of sex tentacles retreats back to its original size, resting on the belly of the exhausted warlock. Eventually, she whimpers, "I'm gonna pay for that later."

"You certainly are," agrees Steve, pulling her to her feet ungently. "However, we still have this problem," he says, gesturing at the harp, "Unless you are done with this whole adventuring nonsense?"

Lisa looks stubborn, then holds up the ball and says, "Fetch!" It springs from her hand, grows to the size of an octopus and snatches up the harp like it weighs nothing. With a weird rolling motion, the harp suspended in the center of its tentacular mass, it comes to her with its prize. "Neat!" she says.

"Multi-purpose," Bubba agrees.

During Lisa's throes, the giantess returned to her bed and they are treated to the rising sounds of her self-induced orgasm above them.

"We should probably go," Steve observes and the others agree. They make there way out of the castle the same way they came in and start the arduous journey back down out of the mountains towards town. It doesn't take long for Lisa's state of undress to prove problematic in the cold alpine air and she ends up wearing a mismatched outfit composed of items borrowed from the two men.

So it is that they arrive in the court of the rich noble who hired them with a giant tentacle monster and two sets of clothes distributed between three people. Luckily, the staff are used to dealing with adventurers, so they are still admitted to see their patron. The harp is placed before him and Lisa's new familiar shrinks back down to a portable size.

"I didn't expect it to be so big," he comments.

Lisa snickers and Steve elbows her in the ribs. Meanwhile, the ball of tentacles has climbed her arm and is perched on her shoulder. She swats at a penile appendage attempting to copulate with her ear and says, "That's a no-no orifice." The horny eldritch horror seems deflated but doesn't press the point.

"Well, you have done marvelously. Here's your payment," the noble continues, gesturing to his majordomo, who hands Steve a large purse of gold.

"Why didst thou want it?" Steve inquires.

"That's none of your concern," their patron snaps. Lisa mocks him under her breath, resulting in another nudge from the elf.

The paladin says, "We'll be on our way."

The three half-dressed adventurers make their way back to the courtyard. Steve looks irritated as the ball of tentacles repeatedly tries to climb down the front of Lisa's shirt. He mutters, "Can thou getest thine fuck-beast under control, please?"

Lisa protests, "He has a name."

The elf's eyes flash and he replies, "I am not calling it Pokey."

Lisa pouts but the scene is interrupted by a shout.

"Die, hell-spawn!" screams a man in pale blue robes wielding a large metal club as he lunges at Lisa.

Pokey leaps from her shoulder and strikes the man in the chest, knocking him backwards in a mass of quickly growing tentacles. Slick black flesh wraps itself around in, loop after loop, until he's barely visible. Toothed maws appear to inflict numerous small bites.

"Um," says Lisa, in shock and unsure of what to do amidst panicked sounds from her besieged attacker as he's squeezed in a tightening cocoon.

Bubba comments with alarm, "I don't think it's going to stop."

Steve draws his sword but Lisa grabs his arm with a shout, "No!"

The paladin protests, "I am not letting your demonic pet kill that cleric!"

She glances back at Pokey

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