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Consequences of thinking.

" Underneath it said he had won camper of the season for "Science and Discovery." He was brilliant. I put it on and crawled into his bed.

I intended to take a nap. Really, I did. I wiggled under the warmth of his comforter, inhaled the light scent of male still fresh on his pillow. I felt my hole twitch, exposed and awakening to the possibilities of the stretchy pair of panties. I reached back in the shorts to adjust it, intending to close my eyes and doze off. I pulled at the back and my hole twitched again. I grazed my finger over it and felt a buzz as my cock sprang to life.

I let out a little moan as I started to hump against the mattress. My finger started to rub my hole in preparation for him. I lost myself, overtaken by the fantasy of being in his room, his bed, his safe place. My mind raced with thoughts of him buried deep inside me, owning my hole.

"Fuck," I gasped as my finger pushed inside me. It was dry and too tight. I quickly took it out and sucked on it, slurping my digit for exploration. I brought the wet finger back to my hole and pushed inside myself, whining and humping his satiny sheets.

"Kasper?" I heard his voice. I'd blocked out the world. I looked up to see Amir standing over me with a wicked smile. He knew what I was up to. I quickly pulled my finger out of my hole, out of my shorts.

"Sorry, I was just..." I started to say, but he shook his head and knelt beside me on his bed.

"You started without me? Bad little boy. You should wait for your man. You could hurt yourself. That's my little pink pussy to please," Amir shook his head and faked anger.

I rolled over onto my back and he pulled back the covers. His eyes saw the shirt I'd put on and they lit up. He rubbed my chest where the cartoon kangaroos bounced.

"Oh shit. You know how many times I wore that shirt and jerked off fantasizing about seeding those Australian guys who weren't half a beautiful as you? I haven't fit into that shirt in years! You look so perfect. Fuck, Kasper. How did I get so lucky?" Amir laughed. He kicked off his shoes and then slid in beside me on the bed. He pushed me back onto my side and wrapped his arms around me to spoon me from behind.

"You're so hard," I noted and reached behind me to grope his package. He was rock hard from remembering his fantasies.

"All for you, my prince... I need inside my boy's hole." Amir rubbed my chest with one hand and gripped the bulge in my shorts with the other. He humped his hard cock against my back as his hands explored me, tweaked my nipples, jerked my bulge.

"You feel so good. I love when you hold me like this," I said as his lips found my neck and he slurped along my skin with his tongue.

"My tasty baby. You want me inside you? Want me to stuff that pussy?" Amir growled.

"Yes sir, please sir. It's waiting for you," I whined. Amir sat up for a second and grabbed his phone. Light beats filled the room to muffle our noises. He came back down and quickly slid his hand down the back of my shorts. I felt his hand slide over my ass and then his finger found my exposed hole.

"Oh fuck! Are these? Wait! Get up, baby! Lemme see!" Amir yelled. He pulled back the covers and then slid down my shorts. He rubbed his hand over my ass and squeezed it.

"I found them in the closet," I said, not sure of his reaction. He pushed me up to my knees and then I stood and struggled out of the shorts. I stood over him and slipped off the t-shirt. I knelt down next to him as he got up to his knees.

He struggled out of his pants and showed off a black pair of boxerbriefs with his cock snaking down the right side and his puffy brown head poking out of the leg opening. He put a hand on the back of my neck and brought me in for a kiss. His hand rubbed down my chest, my abs, my bulge.

"I got these but then thought you'd hate them. I didn't want to insult you. I knew you'd look so beautiful in these though. My tight pink pussyboy needed some hot little panties," Amir growled.

"You did get these for me! I though

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