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Her dream lover comes to her again.

When she opened it and saw Ralph standing there, her smile beamed. 'Hi there Ralph. How are you?' she asked mischievously.

I called over to her. 'Congratulate him Trace. He made a hole in one today.'

'Why Ralph! That's great! Congratulations!' she reached up and gave him a big hug and a kiss.

C'mon in Ralph!' I called to him. 'Meet Carol, our wedding coordinator. And this is Lucinda and Melinda. Lucinda lives in Phoenix and Melinda lives here in Sedona. They're going to help with the wedding and they brought the tamales! And have you met Teri? This is Tracy's sister. And of course you know Trish.'

Trish stepped forward and hugged Ralph. 'A hole in one! That's awesome! I'm so glad you can join us. Where's Sandi?'

'She's in Chicago visiting her mom. She'll be back next week.'

'Well it's good that you're here. Rob needs a little more testosterone around here.'

We all laughed and went back outside. We sat down and Carol started talking about the wedding ceremony and how she wanted to set things up. She pointed out the staging area and how everything would flow. Where the guests would be, and how Lucinda and Melinda could work with the caterers, and where they would set up the food and beverages.

We talked about the guest list. Ralph and Sandi were included so he was taking an active interest in the whole thing. Gradually the conversation shifted to how we had all gotten to know each other. We learned more about the Mexican twins. Lucinda was not a typical hotel maid. She and Melinda are well educated and fluent in English despite having left Mexico and moving to Arizona only three years ago. And their smiles are contagious. Both of the twins exude a sensuous aura and I could tell that we all felt it. Carol had taken an instant liking to them and Ralph was amazed at the way everyone just seemed to enjoy the company of each other. Tracy was quietly flirting with Ralph and he was relaxing and enjoying it.

'I love your swimming pool.' Melinda commented. 'Can we go for a swim?'

Trish looked over at her. 'Of course we can! Who else wants to get wet?' She looked around and everyone was nodding in agreement.

Ralph looked at me and asked, 'Rob, I didn't bring a swimsuit. Can I borrow one of yours?'

I grinned and then quietly said to him, 'You're welcome to put one on, but I have a feeling you'll be the only person wearing one.'

His eyes lit up as he saw Trish stand up and pull her shirt up over her head. Lucinda and Melinda stood up and unbuttoned their skin tight jeans. They peeled them down their legs revealing white lace thong underpants. The contrast of the white against their dark olive skin was striking. Teri and Carol were busy undressing each other. Tracy walked over and stood in front of Ralph as she unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down to the floor.

'You know that we swim naked around here, don't you Ralph?' She winked at him as she unbuttoned her shirt and exposed her breasts to him.

He stuttered and rather than answer, he nervously fiddled with his belt and finally got his pants undone. I had dropped my shorts and taken off my shirt and stood watching the strip shows that were going on all around me. Lucinda took her sister's hand and walked over to where I was standing. They were indeed, identical twins. Their bodies were perfect, and all of the wild fantasies and dreams of making it with twin girls were buzzing through my brain.

'You like my sister? I told you she is just like me, no?'

I recalled that morning in our hotel room when Lucinda had me fuck her ass and then offered that she had a sister who was just like her. I wondered if she had the same ideas about sex. It certainly looked that way at the moment. I reached for them both and pulled them to the pool steps. We walked down into the water and they wrapped themselves under each of my arms. Trish followed us down into the water and completed our four way hug.

'You seem to have your arms full,' she kidded, 'is there enough room in here for me?' Then she spoke to Lucinda and Melinda.

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