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Wife & her lovers sunbathe at the beach.

Asian girls with tan lines are the hottest thing ever and it was clear from her lines, that Suzi preferred a thong to a bikini bottom when she was poolside.

I lifted my head slightly and gently nuzzled the lips of her pussy. Suzi moaned softly, took a deep breath the lowered ass firmly onto my face. The intoxicating scent of her sweet pussy made my cock harden quickly, so hard in fact that it hovered rigidly above my abdomen without touching it as I lay flat atop the table. I softly kissed the moist shiny folds of Suzi's pussy and nuzzled them apart with the tip of my nose. I slowly traced the outer edges of her hanging inner lips with the hot wet tip of my tongue then slapped playfully at her bulging fleshy hood. Suzi quivered against my face and rocked her sexy hips once or twice before settling squarely down onto my face for a long hard ride. The steamy wet center of Suzi's hot little asian cunt was extremely wet and vivid pink.

I slid my hungry tongue into her for the first time and found her warm thick juices to be sweet and tangy, reminiscent of mango juice. Suzi's hot twat soon covered my mouth like the oxygen mask on a fighter pilot and her tightly clenched anus pressed firmly against my nose. I wrapped my arms around her shapely widespread thighs and grabbed her buttocks with my hands. I spread her ass cheeks so that I could breathe and so I could really get busy with my tongue. Suzi moaned loudly as her once forbidden orifice quickly became exposed. She was squeaky clean and surely she couldn't have thought I could resist swirling my tongue wildly around the perimeter of her hairy asshole?

Suzi let out a loud moan and pushed her ass back hard against my mouth as my tongue did laps around her tender dimple. The rush of excitement prompted her to lean forward, grab my rigid cock, and start stroking it skyward. Suzi obviously liked the feel of my hot wet tongue circling her delicate anus and pushing hungrily against her tight pink funnel. She quickly found a pleasurable rhythm, rocking her sexy ass slightly forward to allow for the teasing penetration of my tongue, then sliding quickly back over my face until it plunged deep into her wetness. She was grinding her clit hard against my goatee covered chin and gyrating her hips wildly as she moaned and whimpered.

Tonguing her sweet ass was just like turning on a faucet. Her sweet creamy juices began to flow over my face like a mountain stream after the winter snow melts. She began working my thick hard cock feverishly like the handle of an old fashioned butter churn. She came twice the first was just a whistle stop along the way to her final destination, her broken breathing, the bouncing of her ass onto my face and that emotional "Oh Fuck!" that filtered from her dry parted her lips were a dead giveaways. My orgasm however, was quickly growing and I began to pump harder into her tight fisted grip. She giggled acknowledging that she knew I was close. That's when it happened.

Driven by desire and the onset of my own orgasm, I lifted my head and placed my puckered lips to Suzi's hard, throbbing, eraser sized clit and sucked it hard into my mouth. I sucked it hard against my teeth, wiggled my head between her wet trembling thighs like a pit-bull with a pull toy.

Hearing her scream; "You're gonna make me cum, you fucking Bastard!" was all I needed to plunge helplessly over the edge.

My body began to convulse helplessly and my cock began spew. Stream after stream of my hot slippery load pulsed skyward from its swollen purple head and began raining down over my torso and Suzi's wildly pumping hand.

She kept milking my cum soaked cock as it continued to erupt in front of her like a fondue fountain.

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