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Lovers reunited after long absence.

And she started crying again.

I took her face in my hands.

- Why don't we sleep together tonight? I certainly will like it. Do you think Steve will mind? Do you have any problems with that?

- That would be wonderful. And I know Steve won't mind.

And a rainbow came through her tears.

- Let me wipe those last tears.

- And I licked her soft face gently.

She seemed embarrassed but didn't seem to mind.

She was very cheerful the rest of the evening and then seemed eager to go to bed.

- Do you want a last drink?

- Only if you're having one.

- No I don't think I need one tonight.

- So let's go to bed then.

- I'll go get ready in my room and then will come. How long should I leave you.

- Come any time, I'll get ready in the bathroom.

So after 5 minutes I went in the room and got into the big bed. When she came out, she had the same sleeveless gown she had the night before.

- Am I on the correct side of the bed?

- Yes indeed.

- She came in the bed after doing her last preparations.

- Do you want to read?

- No I'm ready to sleep.

- Me too.

And we turned off the light.

The curtains were fairly light and we could see the shapes. After getting used to it, I looked at her and saw that she was on her side facing me and looking at me with her eyes opened

- Are you OK?

- Yes very much.

- Do you want to lie on my arm?

- I'd love it but I don't want to take advantage of you.

- No you're certainly not taking advantage of me; if anything I am.

We both laughed. The atmosphere was getting flirtatious. We both got closer to each other. When she was comfortable, I stroked her thick shoulder and then went down to her arms. I was really having a fixation with those, loving to feel the fat close to the elbow in my hand. She was getting relaxed, letting her head fully rest on my arm. I could feel her breath on my face, her chest on mine, and could sense her crotch not very far. But soon she stood up and said...

- Sorry to disturb you, I forgot something.

She came back two minutes later and said.

- Do you mind if I rest opposite you and you can hold me this way.

- Not at all.

She did. She put her head on my arm again and moved her back and ass close to me.

- That's it, I'm comfortable; now if you hugged me I'll be as happy as can be.

I started by holding her arms again; she took my right hand. At this point I was fully hugging her. Our left arms were straight and mine was on top of hers. Her right arm was bent on top of her breasts; now with my own arm embracing her arm, it was also on top of of her breasts, or at least the big tip of her breasts. I could feel them lying down on top of each other with the side of my hand and arm. With the fabric on top I was not exactly sure what I was touching but it certainly was feeling great.

I also realized that with her moves in the bed, her gown had gone up and her ass was now naked against my briefs. My dick was now up and hard against her ass. She had to be aware of it. I didn't think it was cool to make a move but I was thoroughly enjoying those sensations while at the same time trying to remain calm.

And then she started to snore. I hesitated about pushing my cock inside her but resisted the temptation. As my head was touching hers, I just kissed her hair and her ear gently. She moaned slightly in her sleep. It was tough but I finally managed to fall asleep.

We woke up around the same time as the sky was starting to lighten. We were still in the same position and we started to move around slowly, both of us or at least me pretending to sleep. She pushed her ass against me, and I kissed her shoulder. I don't know where it would have gone if the alarm clock hadn't rang. I had a meeting early and I had to go. I got ready and left her. She came to say good bye at the door and thanked me for this wonderful restful night.

- The pleasure was all mine.

And she gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.

Back to her house around 6:00pm we ate and went upstairs as soon as the sun went out, around 7:30pm.

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