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Julie's black stepfather makes her pay.

Our eyes made contact. My mouth was as full of my lovers 12" cock as I could get. My son's eyes were as big as saucers. He hesitated, then he ran away, but he hesitated. It was his hesitation that turned me on so much more. Guessing what he was thinking and feeling made me so hot. I continued to suck that steel rod but my mind was working overtime. I almost had an orgasm when loverboy shoot off into my mouth.

I kept wondering. Was my son turned on? Would he jerk off over it later tonight? Would he try and caught us again? Would he spy on me at other times? I almost had another orgasm just thinking about it.

Chapter 2

The big question was, does all that history explain what I saw today? Did I like what I saw? And if so, does that make me a pervert? Let me continue.

After some time I finally met another nice man. He was fun to be around and it didn't take long for me to fall in love again. You'd think that would change my world, but it didn't. I also found time for a black lover. As with the others, he was hung like a horse. My new man was hung like a hamster! I just couldn't stay away from huge black cocks. So while this new man of mine and I dated and got closer, my black obsession kept my poor little pussy very well fucked. I hate the word "nigger", but my black lovers kept asking me if I loved "nigger dick". I truly did love those cocks, but I hated most of the men that fuck me. They treat me like shit. If it wasn't for their cocks I wouldn't be caught dead with any of them. But then again, there is something about being treated like shit and used for their pleasure that can be a turn on too.

My new man asked me to marry him. I agreed, then went off to get my brains fucked out by my lover's big black snake. On one hand I wanted to stop and go straight. On the other hand, how could I possibly give up something that felt so good? It didn't help that I had met an on-line friend that loved to drove me crazy with all his sex stories that were based on my life. I shared all me secrets with him and he used them against me. He kept tempting me to cheat. He got me so hot talking about this shit that sooner or later I found myself on my back, with my knees up around my ears, getting my pussy drilled out.

I was very careful to not get caught. I'd read those sexy stories and I knew I'd be spreading my legs for some black cock soon enough. My on-line pervert also toyed with me about degrading my new hubby and my son. We played with all different kinds of fantasies. If only 1% of that stuff ever came try I'm not sure how I could handle that. Those stories were soooooooo bad.

So why is all this history rolling around in my head, you ask. Well, I got caught again. Last night I found that my computer was on and one of those stories my internet perverted friend had written for me was on the screen. Did I leave it that way? Did anybody else see it? How would my son react if he saw that stuff? Even more scary, what would hubby say?

Well I didn't have long to find the answer to my questions. I came home from a long day at work. I opened the door and walked into the living room. What I saw made me wonder if this is what my son felt like all those years ago (when he caught me)? There on the couch was my hubby, feeding my son his cock. Hubby had his hands on the back of his head and was face fucking my son.

Once again, my son and I made eye contact. He looked scared, but made no effort to stop what was happening. And I was like a deer in headlights, froze to that very spot. Then hubby saw me. Instead of stopping and being ashamed, he greeted me cheerfully. He kept slipping his cock, as small as it was, into my son's mouth. He asked me if this was what I wanted to watch. "Or would you rather watch me fuck him in the ass"? He smiled but I could see the anger in each trust of his hips. He must have read the stories about me and my black lovers doing terrible things to him and my son.

How much did he know? How much had he read? I didn't have long to find the answered to those questions.

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