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Regan finds herself the centre of a massive breeding project.

" I said, "Anyway, I'm going to make myself a quick bite to eat and have a drink." Mom didn't mind me drinking alcohol at home. The way she saw it, better me drinking at home than somewhere else and driving home.

"That sounds like a good idea; I'll have a glass of red wine. Could you get it for me?" she said focusing her attention back onto the TV.

"Sure." As I got into the kitchen, I mixed a little extra vodka into my coke and played with the idea of putting some of Kyle's stuff into moms drink. 'A little wont hurt, right?' I thought to myself. 'Heck, it probably won't even do anything.' I made up my mind. I think Kyle said just a couple of drops. As I was pouring the liquid into moms wine a little more went in that I had anticipated. 'It can't hurt, right?' I said to myself. I was to nervous to eat so I just went back to the living room and brought our drinks.

"I thought you were going to eat something," mom questioned.

"Yeah, well I ate when we went out and I guess I'm really not that hungry," I lied.

"Ok," she took a sip of her wine, "hmm, tastes funny. Time to buy a new bottle I guess."

My heart raced as I thought for sure she knew I tampered with her wine.

"Shouldn't let good wine go to waste though," she said as she took another sip. That was close.

We were watching the news and I kind of got lost in the TV and in my drink. It wasn't till about a half hour later when I was done my drink that I looked over at my mom. She was all fidgety in her seat and kept moving her legs around. I noticed her nipples were very hard and very noticeable a well. She caught me looking at her tits and I swear she arched her back a little. When our eyes met she smiled and winked at me.


'I can't believe I just did that,' I thought to myself. My son was staring at my tits and instead of trying to cover up my hard nipples; I arched my back and gave him a better view. I didn't have that much to drink, did I? I've noticed my son looking at me more and more in the last couple of years. I've never really thought anything about it but now having him looking at me like that is making me really hot. I know he's my son but I haven't been with a man for so long and out of nowhere I have the sudden craving for cock. I don't care whose it is, I just want to suck and fuck someone. But not my son, that's so wrong. Oh my god, I can see a bulge in his pants. The thought of my sons cock made me soak my shorts. I wonder if he can see the wet spot between my legs. Maybe if I just open my legs a little. I can't believe I'm teasing my son like this. I gotta get out of here.

"Max, I'm going to go have a shower," maybe that will cool me off a little.

"Sure, mom," he said but his eyes were still locked on my pussy. Max has never acted like this before but I guess what can you expect? I was going into heat right in front of him.

I stripped down naked, by now my shorts were soaking wet but then I realized I forgot my body butter on the coffee table. I convinced myself that I couldn't shower without it so I wrapped a towel around my body and went off to the living room. The towel started at the top of my tits, just above my nipples and barely covered my ass at the bottom. My body butter was right in front of Max on the coffee table so I went in front of him with my ass just a couple of feet from his face, I'm sure he could smell my juices. I bent over at the waist to pick up my body butter giving him an unobstructed, perfect view of my pussy.


I'm only inches away from my mom's pussy and it takes every inch of my being not to jump up and mount her right there. God damn, she's hot. I can't help but wonder how tight she is and how great it would be to fuck her. As she picks up her body butter, she peeked around at me and smiled as she arched her back and stood up.

"I can't shower without this," she said.

I was absolutely speechless but still managed to say, "What do you use that for?"

"It makes my skin nice and soft," she said, "here

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