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Wrong place for his right time.

Sticking four, fifty-dollar bills into the redhead's thong produced instant results. She not only removed her top, but also pulled off her thong handing it and the money over to Storm. The redhead also reached down and started to remove Sara's panties. Sara was not that sure about it, but the dancers soft hands seemed to reassure her and she lifted her hips to allow them to slide free.

In a matter of minutes all three dancers were bare-naked and the girls were panty less. Karen kept playing with her Amazons tits as her dancer played with her now soaped pussy. Karen's top was untied and the dancer returned the favor playing with Karen's nipples. Julie had a mass of long black hair in her lap, as her dancer had decided to give attention to Julie's now soaked pussy. Julie had never been given head this way and she was leaning back in her seat, head back, eyes closed, with both hands gently guiding her dancers head, deeper into her thighs.

Just when things started getting wild, Mr. Storm stepped in and told the ladies that it was time for "their" dance lessons. Hot, panting faces looked at him in disbelief, as the dancers stepped back from the girls. Each reached out for the girls, as a butt-bumping tune started to play. The dancers showed the girls various moves and with the girl's panty less, Mr. Storm took a seat to get a first hand look.

Sara turned into a hip gyrating, dancing machine as she worked her body to the music. Julie was not doing to well, but was having fun rubbing against her new Asian friend. Karen was getting down right nasty as she lifted her skirt and rubbed herself in front of Mr. Storm. Karen was fingering herself faster and faster, hips swaying to the music, eyes locked on to Storm's. Storm was taking it all in, making frequent long eye contact with the girls, especially Karen and Sara as they danced.

When the song was over, the girls dropped into their seats, taking several swallows from their various drinks. Karen was seconds short of having an orgasm, but could not bring her self to keep masturbating in front of the group. The dancers leaned over and gave each of the girls a long tongue dancing kiss goodbye, as they collected their clothing and money and ran back down the stairs.

Storm stood up and told the girls that they were going to get to try their hand at performing on stage. Surprisingly the girls were all excited about this, especially Sara. "I've arranged for you to dance for a small group in the back room," Storm said. "This will be more intimate and you all can enjoy yourselves more."

The club's female manager led them down a set of back stairs and through two doors into a small dance area. The room was pitch black, except for a focused spotlight center stage. The girls could see a few shadowy faces, including the redhead that had danced for Sara.

A heavy bass-beat song started and the redhead started to dance around a pole at the edge of the stage. The girls were guided to the stage and encouraged by the manager to dance. Sara jumped up and started where she had left off, bumping and grinding her hips to the beat.

Julie joined in close by Sara, spinning in multiple turns with her arms extended straight out skirt riding up to show bare ass and pussy. Karen, surprisingly took a minute or two to get out on the stage. The girl that would go down on a guy in a heart beat, was a little stage shy. The music transitioned to another song, the singer asking the dancers to shake their ass and pop their pussies. All three girls were getting into it now, enjoying the freedom and oblivious to anyone in the room.

As they danced, the lighting in the room came up once, just slightly and then again a few minutes later. Around the dance floor were twelve men, sitting in chairs facing the stage. The three dancers from earlier were moving from man to man, teasing them, rubbing their boobs against their heads and rubbing their men's now bulging pants. An announcer told the men to get their money ready, because the girls would give them personal laps dances.

As one attractive man a

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