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Not only Humans enjoy the heat.

Lightly you nip at it with you teeth. Your right hand is moving much faster now, and deeper. You pull out and your fingers and pussy just shine with wetness. Quickly you moisten your clit and push your fingers back in. Your left hand is pulling more insistently on your nipples; your breath is coming in short takes now...I think you might be close.

Without realizing I have somehow removed my clothes, my cock is just throbbing in my hand. Cautiously I approach the bed, I don't want to interrupt you.

Kneeling down on the floor I have an eye level view of your fingers pushing in and out...so fast now. Your bare pussy just glistening, have I said how much your bare pussy turns me on! I am so excited I have to stop touching myself for fear cumming too soon.

You must be getting a close. Suddenly you groan, your back arches, your legs go straight and stiffen, your fingers deep and still. Your orgasm is beautiful! I wait...you relax, but your fingers remain buried. NOW!

I move forward, so taken by your orgasm you don't feel the bed shift. I place my mouth over your fingers and slide my tongue in next to them. You scream, pulling your fingers out, only to feel my tongue deep in your pussy...picking up where you just finished. I grab your hand and suck on each of your fingers, tasting your juices. Then it's back to your wet pussy. I drive my tongue in deep, taking big licks in and out. Realizing there is nothing you can do, you lean back into the pillows and enjoy.

Your shaved pussy is such a treat; I love how it feels against my face, the wetness all over my cheeks. I stick two fingers in deep, moving them along the top inside wall of your pussy...trying to find the elusive 'G' spot (does it exist...let's see). All the while my tongue continues to flick in and out. To vary I cover your entire clitoral region with my mouth, a light flicker with my tongue on your clit. Are you getting close? With you just coming down from one orgasm I believe your second will be quick to follow. Oh, to be a woman and experience multiple orgasms! For me the treat is bringing you to orgasm, to know I brought such pleasure makes me happy.

I return my mouth to your pussy and drive my tongue deep. My free hand has moved up and is pinching and pulling on your right breast nipple. Go ahead lick your left one again, that is so hot! Suck on it if you can!

You are so wet, I love it, it is so damn sexy and hot. Your juices are really flowing, covering my face and cheeks. Your legs suddenly snap shut around my head, your hands pulling my head against your pussy; your back arching against me. You moan loudly and my mouth fills with your juices. I suck and swallow as much as I can, I can't believe how hard you just came!

Releasing my head you pull my face up to kiss me, tasting your juices all over my face. With no effort my cock slides all the way into your pussy, balls deep in one thrust. You let out a sharp breath then moan in pleasure as my cock fills you up. I'm so excited I know I won't last long. No long slow strokes this time, I just start thrusting, hard and fast. Faster and faster, I think you are close again...here...it...comes! One, two, three, four hard blast of cum shoot out and fill the insides of your pussy. I don't think I have cum that hard in a long time. I collapse on your chest, I wish I could stay like this forever, feeling your warm wet pussy around my cock; it just makes me feel so close. I look into your face and whisper I love you and give you a long kiss. You break the kiss and tell me you love me as well, but there is a twinkle in your eye I have not seen before.

You gently roll me over on to my back, getting on your knees you smile then straddle me. Your pussy is just inches from my face. I see some of my cum just starting to leak out, your pussy lips puffy from the recent fuck. Contrary to some, I think this is so hot and sexy. "You wanted creampie, well here it is" you exclaim as you lower your pussy to my face.

I open my mouth and willingly accept

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