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She was everything he had hoped for.

My master's thumb slips effortlessly into my cunt.

I am impaled on his fist.

" . . . you . . . "

His fist unfurls and caresses the walls of my cunt.

I am going to die with pleasure.

" . . . to . . ."

And as his fist pushes against my cervix.

And as his teeth bite down on my clit.

And as his free hand slams against my upturned ass-cheeks.

" . . . CUM . . ."

I obey.

I CUM from my swollen, red, engorged nipples.

My flattened tits swell and heave and become ajelly of uncontrolled flesh.

I CUM from my red-hot, totally filled cunt and my cunt juices flow down his arm and cover my quivering thighs with wet, sweet-smelling, sticky female jism.

I push my poor ass up higher so that the tattoo of his spanking and my yelps of pleasure at this punishment become fiercer and more intense.

I CUM from my quivering clit

I CUM and I CUM and I CUM, and as I CUM I thank the man who gave me this orgasm of delight.

"Yes, master, yes master, yes."

As I let myself submit ("Did I ever come this hard, before? Will I ever come this hard again?") to the stormy rush of my body's lurches of outright pleasure and the flood of wetness pouring from my cunt, I suddenly realise that this only the start.

This sexual madness, this beauty of his control and my possession, the slavery that I am now accepting with such need and delight

The submission of Emma, MY submission . . .

Has only just begun.

* * * * * * * *

As she came Emma suddenly realised it had only just begun.

The rapidity with which it continued surprised even her. Succumbing to her explosive orgasms, she fell back into the recesses of her mind, and let the multiple attacks on her body carry on in the background.

Her fist-filled cunt sucked and slurped on her master's arm. Her clit vibrated and shook. But she was too absorbed in her body's pleasures to note the changes immediately. As she drifted out of come induced unconsciousness and recovered from her first wave of orgasms, Emma raised her head slightly and gasped as she realised that her master was not going to allow her any rest.

In her need for satisfaction, her need to be possessed the ravaged woman realised that she had overlooked a whole series of sex-toys the master placed on the table beside her. But she could not overlook them now.

Seeing HE had her attention, the master let a demonic smile pass over his face and held up one of the objects. In the mirror's reflection Emma saw that it was a large phallus shaped dildo, carved from ivory in the shape of an enormous cock. Its head was bulbous and swollen. The twelve inches of its length made Emma shiver with fear, but it was the width and decor of the dildo that really dismayed her. It was at least twice as round as her master's arm and was studded along its entire width and length with raised silver studs.

With a sucking sound her master pulled his arm from her cunt and for a moment Emma felt empty and desolate. The feeling was short lived. Raising the dildo on high, the master swung it down and inwards towards the tender lips of her already ravaged cunt. Even before the gigantic phallus had touched her puffy, sensitive, hairless cunt-lips Emma screamed. "No master," she yelped, "I'll be split in two. I can't take it." Then, with a rush, the dildo pushed its way inwards, pushing her cunt-lips aside, and burying itself in her sopping cunt. Her cunt opened wider and wider and a line of stubs scraped against her sensitive, reddened clit.

She screamed again, this time from the pressures on her cunt-flaps and her vagina walls, as the dildo was forced deeper and deeper into her cunt.

"No," she begged, "It's too much. No. Please. No."

The master sneered at her.

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