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Long weekend getaway with Mom.

"Thanks!" Elunara called. "I've been wanting that kill!"

Charnak laughed. "I see why you like this one!" He called.

Grogek made his way through the enemies, cutting them down one right after another. He finally met Charnak in the center.

"Brother, don't do this. Join us! You see my men are destroying yours. Together we could raise an army of miraculous proportions."

Charnak continued to attack Grogek as they spoke. "Bah, I won't cow down to these tiny weaklings. I know all about your little "Family". When I get through with you I'll rip apart your wife, and I'll tear this town down one by one until I find your mewling little brat and the slut that cares for him. I think I'll keep her alive for awhile, just to play with."

"Brother, you follow the words of a deranged woman. Don't let her words poison you."

"That little gutter trash? She was barely worth the effort of getting hard for." He laughed. "It was only during her incessant screaming that she mentioned you. At your name, I just had to learn more. Her tune changed, but the song was unimportant."

"I can't believe you're so pathetic. I wonder, have all Warsong become this disgusting, or am I only just becoming aware of it?"

Elunara started making her way down through the throng of fighters, helping bring down tougher opponents along the way. As she cleared one soldier to fight, another would find himself overwhelmed and she'd work her way over, always keeping half an eye on Grogek. The stream of Warsong warriors seemed endless, but she knew it had to have a limit somewhere. She spied an axe thrower.

"GROGEK LEFT FLANK!" She yelled.

He dodged the axe, but she had missed the archer, and the arrow sang true. It jammed into Grogek's shoulder. He roared in pain. He was struck in the side by another warrior, and several more advanced on him, their blows weakening him.

"NO!" She screamed. She took off running, dodging arrows and axes. In some cases she had to jump over angry wolves. Soon the onslaught of attackers felled Grogek to his knees. "NO! NO! NO! NO!" Screamed, over and over, as she watched helplessly.

"FINALLY!" Charnak roared. He cleaved downward and took out Grogek.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed at the top of her lungs, the shrill sound piercing everyone's ears.

Somewhere in town, Renwa fell to his knees. Tulani began to weep, as she took off running through the house. Not stopping to think, Tulani began to run for the battle.

Elunara continued to scream as she ran. Many dropped to the ground holding their ears. She slashed wildly, taking down every orc in her path. She reached the clearing and dove on top of Charnak. He couldn't fight her off as she rained down the blows of her fists, the cuts of her blades. She ripped him to pieces, but kept him alive as she completely paralyzed his body. Her anger was raw and fierce as she turned to the remaining orcs and began to make her wrath known to all who had landed a blow on the body of her beloved. She continued to rage and scream even as the Orcs began to scramble away in fear and terror.

Tulani body slammed Elunara into the ground. "Stop! You have to stop!

Charnak struggled to move his limbs, and found that he could not. He turned his head and watched in horrified fascination as this Night Elf creature tore through the rest of his men, only to be stopped by a flash of blue.

Elunara struggled to get free of the tangle of limbs. She finally realized who she was fighting. She stopped and shuddered. "Tulani?" She whimpered.

"They've left. They've run. Please stop fighting."

Elunara crawled over to Grogek. She pushed him over and wrapped her arms around his body. "Oh, my love. My sweet love." She whimpered.

The men ran through town, calling for all of the healers to come save Grogek. In some cases, the stronger men simply scooped up a healer and ran with them to the site.

Charnak watched, completely fascinated by the commotion.

"Please." Begged Elunara. "Please save my husband. Please." She whimpered.


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