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Being the jack-of-all-trades takes on a new meaning.

Various tables around the room were having lap dances, some for the men, some for the women, all of them sexy. Teri and I were sitting next to each other and keeping up a gabfest about that hot body, or this hot body, fun-loving talk, heavily laden with sexual innuendo.

At one point, she leaned over and said that all of this good-looking meat was getting her hornier than hell. I whispered back to her that it was having the same effect on me; the difference, I think, is that she was getting hot watching the male dancers, and I was getting hot watching both males and females.

Like the old adage says, "Being bisexual means never being without a date."

Joining Teri in a trip to the restroom, as we washed our hands, she looked at me in the mirror, asking me, "Want to have a little fun tonight?"

"I'm all about fun, girlfriend; what do you have up your sleeve?" looking back at her in the mirror as I dried my hands, throwing the paper towel into the basket under the


Her plan was simply this; we'd stay a bit longer here, buy the boys a lap dance that we'd watch as they got turned on by some sexy young thing, and driving to the timeshare, we'd get our respective husbands primed and turned on with some hand stuff, getting them even hotter.

Once back at the apartment timeshare, we'd have them go to our respective bedrooms to strip and wait for us to join them after the two of us cleaned up a bit. The twist would be that I would join Rick in their bedroom and she would join Ray in ours.

So, basically, she was setting up a 'swapsie' between the four of us but with only two of us knowing about it.

Still looking at her in the mirror, I thought a moment, chewed my lip, and told her that I thought that sounded like fun and that I was in.

We arranged the lap dances and sat back, watching as our two guys were getting turned on by all that young, nubile flesh teasing their faces. We exchanged knowing glances and just smiled. Leaving soon afterwards, all of us were fairly lubricated by the strong drink and as Ray and I made out in the back seat, his cock was as hard as a telephone pole. Teri had moved next to Rick as he drove, and was giving him a hand-job through his pants. No doubt that our two guys would be ready for some serious fucking when we got home.

Sending our two guys 'to bed', to wait for us to join them, Teri and I used the large bathroom to 'freshen up', and to get naked.

Asking me, one more time, if I was really okay with this, I told her, straight up, that she had already fucked Ray so the only unknown was me and Rick. I said that I don't think he'll kick me out of bed, causing her to laugh and agree.

Looking at each other's nakedness as though we were appraising what our guys were about to get, we went to the hallway, she heading for Ray and me, heading for Rick.


I opened the door to their room, letting in just enough hall light to get my bearings and saw Rick, eyes closed, lying on the bed, slowly stroking his cock. Closing the door behind me, I tip-toed to the bed, and reaching for his cock, I wrapped my hand around it, taking over for his hand.

He started to say something but, not saying a word, I put a finger to his lips indicating silence and, climbing into bed completely, I took him into my mouth and began sucking.

His contented sounds began almost immediately, his cock fitting very nicely into my mouth, I felt his hands searching and when they found my breasts, he caressed them, then feeling their size, compared to Teri's smaller size, he asked, in a startled voice, "Jess?"

"Surprise!" I replied, taking his dick from my mouth to say it, returning to my sucking right afterwards.

"What...Where's Teri?" he stammered; but, not stopping me from sucking on him, I thought to myself.

Taking his cock out of my mouth once more, I lay across his legs as my hand kept stroking him and sa

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