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It was soaking wet as we shoved open the room that he rented, his bags and my backpack in tow.

I told myself on the way to the Airport that I would remain respectful and get to know him face to face, but my very good intentions died the minute our lips touched in the parking lot. His clothing definitely looked VERY unnecessary as I nudged the door closed behind us.

He put his things down and came back to me for another kiss.

I stroked his jaw, tongue probing his bottom lip with gentle flickers.

"Mmmm baby," I sighed appreciatively, and my arms wound around him, my lips ruffling his hair. He'd worn it bound, and I gently tugged the band away and put it on the pale mahogany message table beside us.

We curled our fingers together, and I rested my forehead against his.

"Do you want to...," he started.

"Are you hungr...," I said over him.

Another set of shaky chuckles followed.

Despite it being early afternoon and his traveling on various planes since predawn, he shook his head slowly.

"I almost forgot to remember this," I finally managed, lifting my face and removing the translucent fire engine-red Bic that I stashed in my pocket before heading to the airport.

He shook his head at me again and smiled warmly, depositing the lighter beside his hair tie. I tightened my fingers around his.

"We could always get naked," I offered, less coyly than I hoped, but it needed said, or I was going to lose my mind.

"Could," he drawled, pressing against me.

I kissed his ear, the warm wet flicker of my tongue gently exploring the hollow behind it. A layer of goose bumps prickled his light skin.

"I want to see you naked," I finally whispered and curled a hand against his lower back. "I keep thinking about you naked, and it's making me crazy." In a vague moment of mortification, I realized what I advocated. My hate-hate relationship with my body reared like an iron horse on speed. I went cold, terrified, but proud of my honesty.

Sean's khaki-incased hips tilted into mine with a low moan, and his head dropped back.

Startled from my self-debasing musings by a well-timed truck horn on the highway, warmth rushed back into my body. I kissed and licked, my lips caressing his working throat muscles.

His hand curled against my hip and squeezed gently.

The entire throat biting idea abandoned, I tilted the back of his skull. I crushed my lips to his again, my fingers inching up under his long hair and massaging behind his ears. We groaned together. I never thought I could like kissing, but my mouth and tongue wouldn't stop seeking his. My stomach fell away with each stroke of our lips like an immense roller coaster ride.

Speaking of stomachs, his rumbled, and I snapped my teeth near his nose playfully.

"Liar," I teased.

Sean flashed a silly, drunken grin. "Maybe a lil hungry," he answered.

I sat on the bed and pulled the menu directory card from the table. Unlike most hotels, our card featured the best non-chain creations available locally. I'd been threatening his skinny California ass with pizza grease and cheese steaks for years. I glanced at him. Maybe, it was time to collect.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked.

His smile unnerved me, like he knew some secret code to a game we played and refused to tell.

A few strides later, he put the card back on the table and nuzzled against me lovingly. Hot flushes ran up the back of my neck as his lips gently stroked. God, I wanted him so bad.

I shifted on the bed, moaning his name.

His hand flattened across my twitching stomach then lifted my breast.

"Mmmm," I huffed, my nipples already peaking the lettering through my shirt. "Harder please."

He turned his hand and coaxed each nub tighter with light strokes from his palm. My breath was one long moan.

I didn't care about trying to behave. I raked his black t-shirt off and threw it on the floor. With a 'you started it' look, I lowered my head, engulfing his nipple in my hot mouth while I rolled the other between my fingers.

He arched his back hotly, and I wrapped my a

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