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Playful X-mas party flirting becomes anything but playful.

She was talking but not making much sense, but they finally convinced me to get her out of there. Jesse kept telling us that they were coming back and going to hurt her. That he was making them keep her there. I've assumed she meant Gerald, although she never did say who he was. "

"You believed her? " He asked, trying to picture what she said.

"The person that called me did and Jesse almost seemed like a crazy person, with her accusations and hysterics. Be glad you didn't have to see her like that. "

"I'm not sure I could have handled that. How was it that you got her out of there? " Adam asked, not liking what he was hearing at all.

"I called Richard and told him to come get her and take her home. He was so relieved that I found her, but he was one pissed mother, excuse my French, when he saw her. He even had me scared. He immediately removed the IV she had in one arm. I had no idea he would even know how, but I guess I should of. "

"Then what happened? " Adam asked.

"He told me to get her stuff and he wrapped a blanket around her, picked her up and carried her out. I just followed him. Several nurses asked what he thought he was doing and he yelled at them to get out of his way. He swore and even threatened them that if they didn't get out of his way he would be wrapping them in a blanket and putting them where no one would find them. He was really angry. " Sandy said.

"What about hospital security, didn't they try to stop him? "

"No, apparently they knew Richard, and although they didn't know what was going on or why he was taking Jesse out of there, they knew him well enough not to try and stop him. "

"People don't like messing with Richard, from the sounds of it. " Adam said, having already been curious about Richard himself.

"He can be one mean guy when he wants to. It's a wonder he hasn't been in any trouble considering how much trouble Jesse seems to get into. But I guess she has a way of calming him down. " Sandy said.

"So what happened after he got her out of the hospital? Did he take her to a different one? "

"No, he took her home, that's where she told him to take her. "

"But you said she barely made sense, why did he listen to her? " He asked, finding this all too hard to believe.

"He wouldn't go against what she told him, that's not how he is. Richard took such good care of her. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing and how to help her. She was pretty out of it for a while and didn't even recognize Reese when he came to see her. "

"So she was dating Reese then? "

"No she worked with him. But after she got well enough, she started dating him and within months they were married, but that didn't last very long. By the way, did she ever get over those dreams she kept having? "

"Excuse me? " Adam said still trying to picture all this in his head.

"Her dreams, she was still having them years after that incident. Did she ever get over them? " Sandy was concerned.

"No, she still has them, but we are working on that. " Adam said.

"Well at least she has you to help her. "

"Excuse me Sandy, I hope we get a chance to talk later. " He said politely when Rusty walked up to them asking about a towel.

"Of course, " Sandy smiled. " The towels are in that cabinet next to the bar. "

Adam went and got one handing it to Rusty and when he turned, he saw that Jesse was standing by the patio door watching him. She turned and walked away when she noticed he had seen her. After Rusty got dressed they went inside and he spotted Jesse dancing with someone.

She seemed to avoid him as the night wore on, mostly by dancing. Adam also noticed that she was feeling the effects of the alcohol and she was flirting a lot more. That bothered him more than he cared to admit. He danced with Rusty and later when she had gone back outside to socialize he looked for Jesse. He finally cornered her by cutting in on her and Doug dancing. He took her in his arms and danced with her, holding her tightly.

"Are you avoiding me? " Adam asked softly while they dan

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