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Mr. Clerk never expected his substituting to go like this.

Reyna would say this is Maria's truest self, but that's not the Maria I know. I know the truest Maria. She may be spunky and love a fight, but she's never loved the fight for the fight's sake. She fights for things she loves. She fights with passion and purpose, not for pleasure or pain. Reyna has perverted a good thing. Reyna hasn't just taken my best friend; she's ruined my best friend.

As I reach for the door, I feel Maria's hand rush past me and press down on the door. "Not so fast. Don't you want to save me?" Both her hands grab down on my shoulders, and she hurls me behind her. When I hit the floor, Sandra gives out a little moan. "You can't save me if you run. That's been your problem, little Sarah."

I turn to face her and scramble backwards on all four like a crab. Maria moves towards me with deliberation and patience. She isn't rushed; she knows I'm trapped.

"Why are you doing this?" I whimper. I don't think I can reason with her, but I hope I can stall her until someone else comes into the studio. "This isn't the game."

"This isn't about the game."

"Then what?" I ask as she reaches down and grabs me by the hair. She drags me back to Sandra and I gasp and hiss from the pain. I reach up and try to pull my hair away and then try to pull her hand off of me. Nothing helps. She's too damn strong. Sandra starts to purr from my pain and rub her clit.

"This is punishment. Maybe you'll learn that Reyna isn't fucking around, and neither am I." Maria slams me down on the ground next to Sandra. The back of my head hits the studio floor and my vision flashes white and then blurs. Maria straddles me over my chest. She pins my arms with her knees. I can smell her scent thick through the yoga pants. The crotch of her pants are soaked black. Has she ever been more turned on?

"Punish me for what?" I ask. She answers with a slap. Sandra moans.

"That's enough from you," she hisses. "I'm so tired of your talk. All you are is talk. You say you're going to take Reyna down. You're going to save me. I don't want any saving, and if I did, you wouldn't be the one to do it. You're nothing, little Sarah. You're not a goddess. You're not even a slut. You're nothing at all." She spits on me, the hits me again. I feel my lip split. At the sight of my blood, Sandra's eyes widen and she falls backwards, cumming. "Reyna's wasting her time with you. She doesn't need you; she has me."

Maria pulls back her arm to punch me, but I shove with all my weight and roll. We roll, and I get on top of her. She tries to scramble away, but I let me weight go and pin her down. I do my best to pin her, but she squirms.

"Get off of me, you cow."


"You can't beat me."

In her eyes are all the worst parts of Maria. There is none of the goodness of my friend, the goodness I love. There isn't her laugh or her smile. There isn't her corniness or goofiness. There isn't a girl who wishes she was a manic pixie dream girl, but is really a badass punk girl. There isn't hope or romance. There isn't love or light. There isn't even strength. All I see is pain. I see pain and service. I see darkness and hatred. I see fear and anxiety. I see emptiness and fire. Not the fire that holds off the cold, but the fire that burns down your home while you're sleeping.

"I'm not trying to beat you," I whisper. "Reyna plays games; she has winners and loser. I don't play games."

"Everyone plays games."

"Not us. Not you."

"I'm not that girl."

"Yes, you are." I see it so clearly. This girl is the worst of Maria, but she is still Maria. Reyna has awoken something. But it isn't something to be pressed back down or something to be celebrated. It's something to be healed. "But even if you're not, whatever you are now, and whatever you were then, I love you."

I lean down and kiss her.

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