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Son reminisces about the fall of '97.

"He told me you 2 were perfect because neither of you wanted children. Joe was always a ladies man..we both were..he got the vasectomy so he could play without worry."

"I..don't know what to say..I ..please..he can't know about this"

"Who is it Tina?"

"What difference does that...."

"Just answer me..if you don't want him to know you will answer me."

"Fuck..it's my personal trainer ok? I've been so lucky in the past about not getting pregnant..all thru college I was careless many times. Why now?"

"At your wedding you 2 looked so in love..I don't get it"

"Don't forget I was an actor once..and I'm still good at it. I married him for money. Sex between us has become once a week. He rolls on top of me, pushes it in, and cums. And then he falls asleep."

She started to tear up..secretly I was glowing. Joe and I competed in everything. This information and this moment were priceless.

"The question Tina is what to do now"

"I need some time to think..you won't tell will you?"

The moment I had been waiting for since the first day I laid eyes on this woman was finally here.

"That depends on you Tina"

"Ok..how so?"

"I want you to remove your clothing..all of it"

That flushed look was back..

"Excuse me?"

I just looked at her.

"Your blackmailing me?"

Grinning a little.. "Well..ya..take off your clothing and he won't find anything out"

"But you 2 are friends..."

"I wouldn't call us friends exactly..if he was in my position, he would be doing the same thing believe me"

"I don't believe this shit..fine, your a doctor anyway..will you at least step outside while I undress?"


"This is bullshit you know that? I came to you for help with a medical condition and you blackmail me?"


Her lips got pouty, making her even more irresistable as she angrily started taking off her clothes. I watched triumphantly as this woman was revealed to me little by little. When those perky tits bounced out of that sexy bra I was finally seeing what I had dreamed about since I met her. She pulled her panties to her ankles and stood before me. She had a Playboy models body.

"Step out of the panties"

She complied. She was perfect, even her toes were neatly manicured, as was the small patch of hair above her mound.

"Happy now?"

"I'm a lot happier than I was a few minutes ago."

"I can go then?"

"Not quite"

We both knew what I wanted but I let her play her little cat and mouse game.

"Well how about now?" she said in a pissy voice.

"Get on th exam table"

She sat up on the table, the thin sanitary paper crinkling under her. I gently pushed her legs apart to get a good view of her. Her pussy matched the rest in beauty. She looked tight and had pouty little lips just like her mouth.

"Lay on your side facing me"

She did as she was told. Now she really looked like something from Playboy. Her lean sexy body stretched before me..so curvy. Her tits were not sagging at all, even in this position. I unzipped my slacks and dropped them to the floor. As I pulled my boxers down my hard cock was free. She looked down quickly..then up for just a second..then back down. I knew I was biggerthan Joe..we did grow up together and had been in locker rooms many times. The table was perfect height. I approached and positioned my cock near her face.

"Take me in your mouth Tina"

"Wait..I don't do that..not even for my husband..please..it's disgusting"

"And a married woman fucking strange men isn't?"

I could see the resignation at this comment.

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