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Bossy BBW nurse dominates her intern & fucks her patient.

Using her hands like a master musician, she ran her hands all over the front of his tee-shirt and over his broad shoulders and up to his head. He was already straining to kiss her, his green eyes half closed with lust. She smiled and darted forward to give him a little lick across his lips. He followed her blindly. She dove in again and planted a small kiss on his cheek, he turned his head to her, moaning, whimpering even. Monica took pity on his hungry mouth and greedily pressed her lips on his. His tongue lunged into her mouth with searing heat.

The room was spinning again.

Monica had to hang onto the firefighter in order to keep her balance. He tasted different, but so good. Hot, musky, salty, she let the sensations tear at her senses and ended the centuries-long kiss with a small bite on his full lower lip. He moaned deep in his throat as she pulled away

Monica extended her hand to the next man in line. Just as she twisted out of Simon's grasp facing the next man who eagerly reached for her, he grabbed her hips and pulled them to him so her ass ground into his pelvis. She laughed and wiggled her ass over his obvious huge hard on and beckoned to the man in front of her.

"Come on baby, kiss me! Show me what you've got!" she whispered. He obliged, diving into a deep soulful kiss that made Monica gasp in surprise. The man behind her thrust his hips forward and moved one hand to her belly, pressing her to him. The other hand stole up and almost reverently cupped her ample right breast, his hand circling its immense mound slowly, savoring this actual touch of what he had only seen in photos before.

As if that first sexual touch had released them all from polite restraint, hands were suddenly all over her. There were hands on both her breasts, cupping her ass, running over her belly down toward her clit, hands cradling her head while she was being thoroughly kissed, and, oh god, hands on her bare legs, running up her inner thighs.

She moaned and spread her legs as the questing fingers found her wet naked cunt and demanded access. Fingers probed her clit, circling expertly for a tantalizing moment then continued inward, parting her swollen labia and finally tickling at the entrance to her waiting body.

She pulled away from the man kissing her just long enough to glance down and see the man whose fingers were probing her suddenly completely disappear under her skirt. Hot breath seared her aching clit and his warm tongue made delicious contact. The fingers at her cunt multiplied and rhythmically plunged into her. In and out, while the tongue at her clit licked and sucked, and the mouth on hers plundered.
Someone's hands pulled at her shirt, lifting it over her breasts with some difficulty. Warm fingers dipped inside her bra and pulled out their prize. Her suddenly exposed nipple was immediately covered by a mouth. More hands fumbled at the latch of her bra. Monica's heart beat hard with each hook being unlatched, until, after the fourth beat, the tight circle around her chest lifted and disappeared. Now both her naked breasts were being fondled and sucked.

The fingers in her cunt were driving her precariously to the edge of sanity. Her mind was being carried blissfully away, leaving nothing but a starving sexual animal behind. She moaned against the lips of the man kissing her, urgent and demanding. The fingers and tongue under her skirt increased their tempo. Hands stroked, groped and grabbed at her. Hot mouths seared her quivering flesh. Her skin burned.

Suddenly everything faded like background noise except the fingers fucking her hard and furiously. Her heart leapt to her throat and exploded in a scream as stars burst from her singing cunt and exploded on her skin with icy fire. The explosions went on forever in a perfect breathless moment captured in eternally shattering ice.


Monica, or what was left of her, crumpled slowly.

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