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A class in sexual exploration takes an interesting turn.

None of it did any good and, after a few moments, I decided to stop hurting myself and relax. This is exactly what I wanted so what use was there in trying to run away? Despite the line of logic I was telling myself, my wrist ropes had grown to feel awfully tight.

I heard a sound and looked up to see Ernie had returned. He looked at me with that same strange expression he'd had before his departure. I knew a great thankfulness and I was drawing a breath to request my release when he spoke—but not to me. "There she is, Ms. Abrams, just like I said. She gave me ten dollars to help her break in here and rig her up like this."

Feeling shock, I looked toward where Ernie was speaking. Adrianna Abrams was standing there and gazing at me with the same mild contempt I'd seen during our fleeting meeting several months ago. That ratfink bastard had called the divine Ms. Abrams and told her about me and my plan! They surely must've witnessed me wrestling with the ropes.

"You got a bargain, Ernie," she said, her voice cool. "If you care to stay and help, I can raise that ante a helluva lot higher than a measly ten dollars."

"It'd be my pleasure," Ernie sneered, leering at me again. "Literally!"

I was drawing another breath to request my release when they stood me up, tied my ankles and put several ropes around the post behind me and my bare breasts. Adrianna flicked a nervous nipple with an indolent finger and very casually said, "not bad for a few slender silhouettes. I'll use the silly girl while she's here. Thank you, Ernie."

"You're very welcome, Ms. Abrams. I know you've been looking for a young looking clean-cut male model for your bondage photography and I welcome this chance to prove my worth to you."

Fuck! I thought as I felt the blood drain from my face. That ratfink bastard set me up for the furtherance of his own career!

I requested several times to be released. They ignored me as the somehow-no-longer-divine Ms. Abrams set up her equipment and took light readings. I could see Ernie and Adrianna had plans for me and I wasn't going to be untied. He disappeared for a moment and came back with nothing on but his Eagle Scout kerchief and hat—and a massive hard-on! For the first time I looked at him more closely and realized his eyes were as wise as his ropework and Ms. Abrams' eyes. He looked so young and delicious in his scout uniform; now I saw, however, that he was in his mid-twenties and was as hungry a model as I was. I suddenly felt like a naughty little girl caught doing something bad.

They stood close by, examining my total nakedness appraisingly. "She'll come across better if we keep her tied taut," Adrianna mused.

"Agreed," Ernie said. "She should be as taut as a violin string."

"Have you had the necessary medical exams to be cleared for sex acts?"

It isn't widely known since the consumers of pornography don't give a damn, but actors in the self-policing adult entertainment industry get regular examinations so we don't spread sexual diseases to each other. I remember telling Ms. Abrams of my own clearances months ago—

Now I know how silly a fly feels when he sails into a spider's web under his own power.

Ernie nodded in reply and Adrianna continued, "I'll have you ravish her in some of the sequences." She sounded contemplative, like a housewife telling her bored and beleaguered husband where the new sofa should go. "The hottest stuff will be quite marketable."

I wanted to curl up and die. I wanted a classy series of shots to further my career and I hadn't intended for them to use me like a piece of equipment! They weren't even consulting with me. "Please set me free," I asked mournfully.

"Stop whining," Ms. Abrams said, not even giving me the dignity of looking up from her preparations. "You don't want me to `forget' to use the dulling cream on your rosy buds if I decide to put nipple clamps on you, right?"

I gulped and silenced myself.

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