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An undress rehearsal.

My heart skipped a beat. She had known after all. It wasn't my imagination. I tried to play it cool.

"Hummm... It's still early. Besides, you know how you turn me on."

"Do I?" she said, smiling again.

"Don't try to tell me you haven't noticed," I said.

"Notice what?" she said with a little laugh, sipping her drink in the process.

I decided to go for broke. I took her hand and slid it under the table, placing it directly on top of my raging cock.

"Ohhh!" she blurted out and she squeezed my cockhead.. "Mmm... I have," she said, and slowly began stroking me. To my surprise she pulled away, but she knew exactly what she was doing. "I guess this is what you've been hoping to see?" She spread her legs, exposing her bare pussy to me for the first time.

My god, was it ever. I'd been dreaming about it for so long. I took her hand, stood her up, and pulled her around the corner. We were out of sight of the crowd. I pushed her against the wall, and we started a make-out session that would have made a couple of horny teenagers say "whoa." How long we were like that, I have no idea.

"Let's get out of here."

She didn't have to ask me twice. In what seemed like a flash, we're back at her office, pawing at each other like animals and continuing to make-out. The lights were off when we arrived, so we assumed no one was there. Thank god, we were already grunting and moaning and we had barely even started.

Finally, I pushed her down into her chair. Our eyes were locked. I got onto my knees in front of her and spread her legs wide open. Oh god, there was her pussy. She didn't say a word but her body was trembling. I moved my head closer, taking her in in all her glory. I couldn't wait any longer. I started making out with her pussy. This sent her absolutely out of control. I've devoured her, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I teased her clit, sucked her lips, she was soaking wet. Finally, I gave everything I had to her throbbing clit. She screamed out, I was loving it. She started grinding herself against my face. Her moans were filling the whole office. When I finally slipped a finger inside her, I knew the wave was about to break. I held my breath and took her clit fully into my mouth.

"Jordan. Jordan. Ugghhhhh... I'm... You're going to..." I didn't let up. I knew what was going to happen. She didn't need to say it.

She was thrashing, shrieking, shaking. I kept my face against her, letting her orgasm rush through her. Finally I sat back and watched as her it ran its course. Finally she slumped back into her chair. She was panting, her body trembled all over, and her eyes were still shut tight. There's nothing like knowing you've taken your woman over the edge. A surge of pride ran all through me. I was a king.

It seemed to take forever, but finally she opened her eyes. "My god, Jordan. No one's..." she had to catch her breath. "No one's ever done that too me before." Her dress was balled around her waist, giving me a clear view of her dripping wet pussy.

"Oh really," I said coyly.

"I mean it." More panting. "I've never cum that way before." Her eyes met mine. "You're incredible."

She sat up, then stood. "And now you're mine."

Cassie began pawing at my belt, biting her lower lip and smiling as she did. Having a woman ravenously pulling out your cock for the first time is another of the most amazing feelings in the world. I moaned instinctively and pushed my hips closer to her.

Ugh! This always feels like it takes forever! My cock was straining to get out so badly I was in some real pain. But finally my belt was undone, my button opened, and my zipper released. With a final pull, my cock leapt into full view. Cassie let out a gasp, which made me clench for a split second.

"Your cock," she paused and smiled, "is beautiful!"

This sent a shudder through my whole body and I let out another loud groan.

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