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Mom is surprised by Petey's unplanned visit.

" She reached and began to jerk me off slowly.

"Does that feel good Charlie?" Beyonc__ asked, removing her top, letting her boobs spill out. She smiled as she felt my cock throb in excitement.

She stood and pulled down her skirt and panties before pulling my face into her cleavage. I savored the feeling in my face between the two wonderful breasts before I pulled back and Beyonc__ began to furiously jerk me off. I moaned louder as she squeezed my cock, sending a trickle of precum to my knob.

I moaned softly as Beyonc__ began to lick my knob before working me down her throat. As she sucked, she stroked it with her right hand, occasionally fondling my balls.

She eventually took it out before giving a long slow lick to my cock before jerking me off, her hand making wet slapping sounds as she moved down my saliva coated cock.

I lay my head back and moaned as she sucked me professionally. I was living almost every man's dream, my cock down the throat of Beyonc__ herself. She was obviously an expert, sucking me deeper and deeper.

I then watched as she rose slightly and positioned her two beautiful boobs on both sides of my cock.

"Are you really...?" I asked in disbelief.

"I am baby," she whispered, "so just sit back and enjoy..."

She began rapidly sliding them up and down. "Yes Charlie!" she shouted as she picked up speed, "fuck my tits!"

I gritted my teeth and dug my fingers into the spread. I was struggling with all my power not to explode all over her smooth orbs.

She then stood and turned her ass to me, letting me enter. Soon I was completely imbedded inside and fucking powerfully. "Fuck!" Beyonc__ screamed, holding onto the edge, "fuck me!"

I lay my head back as I moaned, fucking the hottest entertainer alive. After she got on her back, I began fucking her harder, my balls slamming against her ass.

She mounted me, leaning down to let me wrap my mouth around her tits. I gripped her soft ass while I thrusted upward, in heaven from fucking her. "You're just as good as imagined Charlie." Beyonc__ whispered to me as she leaned down to kiss me.

The feeling was absolutely indescribable as her boobs meshed through my fingers and her wetness dripped down to my balls. She began riding faster. "Fuck you're so hard!" Beyonc__ screamed as she dug her nails into the sheets.

I finally pushed her back and forced my cock deep inside her. I put her legs over my shoulders and began fucking with all I had. "God yes!" Beyonc__ screamed, "Fill me with all that hard dick!" I slammed my hips into hers repeatedly, my balls slapping her ass. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Beyonc__ screamed repeatedly, beginning to cum on my cock.

"Oh shit!" she cried as I kept pounding, "Fuck, you're hitting my cervix!" I cried out as I held her hips, fucking her brutally. "I'm cumming! Keep fucking my pussy!" Beyonc__ begged. The pressure was building in my groin and I began to slow down but she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me faster into her.

I loved the feeling of Beyonc__'s soft touch on my chest and arms before she traced down my stomach and began to inspect my cock, gently rubbing the knob before sliding her hand down to my base, tracing the vein. She got closer, her boobs soon pressed against my chest. "Such a handsome man..." she whispered before pressing her lips to mine.

With the vibrations being sent up and down my cock, I couldn't help but squeeze one juicy ass cheek between my fingers. She bit her lip as she went faster and kissed me again before moving down. She licked her lips taking in my fully erect cock.

She took my pulsing cock into her mouth and I moaned as the hot wetness wrapped around my shaft. She chuckled as she saw my pleasure, showing special attention to the underside of my cock while applying gentle squeezes to my balls. She suddenly wrapped her hand around half my cock and began sucking diligently and to this day I don't know how I didn't lose it.

She pulled back and took a deep breathe.

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