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Young couple make love in a car.

We quickly shed our clothes and meet on the bed. I kneel beside him, and knead his balls. He loves to have them played with. And I love to hear his moans of pleasure, as I knead, and roll and play with them. I stroke his cock with my fingers, then lie down between his legs.

We like to take our time and enjoy, we spend a lot of time on foreplay. I lick his balls first, and then take each one into my mouth. I slowly lick it, then I suck on it. Bill likes his balls played with so I can suck just a little harder. As I hear his moans I feel the wetness, from my pussy dripping. I really enjoy pleasing my partner. I play with his balls for a little longer, and then lick from his balls, up the underside of his cock. My tongue caresses that little V. I suck gently on it before continuing over the tip.

He tells me that it's his turn, before moving out from under me and rolling me over in one fluid motion. "Ooooooh," I moan loudly as I feel his warm tongue touch my overheated pussy. I'm not very quiet when it comes to good sex. I enjoy myself fully. I feel his tongue licking my outer lips.

In my ecstasy it takes me a second to realize that he's talking to me. He asks if I'd mind if Jane shows up. She was trying to get some time off work to join us. I sure would not mind. Although I do worry briefly that now that I've already been with her once that I might be expected to know a little more about what I'm doing. But all my fears, and the ability to think, disappears as I feel his tongue slide between my lips. "Ohhhh, Man!" is all I'm capable of thinking or saying! I arch up into his mouth.

Bill laughs as his cell phone rings. I need the break anyway. Give my clit a chance to relax. He loves to make me orgasm several times in a row. As he's just done, my chest heaving, I'm gasping for breath as I take the time recover.

Jane is outside and knocking on the door before I can grab any clothes. Bill lets her in. I watch as they kiss at the door. I watch as he helps her to undress. She smiles as she says hello to me. I watch their interaction with interest. I'm still a little surprised at how horny it makes me. I notice Bill watching me as his mouth moves from Jane's mouth to her nipple. He chuckles as I merely smile and lick my lip for him. My fingers are busy playing with my own nipples.

As they move to the bed, Jane reaches for his cock. He lies back on the bed and motions for me to play with her pussy. I move down and slowly, carefully start to explore. I find that the thrill that I felt the first time is still there. I reach out to very slowly, very gently lick her outer lips.

I watch Jane suck Bill's cock as I slowly lick her. I don't hurry this time. I lick the inside of her thigh, the crease of her leg, I take one lip in my mouth and gently pull on it. I tug on the other side. I bring my fingers around and slowly part her lips. I have a look at her pussy...the inner lips, the pink flesh, the folds, her vagina, her juice flowing freely. I touch her outer lips again with my tongue, and listen to a soft moan as I slide my tongue to her inner lips. I take one small, pink lip between my lips and very gently suck on it. Her response guides me to suck a little harder. She stops sucking his cock to smile at me. Looking into her eyes, I let my tongue slide up over her clit. She closes her eyes and moans.

Bill moves from his place and kisses her before moving around behind me. Jane lies flat on her back to enjoy my tongue. I feel Bill's cock slide into me. He slides deep inside me in one motion.

He leans over and I hear "Fuck, you are so wet!." I giggle as I continue licking Jane's pussy. Bill has a big, hard cock, but it is nice and thick too. I can't contain a moan myself as I feel him push all the way in as he leans over me.

I move my head to the side, and with my fingers I spread her pussy lips wide, offering him a taste. I watch closely as his tongue thrusts inside of her, and then moves up to lick the length of her slit. I watch her reaction to his licking.

He turns to me and I kiss him, licking

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