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She's still the same person, but just the girl version. That way, she won't have problems getting used to her body."

"But why change her into a girl at all?" I spat, not caring what would come for my outburst. I was angry that they had done something like that without her consent.

Cassandra shrugged those elegant shoulders. "Because, it was our way of showing you that we mean business. So, here's the deal.

"I am going to cast the same spell over you. It's going to hurt like hell, because I'm leaving out the pain numbing part. You're going to feel every single change, every single bone rearrangement. You're going to watch in horror as the body you're so proud of wilts away into a small, feminine one. Your mind is going to revolt, and you'll spend the next goddess knows how long in agony as you try and comprehend what's happened. And if you come to the conclusion that you were in the wrong. If you fully understand the weights of your sins, then maybe, just maybe! We'll help ease your pain. But if you don't, then you're going to spend the rest of your life going insane."

Tears were running down my face again. "Why?" I pleaded, all anger gone. "Why are you doing this?"

She leaned in close, and I could see fire dancing within her eyes. "Because, death is too good for you." She hissed. "This is something that will truly show you how bad you fucked up. THIS will be your personal hell."

Cassandra smirked as I struggled against my bonds, desperately trying to get free of them.

"What will my dad think of this?!" I yelled, a small sliver of hope presenting itself to me. "He'll know something's wrong when his son doesn't come home from the party! He has money! He'll ruin you bitches!"

Cass laughed in response, shocking me enough that I stopped struggling. Without warning, she slapped me across the face again, this time hard enough to make me see stars.

"You moron," She said, still chuckling. "Do you think he got his success by somehow being smart? That he was such a good, genuine guy that he could just somehow become the biggest contractor on the west coast? No! We helped him, you idiot!"

When my mouth dropped open, she nodded, patting my cheek. "Now you're getting it. He had heard about a powerful group of witches, one that could grant him his darkest desires. We gave him what we wanted, what he desired. Under a few conditions, of course. One is that he won't make it past the age of 50."

I felt blood go cold at that. My dad won't live much longer? He was already 45 years old! What the fuck was this bitch talking about?

Seeing the confusion on my face, Cass sighed and pull the stool from earlier back over, sitting in front of me. I was surprised to see sympathy on her face!

"Brent," She said softly, "Every wish comes with a price. We told your dad about this, and he agreed. He knew he wouldn't make it past 50. In order to achieve the level of success that he has, he must sacrifice half of his life. Magic can be unforgiving. Another agreement we had was that he would be our lookout, our sentry of sorts."

"Lookout for what?" I asked in bewilderment.

"People like you." She said simply.

I scoffed. "Bullshit. My dad and I are like two peas in a pod! He gets just as much as I do, if not more!"

"He does, yes." Cass agreed. "But the difference is that he gets consent as well. Your father is one of the most respectful men I've ever met. He enjoys the company of woman, but he also respects them highly. When he found out what you were doing, he was furious. He confronted Bella about it, and she confirmed it. Having not been in contact with us for a few years, he asked her to bring the issue to us. When we talked to him, he had a heavy heart."

I was shocked.

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