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Samuel Shaw experiences the perks of the crazy TNA Knockout.

I was braless and he soon found that out by sliding the strap off my shoulder and down. He whispered in my ear that he "could not keep his eyes off me and wanted to make love to me." I could not resist. His lips followed his hand that gently caressed my breasts. His tongue encircled my nipples as his hand moved down to the slit in my dress. He touched my knee and slowly moved his hand to my thigh and began to massage the top of my nylon and to where it attached to the garter, and then to where the stocking met my skin. His hand moved to my panties and to the silk and lace that housed "her". I was indeed wet and we both knew that if he continued, for only a few more moments, that I would have an orgasm, but he stopped. He picked up the intercom phone and told Ray to "bring us back to Caesar's Palace." My heart was racing and I did not know if I should tell him to take me back to the Sahara or allow this wonderful evening to continue on to passionate love making. He kissed me again but said nothing. He gave me a look and raised one eyebrow as if to say "if you do not want to go back to my room, tell me now." I said nothing. He gently repositioned the strap of my dress back onto my shoulder as we drove to the front entrance to Caesar's.

We rode the elevator to Rich's suite on the top floor. It was a beautiful room overlooking Vegas. The lights were mesmerizing and quite romantic. This suite included a living room, kitchenette, wet bar and bedroom. From the bedroom one can walk out onto a balcony. Rich took off his jacket and tie and tossed them onto a chair, then took my hand and we went out to look at the lights. A slight breeze cooled us from the normal dry Vegas heat and air. He turned to me and kissed me again. He took my hands and threaded his fingers through mine and raised my hands above my head as he pressed me against the outside wall. The stars above were like diamonds, and there for anyone who could reach them. Once again he slid the strap to my dress off my shoulder and let my dress drop to the floor of the balcony. The soft breezes that kissed my breasts made me feel very sexy and sensual, along with the idea of being so vulnerable perhaps to the eyes of others peering up at us. But I did not care.

With one hand he continued to hold my hands above me, while the other explored my scantily clad body. He gently kissed me from my lips to my breasts and sucked my nipples until they became erect. Slowly he released my hands, as his moved down my body to the tops of my nylons. He knelt down and began to unhook one front garter as he kissed my thigh, then the other garter, slid my shoe off as he moved the stocking down to my ankle and foot then off me. He did the same to the other leg. He stood up in front of me and reached back to unhook my garter belt and it too dropped to the floor. He kissed me again then took me by the hand into the bedroom.

He bent me backwards onto the bed and laid on top of me, kissing and touching me.

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