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Instead she spun Cain in his chair to again face his computer. Leaning down she took hold of his cock below the desk and began jerking her son off. Cain's hand ran up the back of his mother's leg beside him. He reached her stocking tops and went further, his fingers delving into her dripping pussy. Back and forth he slid along her labia from her asshole to her pubes. He ran his saturated fingers up into her pubic hair, dampening the entire region with her wet.

Evelyn furiously beat on her son's cock as Cain slid two fingers inside her. His thumb pressed on her anus and tentatively entered. The mental stimulation of the act hastened Cain's orgasm. "Oh Mom, I'm about to.." Before he could finish the sentence Evelyn turned the chair slightly and lowered her mouth onto his cock. Half way down she plunged and squeezed at he base. Cain refused to let go of his hold on her pussy as he began to cum into his mother's mouth. For Evelyn it was a first. Never for Harold, nor before him had she allowed a man to cum in her mouth. As each spurt from her son shot down her throat, collected in her mouth, she felt she was only now feeling true love. Only now devoting herself entirely to another human being, becoming as one with her own flesh and blood, her son.

As she swallowed the last of her son's semen the bell of the elevator rang and the doors slowly opened outside the records room. Cain was quick to take his hand from under his mother's skirt and re-do his pants as he saw the C.E.O. walk out and toward their room. Evelyn made her way to the door and unlocked it for Walter to enter.

"Jesus. I can see why you needed the fan." Walter acknowledged. "Sorry about that Evelyn, we should've got it sooner."

"It's not a problem Walter." She kissed him on the cheek, fully realizing it was the mouth that seconds ago had been full of cum and welcomed him further into the room but he stayed put. Cain approached and introduced himself, shaking the man's hand in greeting before returning to his chair.

"So what brings you down to the dungeon?" Evelyn asked.

Now that he'd stood before the boy he could see the resemblance between he and his father although he'd not seen him in years. Even the similarities between mother and son were glaring to someone that knew they were related, possibly missed by a casual observer. "Actually I need to have a word with you privately Evelyn if you have a moment." Walter asked.

"Oh, um we could organize a date and time.." Evelyn began but was interrupted by Walter.

"Well this is kind of important so I was hoping to do it now." He proposed.

"Ah yes. Sure. We can go in here." She gestured to the server room and followed the boss through to the next room.

"Ooh bloody hell, it's like the Arctic!" He quipped referring to the change in temperature.

Evelyn smiled and held one arm with the other beneath her breasts. Walter allowed his eyes to quickly stray across her top as he noticed the woman's nipples harden in the cold clime. Dolly Parker 'they' called her, he thought. Crude but my god, she did have great tits!

Walter forced himself to concentrate on the issue at hand and avoided the woman's mammaries. "Evelyn you've been here what? More than ten years?"

Evelyn nodded in response. "Uh huh. Coming up to eleven in February."

"Eleven. Hell that makes me feel old." He realized the comment may have come out wrong and implied she too was old and tried to correct it. "Oh I'm not saying you are old as well, I'm just saying you were one of the first here when Tavish and I started. You've always stayed loyal. You're one of the good ones."

"Thank you Walter. It's been a pleasure working here. Um, you didn't come down he to tell me that though. What's this about?" She asked, slightly concerned.

"Well no I didn't that's right. I'll get to it. A complaint was made by a fellow staff member that you were seen fraternizing with a subordinate in direct line of report, in a manner that may be deemed inappropriate to your position."

For a moment Evelyn

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