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Absence makes the heart grow fonder... much fonder.


Katrina gulped Hank's cum down as her pussy milked Todd's cock and covered it with her cum as he shot his cream inside her and my cock continued to fire thick gobs of spunk in her asshole.

"Oh fuck, that was so hot," I groaned, looking around for a place to sit. I flopped down on an empty blanket and Katrina lay down next to me. Tyler climbed on top of her, his cock standing up hard and proud, and Katrina spread her legs apart so he could enter her.

"That was so fucking hot, baby," Tyler grunted as he thrust his cock deep into his girlfriend's cunt. My cum was still oozing out of her asshole, and Todd's leaked from her pussy, but Tyler paid it no head as he pressed his chest into Katrina's tits.

My cock still stood up fully hard, but I still needed a break, so I just watched the people around me in various stages of sucking and fucking. Eva was holding her huge melons together so Roger could fuck them. It was only seconds before he was shooting his spunk all over Eva's face, neck and tits. Kaylee was on another blanket on all fours while Todd held her by the hips and fucked her pussy from behind. Tina and Becky were taking turns on Robert's cock and face; Robert lay on his back with one riding his cock while he sucked the other's pussy. Felicia and Matt were in a sixty-nine with Matt on the bottom. Half of his huge cock disappeared over and over into Felicia's mouth. David was plunging his big dick into Melanie's pussy, then turning and presenting the hard rod to Donna, who sucked Melanie's pussy juice off of his cock. Tommy was standing and looking down in awe as Amber and Leanne shared sucking duties on his cock. He suddenly tensed up, and a volley of cum spurted out onto Amber's face before she could suck him into her mouth and swallow the rest of his hot creamy load.

I watched Katrina and Tyler fuck right next to me, until Sophie appeared above me. She squatted down over me and aimed my cock up at her open pussy and impaled herself on me. "Yes, Will," Sophie cooed. "Your cock feels so fucking good."

"Ride it," I grunted. "Ride my fucking cock, Sophie." She ground her hips down, stuffing my cock as far inside her as it would go. She squeezed me with her pussy muscles and pulled herself up until just the head of my cock was still inside her. Then she slammed herself back down, her ass slapping against my legs, and her tits bouncing on her chest.

Gradually, another wave of orgasms worked its way over the group. Cum was pumped into pussies and showered over bare tits and asses. Todd and Jason stood up with Jill suspended between them. Jason had his pig prick stuffed in Jill's ass and Todd was fucking her pussy. The slender blond howled as she came, drenching Todd's cock while they both fired off their cum into both of her holes.

Nobody moved to find any of their clothes, but it seemed that I wasn't the only one who wanted a break. Beers and bottles of water were passed around, and we sat there in relative silence for a while, enjoying the sounds of the night and the roaring of the fire. Every cock was still rock hard, however, and we all knew it wouldn't be long before the orgy was back under way.

I sat at on a picnic table, facing away from the table itself, toward the fire, with Leanne and Amber on either side of me. Leaning back against the table caused my cock to point straight up in the air, and while Leanne stole an occasional glance, neither of the two naked beauties made any move to touch it. I admired their bodies, and the bodies of the rest of our group for that matter, but I was willing to let someone else get things started again.

That someone turned out to be the Chief. Barbara stood up and moved to the relative center of our gathering, a few feet from the fire. Her brown skin glistened with sweat in the fire light, and her enormous boobs swayed heavy with every step.

"I'm going to need a few guys to give me a hand with something," she said. "David, honey, come here."

David smiled and left his seat between Kaylee and Becky to join his wife. She gave his big cock a squeeze.

"I'm also g

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