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A story about three roommates and their bizarre adventures.

I went in, and found a few people in the front of the store, browsing the tape selections and magazines, and bought my required $5 worth of tokens from the counter guy. I could already tell which of the customers in the front were going to try to sneak into the back later, but were hiding what they were doing even from themselves, and which were actually shopping for something to take home. I didn't care much who saw me there and knew what I was up to - I am who I am, and am as comfortable with it as I can be without advertising it.

And then I went through the curtain into the back room. One circuit of the place showed me that about half of the booths had the 'occupied' lights on over the doors, including the two booths with a glory hole between them, and about a half dozen guys walking or standing in the aisle. Some of them I'd seen before, and some I hadn't, and only one of them was actually bad looking, though none of them were really good looking. Most were ... passable.

Not that 'passable' is a bad thing. it's probably where I fit into the continuum of looks.

Anyway, I walked around the room a couple of times, just to gauge the attitudes and timing, and then stepped into one of the booths for a while. I understand that the proprietor has to be able to pay the bills tp keep the place open, and can't do that with just a bunch of gawkers. So I spent a buck, spent five minutes, warmed up and re-packaged my now about half-hard cock, and moved back into the aisle, which now had a couple more guys in it.

After my second loop of the room, I parked myself outside of the booths with the glory hole. I could see from the lights that they were occupied, but could also just barely glimpse a bit of movement from inside, and I figured that even if I couldn't get in right away, I might be able to see something.

A few short minutes later, the door to one of the booths opened, and, not being afraid to seem pushy, I grabbed the handle as the occupant stepped out, and stepped into the booth, getting at least one glare from one of the guys who'd been waiting as long as me. I slid the bolt to and put a couple of tokens into the change clot before glancing at the glory hole, which was empty, and showed light coming from outside -- whoever had been in there had left just after I came in, which was, I guess, predictable.

I watched the video on the screen, and switched to something I found interesting, and a short moment later, the door closed next door, and I glanced at the hole and saw only a jeans-clad leg, facing the screen. Not sure if he was a giver or a taker, I unzipped my fly and took my cock into my hand, slowly rubbing to maintain my half-erection.

At a glance, the guy in the other booth was doing the same, but he didn't signal me in any way, so I bent down to get a better look. Whoever it was had an average build, and didn't look familiar. The movie he was watching was a generic MF film I'd seen before, and the cock he pulled out was also average, but it was more interesting that what was on my screen, so I pulled a couple of bucks out of my pocket and fed the meter, saving my tokens for later, and looked again through the hole.

The guy in the other booth saw my eye through the hole and bounced his cock a few times in his hand. It looked good enough, so I rubbed the bottom of the hole and he stuck it through. It was probably about 5 or 6 inches long and average thickness, but it tasted sweet and was nicely hard. I licked up its length along the bottom and around the head, and then took just the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, and then inched my way down it, using my tongue to keep it moist and in no time at all, and I mean that literally, he came. Not much, not hard, and not satisfying.

He almost immediately pulled out of the hole and zipped up, and I thought about leaving, disappointed, but the screen said I still had ten minutes left, so I leaned against the wall, pulled my han

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