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A woman's voyage into submission.

I looked toward the TV, the porn star was now straddling one of the men backwards, his cock deep in her ass. The other is positioning himself in front of her, ready to enter her pussy.

"You like that?" Brock asks me in between his kisses. I only answer with a moan. Brock's lips move their way back to mine. When our lips make contact he slips himself into me effortlessly. I scream out with pleasure as he rocks back and forth. I wrap my legs around him, willing him to move deeper into me. I can feel his large dick moving deeper and deeper inside of me with each thrust. His breathing matches his thrusts and his groans exit his mouth each time he plummets into me.

His hands roam my body, clamping my breasts and moving down again, back to my ass. The sexual feeling no longer tension, but absolute pleasure. I moan and watch as the girl on the screen accepts her final facial cum shots.

Brock grips his arms around me and picks me up, still stuck onto his cock. He walks me, fucking me as he is, over to the bed. He lays me down gently, never missing a thrust. This movement making the feelings running through my body more intense.

Once on the bed he stays upright. He takes my ankles into his hands and holds my legs up and open. He starts moving faster and harder. Our bodies bouncing off each other as he fucks me intently. He groans loudly and collapses on top of me, rocking hard still. I leave my legs up and open as he kisses me passionately. I accept him wholly.

What? What's he doing? He stops, standing at the end of the bed looking down at me. His cock glistening with my juices and pulses uncontrollably. His eyes light on fire as he looks over my body. Then he kneels down and grabs my hips roughly, positioning me so my ass is hanging off the end of the bed. His lips dip down and his tongue fishes it's way to my clit. I scream in pleasure as my legs start to shake. His tongue moving fast, but he keeps it soft. I squirm beneath his sex, and sigh as I listen to his muffled groans.

His fingers find his way to my hole. Slowly he uses the tip of his finger and rubs around the edges, massaging the aching horniness there. Then he sticks it in fiercely, making me scream again. He pumps his finger into me as his tongue moves faster. I put a hand on the top of his head and arch my back. The feeling he is thrusting into me rages through my body. Oh, thicker the feeling is now... he moves two fingers in without stopping for a second. I'm almost there, I shriek at him. Then there is a third finger and it pushes me over the edge. My body convulses as my orgasm rumbles. I gasp and twist, but Brock held tight into his thrusts not letting up. Before my first orgasm subsides I am flung into a second. I started to thrash almost violently and finally he stops, easing his fingers from my pussy with a soft pop.

I lay there unable to move as my body still shutters. I look up at him his cock still bouncing with excitement. His eyes still fiercely gazing at my body, such lust in his eyes. He gives me a moment, but no longer. He picks me up easily and sets me down on my knees. As soon as I am situated he pounds into me, not needing to search for the entrance. I shriek again as my now super sensitive sex is invaded.

He thrusts wildly bouncing himself off of me as he does. His thumb on my rose bud as his dick is pushing deep into me. His cock seems to reach the small of my back as he pushes farther and farther. It almost hurts as he stretches my insides. His thumb pops into the inside of my ass, moving gently with his thrusts. This added sensation, sparking my horniness once again. Slowly my energy returns and I join his thrusts and push back instead of bouncing.

I turn my head back, he is standing there, one hand on my ass and the other to his side.

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