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Hal ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir before settling back in his seat. His eyes watched me intently like I was the only person in the club.

"Is this club okay?"

I patted his thick hand with mine, "Its perfect Hal."

"I wasn't sure, I heard it was nice but more for my age though."

I couldn't help but smile at his concern, "It's a nice club, I know the music and I am enjoying company."

When our wine arrived we both took a long sip. "You know Hal, all the guys here are probably thinking you are some kind of stud with such a young date."

"I sure hope so! I saw lots of them staring at us as we walked in." His smile turned devilish. "I would bet every guy here would trade places with me in an instant."

I could feel the heat in my cheeks as I blushed, "Thank you."

Making our way to the dance floor, we laughed and Hal routinely twirled me around. I was certain he wanted to show his date off. I never took my eyes off him and his never left mine. I wiggled my hips to the music as we danced wildly song after song. When we were both parched, we would return to the table and drink our wine only to return to the dance floor when the next song started.

Like all great things, the night ended with the dreaded words of last call. Hal asked the waitress to call us a taxi and it wasn't long before we were sitting in the quiet back seat on our way home. Through the corner of my eye I could see his gaze and turned to meet it with a smile.

I placed my hand on his and squeezed it firmly, "Tonight was so much fun."

"Happy Birthday beautiful." He squeezed my hand back. Our hands remained locked for the remainder of the ride home.

As the front door closed I put my arms around him, "Thank you again Hal. This has been one of the best birthdays ever." As I pulled myself back I quickly kissed his lips before releasing him from my embrace. I watched his shocked reaction unable to grasp what was going through his mind.

"I guess I will be going to bed now?" It came out as a question.

Hal smiled at me, "Me too."

Making my way up the stairs, Hal followed. As I put my hand on my door he paused behind me. "Laura?"

I turned to face him, "Yes?"

He reached out taking my hand in his, "I think you should join me tonight."

I have to admit I was confused at his meaning at first, but clarity arrived when he held my hand and proceeded down the hall to his bedroom.

Once in his room he closed the door and pulled me close to him. His hands held gently at my hips; his lips inches from mine as he spoke, "I need you."

Without another word, his lips touched mine. So gently at first as he held them against mine. My heart raced as I draped my arms around his neck. After a series of machine gun kisses our lips embraced and we kissed deeply. He sucked hungrily at my lips and his grip on my hips strengthened. We stood kissing for what seemed like miraculous hours. I had never been kissed like this before. His lips spoke loudly of his hunger, desire and primal need for me. I was euphoric when his arms made their way around me pulling me tightly in to him.

Slowly he walked me backwards with baby steps until my calves pressed against the frame of his bed. I sat and he gently pushed me to my back and straddled me as we kissed. His strong hands moved mine high over my head as he began to kiss my ear; sucking and nibbling at it causing goose bumps over my entire body. As his tongue and lips finished devouring my ear they slowly made their way down my neck towards my collar bone.

His lips didn't stop and kissed a trace line down the strap of my dress where it covered the top of my breast. When his hands slid down my arms making their way to my breasts it felt like my heart was going to beat clear out of my chest. His grip was firm as he kissed at the top of my breasts while squeezing them through my dress.

Sitting up he ripped his coat and tie off and lay down beside me.

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