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Sexual deeds with Olivia Wilde.

He kissed her cleavage gently. He moved his hands all over her coming to rest on her hips. She tensed against his pull. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders, as he knelt before her. She was ready to tighten the grip of her legs around his neck when she felt the cold edge of steel on her back. She recognized the feel of a sharp knife against her rear entrance. A small flick of his wrist and she'd be in incredible pain and in immediate need of an internal cleansing, worse than when your appendix ruptured. He knew how to exert maximum control, with minimal effort. She dropped the thought of fighting at this point.

He softly kissed her lower lips. A soft tender kiss that was unexpected in view of all the violence she'd suffered. If it weren't for the memory of the knife's caress on her back door she'd believe he was trying to make love to her. But the reality was that he was in control and she had to submit to his impertinent encroachment into her body. His tongue softly stroking her clit, as his left hand pushed a little harder to let her know he was in control. She fed his face by arching her hips. He flicked at her clit and he could taste the softness and warmth of the inside of this lovely woman.

He licked her softly, down one lip, and up the other always starting and stopping with one flick on her clit. When he reached the bottom of his trip, his tongue forced its way into her, tasted the juices that she could not control and continued his trip back up to her clit. He sucked the top of her lips including her clit into his mouth and flicked her clit hungrily. He took what she thought to be the handle of the knife and pushed it deep into her wet cunt. The large size of the handle with the round top pushed deep into her and the cold chill of the knife's handle gave her fear and great pleasure all the same time.

"Stop that!" she said in a husky voice that betrayed her real feelings; which was honestly surprising to her.

He bit her clit, in response.

"Ouch! Will you stop that and get on with it." She said in an annoyed tone, but he kept flicking at her clit, faster and more aggressively every time she protested. He pushed deeper and deeper into her cunt with his knife's handle, almost pumping in and out of her. She tried to resist, but her position was one of defenselessness. She was at his mercy and was beginning to lose some of her own inner control. She sobbed softly into the dark night and the quiet alley where a man was taking her. The first time in her life she was forced to surrender control in a situation. The first time in her life that all her training and education had been swept away and her mind focused on the moment. The first time in her life any situation had full control of her agile and constantly active mind. Erika did not know how to react to this moment: It was a first.

The last time she'd had sex with her lover, she had enjoyed it, and had worked out the closing arguments to her case. At the same time she had planned what they would do for breakfast the next morning. It wasn't that her partner was not adept. She enjoyed every inch of his body. But that was it; she was in control and she was enjoying him.
This man was taking her to the edge of orgasm; her mind reeling from the rapid assault on her body and the deep, forceful - almost violent - thrusts her pussy was taking. She closed her eyes, and held her breath as he took her to the very edge. The fireball of orgasm was ready to course through her body. Suddenly he stopped. He walked into the darkness, found what he was looking for, and pointed her snub-nosed .38 special directly at her belly.

"Will you do as I say? Or are you willing to deal with the consequences?" he asked in a steely cold voice that showed he was very used to getting his way, or inflicting whatever punishment was necessary.

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