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Dan isn't sure how to handle Mark's Transformation.

Rob loved the feeling of Sherry's huge tits as they slid through his hands, and Sherry loved feeling Rob's cock, slippery with soap, slide through her fingers. Rob wanted to take her right there in the shower, but she regretfully told him no, reminding him that she had something special in mind for him after dinner and that he should just wait until then.

They finished showering and got dressed, both wearing very light and comfortable beach attire, then headed out to the same restaurant where they had eaten the night before. They shared a very enjoyable dinner, and Rob found that the more time he spent with Sherry when they weren't fucking each other silly the more he enjoyed her company. There were several sides to this intriguing young lady, and Rob was discovering them one at a time.

After dinner they headed back to the motel, and once in the room Sherry walked across the room and opened the sliding glass door that led to the balcony, stepping out onto it and resting her arms on the railing as she looked out over the ocean. Rob came in behind her and leaned over, wrapping his arms around her as she leaned on the railing. He kissed the side of her neck and she lifted her hand to run it along the side of his head, smiling as he nuzzled against her. She felt him begin to harden as he pressed against her ass, and she clenched her asscheeks against him as she pressed back. Still kissing on the side of her neck Rob slid a hand under to her big breasts, slipping his hand under her shirt to feel the soft skin of her full breast in his palm. He squeezed, firmly but not too hard, and Sherry moaned softly and clenched her ass against his hardening shaft again.

"Would you like to do the balcony thing again?" Rob asked, whispering in her ear.

"Maybe later, lover, but right now I think it's time for me to show you what I have in mind for you tonight," she said. Rob loosened his grip on her as she stood up and turned in his arms to face him. She looked up at him for a moment, then slipped her hand up to the back of his head and pulled his head down so they could kiss. Her lips were full, soft, and moist, and Rob loved the way it felt to kiss her. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and found his, flicking it around the tip of his own tongue as they kissed. Rob slid a hand up her stomach and under her top to find one of her big breasts again, and he could feel the hard nipple against his palm as he wrapped his fingers over the huge mound and squeezed.

"Mmmm, I love it when you squeeze my tits like that," she breathed in his ear, slipping a hand down to find the hard tube of his cock tenting out the front of his shorts. She squeezed it through his shorts and rubbed it, sucking on his earlobe at the same time. She felt him shudder, and then probed inside his ear with her tongue and made him shudder again.

"Damn, I love when you do that!" he said, holding her close as she teased him with her tongue.

"I know you do, lover, that's why I do it," she replied. "now let's go inside before we wind up fucking out here again and ruin my plans for tonight!"

She led him back into the room, and once they got to the bed she turned and they kissed again, passionately, deeply, tongues dancing. They began stripping each other as they kissed, neither of them wanting to break the kiss long enough to take off their clothes. In a matter of moments they were both naked, their clothes scattered on the floor of the bed, holding each other close as they continued to kiss. Rob slid his hand down Sherry's stomach to her mound, cupping it and feeling the heat eminating from her. He slipped a finger between her outer lips and found that she was wet, and then ran his finger up and down her slit and over her clit once. She jumped at the sensations, then reached down and grasped his cock in her hand. She pulled and tugged on it as he slipped his finger inside her wet tunnel, sliding it in as far as he could. She moaned as he penetrated her, and he felt her flood his hand.

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