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A soldier can't walk away from the girl of his dreams.

"That actually worked?" marveled Christine. "Why didn't you tell me this brilliant idea sooner?"

"Would you have used it?" asked June.

"No, probably not," admitted Christine. "It's way too straightforward for me."

Christine never saw Blue again until the race on July Fourth. Most spectators gathered at the end of town where they could watch the finish. Christine was standing with Will and June waiting for the race to begin when Luke Winters suddenly appeared next to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. Christine felt annoyed immediately. She had only talked to him a couple of times and he was already acting possessive!

Christine casually lifted his hand from her shoulder as she asked, "Aren't you going to be in the race? They're going to be starting it pretty soon."

"There's no prize money, so why bother?" answered Luke. "Everything goes to the school and I don't have any kids. There's no sense tiring out a good horse for a meaningless race."

As Luke finished speaking, Christine heard a shot signaling the start of the race. It was exciting to watch as three young men jumped in front of the pack and pushed for the finish line. Judge Lane declared Billy Thomas the winner so he circled his horse back to receive a bright blue ribbon which he immediately pinned to his saddle blanket.

Meanwhile locals were pouring insults and sarcastic remarks in Blue's direction. Christine watched as he sat proudly on a beautiful blue roan and pretended to make excuses for his poor performance.

"I know you expected me to win this year, but I think Deuce might have thrown a shoe. He's been off his feed lately and he was too busy watching that little mare of Mrs. Williams' to concentrate. We'll win it next year!" promised Blue to the dozen or so people that had gathered around him.

"You've been promising that for the last ten years," groused an older man not far from Christine. "Every damn year I lose ten dollars on you and that nag. You'd better win next year, because I'm going to be betting on you again!"

"The barn's on fire!" suddenly yelled a loud male voice. People stopped laughing as the man's words sank in.

There was a rambling old barn behind the livery stable. The owner of the stable had used it for storage for a number of years. A young man had recently started working in the livery. He had cleaned out a section of the barn and created a small living area. He was married to a pretty young girl that appeared to be at least part Indian, and they had a small child.

As one, the large crowd moved around the livery to see that the old barn was already fully engulfed in flames. Then a gut wrenching scream ripped through Christine's heart as the young woman realized that her child was in the burning structure. It was obvious to all that the building could not be saved. The heat from the flames shooting up the outside of the building made it impossible to approach closer than twenty feet.

Christine clearly heard Luke Winters tell those around him, "The kid's a half breed. There's no sense risking our lives for it. The father had no business sleeping with a squaw. It's not our problem."

"You miserable bastard!" was Christine's immediate reply as she screamed at the man who planned to accompany her to the dance. "That's a young child! We have to help it."

"Look! Blue's got that roan headed for the barn!" shouted another man near Christine. She turned in time to glimpse Blue Rhone racing his horse directly into the large front entrance of the burning structure. Horse and rider disappeared into the flames!

Suddenly the only sound heard was made by the flames licking at the dry wooden boards of the building. Everyone watched and waited in stunned silence for what seemed like an eternity. The roof of the barn began sagging as the fire raced up the walls and across the peak.

"It's going to collapse!" yelled a man to Christine's left. "Everybody needs to back up!"

At that moment, the blue roan suddenly broke through the thick smoke billowing from the doorway.

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