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Her eyes went wide in shock, as she seemed to be struggling to keep her smile. She walked over and hugged mom, then Josh. She paused for a second, then stepped towards me.

She hugged me loosely, with just a hint of a small tight smile. I barely had time to bring my hands up just enough to brush her hips, then she pulled away and was walking back to Max. I watched as she and Max walked about the room, mingling with various other guests.

I sat quietly, munching on grapes while mom and Josh chatted about various upcoming events and how the new school year had been going so far. At one point, Josh turned and tried to ask me about living in Spain before mom made quick eye contact with me and distracted him with a question about their next performance.

After a few minutes, I told mom that I needed to get home and hugged her before heading for the door. I was walking down the hallway when I heard the door open and someone scurrying down the hall behind me. I turned and saw Savy coming towards me. I stopped walking.

She stood before me and I looked down at her. I clenched my fists in my pockets to force down the pain.

She said softly, "You came."

I lowered my face. I didn't know what to say. I wanted to say that of course I came. Except that I hadn't been there for her first concert. I hadn't been there for almost two years...

I tried to hide my emotions on my face.

"You were... magnificent."

She tucked her hair behind her ear and gave me a soft smile.

"Thanks for being here."

I watched as she walked slowly back towards the reception. As she went through the door, she turned and looked at me briefly before disappearing.

I got into my truck and started the engine. Before putting it into gear, I rested my forehead on the steering wheel.

"Be happy for her," I said out loud to myself.

I drove home to Bowie.


Back to work.

I had a second shot at the career I'd always wanted and I wasn't going to let it get away again. I could feel that old internal drive coming back and I relished in it. I pushed myself hard, but reasonably so. I wasn't working to escape; I was working because it's who I am. I was at one of the greatest places to work and part of a highly capable team.

Even after Jeff and Mia's wedding, I still saw them pretty regularly, if not every week, every other week.

One night in late September, I was sitting on my sofa watching an Orioles game and I heard my computer chime with an instant message. I got up and went into the bedroom, expecting to see Jeff or Ben complaining about the umpiring or some such.

The message was from Savy.


My mind raced. She had softened towards me since that first night I was back, with the quick comments at Jeff and Mia's wedding or her concert. This was the first time she'd contacted me outside of those, though.


"Are you watching the game?"


"Thanks again for coming to my performance."

"You really were incredible."


"Is it okay if I come to your next one?"

"I hope you do."

I felt minutes tick by. I wanted to say so many things, but this wasn't the time or place.

She typed, "Well... I've gotta go."

"Okay. I'll talk to you soon." I hoped. I missed talking to her so much.

"Yeah. Good night." Then she logged off.

I took a deep breath and sighed loudly. I went back out and watched the end of the game. As I lay in bed trying to sleep, she was all I could think about. I missed her.

Two nights later, I got home from work and turned on my computer. Immediately, I had another message from her. She asked what was wrong with the the Orioles. She wasn't happy that they had lost three in a row, even if they had already clinched a playoff spot.

The next night, another message as soon as I logged on. More baseball talk before she got offline.

The next day was Friday. I practically sped home, but she wasn't online when I logged in. I waited, but she never logged on. The same thing on Saturday.

On Sunday, I was about to go to bed when I heard someone come online.

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