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Immediately she though she found her way out. If she could embarrass him maybe he would let her go. She decided to give it a try. "Um, officer, could I ask you what you're thinking?" He looked down at his pants and realized what she was looking at. He stood dumbfounded for a moment and then regained his posture. "Miss this is not a safe place for us to be, I want you to drive up to the next right and then make a left. Drive until you see a parking area on the right. I will write your ticket there."

Marie was at a loss, she had to do as told and believed she was getting a ticket. As she drove into the parking area she thought it was strange to find that it was a hunting parking area and that it was very well secluded by trees. He waved for her to park over in the back right corner. She parked near the back right corner of the secluded lot as he directed. They way he made her park provided cover for his car which he parked to the left of her van. As he approached, her imagination was stirred. She had heard stories of women getting out of speeding tickets and she knew what she had to do. She wondered if she could go through with it. She had to. There was no way she was going to go home and tell Tom she got a ticket.

"Get out of the Van miss" the officer directed. "Stand there in front of me and close your door". She did as she was told. As she stood in front of him and remained silent. She heard him whisper. "Nice". After a moment he spoke firmly. "Would you mind telling me what you were looking at back there miss", he asked. Again she was silent. "Answer me" he demanded. She spoke quietly as if ashamed, "Nothing officer." "Don't bullshit me lady. Do you know the kind of trouble you can get into for trying to bribe a police officer?" He was quick and Marie didn't know what to say. But the sight of her standing helplessly in her tight dress created hardness under his pants. Marie could not help noticing it because the bulge was huge. She was feeling vulnerable and sexy. Her eyes locked on his hardness and she became aroused at the thought that there was only one thing she can do.

"Officer" she said seductively. "Why did you bring me back here"? He said nothing. "Do you have something you want to show me?" She reached over and slid her fingers over his crotch feeling his bulge. "Hmm, I think you do and it's something big. Pull it out and show me." She knew it had to be this way, there was no way she was going to unzip a police officer's pants. He stood hesitant for a minute but once he looked around and was sure they could not be seen, he proceeded to undo his fly. "Come on" she said, "don't take all day." I have a husband to get home to." With that he pulled down his briefs and freed his shaft from its home.

She gasped in amazement as she gazed upon its size and realized it was only half-erect. His cock was every bit as thick as the dildo Tom had tried on her and was definitely as large if not bigger. She had to find out if she could take it. "I'm not going to kneel down on these rocks" she said. She opened her van door and sat on the step. "Bring that over here". As he walked up to her she reached out and grabbed him. Amazed at his girth, she held his cock and inspected it. She looked it all over to be sure it was clean and holding it up to look under the shaft. When she saw the thickness of his vein she said, "oh my, you are a big boy aren't you". With that she popped the head into her mouth. Having to open wider than ever before, she gulped slurped on his rod, adjusting to his size as best she could. She could not believe what she was doing and it was almost surreal. She hadn't been with another man in over 15 years of marriage. Now she found herself servicing the owner of the largest cock she had ever seen. She found it difficult to put into her mouth at first so she pulled it out and proceeded to lick the underside of his shaft.

Her tongue was skilled and as the officer relaxed he began to harden.

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