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Gliss argues for her release from Taunus's Laboratory.

Then he began to lick my dirty shorts, all over the front of the crotch. He turned them inside out and licked the inside of the front of my shorts all the while jacking off. He then sucked the crotch of my dirty underwear into his mouth and it looked like he was chewing on them. After a couple of minutes he pulled my shorts from his mouth, I could see a wet spot on the crotch of them when he did. He lowered them down to his hard cock and stuck his cock into the crotch of my underwear and wrapped them around his cock and began to jack off again. I leaned into the computer and was like, what the fuck dude! He was using my dirty underwear to jack off in. I watched as he stroked his cock faster and faster in my shorts until I watched him cum in my shorts. What he did next almost made me fall off the sofa. He lifted my underwear to his face; I could see his cum all over the inside of the crotch. I watched in horror and awe as he licked his own cum from the crotch of my underwear. He then walked back to the hamper and dropped them in and went back to his bed and grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom with a handful of clothes. I fast forwarded the film until he emerged fully dressed from the bathroom. I watched as he looked around the room and then left. I shut off the film and leaned back on the sofa. What the hell was that all about, I asked myself? And then glancing down at the bulge in my pants, I asked myself, what the hell is up with you?

I sat there for awhile, wondering what I should do about what I had just watched. I also wondered what I should do, or think for that matter, about the bulge in my own pants. I knew I wasn't gay, I had a girlfriend back in Medford, and we have had sex many, many times. Yeah, like almost all boys, I had jacked off another boy at summer camp, and played the little games like who can cum first or the farthest or the most. But I had never become sexually aroused just from watching a naked guy jack off. I stood up and shook my arms at my sides and shook my head and asked myself, what the fuck?

I thought about going downstairs and seeing if I could change rooms, but decided not too. I don't know if it was that I didn't want to cause trouble for Jake or appear to be difficult on my first day, or if my thought process was being determined by the bulge in my pants. In any way, I decided to do something I never thought I would do. I backed up the film to a few spots and stopped it and printed off the images on the screen. I then typed out a note, again very surprised I was doing this; it was as if my fingers now had a mind of their own and they were typing out the note without me being able to stop them. I looked into my desk and found a stack of envelopes and picked one big enough to put the photos in unfolded, along with the note.

I simply wrote across the envelope, 'Jake, thought you might find these interesting, I know I did!!'

I looked at the clock on the wall, it was quarter of six. I went and sat by the window and watched out for Jake to come up the sidewalk. In about five minutes I saw him approaching the dorm building. I quickly went out into the hallway and went down around the corner away from the stairs and waited for Jake to come up and enter our room. Once he was in the room I sneaked back down and waited outside with my ear to the door listening, while keeping an eye out in the hallway in case anyone else would come up the stairs. After about ten minutes I heard Jake half cry out.

"Oh god no!"

I figured Jake had opened the envelope and seen the pictures I took from the film. I decided to wait a few more minutes to give him the chance to read the notes.

Higher Education

Chapter Two : A Friendship Blossoms

Jake had come back to the dorm room to find Toby gone. After taking a piss, he checked out the room again and then saw the envelope on his bed. After reading what was written on the envelope, he began to open it, figuring Toby had found some cool stuff on his journey around the campus; boy was he about to be surprised.

Jake screamed out when

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