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Lyra remembers and meets her sister.

It was a short two blocks of walking and we were there.

The lounge was in the basement of a hotel. It was dimly lit and decorated in tones of beige, red and black with comfortable, high-backed benches and shiny black tables. On the walls were a few large black and white photos of celebrities from the fifties and a few large decorative mirrors. In the center of the lounge was a baby grand piano. Music played softly from small speakers hung from the ceiling. The patrons talked quietly among themselves in pairs or small groups. It was a perfect place for intimate conversation.

We approached the well stocked bar, perused the drink menu and each chose a cocktail. His hand came to rest on the small of my back as we watched to bartender mix our drinks, his fingertips barely touching me. I resisted the urge to arch my back at the sensation as we grabbed our drinks and headed into the lounge. We took a somewhat more private seat at a wraparound near the piano and he slid in beside me as I sat. We drank and quietly murmured to each other and before long his arm was around my shoulder, the entire length of his side pressed to mine, wreaking havoc on my senses. We ordered more drinks and his hand lifted to gently stroke and play with my hair, commenting on how he liked it. His other hand came to rest lightly on my knee as he turned his body to look at me more fully. I felt flushed, intoxicated from the alcohol and his nearness. My body quivered as his hand came up to turn my face towards his.

My heart skipped slightly and my eyes widened as they met his for the briefest moment before I felt his lips on mine. I had known it was coming and yet the kiss was a shock to my system. I was helpless against it. Those perfect, luscious lips moving slowly and deeply against mine, smothering me. I was drowning in his lips and I did not care. All the world was in the touch of his lips on mine, demanding a surrender I was more than happy to give. I felt the breath rush into my lungs as he pulled his lips from mine. I vaguely realized that I must have stopped breathing but I could not think properly, dazed and weakened as I was by his kiss. I sat for a moment, blinking, unable to form a thought. I slowly became aware of the people around us and came to the realization that I had been very thoroughly kissed in front of them all. I blushed at the thought even as he turned my face to his for another deep kiss. I felt my desire for him pulsing as he kissed me. I knew what those kisses were meant to lead to. I needed cool air against my hot skin, fresh air to clear my head.

I stood and pulled him behind me out into the night. The air and the open space were refreshing after the dim confines of the lounge but I was not free of danger. He pulled me to him and kissed me passionately as we stood on the sidewalk. I buried my face in his shoulder for a moment and concentrated on staying upright. His kiss made me weak and breathless. I was not used to such passionate displays in public places. We began to walk along, hands joined, past the boutiques, small restaurants and bars that littered the area. One of the trendier bars caught his eye and he pulled me inside. We found a table nestled in the corner and he wandered up to the bar to order for us. He returned with a shot of Baileys and a pint of brown ale for each of us.

"Slainte!" we toasted as we took our shot together and lowered the empty glasses. I could see his face better in the slightly brighter lighting of the bar. He looked dangerously handsome sitting across from me sipping his beer.

My eyes couldn't help but fall to his lips and my own tingled at the thought of them.

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