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He should have known better.

"I believe everyone can recognize that look of lust, Finn. No worries though, most people walk around all doe-eyed anyway, eh?"

Finn's face turned a shade of red as he replied, "Y-yeah... I guess so..."

The Finn Grant knew would've normally been gloating about his new claim, and since Finn seemed rather timid about Jase, Grant decided to let it go... after one more question, "So has he given into the chase yet, or what?" Grant chuckled, previously hearing about Finn's slightly dominant nature when it came to his lovers.

"Well..." Finn said, hesitantly, "he's sort of doing the chasing...b-but I like it," he added with a smile, and became lost in his thoughts.

Grant waited for Finn to come back down to earth. Seeing as it was taking too long for his liking though, he coughed to get his attention.

Startled, Finn turned an even darker shade of red, his face almost as red as his hair. "Oh! Uh... right... there was also something else I had to tell you..." he looked down at this, obviously not pleased at what he had to tell the next Alpha.

Grant groaned, "As if anything else could happen... what is it, Finn?"

"Ah, it's your sister, man. I saw her on my way and I told her to give me time so you'd know she was coming."

Grant groaned and cursed, only to be interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Grant I am appalled! Surely mother raised us better than that!"

He looked up at his sister -after giving Finn the look f death- and jokingly said, "Oh, because you're little miss perfect, aren't 'ya?" He knew that his sister had the mouth of a sailor, "What can I do for you, Amira?" Grant knew it always ticked her off when he called her by her real name... and made her live up to her nickname.

True to her nickname, her temper flew easily. "Grant you son-of-a-bitch; do I honestly have to beat my name into you? It worked for Finn over there," she said, pointing at her brother's best friend.

"Hiya, Rage," Finn said through his laughter.

"Don't you Hiya me, Finn. You'd better stop laughing if you know what's good for you. On second thought maybe I'll just get Jase to whoop your ass."

Finn whined, "Fine! I'm leaving. See 'ya, man. Bye Amira!" He yelled as he ducked out of her reach and out of the cabin.

Grant clapped to get Rage's attention from staring evilly at Finn's retreating back, "Yes, Rage," he said, stressing her nickname, "what's up?"

"First off, the bitch Lynette really needs to leave. Why is she still here anyway? Can't you just kick her out? Second, what's up with the chick with the silver hair? I mean, what's her deal?" Rage looked around and realized that she wasn't even there... she was supposed to be though... right? She though, then asked, "Hey, where is she anyway?"

"You know I can't kick her out because I'm not Alpha yet, and as long as dad still is he can keep her here. Her parents made him promise to take care of her before they passed and I don't think that kicking her out would be very good way to respect their wishes. As for the woman, I have no idea who she is or where she came from. She escaped out the window and I was going to get her when Lynette came... then Finn... then you. So if you don't mind, get to the point of your visit so I can go find her, please."

"Oh, please," Rage scoffed, "You'll find her. I had actually just come to see the damage Lynette had done but seeing as there is none, I'll just let you know that your relationship with that escapee is surprisingly strong... even though you said you didn't know her." She made the end of that a question, confused by the bonds she was sensing.

Like Finn, his sister had an ability however hers was sort of like seeing relationships. It was useful in its own way, he supposed. Although Grant didn't know how to respond to her statement so he just said, "It's probably because I'm the only one she's familiar with." Even though she's never actually seen me...

Rage saw right through her brother and knew there was something he wasn't telling

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