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He visited me now I return the favor.

Even though they still pointed towards the ground, she was impressed by their size. She could supress a flush of excitement blooming in her cheeks.

"Get on your knees," said the fat Judge hoarsely. Elena did so obediently and winced slightly at the cold floor against her bare knees. She crawled seductively towards them, until her face was right before their crotches. Their cocks suddenly look gigantic next to her slim figure. The Judges grinned, preparing themselves, thrusting their hips further towards her face, and Elena was totally mesmerised, staring at their penises in a mixture of curiosity and awe.

Growing up as young girls, the Cupids shared and watched pornography together. The movies were made a very long time ago and the girls all had their favourite pornstars, and they'd discuss in whispers about how well their bodies were, how perfect they looked, how they could fuck hours on end without tiring. The girls were extremely envious of the women in the movies, how they screamed and moaned as they were penetrated by healthy, strong cocks. It all seemed so luxurious, so easy, so natural.

The Judges had sizable manhoods, but they looked nowhere as inviting. Their skin was rough and loose, and they weren't circumcised - the foreskin was wrapped around their cockheads like the skin of a sausage. Their balls were shaved, yes, but their sacks were ragged and sweaty. Theirs shafts were thick and long but semi-soft, even when they seemed to be at their peak of arousal. Elena finally understood the rarity of an Alpha. Simply put, the Judges were half the men. But unfortunately, despite lacking in physical competence, they sure were horny. Their hands were all over her head, touching her cheeks, groping her hair, vile obscenities spilling from their dirty mouths.

Elena took their cocks in each hand. She had to admit they were pleasantly hot and the way their skin rubbed against her palms made her pussy tickle with pleasure. The Judges now stood around her, their knees slightly bent, their hips thrusted forward, so that she could easily stroke at their cocks at each sides of her face. Raising her elbows, she began to give the most exquisite handjob of their lives, demonstrating her superior dexterity in her movements, beating their cocks with her slender, soft hands. She looked up at them innocently as she did so, making sure her strokes were long and firm, her hands massaging at every inch of their penises. The Judges began to pant now, growling with pleasure.

"She sure has talent, this one!" one of them groaned. Elena smiled proudly. Elena was one of Helen's, after all. She reached down and began pulling at their balls which elicited a united moan from them. Then she moved her hands to their bulbous cockheads and cupped them with her hands and began beating it off, her palms sliding repeatedly over the most sensitive part of manhood. They shivered and their hips bucked involuntarily at this treatment. Soon Elena's hands were slimy with their pre-cum. The sight of their shiny wet cock-heads was beginning to make her very horny. Her mouth watered and decided that she shouldn't keep them waiting any longer.

Elena took a breath, opening her mouth and took one of their cocks into her mouth.

The fat Judge was first to enter heaven.

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