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Getting turned on while chatting.

" Rich's ears perked up, a little, when he heard "before." That is a topic for later; right now there is a juicy pussy in front of him that needs some attention.

Rich realized that his 4 inch prick will not impress this lithe creature like the impressive love missile that had just exploded, but that is not his primary concern. When Rich grasped her hips and started guiding her to his mighty mite, Sarah lurched in surprise. She whipped her head around, her long, black hair flailing about and had a look of shock, dismay, and disgust as she saw the fat, older manager inserting himself into her over-stimulated hole. Dave put his hands on her cheeks and turned her head so that they were looking eye to eye. He reassured her saying, "It's OK, there's nothing that we can do now. Try to enjoy it and finish cleaning me." Watching the old man fuck this woman, his big gut resting on her ass, stirred some perverse satisfaction in Dave and his formerly dwindling cock started regaining its former glory.

Dave started feeding his cock to Sarah's hungry mouth. Rich was in for his third surprise of this crazy afternoon; he watched as Sarah slowly swallowed everything that Dave had to offer. It looked like she was also trying to swallow the sizable nuts dangling below baseball bat that she was messaging with her throat. This sight in combination with the pent-up energy from the teleconference caused him to shoot his load into the over-heated woman. A strange thing happened to Rich, which had not happened in years, he stayed rock hard. He continued pumping while enjoying the show in front of him.

Even though Rich's cock was small, it was proving her with enough stimulation. Dave's size and the powerful orgasm left her overly sensitive. Sarah also enjoys the feeling of milking Dave's huge dick with her throat muscles. The very act of fucking the old, fat manager while suck the largest penis she has ever seen which happens to be attached to a dwarf had her feeling dirty and used which triggered undeniable thrills and arousal. While Rich was plunging for all he is worth, he felts Sarah's stretched hole start to close up. Soon enough, he was enjoying that pleasant milking from a wanton womb.

Meanwhile, Dave was enjoying the milking he was receiving from the mouth that he had trained so well. He was getting turned on while watching the old bastard fuck the beauty that he had conquered and that his conquest was definitely thrusting back at the old fart. It wasn't long before the over-stimulation caused all three to climax. Sarah had experience swallowing Dave's load, but this offering was unusually large. She had trouble, but she did manage to cough it all down. Rich shot the biggest load of his life into that well-fucked hole. Sarah, in the mean time, nearly passed out from the intensity of fire that spread through her body.

Chapter 2

Rich and Dave crashed on the couch to rest and recover their energy. They watched with a sense of evil glee as Sarah gathered her clothes, from the corner, and tried to get dressed with three unexpected loads of cum oozing from here battered pussy. After she left, to get back to work, Rich asked Dave how all of this began, as no one thought Sarah was that kind of girl. She did not have reputation catting around behind Peter's back.

Dave start by retelling what everyone in the office knew. Sarah was a flirt. She would flirt with every man that she met. The more "out of his league", the more she would flirt with them. She got a twisted enjoyment frustration she caused to the males around her. In Dave's case, it almost became a torment. She knew that Dave would have no chance with a siren like her, so she would tease him every chance she got. A man can only take so much.

The company does use assets, like her looks, to their advantage whenever possible.

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