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I kiss and nibble along your jawline and neck, going lower with each turn. I run my fingers through the curly hair on your chest and then run my hands up and down your tight stomach. God, you have a great body.

I slide further down your body, hearing you suck in your breath as this movement causes greater contact with your hardness. You haven't yet started straining at the cuffs - which is good, for now - but your eyes are closed and you are breathing heavily.

I kiss down to the waistband of your boxers, my fingertips going slightly beneath them. I take the edge of them in my teeth and try to pull them down some, but I'm not too successful. "Hmmm. That's not going to work."

Your eyes fly open to look at me. I'm now sitting on your thighs, just above your knees, looking confused. "What's wrong?" You look slightly alarmed.

"Nothing. Just trying to figure something out." May as well do this the easy way. I move to the side of your legs and simply pull the boxers down with my hands. They join the growing pile of clothing on the floor.

As always, I'm surprised by how big you are. Right now, you are rock-hard, your tip glistening with precum. I sit between your legs and spread them slightly, my fingers once again massaging your thighs. This time they go up to the base of your shaft, gently kneading around it, gently playing with the curls that surround it. I look up at you. Your mouth is half-open, breathing a little heavy and your eyes lock with mine, waiting.

I blow you a kiss and lower my head. As I flick my tongue over your navel, one hand firmly grasps your cock at the base and begins slowly pumping up and down. "Oh God." I shower your stomach with kisses, licking lower and lower until I reach the top of your hair. My other hand joins the first. Alternating them as I slide them from the tip to the base, varying the pressure. I do this several times, but my hands are kind of dry. One hand continues its gliding, while the other goes down between my legs, up the side of my panties. I run three of my fingers across my lips, gathering some of the juice that has started soaking through my panties. Slowly, I rub those three fingers up and down the length of your shaft, lubricating you with every stroke.

Slowly I lower my head and blow gently on the tip. You try to buck your hips closer, but I hold them down so you can't. I lick around the head in a swirling motion, my hair falling to hide my actions from you, tickling your stomach. The cuffs make a clinking noise against the railing as you try to move your hands down to my head. Your frustrated groan makes me smile - I haven't even gotten started yet.

Changing tactics, I lick up and down your shaft, alternating speeds: down slow, up fast and then switching. My hands are still on your hips, making you lie flat, not letting you force yourself into my mouth. After a few minutes of this torture, I stop. My hair is still hiding me from you, so you can't see what I'm doing, but I can see you: your eyes open, your hands struggling desperately against the cuffs.

I shift my legs into a more comfortable position so that I am laying down now.

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