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Debbie gasped and moaned as soon as her mouth was empty. Her face was covered in her saliva and drool. She tried to lift her head to look down at Brant who was positioning himself between her legs to fuck her. Adam tucked his hand under her chin and gently pushed her head back down so she was looking up at him as he smiled down at her. He laid his cock on her lips. "Suck it slut!" He shoved it in slowly. Her lips sliding over the length of his shaft was one of the most incredible sensations he'd ever felt. As he worked his cock in and out of her mouth, he thought for a minute he might forego taking her cunt and just enjoy her oral skills for whatever time he had with her. He quickly dismissed that thought. He wanted to feel the inside of her sweet pussy.

Brant used his cock to stroke the length of her pussy. Debbie reacted the way he hoped she would. Her body arched again off the bench as he teased her. He then shoved his cock inside her cunt, balls deep, with one hard push. Debbie's body shook as her cunt was filled for the first time.

'This is what I was made for!' her mind screamed as she sucked Adam's cock and was fucked by Brant's. 'Fuck me you bastard! Fuck me!' her brain kept screaming over and over.

Jack watched with satisfaction as his slut was sandwiched between two cocks. He had known for some time that this was something she would enjoy and eat up (no pun intended), because of her insatiable appetite for not only sex, but the thrill of being dominated and used like a cheap whore. But as he sat there watching her being used his mind kept questioning the wisdom of asking Walt to be part of this. He had already known the prior relationship the two had attending the same church. He knew Walt would bring a level of humiliation to her that no stranger would bring. But thus far, Walt's reaction to Debbie had given Jack reason to kick himself for inviting him. Jack knew before everyone headed home he was going to have a talk with Walt. Debbie was becoming more than just a sex toy and slut to him. He was prepared to do whatever was necessary to protect her.

Ted looked over at Jack. "You ok with us releasing her hands?" He smiled. "I hate to see a good slut's hands not being used."

"Be my guest!" Jack chuckled.

Ted released one hand as Walt released the other. They then took her hands and guided them to their semi-hard cocks.

Debbie knew what was expected of her. She felt around for each guys cock and sack as her face was buried in Adam's crotch. His balls slapped against her eyes each time he shoved his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Her multi-tasking skills were being pushed to the limit. Her hands stroked up and down the two pieces of meat in them. Ted and Walt returned the favor by playing with her tits, pinching and kneading them like two huge lumps of dough. Every now and then Debbie would let out a squeal from her cock filled mouth as they played roughly with her tits.

Brant began to grunt in rhythm with his fucking Debbie as his orgasm built. "Damn! Her cunt feels so good! Not much longer!" His rhythm picked up and his pounding her cunt became harder, shaking her body and the bench with each thrust.

"I think ole Brant here is about ready to blow a load!" Ted boomed with his deep voice.

"OK Adam. This slut's pussy is all yours!" Brant panted as he pulled out of her and walked around to her head. Brant shoved his cock into her gasping mouth as Adam positioned himself between her legs. "Where should I shoot my load?" Brant asked no one as he was really talking to himself. He pumped her mouth a dozen times before pulling out and jerking his cock by hand. "OH SHIT!!" he yelled as he sprayed her face, chin and neck with his cum.

Like the cum slut she had become, Debbie tried to catch his load in her mouth. But Brant wanted the pleasure of painting her face and neck. His cum ran down her face and into her eyes while his cock continued to shoot his load.

Adam locked his mouth on her swollen clit and sucked it in like a fleshly lollipop.

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