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A wedding, a romp, a good-bye.

He was surprisingly strong.

"Turn around and bend over," he said looking up, and I saw a trickle of saliva running out at the corner of his mouth.

"No," I said, "finish me, god please finish me." I moved my own hand to my shaft but he pulled it back roughly. "I want you bent over with your cute little arsehole in my face," he growled and suddenly I wasn't quite so keen anymore. Noone was going there, certainly not some guy who was just about raping me behind the bookshelves.

"No way," I gasped angrily. "You said I could go if I showed you my cock. Well I have, so I want to go now."

He laughed at me and stood up, he seemed to have got taller. I tried to pull up my pants but he forced his knee between my legs and I was trapped. My cock was softening and I was getting frightened.

"What's going on here!" a voice suddenly cut in.

A wave of relief swept over me as my tormentor backed off and I looked up to find a guy in running gear standing in the entrance to the room. I struggled with my underwear in embarrassment.

"You're fired Reg!" the stranger shouted.

"You can't fire me, I run this dump," Reg shouted back angrily, storming off past the stranger and out of that section of books.

"Thanks," I said sheepishly, not quite sure what to say to explain my half undressed state. "I've got an interview upstairs at 11 .30," I babbled. "With Carol. I just came in here to look around."

I tucked my still slightly full, saliva coated cock into my underpants noticing a wet patch on them already and bent to pull up my trousers.

"Well it's a quarter past now and you look a mess. I know Carol well, so how about I ring her up and we see if she can see you a bit later?" my rescuer said and I glanced at my watch and saw that he was right. My head was an even bigger mess than the rest of me right then.

"My names Dave by the way," he added smiling.

"Paul," I replied holding out my hand, and we shook.

"So Paul, come upstairs and I'll call Carol."

He opened a door at the back of the room, which I hadn't really noticed before. "You work here?" I asked

"Yes. It's my bookshop," he replied. "I should probably have sacked Reg ages ago, I have had a couple of complaints. But he knows the stock better than I do." He smiled apologetically, he had a friendly smile.

Upstairs was a big sunny apartment, antique furniture, miles of polished floors. "You live here too?" I said surprised.

"I don't like commuting," he replied, smiling broadly.

He called Carol and said he needed a big favour, then after a few minutes chat, which I couldn't really hear he passed the phone to me.

"Dave says you have had an accident," Carol was saying.

"Yes, I'm really sorry."

"Well don't worry. Come at 12.30pm. I'll take an early lunch. Hope you're OK."

I was relieved, now I was upstairs I was feeling a bit shaky. Reg had given me quite a fright.

"Why don't you have a shower and get properly tidied up," Dave suddenly said. "I can even lend you some clean underwear if you need it. It's the least I can do in the circumstances."

As I now had another hour to kill, and I was feeling sticky, I took him up on his offer.

I undressed in the bathroom and he came in with a clean towel for me just as I was about to get into the shower. I must have forgotten to lock the door I thought embarrassed.

"By the way," he said, and I turned to him. He dropped to his knees and took my still slightly full cock into his mouth.

"Ummm, wha.., Ummm," I sputtered briefly, but after the earlier work it felt so good and he had saved me after all.

He sucked me in and I was getting hard fast, swelling in his mouth as he stroked me with his magic tongue. I moaned and my hips were soon calling the tune again. I hardly noticed at first that he had a hand at my anus. And I was sighing and moaning too much to do more than note it as he pushed a finger up inside me. When he pushed two in I was fucking his mouth seriously. Suddenly his fingers moving in my arse were really doing something to me and I gasped and quivered and fucked his face harder.

I was as big

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