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A traumatised refugee finds new hope and healing.

Her leg and arm were splayed across my chest and legs. It felt so good lying there with her in the silence.


"Yes sweetie?"

"I love you."

"I know you do and I love you."

"I know. I can feel it even when we aren't making love."

We lay quietly together, each thinking of our own love for the other.

"Daddy....wake up. It's almost four."

Apparently I had fallen asleep.

She stood above me. Her hair was wet and she was wrapped in a towel after showering. I tried to get up, but my right arm was asleep and I was stiff from lying on the floor for too long.

She took my hand and helped me up. For a moment, I felt old and out of time with her.

"Come on Daddy. We have to start preparing the salad."

That brought me back to life. I pulled my jeans back up and we went to the kitchen. She started gathering the other vegetables, while I took the cucumber from the crisper in the refrigerator. It was cold.

"Hey kid. Come here and feel this."

I slid the cuke down under my jeans. It was cold. She looked at it and laughed.

"Wow Daddy, you finally have a big cock."

She felt it and licked her lips for effect.

"Smartie panties."

I removed the cuke and placed it in the sink and started running hot water over it to warm it slightly.

"Don't do that Daddy. It will ruin it."

"But it is cold from being in the refrigerator. It will freeze your little pussy and then I would have to blow on it and kiss and lick it to thaw it out."

"And your point is?"

She laughed and turned the water temperature down a little. She squirted some anti-bacterial food wash on it and cleaned it, then dried it off with a dish cloth.

"Are you ready to help me?"

"A chef's work is never done. It's a tough job but someone has to do it."

She sat at the breakfast bar on one of the tall swivel chairs and turned away from the bar. I knelt down in front of her and began to kiss her pussy. She raised her legs and moved to the edge of the chair so I could have better access.

I licked her pussy as I had many times before and soon she was wet and her lips were becoming swollen. Her deep fast breaths told me she could cum easily and quickly. I kept licked her pussy and made her cum and then cum again.

Her pussy flowed like a fountain. My face was soaked, but I kept on, making sure she was going higher and higher in her orgasmic ride and as she shuddered and closed her legs around my head, I reached for the cucumber and held it until she released her legs.

I moved a chair closer to her and placed her legs on it. She was spread wide open. I placed the cucumber against her gaping lips and drug it up and down a few times, letting her feel the size and shape.

She gasped.

"Daddy it is cold, but I think that will feel good in my hot pussy. You know, like when you put ice in my pussy and on my nipples. Let's try it."

She closed her eyes and let me tease her. After a few minutes, she was groaning again, needing the fucking she knew was soon to come.

"Are you ready sweetie?"

"Yes Daddy. Fuck me good."

I positioned the end of the cuke between her lips and pushed it inside. Her eyes shot open as she felt it sliding deeper and deeper.

"My God, Daddy. How big is that thing?"

I pushed it deeper. I saw that there was still at least four inches outside of her. I wondered if she could take it all. My cock was a little over half as long as the cuke, although it was as big around.

Her pussy was used to taking a cock that size, but besides the bowling pin I fucked her with once, she had never had anything as long.

I began to stroke the cuke in and out and soon she was ready to be fucked faster. As the pace increased and she became looser and more absorbed in her pleasure, I was able to get more of the length inside her.

Soon, I watched her pussy suck the cuke in and out almost by itself. I simply held it to be sure it wasn't spat our by her hungry cunt as she worked on it.

She reached down and took the cuke in her hands and proceeded to ram it in and out violently.

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