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Smirking and suppressing a laugh, Euphrosyne spoke. "That my dear Apollo has been what me and my two sisters have been using all night to prepare for our special time with you." Holding the vibrating horn of Keto up to his face, he felt its vibrations pulsing on his cheek. Still at the lowest setting, it was sputtering and jiggling uncontrollably, the buzzing noise cutting through the silence of the pool house like a knife.

Grasping his balls in her hands, she sighed. So large and full, ready to shoot, a flush of moisture instantly released from her pussy. "You want to know how we prepared for tonight?" she whispered as she licked the outer rim of his ear while rolling his testicles in her left hand and running the horn of Keto over his lips. Groaning yes, Apollo shuddered, hornier than he had ever been in his life.

"After we got home this afternoon" Euphrosyne spoke "We all took off our Togas and got into our tub. I spent lots of time soaping up my beautiful sister's tits and they washed my glorious ass. Getting all squeaky clean, we lay down on the carpet, naked and began to stroke our bodies and each other's. I especially loved taking Aglagea's beautiful toes in my mouth, so tasty!"

Apollo just whimpered as she continued her tale.

"Taking turns licking each other, stroking each other's firm stomachs, licking each other's nipples, tasting each other's warm, gushing pussies, we made sure NOT to release, wanting to save our orgasms JUST FOR YOU!" Apollo was shaking now as she rolled his testicles faster in her hand.

"Finally we agreed that each of us, to make sure we had built up a proper gift for the Sun God, would tease ourselves right to the brink of orgasm, but not over. Edging ourselves over and over our desire multiplying in intensity. Feeling our pussies grow wetter and wetter, desperate for release, desperate for the cock of the glorious Apollo!" she continued as Apollo now licked his lips uncontrollably as his mind conjured images of the story she was telling. "The culmination of our preparation was to take the horn of Keto, imagining it was YOU, throbbing, vibrating, plunging into our silky wet holes, spewing your seed all up into our tight, hot, sopping and throbbing cunts, pulling it out right at the last moment, right before we spasmed in a toe curling orgasm. That is how we prepared for you, now, how did you prepare for us?"

Apollo was speechless, saying nothing, he grinned. Euphrosyne grinned, rubbing her ass up and down his helpless cock again. "Now that doesn't seem fair now does it. We prepared for you, don't you think you should prepare for us?" Hopelessly swept away in lust, Apollo could do nothing but nod. In the background, Euphrosyne's alarm on her phone buzzed. It was five minutes to one.

"Edge yourself for us Apollo, get yourself wild with desire for us, make us go CRAZY for your cock, will you do that for us?" she teased as she ran her tongue in and out of his ear.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" he moaned, already on the edge himself. So swept away by her tale, and the blood diversion from his brain to his crotch, he never heard the buzzing of her phone.

"THANK YOU!!!!" she moaned as she instructed him what they wanted him to do. They were going to get out of the pool she told him, and lay naked in a circle around him, not touching his body, but watching, slowly stroking themselves as he "performed" for them. They would tell him what they wanted him to do, but under no circumstances was he to cum, as all that seed they wanted for themselves. Apollo was helpless to protest and eagerly agreed to everything she suggested. He would have ripped off his own right arm at this point to just have a taste of her. He was completely and totally swept away by the moment, his cock throbbing and aching to plunge into all three of them.

Exiting the pool, the three graces quietly got dressed and unlocked the pool-house doors.

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