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Lucas helps Scarlett end the night with a bang.


Tom sat back down between her open legs and he watched her finger the oozing goo bubbling from her fuck hole. He grimaced slightly, took a breath and said, "I want to, it's all I think about just before cuming in you. But, once I cum my intense sex drive and desire evaporates. It's so frustrating wanting something and losing the desire for it once it's available."

Then with out fully thinking Tom said, "I wish there was some way of filling your cunt with cum before I cum, when I am still fully aroused."

Heather smiled and giggled slightly as she continued fingering her gooey fuck hole. "How could you do that? It would take at least a half hour before you would be ready again and by that time our juices would have all leaked out."

Then with carefully chosen words Heather continued, "Maybe we need to get some stud to do me first so my pussy would be nice and full of fresh fuck juices."

Tom was stunned at her suggestion. His wife had never spread her legs for another man or expressed any interest in doing so. A virgin on her wedding night she was brought up with very strict sexual morals. While, she wasn't a prude about sex she always viewed sex as something a husband and wife did exclusively.

"You'd do that for me?" Tom asked as he gently stroked her inner thigh. Not only did Tom fantasize about cream pie he had many fantasies about his wife fucking other men and Heather was well aware of those fantasies, too.

"Not, just for you." Heather answered in a assertive tone. "All my sisters have been with more than one man. Even my sexually repressed mom has had two men between her legs. I'd like to know what it would be like to have another man's cock in my mouth and pussy, to taste him and feel his tongue on my clit. Not that you don't satisfy me I just want to know what it would feel like to have someone else do me." Heather explained as Tom continued starring down at her sloppy cunt.

"You probably think I am some kind of closet slut, now." Heather said as she covered her face with her hands in mock embarrassment.

Tom looked down at his beautiful naked bride, seemingly embarrassed at her confession of wanting to spread her legs for another man. But, she knew she had nothing to fear or be embarrassed about. She knew what her husband's response would be. "No, Heather, I don't think you're some kind of closet slut just surprised at your change of mind. I've suggested threesomes several times over the years and you said it would be sinful."

She knew he wouldn't be disgusted with her desire. Her hands now hid a mischievous grin. Heather had been thinking and fantasizing about fucking other men for several months she just didn't know how to introduce the idea. Slowly, she lowered her hands from her face back down to her pussy. "Well your right it would be sinful, but you once told me that you wouldn't see a threesome as adultery because you'd be consenting to my fucking someone else. It wouldn't be unfaithfulness if we wanted to do this together." Heather recounted her husband's self serving rationalization for a threesome.

"Your sister's have all fucked other guys besides their husbands? Tom questioned with lured interests. "How did you find out about all their conquests?

"Well at our last sister get together we all drank a little too much and many secrets were told, Tom, including how talented you are with your tongue, the sex videos we've made together and our fucking in hotel swimming pools. But, when it came time to sharing how many men we'd been with I came up last. All of my sister's are sluts in comparison to my experience. Every one of them has fucked at least three other men besides their husbands. " Heather complained. "Marla, I mean she is a slut! She's been fucked by thirty different cocks." Heather continued revealing her sister's sex secrets.

"Thirty different guys? Marla is a definitely a fucking slut. I wouldn't mind being thirty-one." Tom said astonished that one of his strictly brought up sister in laws was a certifiable slut.

"Tom!" Heather said with a mocking t

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