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She goes out with a hot guy.

She dreamt about having sex with Robert in front of Dr. Kimber. She woke exhausted, and admittedly, a bit turned on. She kissed her husband awake and asked if he might enjoy a morning show. He readily agreed and asked her what caused her desire. This too was a nuance in their relationship, Robert always wanting to know what was going on in Emily's mind sexually, what turned her on. This time she was reluctant to admit it was naughty dreams, but when she did, of course Robert wanted details.

"Well," she began, "I dreamt of making love to you. I dreamt of having sex with Anthony, and I dreamt of Dr. Kimber watching you and me together."

"Busy night!" Robert laughed, and pressed her for more details.

"Do you mind if I play with the vibe while I tell you?"

"Oh, by all means. But please position yourself so I have a good view." "Of course darling."

Emily recounted her night of wild guiltless sex as she rubbed a vibrator back and forth against along her slit, as Robert expressed encouragement. She played a little game where she didn't actually insert the vibrator into her pussy until Robert instructed her to, just like when he could decide when to give her his cock.

Sometimes he waited until she begged, but this time he was so turned on by her dreams that he said, "Now Em, you've been a very good girl. You need to be filled up." He watched with pleasure as her hips began to buck off the bed and noted that she came unusually hard. "Those dreams inspired you."

She didn't deny it, just rolled over and enjoyed some post coital cuddling with her love.

* * * * *

I never know what my work day it going to entail, and that keeps it pretty interesting. Then again, my boss is an interesting man. Interesting, smart, but really intense. He has been teaching me how to trade stocks and I have used some of my own money to follow his lead, and well, as Mr. Flynn put it, "Keep it up Anthony, and you won't have to wipe asses much longer." I don't really wipe his ass, he was joking about that. There is a nurse that comes by a few times a week and takes care of some of the tasks that are beyond me, but I do shave him and brush his teeth every day. It's safe to say I've gotten to know the man pretty well. Pretty well indeed.

However, I nearly choked when he asked me to have sex with his wife. No, I did not see that one coming. In fact, I thought it was a set up, that maybe I was going to get ___red when he started asking if I found his wife attractive. Of course I do, Mrs. Flynn is fucking hot, but how do you answer that? I tried to be polite and not say too much, but then he laid it all on the table. After a few moments I realized "This guy is dead serious!" And it got my mind spinning. For one thing, I feel really bad for him. I can't pretend to know what it's like not to be able to feel your own cock, let alone do simple things like scratch your nose. But to be paralyzed with a hot wife who is still in her prime? Once I heard him out and really thought about it, I started to understand why he would want to control what happens. He can definitely be a control freak at times, but if he tried to micromanage my fucking like he does everything else, I wouldn't do it. He told me I won't be a puppet, that I only needed "general guidance" about Mrs. Flynn's taste and that he had faith in my natural instincts. Then he asked about my cock size. That man is a trip.

He told me Mrs. Flynn has not exactly agreed yet, but she will come around. Now that the idea is my head, I'm starting to hope she does. But Mr. Flynn better be as cool with it as he thinks cuz I really like my job. * * * * *

Anthony came into the kitchen to find Mrs. Flynn crying and Mr. Flynn with a pained expression. He assumed it was domestic trouble and turned to leave, but Mr. Flynn stopped him. "Mrs. Flynn has been in an auto accident."

"Oh no, are you okay?" Anthony turned to Mrs. Flynn.

She nodded and answered, "Yes, it was just a fender bender, but I am pretty shook up." She was in fact shaking.

"Anthony, my w

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