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How to split up a happy couple.

" She begged crying.

It was then that several of the girls stood up and surrounded their kneeling teacher. "Okay that's it. We've had out fun and that's all the touching for today. Remember she has to do this again next month." They pulled Trish to her feet and escorted her to her desk. "Sit down Ms Collins, I'm going to get your dress. You can put it on just before the bell rings.

Trish looked at the girls and said, "Thank you so much, I'm so grateful for you rescuing me."

"No problem teach, maybe you can help us out sometime." She said with a grin.

Both Trish and Beth struggled through the rest of the day. Each having problems controlling their minds and bodies, Josh and Karen's plan was working perfectly.

When the final bell rang, Beth dropped her head on her arms. This was one of the hardest days she had ever experienced, and now Josh was about to show up and she knew she wasn't strong enough to resist him.

Josh walked into Ms Martin's room a few minutes after the last bell. When he opened the door he saw her with her head down on her desk. He knew she was barely hanging on and it wouldn't take much before she would breakdown and ask him to give her some relief. But he had a plan to humiliate her before he allowed her to beg to be his slave.

"Hello Ms. M," he said as he shut the door behind him.

Beth trembled when she heard his voice and raised her head, but she couldn't speak at the moment.

"I was thinking about the project this afternoon. I don't know what to do it on so I thought you might help me pick it out." He watched her start to pant as he continued, "I want to end the project with a big CLIMAX!"

Beth heard the word climax and her body reacted immediately as her cunt clenched and she gushed with a small orgasm. Her eyes were closed and her body shook. Josh watched as he knew he just made her cum.

"Ms. M, are you okay? You look like something happened. You're very flushed; did you just cum?" Josh asked as he already knew the answer.

Beth's eyes popped open as her body reacted to his statement and she came again only stronger and it lasted longer. She was now openly grinding her crotch on the chair and the wet spot on her pants was much bigger.

About a minute later, Beth was gaining control of her body as a tear ran down her cheek. "Please Josh; I'm so sorry I don't know what's wrong with me. I couldn't control myself. Please forgive me?" she whispered.

Josh grinned as he slid his hand over and grabbed Beth's hand. It's okay Beth, I won't tell."

Beth's breath caught in her throat as his touch ramped her body back to where it was before she came. She was about to panic when Josh spoke again. "I guess when I said climax it got you off. Did the same thing happen when I said cum?"

"Oh god," Beth groaned as her body again climaxed followed by a larger cum. She fell back in her chair her body drained and her mind confused. "Yes Josh I did."

Josh wanted to keep the advantage and didn't want to give her any break, scooted his seat next to her and grabbed her hands. "Don't worry Beth, it will be our secret."

Beth tried to pull away from his touch but he held her hands tightly. All the while her body was ramping up again. Beth could only look at the floor and wait to see what Josh wanted.

When Josh dropped her hands, Beth was again right on the edge of a massive orgasm, but her body wouldn't go over the edge. "What do you want me to help you with Josh?" Beth said weakly.

"Well, I've got plans tonight, so could you go to the main library downtown and pick out the subject of my project? I think you would do a better job than I would."

Beth nodded but couldn't answer as her body was pulsing with arousal and her voice wouldn't work. After a minute Beth quietly whispered and minute later, "Josh, I need relief again. I don't know why but I need to cum again. Would you please give me some relief?"

"Beth, you're asking me to let your body have some sexual relief?" Josh spoke as he wanted to humiliate her a little bit.

"Please Josh, I

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